A/N: I finally saw How to Train Your Dragon and I loved it! I loved Toothless and how he felt like a real animal, his friendship with Hiccup was amazing and Hicstrid was adorable. I was disappointed to learn the sequel's not coming out until next year. But hearing the teen characters will be in their twenties in the sequel and that there's even another sequel after that (where they will likely be even older) I began to really like the idea of Hiccup as a father. I think it would be interesting to see considering how big a factor his relationship with Stoic was in the film. Kind of like Simba and Kiara in the Lion King 2. So I did a very short drabble on it! As always, I hope you enjoy it. Thank you for reading and I would love reviews to know what you think!

Hiccup just wanted to fix a harness.

That day, he had taken Toothless over the forest and a turn just a touch too sharp snapped the almost ten year old metal in half.

So, after assuring Astrid he was alright several times when she saw his bruises from the fall and accepting the twins' congratulations on a cool stunt, he holed himself in his workshop to make a new one.

But a small figure bundled in a furry vest too big for him wasn't having it.

His son Alvis had just turned five and was full of energy, curiosity, and his father's habit of creating mini disasters everywhere.

Before Hiccup even knew the boy was there, he jumped on his father's back, making him drop unfinished metal into the barrel of water.

"Hi daddy! Did Tooth'ess harness break?" He babbled excitedly, swinging from Hiccup's neck.

"Yep, Al, and it looks like it's staying that way for a while." He answered in sarcastic amusement.

He picked Alvis up and held him in front of himself. "How did you get here anyway, I thought your mother was watching you."

As far as he knew Astrid was making lunch for their son before sending him to his grandparents so she could tend to the dragons and he could do some metalwork.

"Snuck away." Alvis explained matter of factly.

Hiccup sighed.

"Your mom's right, you really are just like me."

At least that meant he would likely be a great dragon rider someday, and Hiccup could hardly wait to teach him. After all these years he finally fully understood his own father wanting him to be a Viking. But Alvis was still much too young.

"Okay, pal, this is a bit dangerous so I want you to go back to Mom, okay?"


Alvis wandered off, in search of his mother. Hiccup was free to let sparks fly hammering the harness into form.

In a few minutes, he was done. Satisfied with his work, he walked to the high walkway that overlooked the sea. He had left Toothless waiting for him there patiently to bring his new equipment.

To his surprise, Astrid was climbing down from the village to the boardwalk as well.

"Astrid, what's up?" He called. "I thought you were feeding the dragons."

"I was, until Al ran off. I've been looking for him for the last fifteen minutes.


"Are you so surprised, he always manages to get away somehow."

"No, I mean, he came to my workshop fifteen minutes ago! I sent him back to you!"

"What? Then where is he now?"

They turned their heads at a small laugh. There was Alvis waddling by the side of the walk looking calmly at the sea.

"Oh no." Hiccup groaned.

"Alvis, get away from there!" Astrid yelled to him.

Alvis looked up and seeing he had his parent's attention, his face lit up.

"Look, Daddy! I'm bein' Tooth'ess!" He shouted and began to stumble around thickly, imitating his father's dragon and making squeaky roaring sounds.

"Sweetheart, get away from the-" Astrid cried out before Alvis swayed to the left and off the deck.


The parents ran in panic but the sound of swishing air stopped them short.

Toothless hovered above the walk hesitantly, Alvis completely safe on his back. Toothless could not do much more with his broken wing without his rider, so he let out a small roar to indicate to Hiccup he should take his child.

Hiccup and Astrid nearly fainted in relief.

"Thanks, Bud" Hiccup whispered gratefully, scratching Toothless behind his ear-like scales affectionately as he grabbed Alvis.

"You're the best, Toothless." Astrid beamed, kissing him on the nose.

"Y'know, Astrid" Hiccup said watching Alvis run screaming and laughing to the village after both parents had inspected him for injuries. "Maybe I should teach him how to fly sooner than I thought."


"At least that way we won't have to worry about him plummeting to his death."