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Hunters in Orbit
Chapter One: Of UFOs and Road Trips
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I'm gonna refer to myself as Princess F now.
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[Gon, Killua, Kurapika, Leorio, Hisoka, Machi, Kuroro, and Neon are at a hotel, bored]
Killua: ...
Gon: ...
Kurapika: ...
Leorio: ...
Hisoka: ...
Machi: ...
Kuroro: ...
Neon: ...
Door: Is suddenly flung open
Princess F: *enters* ROAD TRIP! Er...
Everyone Else: o.O
Princess F: The UFO's parked outside.
Everyone Else: UFO?!
[UFO blasts off]
[Everyone except Princess F is thrown to the back wall]
Princess F: Buckle up, people! It's the law!
Killua: There ain't no seat belts!
Princess F: *sweatdrop* Forgot...
Kurapika: It's OK.
Princess F: ^-^ *glomps Kurapika*
Kurapika: Oof. Get her offa me...
Leorio: >_
Neon: >_
Hisoka: >_
Machi: >_
Kuroro: >_
Gon: o.O
Killua: XD
Machi: So, where are we going?
Hisoka: Ewaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan...
Machi: *slaps him* Not you!
Kuroro: ^-^ Me?
Machi: *Slaps him* Not you either! *points to Princess F* HER!
Princess F: *still glomping Kurapika* We're touring the universe!
Leorio: The UNIVERSE?! *groans*
Princess F: Sorry, I meant this solar system.
Killua: Phew.
Gon: Yay! It'll be fun!
Killua, Gon and Kurapika: *all get glomped by Princess F* Oof.
*** *** *** ***
Princess F: The insanity starts in the next chapter.
Kuroro: Isn't this bad enough?
Princess F: Nah. let's see... You and Hisoka will get tortured...
Kuroro and Hisoka: No...
Princess F: Kurapika will get glomped... of course...
Kurapika: ...
Princess F: Basically, that's it, until I can think of better.
Everyone Else(except for Kuroro, Hisoka, and Kurapika): Phew.
Princess F: Suggestions are welcome, flames, and comments. The more flames, the more marshmallows we can roast.
Gon: Yeah!
Princess F: The more suggestions... we'll see... *glomps Kurapika* Au revoir, until next chapter!