-You have precisely 60 minutes to accomplish your given tasks. Begin.- the pale, strict professor announced as he sat down at his desk looking up to his students. As I began my task I look to three students across me who look at me in mockery. I remain neutral but stray my gaze to my PADD.
-He will fail this test, it is far to superior for any human to master.- Senck turn to his brother Sanck who stood on his left.
-Spock!- the professor raised his voice.
-Yes professor?- I raise my head from the PADD.
-Why aren't you working on your tasks?
- I have just started professor, I apologize...-
The professor leaned into his chair overlooking the class once more. After 55.4 minutes I was done with my test. I was sure that the results were a hundred percent and didn't need further checking. I raised my arm waiting for the professor to take my test and release me from my last and final exam.

As I exit the school with my hands clasped firmly on my back I notice my mother standing in front . Her dark hair wrapped into a tight bun on her head. She smiles at me slightly. I walk up to her .
-Hello mother.- I speak to her in English, her native language.
-Hello my son. How was the test?-
-Excellent, nothing I couldn't handle. Shall we?- I step behind her facing the street. The sun shines bright as the heath spreads through the air.
-I have a little, nice surprise for you son, one you will like. Actually two surprises.
-Yes, like...

The meaning of the word "like" to my mother and other humans was a large spectrum of things I sometimes did not understand. What did she mean by this news she intends to tell me? I ask myself as I get into our transporter.
-Come on son, cheer up, and be excited! - She nudged me. I raise an eyebrow looking at her with a puzzled look.
-I just want you to be happy son, that's all. - She smiled and looked through the window.
- What is it that you want to tell me mother?-
-Not yet my son, but soon enough you will find out I promise. - She smiled at me again, her eyes sparked with excitement. I sight quietly and look through the window.

Please, be sited. - Sarek traced his hand through the heated Vulcan air showing us red, garden chairs on the veranda.
-Thank you. - My mother replied smiling at Sarek. Silly mother, smiling at a Vulcan, what is she thinking. I guess it's only polite, after all they do know him for a long time.
-Ambassador Sarek, I have to thank you again for letting our daughter stay here for the summer, she really wanted to visit Vulcan, and letting her stay here all Summer is truly wonderful.- My father smiled thanking him again.
-It was really no problem, it was only logical, we will take good care of your daughter I can assure you that. I trust your daughter will have no problem finding her way around here. - He looked at me and then at the fence. As they continued to talk I took the time to look around me. We were sitting in a lush oasis filled with all sorts of plants and flowers, some Vulcan some to my surprise from earth. But then again, his wife is from earth witch made me at ease because at least there was some emotion in this house. As I look around I hear the transporter park in front of the gate of this lush, villa I was staying in. I heard a woman laughing, presumably Sarek's wife. I turned to Sarek to see if there is any reaction from him. None. His face remain pale, no emotions at display although his eyes almost sparkled. The woman's voice became lauder as they entered the house.
-Sarek! - She shouted for him.
-We are here Amanda. - He shouted back.
As the voice grew stronger I shift in my seat turning to the door. She appeared, her hair in a tight bun wrapped in a green, silk dress. I smile.
-Really mother, what is it that you wanted to sho...- A young tall Vulcan appears behind her. His hands are clasped on his back. He wears a black, tight Vulcan uniform. His hair is dark brown, almost black. His dark brown, chocolate eyes meet mine. I smile at the tall, slim figure.
-Son, I wish you to met Eden, she is going to stay here for the summer. - Sarek introduces me.
- Oh, isn't she a pretty one. - Amanda walked past the boy and to me.

************************************************** ********
As we pass through the back door to the garden my mother constantly talks about my surprise as she would say. She walks in front of me not letting me see what awaits me outside. As she passes through the door I see my father sitting on the veranda with some people witch I do not know.
-Really mother, what is it that you wanted to sho...- I stop mid sentence. A beautiful figure rises from our red garden chair turning towards me. Her pale skin is covered with a silky dress that wraps tight around her back and hangs loss over to her long legs. Her red hair is tied in a ponytail. She flutters her eyelids. Her big, green eyes fix on me and her small, red lips curve into a smile. I stand shocked. I quickly focus on my father who introduces the girl. She turns to my father smiling lightly. My mother rushes in front of me. She greets our other guests which are sitting around the table. I walk slowly to the veranda. She is still standing. My mother's look is on me.
-Hi, I'm Eden. - She waives at me.
-Hello Miss Eden, I'm Spock. - I raise an eyebrow to her giggle.
-Oh please, we're the same age, almost, no need for titles and such. - She sits. I lower my head greeting the other two guests that are sitting at the table. I sit opposite of her looking closely at her face. My mother smiles and starts conversation. After a while she turns to me.
-Spock, honey, why don't you show Eden the house and the garden, I bet she would like that.-
-I sure would miss Grayson. - She smiled.
-Go on son, you two run along. - She nudges me again making me rise. Eden also rises walking up to me. Even do her legs are long and thin she is 25 centimetres shorter than me. She raises her head to look at me. I avoid her look directing her to the house. She turns happily on her heal and skips to the door, as I slowly walk behind her I hear my mother giggle. I sight and continue to the door. Her pale, thin figure awaits for me there.
-Do you need me to carry your bags? - I ask her. It is only logical; I am superior in strength... I think to myself.
-Well, my bags are at the hall, you know, were we entered and your dad said I could pick any room I want, that's why my bags are still there. - She said with her thick but happy British accent.
-Logical. - I start walking up the stairs leading her to the main part of the house. - We will first look around the house so you can pick yourself a room. Tell me, will you take one of the upper floors or do you want to be more grounded. - I try and use some of my mother's expressions.
-The top if you don't mind. I like to have a view...-
-No problem, here, follow me; just remember where we are heading. - I walk upstairs.

************************************************** *******
As I follow my new friend a constant smile sticks to my face. This is precious. I like his mother, she's friendly. Need to be careful with him though, maybe he's more like his father, or like his mother, he is a hybrid. I like him. He's cute. Stop thinking so much! I freeze my brain sort of speak. As I look around the house I find that it is obviously decorated by his mother. It was very human, not bare and empty. We climbed to the top floor turning left to a hall. On each side there was a door.
-This is my room. - he stood by the door on the right.- This room is almost the same, a bit different though.- He opened the door of the room pushing it open. There was a big bed in the middle of the room, a couple of closets and in the right corner a circular staircase.
-Were does this staircase lead to? - I ask slowly walking into the room.
-The library. - He appears behind me.
-Ouh. - I turn to him. HIs face is turned to me, his eyes on mine. I blush and turn to the staircase.
-Can I take a look? -
-I cannot find a reason not to. - He's voice is deep and husky but relaxing in a way.
-I really love to read, in all sorts of languages; especially in French. - I chatter happily.
There's a large range of books in this library.- he start telling me as I walk up the circular, wooden stairs.- My room has stairs to this library as well, that's one of the reasons I picked it.- He says looking at the vast shelves that lay in front of us.
-It's fantastic. - I smile jumping in the middle of the library. His lips involuntarily arch at the edges. I smile at him skipping to his side.
-I think I'll take this room.-
-Very well. - He looked at me, his hands clasped firmly onto his back just as I saw him the first time.