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My eyes flew open. As I pushed the sheets of me I wondered was she awake or was she fast asleep. I stood up slowly adjusting my messy hair. Should I check if she is asleep? I dressed and walked out of my room to the hallway. I decided I would just open the door and not disturb her in her sleep. As I crept in the door made a small sound and I stopped then proceeded to peek in. She was asleep. Her covers were half on the floor and her hand was draping down the side of the bed. Sunlight reflected over her pale skin. She wore a simple, short nightgown that rose up her legs. Her hair was spread out on the pillow. I could hear her soft, slow breathing. I stepped closer allowing myself to get a better view of her beautiful full but small lips. They were parted slightly. I took her hand and moved it up placing it beside her body. I pulled the covers over her. She sighed and turned lightly. Her eyes fluttered and I couldn't help myself but freeze right there in the spot I was standing in. She slowly opened her eyes smiling as she did. I couldn't help but let out a small sigh.
-Ha'tha tu'lu (good morning) Spock. - She murmured softly rolling to her side. I kneeled beside her on the floor.
-I did not mean to wake you up, ni'drai'k nar-tor (I am sorry). -
-It's alright Spock. - She smiled. - Don't worry. It was time to wake up anyway. - She lifted her head. She sat down but still had her covers wrapped around her. One strap of her nightgown fell over her shoulder. I sat down next to her pulling it up with my fingers.
-Lesek (thank you). - She leaned into my shoulder. I smiled. Such beauty and grace in one girl.
-You are welcome. - I replay and stand up. - I will be down in the kitchen preparing an omelette. Would you like one?-
-I'd love one. - She smiled and stretched. I walked into the kitchen. No one was awake. I started to prepare and omelette for Eden and me. After 15 minutes she walked down stairs. I could her bare feet walk across the wooden floor.

************************************************** *******
I dressed and brushed my teeth and hair as fast as I could. I pulled out a short, black, simple skirt and a white strapped shirt. I tied my hair into pigtails. After I was satisfied with my look I descended down the stairs. I wasn't angry that he woke me up. It was an accident. I found him in the kitchen. He was just flipping the omelette when I walked in.
-Would you like some juice? - He asked me not even laying his eyes on me.
-Yes, please. - I sat down the counter. I was a little disappointed that he didn't turn and look at me but he was cooking so I dismissed the feeling immediately.
-I am almost done. Would you like anything else besides the juice? - He split the omelette in two and slide it down the frying pan onto two plates. He reached for a glass and pored me juice. He turned and stopped. He still held the two plates in his hands.
-What? - I panicked trying to look at my reflection in the reflective part of the top counter. Damn it, why do I have to be so short. I can't see anything! He paused. I had a feeling he wasn't breathing at all. -You look particularly beautiful today Eden. - He placed the plate in front of me and turned to get my juice. I could see that his ears were green but by the time he turned the green from his face was fading. He sat opposite of me and observed me closer. He raised an eyebrow once his eyes traced over my pigtails.
-Interesting isach. (hair)-
-Is that why you looked at me so strangely today? - I smiled. He probably never so a hairdo like that.
-Yes. It is most...-
-No, but I have never seen hair like that on a girl your age.-
-Do you not like it?-
-No, I like it. But it's still...-
-Strange. - I finished his sentence. He placed his arms on the counter.
-Eat, it will get cold. - He pointed to the omelette. I took the fork and knife. As I cut myself and piece I heard a noise upstairs.
-Sybock. - He ensured me once he saw my puzzled look. I nodded and placed the fork in my mouth. The omelette was fantastic and just what I needed. After he saw my delighted look upon eating the first bite he started to eat himself. After a few minutes Sybock emerged from the hall.
-Good morning. - He mumbled.
- Morning. - I nodded.
-Ha'tha ti'lu sa-kai. (good morning brother) Are you hungry?-
-Who's the older brother here, Spock? - He leaned on the counter eyeing Spock's omelette.
-You are brother, although I do not see the reason for asking such a question.-
-Never mind. Is there anything to eat? - He turned to the fridge. He was still wearing his pyjama unlike Spock who was already dressed when he woke me up this morning. He was wearing black trousers and simple, dark blue t-shirt.
-Indeed. Monique has not risen yet, am I correct?-
-She's puffin like a steamboat. You should hear her. - He turned and placed a bottle of milk on the table. I giggle. Like a steamboat, what a comparison.
- Tell me brother, why have you compared your friend to a steamboat? - Spock was obviously confused.
-She breathes, oh never mind that. Hand me a bowl pi' sa-kai. (little brother)-
Spock turned and stretched to get a bowl from the top shelf on his right.
-Have you heard the news? - I enthusiastic turned to Sybock.
-What news? - He raised his head from the cereal box he was reading.
-We're going to Raal. Isn't it exciting?!-
-Indeed it is.- Spock turned and placed the bowl in front of his brother.- Frankly I must say I am very excited.- he looked at me with that little smile on his face.
-Are we now? Excellent, I must inform Mon about this. - He pored cereal into his bowl. I continued to chew on my omelette when we all heard Mon creeping down the stairs.
-Good morning Monique. How did you sleep? - Spock stood up.
-Oh, it was good. - She rubbed her eyes.
-Would you like something to eat?-
-I'll get it myself, its fine, really. Sit down. - She sat next to me.
-Hey, we're going to Raal tomorrow. - I lowered my fork.
-Really? - Her face lit up.
-Affirmative. - Spock nodded and ate the last of his omelette. She turned to Sybock who was munching on his cereal.
-Am I not bothering you? I did kind of come without announcement.-
- You are our guest. I am sure that my cousins would love to have you. Besides, my mother would not leave you. - Spock took his plate and placed it in the sink. He quickly returned to his seat.
-Alright. - She nodded and turned to the fridge. A rumbling noise came out of her stomach. She stood up and walked to the fridge.
- Did father come home last night? - Sybock raised his head and looked at his brother. No answer came from him. I looked at Sybock. He was smiling. I turned to Spock then I realized what was going on. He was staring at me. A small smiled crept to his lips and little spark of joy could be seen in his eyes.
-Spock did you not hear me? - He kicked him in the leg with his foot.
-I am sorry brother what were you saying? - He turned and blushed. Mon raised her head and leaned on the fridge door.
-I asked did father come home last night. - He repeated himself.
-Oh, no. He stayed at his office. He wanted to make sure he had all of his business sorted out so they would not interfere in our trip. - He glanced to me. I was blushing uncontrollably. I just couldn't help myself.

I didn't even realize I was staring at her. I couldn't help myself. The rest of our shared breakfast pasted in an awkward silence. I didn't look at Eden and she didn't look at me. I was determined to get both her and me out of this situation. I took action quickly.
-Eden, would you join me to a walk to the market. I have things I must shop for. -
-To the market? Yes, yes, sure. No problem. - She stood up taking her plate. She placed it in the sink along with her fork, knife and empty glass.
-Before we leave Spock, could you just take a bottle of water for me? - She leaned on the counter next to the sink.
-Of course. - I nodded and went to search for a bottle. After 3.5 minutes I found it and I poured cold water into it. She saw the white, cotton bag that I have prepared for the market. She took it and placed the bottle in it. Mon and Sybock followed us to the door. Once they closed it I heard them laugh and leave for the kitchen.
-What do you have to buy? - She turned to me once we pasted the road.
-A few spices and vegetables. Nothing important. - I turned right in a small alley and continued. She walked next to me. Her hand occasionally brushed mine. We neared the market. There were people everywhere. The market was a loud place full of foreign trade merchants that wanted to sell their products. I leaned close to her so she could hear me better.
-Stay close. I do not want to lose you in this crowd.- I lifted my head and looked around. She nodded and walked next to me or behind me. She would grab my shirt from time to time when a swarm of people tried to pass between us. I liked that she at this moment depended on me. It was a selfish taught but I couldn't ignore it.
After we bought every item from the list my mother sent me on my PADD we returned home. Sybock and Mon were lying on the sofa watching the forecast. It said it was to be sunny and warm but not too hot. I was pleased for Eden would feel much more comfortable in the temperature that was foreseen. As I understood London was not a hot place and the temperatures rarely raised over 25 C. We sat down in the armchairs and continued to watch the television. I glanced at her at times but she was concentrating on translating Vulcan to herself so she did not notice the attention I gave her. Mon was typing out something on her PADD and she ignored the back sound of the television. The rest of the morning we spent watching the TV and I quote lying around lazily. Lunch time arrived and I received a message from my mother.

Spock, I am unable to come home at this moment for complications have arisen. You have to prepare lunch for Eden, Mon, Sybock and yourself. If you need help call me or simply look at the cook book. It's in the top left counter, page 45.

I closed the message and lowered my PADD. I set it on the coffee table. Eden looked at me.
-I have to prepare lunch for us. - I said blankly. Preparing lunch was important and I wanted to prove myself to Eden.
-You what? Why didn't mother send that to me? - Sybock leaned forwards looking at my PADD. I simply raised an eyebrow.
-That was not my fault and you know it.-
-Yes I was the one that set fire to that piece of cloth. - I stood up and turned to him.
- You know that it was an accident. -
-Brother I am not the one that blamed you. - I walked to the kitchen. Eden followed me. Sybock remained at his set and eventually he returned to his original position.
Eden sat down at the counter observing me closely. I felt that my every step was watched by her.
-Do you want me to help you? - She stood up and walked next to me.
-If it would please you. - I turned my head to her.
-It would. What do you need me to do.-
-First cut the vegetables I bought and then I'll give you further instructions.-
-Alright. - She smiled and began cutting the vegetables. I searched for the cook book when I heared her yelp. I felt pain from her. I turned quickly not even realizing. I took her in my arms.
-Are you alright? - I looked at her hands that were clasped on her chest.
-Yeah, it's just a cut. - She leaned into my body.
-Let me see it. - I stepped in front of her. She lowered her hands. On her right hand was a vertical cut on her index finger.
-I will get a band aid for you. - I turned and walked to the bathroom. When I returned she was rinsing her finger under the cold water. I did not feel her pain anymore and I was glad she was alright. She let me bandage her finger. I was gentle. Causing her pain was not an option for me.