Henry's Surprise

Summary: Henry decides to surprise Emma with something he made some time ago.


The sound of paper crinkling slightly can be heard as Henry peeks around the corner in anticipation. Quickly spotting the person he was looking for, he takes a deep breath before approaching said person. While he knew she wouldn't hate him for this, he still felt this shyness of showing her. He also wasn't quite sure how she would react. Would it be too mushy for her, especially when she's up this early on a day off?

"Hey kid, what's up?" Emma questions as she notices her son approaching, apprehension written all over his face. She quirks an eyebrow and sits up, giving him her full attention while she rubs the sleep completely from her eyes. She sees he's keeping one hand behind his back, but doesn't bring it to attention.

"Um…" Henry watches her face for a moment, trying to figure out her current mood. It wouldn't do any good if she was already emotional, he thinks. Seeing nothing but the light concern in her eyes, he brings the paper forward and shows it to her.

The paper shows a drawing of a woman in what appears could be a blue summer dress with short blonde hair. Eyes colored brown, a big grin on her face as she stands in front of what looks to be a lake. Underneath the woman are visible signs of an eraser taking out the name "mom" along with a bunch of other female names.

Emma stares at the drawing silently before taking a shuttering breath, "Is this supposed to be me?"

Henry nods, "I drew it when I first found out I was adopted. What do you think?"

Emma thinks (and feels) a lot of things, like how her kid also wondered what she looked like and attempted to bring his image of her to life. How he tried to put a name to her, never satisfied with what he could come up with. Rather than dwelling further, Emma smiles gently before bringing her kid in for a hug, "It's great". She pulls away and looks back at the picture, her smile forming into a smirk. "What made you draw me as a blonde?"

Henry shrugs as he takes a seat beside her, looking at the picture as well. "Well, I just closed my eyes and tried imagining what my birth mother would look like. And that's what came to mind. I don't really know why."

"Are you sure you're not able to see into others' pasts? Because this was once somewhat accurate, if you minus the brown eyes of course. But that could have just been the lighting, right?" her smirk grows, sending a wink as she knocks her shoulder with his.

Henry grins as he attempts to return the form of affection. "Maybe I get some super powers too for being the savior's kid."

Emma laughs as she gets up and heads toward the fridge. She silently places the drawing up against the cool exterior, choosing Henry's favorite magnet to hold it in place. She wasn't much of a morning person, but perhaps getting up to see this picture each day would just be enough motivation to get her going.

Short but (hopefully) sweet. :) Just something I written up quickly while stuck with the oneshot I was currently working on (which I hope to have out soon).

Thanks for all the follows and reviews guys!