Chapter 7: The Problem With Flights

"You've reached British Airways Reservations, this is Mia..." The words flowed out of my mouth like the waves of Rio. Four months after our Brazil getaway, I found myself back on my damn chair, answering calls and emails. I glanced at the clock on the wall in front of me. Half an hour more. "Can I have your ticket number please?" I mumbled. The man, I assume he's a man, had been talking to my empty brain for about 10 seconds before I realized what he wanted. Jesus, another fucking confirmation. I typed in his ticket number on the computer and waited for his record to appear. "May I have the name of the passenger please?" I asked.

"Finn Harries"

I froze.

This can't be right... I did a double take, which was very rare for me to do. "I'm sorry, but can you repeat your full name please?" I didn't speak coherently, I knew I didn't. But I held my breath and hoped to God he understood. "Oh sorry about that, it's Finnegan Frayn Harries." I wanted to melt in a puddle of murky mud if I could. I swallowed the huge, invisible lump in my throat and said, "Mr. Harries, you have a confirmed flight from London, Heathrow to Madrid, Spain on the 25th, onboard flight BA 156..." My heart raced. My mind was going blank. From what I could see he would be staying in Spain for a couple of days before heading back home. "Yes, it is confirmed..." I checked his other records. He wasn't traveling with his brother, Jackson Frayn Harries. "Oh, Mr. Harries?" I called out just before he put the phone down. "Would you like me to arrange a seat for you?" I asked as I held onto my earpiece. I felt my heart as it barelled chaotically in my chest.

"Oh, I didn't know I can do that over the phone," he answered skeptically. "Well, seeing as you are our frequent flier, I thought you'd find it more convenient to choose a seat now. The flight is actually full tomorrow. You might not get the best seat upon check in and we want to make sure you're in a comfortable spot." I said, my voice both condescending and sweet. Come on, Finn... "Wow, thanks!" he answered, his voice filled with surprise. "I would love a window seat please," he said. "Great choice, I will check the plane's seating for an available window seat. Could you hold for one minute, please?" I said, smiling sweetly despite the fact that he can't see me.

I quickly typed for the seat map and located the nearest window seat for the economy class. Shit, this flight is too full. There's got to be some way... I found two empty seats at the far end of the plane, near the galley and I hit reserve for both as fast as I can. "Hi, Mr. Harries, thank you for waiting. If it's not much of a bother, I have reserved a seat for you on 12J. It's a bit far from the exit but it has better leg room and it's near the galley." I said, remembering his long legs and very tall frame. "That is all right," he answered happily. "Many thanks for you help, uhm..."

"Mia. My name is Mia... I'm glad to be of help, Finn." I said, my voice deeper than usual and my heart still pounding in my chest. He chuckled at the end of the line and said goodbye. I heard the click on my ear and quickly, I opened a new transaction on my booking software and typed.

New Flight:

Name: Mia Anne Acklestone

Destination: LHR - SPN, BA 156, 13J

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