This idea came to me when I was watching the fireworks last night, Hope you like it! Happy Fourth of July.

Chapter one:

(Stiles pov)

I was running around my room like a chicken with his head cut off looking for my other shoe, Derek, the gang and I are going to see the fireworks in town tonight. I finally found my shoe under my bed and slipped it on. I got a text from Derek in the meantime.

Stiles I'm on my way over to get you, be ready-D

I texted him back saying okay and went to go wait for him on the porch, I can't believe we have dated for the past two years, we live together but I stayed at my fathers last night, I was brought out of my thoughts at the honk of a horn.

"Stiles come on, the others are waiting in town already." Derek said, rushing me.

"Okay I'm coming." I said, frustrated.

We were off and the fireworks were about to start any minute and Derek for some reason was so eager to get there on time. Since when we were ever on time for anything. We arrived momentarily and the place was packed. I got out of the car as did Derek, He laced our fingers together and we went to go look for Scott and the rest of the pack, we found them instantly. Scott and Allison were sitting on a blanket with her body pressed against Scott's torso, Isaac and Cora sitting in a chair, holding hands. Lydia didn't bother to come because she had plans with Aiden, and Danny had plans with Ethan. Anyways we all waited until the clock struck ten and it was time for the fireworks, I got really excited.

"Stiles, your such a kid." Allison joked.

"It takes one to know one." I shot back., she just laughed.

""Stiles when you watch the fireworks make sure you pay close attention."Derek said, nervously.

"oookay." I said confused.

The fireworks began and I looked at the fireworks turning into colors such as blue into silver and gold to green. Then suddenly I saw the fireworks spell out something I looked up and it said. Stiles Will You Marry Me? in red letters, and I saw Derek down on one knee waiting for an answer.

"So?" Derek asked, eagerly.

"Yes!" I replied and planted a kiss on him.

"AWe congrats guys." Isaac and cora said.

"Thanks." Everyone said there congratulations and we watched the rest of the fireworks then went home, Derek and I celebrated for quite a while.

The end! Sorry if this seemed rushed, I just wanted to get to the point..Review and let me know what you thought.