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Two faced Lover

Chapter 6

Hachimen Roppi walked lazily through the streets of Ikebukuro looking for a blond bartender, it seems Tsugaru gave him another job again, though its not really a problem to him because there is money. Red trimmed coat hung around his shoulder as he looked around, in one glance he had similarity to the infamous informant but upon closer inspection you can tell the difference and of course he was wearing a wig similar to the informant's hair style, his hair is a bit longer on each sides, eyes redder and brighter than the other male he was also a bit taller than the informant and the noticeable scar on his right cheek. How he got the scar? From saving someone dear to him, because he was there when Tsugaru's family were murmured he came in the house when everyone was already sprawled on the floor including Tsugaru's younger brother. Tsukishima, if he were to describe Tsukishima Roppi would say 'he was the one who saved me' and that is true Tsuki changed him and gave him a new life. By seeing his almost lifeless form he only heard a few words before he died.
Clenching his fist at the memory he sighed and looked at the park where he saw the blond male sitting, smoking and relaxing. Fishing his phone he dialled a number.

"hey the blond is in the park probably waiting for the informant"

"got it, I'll be there"

"what make you think you could arrive earlier than Izaya?"

"he is sick and he didn't take a cab, just make sure he can't get in touch with Shizuo"

"whatever" and with that said he ended the call and just stayed there looking the other male as he turned his head to the side he saw the informant went out on a certain alley and tried to call for the blond across the street before a hand was clamped on his mouth and dragged him back in the alley. Roppi stared at the culprit with disbelief and just as the huge truck passed in his front the wind blew his coat and just like that the informant was gone. Turning to his side he made his way to the certain alley and saw no one. The look Tsugaru wore as he grabbed the informant scared him, it looked maniacal even though he already have the identity of a certain someone the look was still scary and it worried him.

"what should I do Tsuki?" he asked and looked back at the very person who was sitting on the bench.

Earllier that day-

Izaya rolled over restlessly on his bed and looked up the ceiling as he sighed putting a hand over his forehead.

"why am I not getting better yet? This is the first time ive been sick this long" groaning he rubbed his temples and closed his eyes. Tsugaru had been kind to him and he didn't deserve such kindness, he knew that of course the guilt of what he'd done before is still there. Izaya is't really the person to feel guilt but if ever he had to change something that he'd done it would be two things. One is being able to change the hate Shizuo felt for him and the other would be playing with Tsugaru's life. Somehow at this point he finally realized that he didn't deserve such act of kindness from either of Tsugaru or Shizuo he messed up their lives pretty bad and yet here he was being taken cared by Tsugaru. Of course Izaya knew that Shizuo would be another case its impossible for him to be in good terms with the blond but he won't allow that Shizuo would think of him that lowly as to attack his younger brother because he didn't do it! He wanted to clear that to the blond and after that whatever his decision might be it would not matter anymore but what chances do he have now? None.. he was sick, Shizuo doesn't want to see him maybe its better to really leave Ikeburo and-

vvvvvvvrrrrr…. Vvvrrrr..

opening his eyes he tilted his head and took the phone on his night stand and raised a brow at the unknown number in display before picking it up.

"hello? Who is this?"

"flea! We need to talk" Shizuo's voice beamed through the speaker and Izaya sat up immediately ignoring the nausea that took over his body he was speechless and at the same time hopeful as to why Shizuo called him.


"meet me here in the park, and don't you dare to make me wait like before"

"what do you mean before?"

"tch! Just meet me here louse!" and just that the call ended and Izaya sat still on the bed trying to process what the blond said. "he wanted to meet me? its my chance!" he stood up and went to the closet and grabbed his trademark fur coat and slipped through it grabbing his phone he immediately ran out of his apartment and to Ikebukuro.

cursing silently he forgot his wallet and he wasn't able to take a cab so he walked. But it was agonizingly slow he was also thankful form the fact that Tsugaru left, beause if he was there he would be insisting for Izaya to stay and he can't afford to lose the only chance he got. Walking continuously he used the alley that he knew with the back of his hand to make his journey easier using the shortcut he knew. Seeing the park of the narrow path his smile spread across his face as he made his stride faster and saw a mop of blond hair on the bench.

"Shi-" his call was cut short as he felt a hand around his mouth to silence him another strong hand around his waist as he was dragged back to the same alley he came from. Trashing around his small fist he tried to move as much as possible and kicked his legs in the air but the grip on him was tight he can't even look back and he was getting weaker and weaker. Damn flu! He cursed as his breathing became ragged. It was then that he noticed instead of palm a handkerchief was around his nose and then it hit him, but it was too late his lids fell and his consciousness was stolen away from him but he could feel that whoever assaulted him dropped his already limp body on the ground and he heard the footsteps farther leaving him away.

"gwah!" Izaya sat up immediately as soon as he regained consciousness and looked around frantically. A bed, black mattress and a very expensive looking lamp on the bedside table…. Black curtains and an exquisite closet on the corner of the room and small leather couch this…

"its my room" he noted as he looked around, it was definitely his room he wondered why he was here though and before he could think about anything his head pounded but he still sat up before the door were opened revealing a man clad in blue and white kimono.


"Izaya you are awake! I was so worried!" he rushed to the informant and placed the tray near the bedside table.

"what happened?"

"when you called I was worried because you went out meeting with that blond when you are still sick so I went to search for you and I saw you passed on some alley" he said and looked at izaya with worried eyes through the bandage and he reached for the informant and hugged him rubbing his back soothingly but a menacing grin was stretched on his face as Izaya leaned on his touch.

"sorry" he murmured and he slowly pulled back from the hug and saw the blond looked at him worriedly all evidence of his grin was gone in one swift.

"its fine, just don't do that again and here its your dinner and the medicines are there as well, I'll be downstairs and call me when you need me okay?" izaya nodded and went to focus on his food instead and started eating as the blond left the room. He felt so devastated today it was just a few more steps from Shizuo just a road to cross and he could finally talk to him. Gripping the spoon he let out all his frustrations unto it, if it was Shizuo the spoon would have snapped by now but he was izaya and he doesn't have his strength, his concentration was broken by the sound of his phone and checked the caller.


"ehh? What's with that voice Izaya?"

"… nothing why did you call?" izaya said as he continued to eat listening to the other.

"well, I was wondering why I haven't seen your face lately I mean its quite rare for you not to show up for five days"

"what the hell are you rambling about im sick you know!? You of all people should know that"

"you sick!?"

"you just checked me five days ago and even gave me some medicine that doesn't even work!" Izaya hissed and dropped the spoon as he waited for the other to response, somehow he was a bit worried at the silence on the other line.

"Izaya… I didn't know and I never went to your place nor given you anything"
now it was Izaya's turn to be silent as he thought for a moment. "but Tsugaru said …wait " he eyed the pills on the small bowl set along with the tray and sighed. "I'm going to send you something and tell me what the content of it is got it?"

"uh…yeah? Erm.. what's wrong?"

"just do it!" he hissed and flipped the phone close and went to ruminate through his drawer and found a small packet he took the small two pills and slid it before sealing the packet he nearly jumped to death as he heard a voice on the doorway.

"are you …. Doubting me Izaya?" Tsugaru's deep voice came through the door as Izaya stood up and turned around to hide the packet behind his back slipping it on his pocket jeans. Izaya stared at the form in the door his head tilting making his blond hair hung as he looked at Izaya, disappointment clearly showed on his eyes.

"w..what are you saying?" Izaya cursed to himself as he stuttered, but the nervousness raked his body as he stared at Tsugaru and he could feel that something is… wrong.

"are you doubting me?" he repeated again taking a closer step at the informant and closed the door behind him.

"I don't know what you are talking about" Izaya crossed his arms trying to sound like how he used too, Tsugaru scratched his bandaged cheek and stood in front of the raven, blue eyes looked at him and to the tray behind the informant and placed a glass of water on the table and stared at the empty bowl.

"you drink your meds without water"

"I uhm.. yeah" Izaya said and went to lay on the bed but Tsugaru grabbed his wrist and pulled him back up rather harshly.

"izaya… you are doubting me" it wasn't a question it was a statement and before izaya could comprehend what happened tsugaru planted a gentle kiss on his forehead and let go of his hand. "I don't like it.. not one bit I'll ask you again.. are you doubting me?"

"no.. of course not! And why would i?"

"hmmm.. I see" he smiled again and Izaya felt his hair stood up wondering what's wrong with the other male and pulled him into a tight hug and whispered something on his ear before he left and closed the door to the informants room. Izaya stayed still and sat down on the bed looking sideways and looked at the door Tsugaru's last words still on his mind.

"you are not very good in lying today you know.."

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