Two faced lovers

Chapter 9

"so he left huh?" a raven haired male said as he walked around the fancy loft owned by Orihara Izaya, tracing his fingers on the leather couch before flopping himself on it and looked at the blond who walked around him and placed a tea in the coffee table.

"work" Tsugaru mumbled and sat down beside the raven and tapped his fingers on the arm of the couch.

"did you really think it was work?" Roppi huffed and stood up again going to the library section and scanned the books. "maybe its just his excuse to get away from you"

"he won't do that" Tsugaru mumbled as he followed the raven looking at the books and looked down, he knew it wasn't he even accompanied izaya to the train station and he called the hotel he was staying, he was there, Shiki told him too.. so why is he being doubtful?

"oh really?, its Orihara you are dealing with, you of all people should know that.. he's a liar and manipulative, who knows he might…" Roppi glanced to his side as he noticed Tsugaru's clenched fists "…might never come back anymore.. because you are holding his neck to fa-"

"he won't do that!" the blond snarled as he gripped the slender neck of the other male in the room, Roppi struggled on his feet as he felt the grip tightened, it was too tight and the grip was too strong.

"he said he will be back! And I know he will, he won't leave me, cause… cause he do.. I.. I will…" Tsugaru looked at Roppi that was struggling on his feet and glaring at him, realizing he had raised the raven on the floor, he dropped him into a ground with a thump.

"you… *coughs* you bast…bastard!" Roppi said between coughs as he struggled to intake sweet oxygen, looking up to Tsugaru who was breathing heavily.

"you are crazy!" Roppi hissed as he walked and headed to the door, using the shelf as guide as he tried to ignore the pain on his throat. But before he could reach the door he paused as Tsugaru yanked his arm and forced him to face him.

"I have another job for you"

"what makes you think I'll accept it?" Roppi yanked his arm away trying to break free and he crosses his arms, looking at Tsugaru's crazed eyes he could see the coming smirk of the other male as he picked up the pipe he had been using earlier and blew the smoke at the raven.

"Godamnit Tsugaru!" Roppi glared daggers at the blond and reached out to grab the white kimono he wore and pulled him close to him and took his blade out ripping the bandages off to shreds.

"take a look at yourself! Its not you anymore!"
with a sigh Tsugaru placed his pipe down the table and slowly pry Roppi's small fingers and he lifted his chin to face him.

"are you going to take the job? I'll pay you twice than I do"

"tsk! its too late for making you realize huh?"

"yes, too late.."

"fine what job?"

"you will be my eyes Roppi-san"

"Tch!" Tom looked to his side to find the blond ex bartender grumbling to himself as they walked through the streets. Tom sensing the black aura Shizuo was emitting he stopped in front of a vending machine, Shizuo continued walking before noticing his companion isn't around he turned back and raised a brow, his honey coloured eyes tinted by the sunglasses he wore.

"why did you stop?"

"well you seemed to punch any living object that would bump on you, so instead of hearing a pained scream, I would rather sacrifice this vending machine here" Tom said as he pointed at the vending machine beside him and shrugged. Shizuo looked sceptical for a moment before heading back to the vending machine and stood in front of it

"really, you looked like someone who was carrying the gates of hell, whats wrong"

"hmm… I don't know"

"well I want you to cool down before we proceed to our next destination.. well if this was all about Izaya y-" Tom didn't even continued his sentence as the vending machine was hauled up in the sky and a loud growl was heard throughout ikebukuro as soon as Izaya's name slipped in Tom's mouth, Shizuo's blood and anger sky rocketed. Why must Izaya's name be so fucking giving him supreme nerve racking and brain convulsing emotions that always ended up him being so damn angry?

"ohh so that's it" Tom murmured as he looked at Shizuo who started walking away, at least the blond seemed a bit relieved. Shizuo looked back to see Tom following him and he sighed, he didn't mean to cause to much trouble and now that he released some of his stress on the poor vending machine, shizuo thought back to what happened in Shinra's place . Izaya is sick huh? should I visit him? Er.. no what am I thinking! Im not visiting the damn flea and besides that guy was there tch!

"here we are" Tom sighed as he looked around as he walked through some small narrow way and then stood in front of a bar. Apparently the person they are going to collect some debt is practically living in this bar drinking and picking up whores without paying his damn debt!
as the duo went inside the club they were assaulted by the blinding colourful lights and booming sounds from the speaker. Shizuo squinted in his glasses and sighed, he didn't like places such as this and that's why he avoided this place, Tom went to find the guy and the blond remained on his position he would only step in when Tom needed assistance. Looking at them they seemed to talk the way out of it so he remained leaning on the bar and itching for smoke he went out for a bit even just a three drags of it would be fine, as he walked out he looked down. Still thinking about the damn flea it's almost two weeks and he didn't show up, he was so damn depressed now especially when a thought of seeing the flea would make him happy.. that was an absurd thinking! He didn't want to see Izaya of course , why would he… but then… that confession the flea made still makes him frown even more. suddenly out of nowhere he felt an arms around his waist and his breath hitched at the action. Izaya? Looking down at the pair of arms he frowned as he saw the purple glitter nail polish the woman had and he looked back to see a brown hair wavy locks draped at her shoulders as she looked up with those hazel irises and Shizuo sighed.

"hey blondie want to dance with me?"

"no thanks" Shizuo said shrugging the woman away from him and he blinked as another woman came now it was a red haired.

"how about me?, a hot guy like you rarely come in this club" another one whined and Shizuo rubbed his temples, without him knowing from across the street a certain pair of much darker crimson eyes.

"how is it going?"

"tch! This is the job you want me to do?! Im a thief, killer and committed arson I could pass for assassin but this is degrading Tsugaru! I don't stalk people!" Roppi yelled at the phone as he sighed and glared at the blond across him.

"I understand the content of your feelings now tell me what is going on"

"ugh! He is being flirted by swarm of girls in this club"

"do you think Izaya would come?"

"why ask me, you bastard!" Roppi yelled and shoved the phone back into his pocket and started to walk away from the scene, trying to distance himself from the blond.

Tsugaru stared at his phone and frowned, he was walking standing on the corner of the alley as he stared at Roppi from afar, he followed the raven just in case he would change his mind about the job, or if he won't do it. But Tsugaru smiled as he saw roppi walked away from the scene, the raven is his close friend being the lover of his brother, Tsuki they have spent a lot of time together but that was all in the pass, he changed when his family died, Roppi went back to his old self when Tsuki died as to why Roppi choose to follow him is beyond his knowledge, but it doesn't matter anymore. Blinking he saw Shizuo as well as the dreadlocked guy walked out of the bar, the girls still clinging to Shizuo as he tried to shrug them off, Tsugaru tilted his head and frowned.

"that must be irritating" he mumbled as he looked at the women around the blond before he slowly walked away from the scene, looking around he glanced at the women around him. He was of course into girls before he met Izaya, but even that there are still no woman who caught his attention, you can only see few of them that wore light makeup and dresses nicely. With a sigh he groaned as he saw a blond girl who was waving at him clearly wanting to get laid by all means, tch…

I need to go home, this part of town is swimming with whores

he thought as he pulled up the white cloth he was using to cover half of his face, showing his only icy blue eyes while his nose and mouth is covered. Turning to the other alley to where he came back he was grabbed by a raven girl with a very short skirt, he grimace and shrugged his shoulders away, now he really need to get away from he- pausing Tsugaru looked at yet another raven haired girl that passed across him, red dress and long hair and smirking, now that's simplicity. I should probably call Izaya, I guess I just miss him or something. Continuing his walk he got out from the cursed place and went back home, hearing the woman from the hotel connecting his call.

"Tsugaru, you called? Im on a meeting heh~ did you miss me?" Izaya's voice rang into the speakers and he smiled to himself.

"yes, I did.. sorry to disturb you"

"hmm not really.. but I'll be back soon, take care of my clients ne? bye bye!"

Tsugaru frowned but still a bit happy, well he just have to wait for two more days.

"godamnit!" Shizuo muttered as he went back to his apartment, why did he fail to notice that place and bar are for prostitutes and such! He was so trying to contain his anger by throwing one of those clinging girls, he had enough of his problems.. but then maybe! he didn't need a laid! Jeez he really is messed up right now. Opening the door to his apartment he sighed and went inside to fetch himself a glass of water just to calm his nerves and started to undo his bowtie throwing it on the couch as well as his vest, though he placed his sunglasses carefully on the table. He needed a shower as well, he must shower to relieve the stress and to cool off as well. He was starting to unbutton his white shirt and as he got from the second to the last buttons he paused and glanced at the door as he heard a knock. Tilting his head he slowly made his way at the door, who would visit him? The knocking continued, it was impatient and a bit irritating.

"im coming!" he announced and opened the door to reveal a woman standing on his doorway. What the fuck? Was this woman from that club? Shizuo stared at the raven girl dressed in red and high heels and before he could even ask, said woman throw her arms around his neck and pushed him inside as well as herself before using her foot to close the door behind her.

"what the fuck!, who the hell are you! Get away from me!" Shizuo tried to pry himself away from the arms of the woman and glared daggers at her, before pausing as he stared at the pair of crimson orbs and familiar smirk…

NO… fucking .. way

"is that how you usually treat a girl, Shizu-chan~"


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