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Chapter 1 ~ hot, warm and buttery

This was my favourite part of the morning. If you asked why I, Mr Hot Shot Edward Cullen, walked three city blocks and passed six 'fashionable' cafes to come to this quaint little place for coffee each morning, I would tell you it was because the coffee is rich and chocolatey and that the croissants are so fresh, warm and buttery they melt in my mouth. What I wouldn't tell you is that Mr Hot Shot Edward Cullen drinks the coffee and savours the flaky croissant each morning while surreptitiously admiring a certain luscious, brown-haired beauty working behind the counter.

Most days she had a light dusting of flour on her cheek. Her hair was gathered up in a loose bun on top of her head with one long mahogany lock which would fall loose causing her to repeatedly push it away with the back of her hand.

It took everything I had not to walk over to her each time it fell loose to smooth that lock behind her ear, wipe the flour from her face and kiss her gorgeous mouth. I imagined her taste as the flavours of the coffee and chocolate croissant linger on my tongue. I resisted the urge of course and instead would breathe a deep cleansing breath, the air sweetened by the scent of the freshly baked sweet temptations surrounding me. The sight of her, together with the delicious scents filling the shop combined to make me feel content, warm and happy.

It'd been like this since the first day I stumbled on Bella's Bakery. She's become the eye of my storm, a calming influence on my volatile nature.

It was raining that first day, of course, it is Seattle after all. I was in a foul mood and had exploded out of my office desperate for fresh air to help me regain my composure after losing my temper violently when firing my damn cousin James. Bastard. I never should have hired him in the first place, serves me right for doing a favour for my Uncle Aro. Fuck it! I'm not thinking about James anymore.

I stormed out and just started walking to let off steam. I have been known to lose control when I get angry and walking always helps calm me. I have a bit of a temper and over the years I've learned a few tricks to help me control it but James' treachery combined with a lack of sleep just sent me over the edge that morning. I'd walked angrily, with no doubt a stormy 'fuck off' expression on my face, for three blocks before I was back under control. At that point I stopped to answer the persistent and annoying ringing from Emmett. As my brother and my Office Manager, Emmett knew me well enough to know what I was doing when I walked off but was probably concerned where I might have gone. I had no idea where I was until I looked around me and noticed the sign for Bella's Bakery. I promised to stay where I was while he organised my driver Tyler to come and collect me to bring me back to the office so we could sort this shit out.

I was furious with myself and not a little embarrassed that I had let James' treachery make me lose my temper and control. I resolved to maintain a more even-tempered manner and get the control back that I love. I pride myself on being the man in charge of himself and those around me. So I reset my face to my usual arrogant mask, once again allowing my 'king of the world, what's it to ya' persona return as I stepped into the bakery to get out of the rain and that's when I saw her.

Everything in that moment stilled. She took my breath away as I watched her through the window behind the counter which gave anyone who cared to look a view into the bakery kitchen. So beautiful, young and graceful. Like a magnet she pulled me towards her. She had flour on her face that day too.

She came to the counter where I just stood staring at her. It was as though there was a bubble around us, I didn't see or hear anyone else around us. She looked up at me and smiled. It was warm, I felt warm. Then her honey voice asked if she could help me. Could she? Would she?

Order something idiot. "Coffee black please," I whispered.

She smiled again. Damn, I needed to sit. My body was reacting to her without my permission, where the hell was my control now? She offered something sweet and all I could think was that I bet she was sweet. I wanted to taste her. I licked my lips.

Oh, order something idiot! I didn't even look down into the cake display, I could smell the croissants she had carried from the kitchen, so I ordered one.

"I just baked these chocolate croissants. I hope you like them."

Oh god, she bakes! I love it when women bake, so damn sexy. She looks delicious, I want to reach over the counter and taste her.

She looked up at me shyly through her eyelashes and I realised how small she was, a foot shorter than me at least. She would fit perfectly in my arms if I held her close. What am I thinking? Why am I still standing here just staring at her? I cocked my head to the side and smiled at her, as I imagined her under me as I licked every inch of her. As if she could sense my thoughts she blushed.

Oh god, she blushes!

I paid her for the coffee and croissant but I still didn't move. Go sit down you idiot!

"Mr Cullen, I have the limo out front ready sir". Wait, what? Oh Tyler, yes it was time to go. I needed to sort out the security breach and the mess left by James. I turned to leave and realised I didn't even know her name. I turned back to thank her for the coffee and croissant and noticed her name tag.

"Thank you, Isabella," I said looking directly into her beautiful chocolate brown eyes.

Oh god, even her name is delicious. I had to go but I would be back my beauty. My Isabella.

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