Dear Readers, I have an IMPORTANT NOTE before we begin our final chapter. Phe-Chan and I do NOT condone the consumption of intoxicating beverages in any form. The characters of Karen and Derek are meant to be interpreted as stuck-up jerks. The mean-spirited prank they pull is no more intended to encourage drinking than the character of Wormtongue was intended by Tolkien to encourage readers to lie. Thank you. - EHAB

A few days after the wedding, all of the guests - or most of them, for the inhabitants of the Grey Havens did not participate - met on the beach to discuss what was to happen next. That is, they met to decide who was to stay in Middle-Earth and who was to return to New York.

"Gil-galad and I have to go back to New York," said Sivi, "because Gil-galad is supposed to be dead in this world."

"I guess that means Boromir has to come, too," Christina commented.

"Right. Erynen and Erynsir have passed out of existence for a few millennia," Sivi went on, "so I guess they should come as well."

"Andrea and I will come," Legolas said decidedly.

"Sarah? Will you stay?" asked Celeborn.

"No, if I stay, I'm going back to Aman, and I'm not ready to do that yet," the redhead answered lightly, squeezing Yavanna's hand.

"I have no wish to leave the world of my birth," Haldir said.

"Most of us, being in positions of authority, cannot do so anyway," Galadriel added.

"I'm going back to New York, and I think Megan is, too," Jeremie said, and Megan nodded assent.

"Uncle Ulmo," Sivi spoke up meekly, "since Daddy's staying here, do you think that you could. come.?"

"I have no one to watch my realm while I'm away," Ulmo said gruffly, though he was inwardly very pleased to have been asked.

"I could do that," Ossë offered eagerly.

Ulmo gave his Maia a stern, dubious look.

"I'll make sure he behaves, Lord Ulmo," Uinen smiled.

"But where would I stay?" Ulmo asked testily. "Sivi and her husband will want her father's apartment, and Andrea and her prince will take the one Sivi and Andrea used to share."

"I don't have a roommate," Jeremie stated.

Ulmo sighed.

"Very well."

Sivi beamed.

The soft waves' roaring became the noisy traffic's din. The salt brine gave way to the garbage stench. The group climbed the stairs to the apartments in silence. When they had reached the top, Sivi took charge.

"Alright, Gil-galad and I are in Dad's old apartment; Andrea and Legolas are in our old apartment; Erynen and Erynsir are in Megan's old apartment; Megan, Sarah, and Christina are in Sarah's and Christina's old apartment; and Boromir and Uncle Ulmo are with Jeremie. Any questions or complaints?"

No one had any, and everyone retired to their respective quarters. Sivi began showing Gil-galad how to operate light switches and things. Suddenly, the door-bell rang. Sivi went to the peep-hole and looked out.

"Oh, toads, it's Derek and Karen," Sivi sighed.

"Who?" Gil-galad asked curiously.

"Some people my Dad worked with a few years ago. Try to act... normal."

Gil-galad started to protest that he didn't know what this world's version of 'normal' involved, but Sivi had already opened the door.

"Hi, guys," she said cheerfully.

"Hey, it's the Sivster," Derek laughed.

Gil-galad saw Sivi grimace as she slipped behind Karen to shut the door. He gathered she didn't like being called 'Sivster.'

"Is your daddy home?" Karen asked condescendingly.

"No, my daddy doesn't live here any more; he moved."

"What? He didn't tell US about it," Karen sniffed affrontedly.

"He didn't tell a lot of people. It has to do with his job," Sivi explained carefully, referring to Manwë's duties as King of the Valar.

"I see," Karen said frostily. "And who's this silent soldier?" she asked, glancing disdainfully at Gil-galad.

"My husband Erin. Erin, this is Karen and her husband Derek."

"A pleasure," Gil-galad said solemnly.

"DO you ever smile?" Karen asked rudely.

"Hey, Sivster," hollered Derek from beside the fridge, "mind if I grab a pop?"

"Go ahead," Sivi replied easily. "Karen, would you like anything?"

"No, if Joe's not here, I'm leaving. Come out to the car when you're done with that," she said to Derek, and left.

"She won't let me have drinks in the new car," Derek explained. "So, can I hand either of you guys something while I'm over here?"

"No, thank you. Erin, would you run upstairs and bring me the - uh - the backpack I left on the bed?" Sivi asked.

Puzzled, Gil-galad darted up the stairs.

"Listen, Derek, I didn't want to say this in front of Erin, but soft- drinks make him sick, so if you could not drink those in front of him, please, that would be great," Sivi said confidentially.


"Yeah, like a little bit loopy, you know, kind of - kind of drunk."

"That stinks. Yeah, sure, I'll, uh, remember that. Sorry."


Gil-galad called Sivi's name from the top of the stairs.

"I'll be right back," she apologized.

"Kind of drunk, huh?" Derek mused to himself when she had gone.

A few minutes later, Gil-galad came down alone.

"She's fixing the air-conditioner," he said by way of explanation, as Sivi had instructed.

He did not say what was wrong with it: that he had accidentally turned it on maximum cold, and Sivi was trying to reprogram the buttons.

"Yeah, well, let's have a drink between friends while she's gone," Derek said slyly.

He pulled a Surge out of the fridge and handed it to Gil-galad.

"Want to try a neat trick?" Derek asked when Gil-galad did not protest that he was not supposed to have soft-drinks (in fact, Gil-galad had not been told yet).

Gil-galad nodded warily.

"See, you take a knife," Derek explained, pulling one from the knife rack and taking the Elf's surge can, "and you poke a hole in the can like so. Right? Now take it, tip it up, and pop the top."

Confused, Gil-galad did as he was bid.


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