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Chapter 20 – Celeste's Traveling Day/Hotel Room (Wednesday)

The earlier part of Celeste's day didn't fare too well when she found herself having traveling issues with Cameron and Roman. The sight of the couple made her stomach wretch, because she couldn't understand what Roman could see in such a nasty individual as Cameron. From her very core, she just didn't like Cameron. She was mean and just plain no good, not just to Celeste but others too. There was no way Roman could hold any real interest in the harlot.

An eye roll here, a snarl there came from Celeste across the room watching the couple who were clearly into each other. Every time Cameron draped herself over Roman, he always seemed to look at Celeste and give the impression he was amused at her distaste for her rival. At one point Roman leaned over to Cameron and whispered something to her making her blush. Cameron responded by rubbing the inside of his leg, discreetly while she watched Celeste's reactions.

Celeste shook her head and turned her body towards Eve, who was seated next to her. "I'm so tired of having my eyes physically assaulted!"

Pulling the brim of her baseball hat over her eyes, Celeste thoughts turned to Phil. He spent all night at the hospital and somehow managed to see her off before she headed to the airport. Celeste recalled her conversation with him in her hotel room before she and the girls drove to the airport that morning.

"What about you Phil? How are you? That was quite a match you had with Daniel last night and I know you've had little sleep in these last 12 hours or so," Celeste stated, worried Phil wasn't taking care of himself.

"I'm good, I could be better but I'm good. I had that match with Daniel during Smackdown and he sort of put a hurtin' on me. If you tell him that, please know I will deny, it to the very end!" Phil exalted, as he was sure Daniel was in similar shape as he. Phil was very good about giving as well as he got.

"I was scared for you when your head and neck looked like it went into the barrier like a crushed can. That looked like it really could have been a really bad injury." Celeste added, glad his injury wasn't severe like it appeared to be on the monitors when it occurred.

"Am I sensing a bit of, I don't know…concern from you?" Phil egged her on trying to admit some sort of emotion about him first, before he made a step to express how he felt.

"Yes, Phil I do have concern for you. I used to be able to watch your matches without any problems. Now, every time I see the matches become more volatile, I find myself getting nervous for you. I just don't want to see you get hurt," Celeste shared allowing herself to open up to some other feeling than lust for Phil.

Celeste felt emotionally exposed, as Phil didn't offer a response. He appeared to be internalizing the moment, but then spoke, "I worry about you too wrestling with all those guys. Anything can happen in that ring with the smallest amount of neglect."

Celeste released a sigh, happy he shared his feeling. Celeste feeling both could use a reprieve changed the atmosphere by turning their attention back to his hospitalized friend.

"What's the latest regarding Kofi?" she asked Phil who lay on the extra queen size bed observing Celeste packing. The bags under his eyes were dark and deep, signs he didn't get a lot of sleep the previous night at the hospital. Even though Punk was tired and looked scraggly, Celeste still found him attractive. Showing emotions and caring about friends was a good look on him. Celeste seemed hopeful Phil really could be and was a good man.

Rolling onto his back, staring at the ceiling, Phil rubbed his hazel eyes. "He suffered a concussion that affected his short term memory. He couldn't remember anything other than coming down to the ring last night. Everything else was a blackout. Unfortunately, he'll be out for several weeks," Phil relayed, feeling bad his friend had to sit the next few weeks out.

Celeste gasped while clasping her hands over her face. Injuries can always be the kiss of death for a wrestler. Not only do wrestlers have to worry about healing from the injury, it also means time off from work, lost wages, and medical bills.

Celeste went over to him, sitting on the edge of the bed. Phil brought his free hand to rest along her leg and hip. "Phil, Kofi is resilient if nothing else. When he comes back, he's going to fly from all four corners of the top rope! Maybe when he is settled, I could send him some sort of care package. Until then, send him my best and tell him I'm thinking of him." Celeste uttered in a small voice as she imagined the thoughts running through Phil's head. Celeste rubbed her hand over his chest, in a calming fashion.

"I will tell him and I know he'll appreciate you thinking of him," Phil liked she had compassion for others, something his last girlfriend lacked. A smile appeared on his face, as he laughed at his internal thought.

"What so funny?" Celeste tapped him on the chest to gain his attention.

"So…Kofi gets a concussion and gets gifts from you? Man, what do I have to do to get 'gifts' from you? You know I have this nagging knee injury…" his voice trailed off.

Celeste laughed, noticing her text ring tone going off, Celeste retrieved the phone and read her message. Throwing the phone on the opposite bed, she hurried to finish packing. "Not that being with you isn't fun, but I'm ignoring you now. Naomi just texted me, I have to hurry the girls are headed downstairs to load the car."

Phil shrugged off her deterrence of his flirtation and opted to sleep for a few minutes, "Yeah you go finish packing while I lay here. You know with your attraction to me, resistance is futile…" he laughed citing a Star Trek reference regarding the assimilation of life forms into Borgs. For all of his alleged coolness, she repected Phil for never letting go of the weird kid he once was and for staying true to who he is.

Within 10 minutes, Celeste finished packing and lightly smacked Phil on his face, causing him to quickly grab her hand, "There are other ways to wake someone you know," he yawned.

"I was calling you and you never answered. Or I should say when I called your name, you turned your skinny ass over and ignored me. Given our time restraints my love tap seemed to do the trick." Celeste sarcastically chastised him as he stood up to stretch. Grabbing her lightweight jacket, she threw it on, buttoning and tying the jacket with a quickness.

"That's not a love tap, please allow me to demonstrate," Phil attempted to swat at her backside causing her to laugh as she avoided him. He stood in between her and her luggage physically goading her to try to pass him.

"Stop, I gotta go!" Celeste stamped her feet at her inability to get by him. "Quit playing Phil!" she squawked.

"Ok," Phil chuckled in kind as he grabbed the suitcase's handle.

"Put that down. Phil I've got it," Celeste unclasped his hands around her luggage and began pulling it towards the door, Phil blocked her path at the door and took the handle again gawking at her strangely.

The two stood in the middle of her hotel room arguing about who should carry her luggage. A flustered Celeste snatched the handle from Phil, "I've been carrying my bags all this time without you. You don't need to take my bags since I'm able bodied!" Celeste was in the habit of doing for herself and felt weird about his doing things for her when she could accomplish those tasks herself.

Phil raised an eyebrow, his head tipped to the side observing her curves under her lightweight coat.

"Don't…" Celeste drawled out figuring Phil would make an obvious statement about her curves. Phil smirked; his eyes appeared to be a fiery amber color.

Celeste conceded defeat as Phil wouldn't allow her to pull her own bag. He opened the door and waited for her to exit first. Slinging her carryon bag on her shoulder, she left the hotel room.

"I was just going to tell you, in my presence you don't need to worry about carrying heavy items," Phil playfully treated her bag as if it were too heavy pulling her suitcase, walking side by side down the hallway to the elevator .

"Damn woman! What in Beelzebub do you have in here? Cameron?" he cackled, "struggling" to put her bag down.

The mere mention of Cameron's name seemed to bring much animosity from Celeste. The change in her demeanor hadn't gone unnoticed by Phil. On several occasions, Celeste shared she didn't care for the wayward Diva and provided little other information. He surmised their distaste for one another came about through training with each other or some other run ins from the past.

"Shhh. You'll help me bury the body right?" Celeste giggled, scanning the hallway making sure no one heard their joke, believing they were causing harm to another. She pushed the down arrow key, eagerly waited for the elevator to come to their floor.

"Next stop, a hardware store. Tis a shovel, me lady wants, then a shovel she shall have!" he stated in a hushed tone, pretending he had a cockney English accent. To show her chivalry wasn't dead, Phil bowed at the waist with a look of desire on his face. Grabbing her hand, Phil ran his soft lips over the smooth, milk chocolate colored surface. Phil's amber colored eyes flickered whilst he sought to connect with her dark eyes, placing kisses along the back of her hand. His lips curled into a smirk, noticing her body shudder from his touch.

"Trying to make amends are we Brooks? I think you're going to have to put in some work to smooth these troubled waters," Celeste pouted in a comical manner, her eyes fixed on the ascending floor numbers of the elevator.

"You know I'm good for it. 'Best in the World' extends to many things and isn't exclusive to just wrestling," The elevator dinged and open, causing an unexpected emphasis to Phil's comment.

Leading her inside, he spoke again selecting the main floor as their destination, "My offer stands," Phil wiggled his dark eyebrows, his finger resting on the elevator's alarm.

"Don't you dare! We've already been banned from one place," she hissed removing his finger from the alarm. Snaking his free arm around her curvaceous figure, Celeste embraced him in kind.

"Aw…so what's one more place?" he flirted, Phil's copper eyes ablaze with passion.

Drawing her head closer to her lips, she whispered to Phil, "So says Mr. Straight Edge, always with his sexual connotations."

Celeste called him out referencing an aspect of his straight edge lifestyle. Being a fan of his, she was familiar with Phil's dedication to live a straight edge lifestyle where he didn't drink alcohol, smoke, engage in drug use, or have promiscuous sex. Straight edge was about abstinence from these behaviors. During their time of game play on the travel bus, Celeste revealed she too led a similar lifestyle leading each to understand why their flirting seemed so intense at times. If they couldn't be intimate physically as neither were promiscuous, they next best thing was intimacy through flirtation and PG physicality.

"So how is your straight edge affiliation treating you in regards to me?" she asked, feeling his hold tighten drawing her flush against his solid body.

"Truthfully?" Phil started, Celeste watching him under hooded lids with anticipation that he too was having a difficult time keeping course of abstinence where she was concerned.

"We have many rain checks that we keep writing and stuffing in a mental drawer, but nothing has really happened yet," he sighed, his 6' 2" frame towering over her 5' 10" body. "I know it presents some interesting constraints that I sometimes don't wish to follow," his tongue snaked out to trace the shape of his silver lip ring as he sent a downward gaze her way.

Celeste's attention focused on his thin lips, "Constraints like what?" she asked with a slight smile. Phil's chestnut colored eyes flickered with a hint of mischievousness.

"Like now. I'm resisting the urge to stop this elevator and allow you to have your way with me." Phil spoke in a serious tone.

"Me have my way with you? Sounds oh so intriguing," she whispered faintly against his lips.

"There's only one problem. I'm not that kind of guy and I really don't want to get that type of reputation. People talk you know." Phil smirked, running his fingers through her raven colored tresses.

"Hmm. Reputations are important," she added raising her eyebrow for emphasis.

"Celeste you look at me with such lust in your eyes, but don't get me wrong. I like that you're attracted to me, but I am more than this body that stands before you. I also want you to respect me. I would go so far to say, I want us take things to the next level,...as in us dating and being a couple."

Phil stared at her, in hopes of gauging some type of response regarding agreement. Celeste appeared to have been lost in his reveal of moving onto the next step of a more serious type of intermingling.

This time it was Celeste's turn to leave Phil pondering what was in her head since he put himself out there much like she did previously. The elevator doors opened to several people who wanted to get in.

Sometimes the best moments were when there was nothing but silence. Phil watched Celeste for her reaction, her eyes fixated towards the front of the elevator.

Reaching the main floor, Phil allowed her to exit first and followed behind her. Opening the door leading to the parking lot, he grabbed her hand. "Don't I get an answer?" he waited in an understated manner, trying to not appear anxious.

"Yes," Celeste quietly replied.

"Yes to what?" his voice now having an edge to it, heavily anticipating her response.

"Yes to everything," she smiled causing Phil to embrace her. Celeste's hands cupped his unshaven cheeks as he planted a chaste kiss on her lips, followed by a more desired filled kiss. Their breaths quickened, Phil acted like he was stealing the very breath from her. His scruffy beard tickling her chin.

An older lady bypassed the couple and glared at them with a judgmental eye as she passed by, "You two are in the right place. Get a room!"

Phil started to say something to her when he felt Celeste's soft hands grab his chin, "Don't worry about that old lady. You worry about your old lady standing before you," she grinned mischievously, allowing herself get her fill of Phil and his affections.

Phil held her hand leading her to her rental car. Holding the door as they exited the hotel. Celeste heard Eve call her name, leading them to walk in her direction.

Phil exchanged a few pleasantries with the girls and they sat on the inside of the car to give the couple a bit of time to say goodbye. "Kofi's wife came in late last night, but I thought I would stay a bit longer with her." Celeste tried not to appear sad even though she understood. They stopped to hug one another, Celeste held his head so they could look into each other's eyes.

"You don't have to do this by yourself. I don't mind staying with you." Celeste gazed into his tired, hazel eyes.

She continued on as she allowed her fingers to lightly rap on his chest," Sitting in a hospital is hard work and we could take turns looking after him. I'm sure his wife would appreciate all the help she can get," Celeste hugged him placing her head on his black hoodie covered chest.

"I know, but I'm at a place in my career where management won't be in my ass if I unexpectedly take time off and there are no repercussions for me. Besides, I don't perform again until this Saturday. Go, just the fact that you offered means a great deal to me." Phil gave a lopsided grin and he kissed her gently on the lips whilst he rubbed her shoulder.

Opening the back of the car door, led her to the vehicle to take her seat. Celeste begrudgingly sat down as Phil stood in the car door's entrance.

"I will be in contact sometime today okay?" Phil leaned forward for one last kiss as he cherished those plump lips. To his chagrin, Eve decided to be a time keeper and honked her horn. Phil touched the side of Celeste's face. "You guys have a safe trip and no worries here," Phil said to the trio as he closed the door. He gave a wave as he watched them drive away.

Celeste looked sadly out the window as she waved to Phil and watched his form disappear to nothing as they drove further and further away.

An hour and a half flight, 2 two hour layovers, then a 45 minute flight helped the girls reach their Tampa destination. Not too soon after landing in Tampa, the girls settled into their hotel. Lifting their spirits, theyt decided to celebrate Celeste's new relationship by spending the night having drinks and dinner with Stephen. The Irishman had the ladies laughing and ballyhooing all night long with tales of wrestling in Dublin.

Flipping through her phone, the last text she received was from Phil stating Kofi was doing better and his wife had made it to the hospital. Celeste tried sending a text and calling Phil at the time, but he never replied possibly due to the bad reception in the hosptial. Celeste decided the best decision was to let Phil contact her as any number of things could have been happening where he couldn't contact her.

A few hours after her last text check, she received a text: "I'm taking a private jet, but I'm coming in late tonight. Maybe around midnight or so. Me + you = quality time"

Celeste felt like her spirit was ignited, Phil decided to come out to Tampa and spend a time with her. This would allow them to train and spend time together on Thursday, her day to film NXT. On Friday and Saturday they would be able to travel together for the WWE Live Tour since they were on the same ticket. Celeste was giddy all night in anticipation her man was soon on his way.

It was midnight by the time they returned to the hotel ready for the night to end. Eve and Naomi were a bit tipsy, but all were sleepy and would have no problem getting rest for the night.

Rather than worry, Celeste made an executive decision to take a hot bath and de stress. She hadn't taken the time to digest, Phil was now her man and she his girl. The thought was too surreal, while she contemplated what would happen next for them. Throwing bath salts in the tub with the water running, all she could do was hope all would be okay and this relationship would work out for them both.

Chapter 20 – Celeste's Hotel Room (The midnight hour)

Settling into her bath, her cell rang disturbing her. Hating to play phone tag with other callers, she reached for a towel to ensure her hand was dry before picking answering the phone Glancing at the caller's name, her face lit up to hear from her person of interest.

"What is up Chicago?" She asked hearing Phil chuckle in return

"Nothing much, I just thought I would check and see if you and the girls made it safely to back to your hotel." He asked yawning since it had truly been a long day.

"Yes, we made it back in one piece. It's been quite a day with surprises abound!' she stood up and exited the bath not wanting to drop the phone in the tub.

"I also meant to tell you the girls can come along if you like since we're all going to the same destination," he added trying not to yawn again.

"You would do that for me? Wow! You have a big ass heart there boy…" Celeste started to praise him, happy he was so inclusive of her friends already.

"Big heart, big feet, big…." Phil chuckled.

"Just like that you go from sweet to crass. You were so, close Phil, so, so close to having a touching moment there." She acknowledged his flirtatious banter. "So..." Celeste drawled out curious to find out where he was currently located in relation to that last text.

"Are you here yet? Are you here yet? Are you here yet?" Celeste rushed her words out without allowing Phil to respond.

Phil chuckled, happy she was anxious to see him. "How would it sound if I said I was in the lobby waiting for you?"

"It would sound like you need to check at the front desk because I have a key with my room number reserved for you," she seductively suggested.

"Gimmie 15 minutes, and I'm on the way up!" Phil exclaimed hanging up his cell. Phil happily, but tiredly turned his attention to the hotel attendant who slid a card to him for access to Celeste's room. Unfortunately, for him his body couldn't catch up with his mind and he lazily drug himself to the elevator. On the private flight in, he was able to catch a nap, but his body still lacked energy. Even his beloved Pepsi drink from the flight, failed to give him a much needed energy boost.

Phil boarded the elevator and his eyes burrowed a hole into the button for the 3rd floor. He murmured to himself, finally he was going to see 'his woman.' 'His woman," he loved the sound of that statement, allowing his proud nature to beam within.

Reaching the floor, he managed to walk the floor to locate her room. Sliding the key card into the lock, he turned the doorknob. "Honey, I'm home!" he called out to her.

Closing the door, he took a few steps and called her by name. Further, inside the room he noticed 2 queen size beds. The one on the right, closest to him contained white pillows fluffed at the head of the bed. Examining the second bed, he noticed the white, heavy covers was folded neatly in the caramel colored chair off to the side. The sparkling white sheet lay at the foot of the bed folded, leaving the fitted sheet exposed. The plush pillows adorned the head of the bed crowding around a folded piece of paper.

Phil headed towards the note and put his huge gym bag on the floor. Grabbing the note his eyes glazed over her handwriting. "Phil, don't go anywhere! I will be right back." His eyebrow gently lifted as he noted the smiley face and her signature wondering where that woman could be.

Chapter 20 - Celeste on a mission.

Celeste swiftly exited Eve's room. Eve hung in her doorway, rubbing her eyes the alcohol trying to work its way out of her system, "You just keep that! I can get another one! I don't wanna see you for 7-8 hours from now! Ok? Don't you come back here waking me up!" Eve yelled in a hushed tone.

"Ok, you just get back inside your room and lock it up tight ok? I want to hear those locks," Celeste said in a quieter tone trying not to wake Eve's fellow hotel patrons. Eve looked annoyed at having her slumber disrupted in the first place, friend or not. Rolling her eyes, she closed the door allowing Celeste to hear the locks turning. Satisfied Eve was safe, Celeste headed back to the elevator heading to up to her own room.

"It's a little late to run around here unescorted, don't you think?" she heard a male's deep voice nearby.

Cautiously turning her head to the direction of the disembodied voice, she discovered Roman headed toward her, several steps away.

"It's a little late for you to be running around unescorted as well Roman. What are you doing up so late?" Celeste knew whatever he would say would more than likely be a lie, but she decided to bite.

Analyzing Roman's wardrobe, she noticed a tank and fleece shorts on his muscular frame. Past experience led her to speculate he was now wearing his sleep attire. Another tip off that led her to the conclusion he was in his sleepwear, was the way 'he' laid against his own leg signifying he didn't have any underwear on.

Celeste chuckled to herself rolling her eyes at his brazen nature, but that was who Roman was. Roman smirked witnessing her realization he was commando. Celeste exhaled knowing there was a story behind him walking around this late at night with not much on.

His dark eyes drifted from 'him' back to Celeste's critical eyes. "Old habits die hard. No pun intended," he slyly smiled confident he was difficult to ignore in the moment. Leaning towards her, she caught a whiff of alcohol wafting from Roman. She knew he and the rest of the fellows went out to eat earlier and must have knocked back a few beers in the process.

Averting her eyes, she seconded his comment, "Old habits indeed," she muttered to herself to get back to Phil and away from this contrived situation. Her slim finger hit the down arrow key for the elevator, multiple times.

"I'm locked out of my room and didn't want to wake Cami. I was going to have Seth or Dean let me bunk with them until the morning," he started to say.

The elevator opened and she hopped on with Roman in tow. "Me and the guys are all on the 3rd floor. I wouldn't want to be accused of stalking you."

"I didn't think that at all," observing him from her peripheral vision. Both stood noiselessly side by side, face forward, the elevator descending.

"Instead of bothering the boys, it would make sense to go to the front desk and get a new key card," she nodded in his direction stating a flaw in his actions.

"I didn't think of that, but really I needed a break from Cami," he stated in a low voice.

To hear him, Celeste turned her attention towards Roman. "A break? Why would you need a break from her? I thought everything was so 'ain't love grand' between you two," she inquired in a slightly snide tone. Celeste felt an 'I told you so,' milling around her inner being.

Cami, she's just," he hesitated catching Celeste's interest, noting she was leaning in to hear his response. "She's quite insatiable and I can't have her wearing me out too much before the show tonight. You know what that used to be like, don't you," he chuckled slyly trying to dredge up jealousy vibes within Celeste.

Celeste stared straight ahead and didn't respond. "Of all the girls to get tangled up with he chooses her? The one who was always trying to break us up like her name was Will E Coyote and we were the Road Runner," she thought to herself.

Celeste remembered when she was with Roman, watching Cameron try to sidle up next to him on numerous occasions. Back in the day, Celeste often felt like carrying a super soaker to spray Cameron down in an attempt to break up all attraction for her then boyfriend. Cameron always struck her as the type of girl to pretend to be your friend only to sleep with your man and willingly be a sidepiece.

When the elevator stopped on the 3rd floor, she immediately stepped out only to have Roman perform the same action.

"Roman, stop following me! Go on and find Seth and Dean like you were doing," she angrily spat. Celeste was annoyed at his remarks and throwing up Cameron in her face.

"No one is following you, least of all me sweetie,' he laughed wickedly. "Like I said before, we are all on the same floor. Plus I guess you forgot, but I gotta woman, remember," Roman argued defensively, staring at her coolly.

"Have a good night!" she turned to walk away from him. Spotting an item, she held in her hand, Roman snatched it from her grip in an effort to get her ire going further.

It used to be one of his favorite pastimes making Celeste upset. A fiery Celeste always meant the makeup sex would be out of this world. She was a passionate woman, but it seemed like her lovemaking was amped to unbelievable levels when anger was involved. This on the spot plan was designed to make her remember she still had feelings for him and the best way to work it out would be through sex, and fingers crossed with him.

"So what do we have here CeCe?" Roman examined the unmarked container trying to identify its contents. Roman first shook the container watching its contents slide to the bottom. Not content with the discovery, he then unscrewed the cap to smell it.

"Are you done with your CSI investigation? It's baby oil," she quietly seethed, watching him recap the container with one hand and rubbing his thick fingers together with the other. Roman's wayward flirtations and smart comments ceased as Celeste could see his inner most thoughts at work.

Stepping up to him, mere inches from his face, her hands seized the baby oil from him. "I'm using it for the purposes I used to use it with, when I was with you. You remember those times right, Ro?" she smirked cocking her eyebrow.

Roman didn't immediately turn her an answer so she headed for her room, feeling she bested him.

"Who are you using that on?" he inquired with a gravely like tone, keeping pace with her down the hallway. "Is it Phil…Randy Orton? Someone else?" his voice became louder as she was surprised at his line of questioning.

Stopping in front of her door, her mouth became slick. "Maybe it's all the above Roman. So what? You have a girl now, or have you forgotten that quickly? The main thing you should know, is I'm using it on my man…all…night…long and I could give a damn about wearing his ass out. Actually come to think of it, no pun intended…he prefers it that way." She slipped into her room closing the door in his face.

Roman narrowed his eyes at the door dismayed with himself that he kept picking at her until he was the one with egg on his face. All this moment proved was he and Cameron needed to figure a way to turn things up and bring it around back to his favor.

Celeste leaned against the door, her heart racing at the incident that just transpired. Roman had her rattled and she didn't have an answer as to why. She was alarmed she allowed Roman to get her goat so easily. She thought her love and desire was long gone for him. She couldn't understand why the mere mention of Cameron would set her emotions so far back.

Peering at the bed, all thoughts regarding Roman were long gone. Taking a few steps forward, she saw an almost naked Phil laying on his front with a towel loosely hanging around his backside. A few beads of water remained on his back and on the back of his legs. His dark, hair appeared to be damp allowing the pillow to absorb some of the drops of water.

Pulling off the lightweight sweatshirt she wore, she revealed a long white t-shirt. Her white boy shorts fit her perfectly, showcasing her long, dark legs in their best light. She slid next to Phil and whispered his name. Phil turned his head to face her and smiled tiredly at her.

Phil appeared worn out and barely looked like he could even muster the strength to string several words together.

"Shh. You don't have to say or do anything. All you need to do is lie here and relax. You've been taking care of others for the past 24 hours. It's your turn now, "Celeste encouraged him in a soft voice as she stroked his hair.

Straddling him above his waist, Celeste leaned forward running her hands through his head, massaging his scalp. He groaned his appreciation of her efforts. Her slim hands trickled down his neck, attempting to knead the soreness out. She moved from the sensitive area and sought a shoulder. Celeste reached for the baby oil and massaged it within her hands, warming the liquid.

Examining the G.I. Joe Cobra logo on his right shoulder, her fingers squeezed the area. The oil allowed her hands to move easily one hand over the other, never breaking contact with his skin. She put more baby oil in her hand and glided over his back kneading his flesh.

Phil moaned in response to some of the spots aching under her touch, but with each groan she in turn became gentle handling those spots. Rubbing his left shoulder, she noted the Pepsi logo was huge, but authentic to the brand. She chuckled internally remembering that tattoo referred to his love for Pepsi soda.

Moving her body to sit right below his backside, she unfolded the towel to show a little of his slightly tanned ass. Celeste applied pressure to his lower back, giving him a bit of relief to the area. After 30 minutes of massaging Phil's back, shoulders, and arms Celeste flipped the towel to cover Phil's nakedness.

"Phil? Turn over," she asked in a calm tone. When she didn't hear him respond she called to him again, and received the same response. Sliding off his body, she kneeled beside to ensure Phil was still breathing. Celeste ran her hand across his cheek while Phil slept soundly. Phil stretched across the bed making her sleeping there an improbability. Heading toward the tail end of the bed, she took the loose sheet and pulled the sheet around his waist.

Kissing him on the cheek, she uttered softly, "Good Night Phil." Celeste eased into the matching queen size bed and fell soundly asleep too.

In the middle of the night, Phil awoke to discover he fell victim to the 'ugly sleep.' Celeste's massage relaxed him to the point he was lulled into a restful sleep. Now he was semi awake with his attention on his pillow observing the drool pool he created.

Along his outer leg, he felt some sort of damp fabric. Glancing downward, he noticed he was barely covered by the towel he used earlier for his shower. A thin cover was hanging a tad on the bed, but mostly on the floor rendering him nude.

A look to his left, he would find Celeste resting peacefully on top of the covers. His eyes followed the natural curve of her side leading to the round shape of her hip. He appreciated her physical attributes but appreciated her other gifts as well. Phil really felt like he hit the mother lode in his connection with Celeste. It seemed he found a woman he could be physically and emotionally attracted to without any effort.

Phil slid into the bed with her, his fingertips lightly tracing up and down the length of her body. Celeste's eyes fluttered open when she felt a warm breath tickling the back of her neck. Her body shuddered at the unexpected air now caressing her ear. Lightly hanging over her hip, she saw a tattooed hand stating "No Gimmicks Needed" over the surface of Phil's hand. Phil cuddling beside her felt like the most natural thing in the world and thoughts of Roman no longer lingered within her mind. "Thank you," she thought his voice said. "No…thank you," she smiled snuggling her back into his tattooed chest.