Chapter 1: After the Flowers

I bolted to my room. I suddenly couldn't breathe. Yes, even in his death Snow frightens me more than he could have ever hoped for. I took the flowers he left me and threw them out the window for good measure. It was all I could do to keep my sanity. Snow unhinged me. Heck, by basically killing Prim, Coin did too. And right now, in this moment, I am glad that neither of them can hurt me or Peeta anymore. Peeta. I must have scared him for sure. The way I left him like that. Even if he is closer to being the boy with the bread, I know we aren't there yet. Who knows. Maybe we will someday soon...or maybe we never will...
After that hysteria, I crawled right into bed and fell asleep pretty quickly. However, that just made my nightmares come sooner. My dreams that started with Prim alive, ended with her body scorched completely and I woke with a start to that horrendous laughter of Snow. I knew then that it would be awhile before I got a decent sleep again. Just like after the first Hunger Games; except then, even for a short time, I had the strong arms of Peeta to chase those bad dreams away. And I already knew there was no point in wishing for that again.
I went downstairs to the smell of breakfast. Greasy Sae was in the kitchen talking. I could only assume she was once again addressing her invisible granddaughter when I saw him sitting there. He had his back to me and while I can't see my very favorite part of him, his ocean blue sapphire eyes that make me melt, I can see his strong arms that I have been longing for, his luscious locks, and even part of his smile that seems to have returned to its former beauty from before the hijack. ..
I must have been starring too long because first Sae looks over and then Peeta's eyes follow closely after.
"Oh good morning, dear! Peeta just stopped by to give us some bread and-"
"To see how you were. You know, after yesterday." Peeta finished in a slight choke.
" oh well I'm fine. " I said lightly
"Do you mind if he stays for breakfast, child?" Sae asks, sweetly.
"Not at all." I answer.
Peeta seems to breathe a sigh of relief but I can't be sure. I steal a glance at Greasy Sae and she winks at me. I think it was a wink at least. She turned back to the skillet. Until breakfast comes out, the both of us stare at our hands.
She leaves shortly after she makes breakfast, leaving us in a very awkward silence.
He put down his fork briefly. "What happened yesterday?"
I sigh, "the flowers. They reminded me of Snow..."
"Katniss... He's dead. You don't have to be afraid."
"I know..." I said meekly. The old him would have pulled me into his embrace but ... He didn't.
"So..., " He continued. "What happened to Gale and your mother?"
"Moms working at a hospital in four and Gale is in two."
"I you staying here?" He stole a peek at me then. I caught it out of the corner of my eye.
"Yeah. I mean I think so. Twelve is still my home. No matter what... You?"
" well I think so. I don't really know where else to go, you know?"
I nodded, as if I understood.
"So, do you want to go see the flowers?"
I thought for a minute. Then nodded slowly.

This is my first write in awhile. It's not done, definitely a work in progress. I just felt that Suzanne Collins left a lot to the mind with how Peeta and Katniss fell back together and I wanted to try to figure out how it happened. Hope you like, RxR :)