She had about had it with England. Every little problem that came to the school inevitably became her problem in the long run. Her precious silver feather choker did little to protect her, contrary to what that odd man told her so many years ago.

Petunia had long since given up removing it, because every time she tried bad luck occurred shortly after.

However, she had reached her limit for sheer stupidity.

So when she got the image of Sirius in the Ministry being tortured, her initial reaction was panic. She left the History of Magic exam early, claiming to be sick. A simple slight of hand and she really was sick.

Good thing Fred and George gave her free samples of their Skiving Snackbox line. Considering she was funding their new store as a silent partner, they could afford to give her a few free items.

Hermione didn't suspect a thing. The one she had taken was to mimic really bad stomach cramps, and she was about due. Hermione was anal retentive like that.

Once she was out of sight, she took the antidote and ran to her trunk.

She packed her escape gear quickly and pulled out a thin chain of pure gold. On the end was a familiar artifact.

A Time-Turner. She still considered it gold well spent to bribe the goblins to get one for her, while leaving her name out of it. Hermione had no idea she even had it.

A quick calculation and she flipped the hour glass twice. That would put Umbitch at the DADA practical final. As the, teacher for that year, she would be required to be there the entire time. Ministry officials or another teacher would have to investigate any disturbance made.

And she still had no explanation for who blew up Myrtle's bathroom, though now she had a very good idea. Good thing she had some cherry bombs.

"Hey Myrtle. How would you like to help me in a prank?"

"What's in it for me?" Myrtle asked.

"Being kept away from this dirty old loo and pissing off the inept Ministry that couldn't find your killer," said Sakura. (Her full name is Sakura Lily Potter, and she was born in Japan because James had forgotten the date. Everyone just calls her Fey, because according to the site she looked at, Sakura meant 'Ephemeral Beauty' in the language of flowers.)

Myrtle had little love for the Ministry or the teachers. Hagrid had been one of the few people who was nice to her in life, and learning he had been framed for her murder angered her greatly.

Fey had done something no one had. She had avenged her death by killing the monster who had caused it.

Which was why Myrtle planned to follow her out of the castle. All Fey needed was a good sized chunk of rubble from this bathroom, and she could leave.

It was why she had gotten cherry bombs. Stupid wizards.

"Please tell me it's time to leave..." whined Myrtle. She needed new scenery, away from Peeves!

"Time to go Myrtle. Just need to get my broom and destroy those damn plates..." grinned Fey coldly.

Five minutes and a single piece of what used to be the sink...and an overpowered bombarda spell... and the two were long gone.

Fey used her portkey to Gringotts (specially tailored to her signature) and got ready to leave the country. Fortunately, they had a copy of her Japanese birth certificate...which would help fight any extradition treaties the British tried.

Getting a simple card that doubled as a debit card and a passport (not to mention a lot of vaccinations she had missed) and she left England on a plane. She had a lot of fun watching Myrtle pass through the air. So long as she held that piece of rubble, the ghost girl could travel wherever she wished.

Fey took her first breath of air out of the plane. It felt...good.

Tomorrow she had to deal with attending normal high school, but she could care less.

Once she had her apartment set up, she went to look at her new school.

Fuyuki High was reported to be the best muggle school in the area. Her magical courses would have to be picked up once she saw her O.W.L.s grade.

As it was, all she had that wasn't on the school list was a familiar book and rituals to increase the bond. She would have to wait in order to try the one in the very back of the book. Good thing Griphook gave her a list of magical alleys in Japan.

"Everyone, meet your new classmate from Britain. Come in please!" said Fujimura Taiga, who was mostly called Tiger by her students. It didn't help that she preferred striped shirts under her dress.

She walked into the class, her recently spelled hair a bright crimson red. Her new colored contacts hid her distinct green eyes, and she wore her new uniform with defined grace. In short, most of the males of the class instantly fell in love with her, and the girls almost immediately hated her or envied her.

All of that in the span of two seconds.

"Hello. My name is Black Lily. It's a pleasure to meet you," she said, bowing. Several guys almost swooned at her voice.

"Now since Black-san hasn't gotten used to this school or the town, I'm going to need a volunteer to show her around... How about..." said Fujimura, ignoring the boy's attempts to try and show the new blood around. Her eyes settled on the lone male not trying to get into the new girl's pants.

"Shiro-kun, would you mind showing Black-san around?"

Emiya Shiro was a boy with hair as red as her own...and was his nose twitching?!

It was. Shiro looked at her with more interest than before once she got close. She had the crazy notion he could smell her magic, or at least the spell on her hair, but that was silly. Wasn't it?

She quickly learned during his rough tour of the city that no, it wasn't.

Apparently he had caught the scent of the color changing charm she had used to see if the stupid Ministry could track her new wand. She had been half tempted to snap her original one, but settled on leaving it in her expandable bag and forgetting about it.

She found it interesting that tracking charms and phoenixes couldn't locate a wand if it wasn't held by the owner or in an expandable bag or container.

And after the Dark tosser returned, she didn't trust the old man not to try and bring her back by force.

Shiro apparently assumed she was someone from 'Clock Tower', whatever that was.

So imagine his surprise to learn she wasn't, but rather an at-home witch!

Fey took solace in the fact that at least Shiro wasn't a bigoted idiot and actually wanted to learn more about her kind of magic. In exchange he promised to help her catch up on normal homework. It was a fair trade, and one she didn't mind making.

It had been a full week, and Fey rather liked her new school. It was so much better than Hogwarts! Sure there was some staring, but that was because she was new or because of her looks. She never thought she would be the popular girl everyone wanted to be. It was quite weird.

She thought her life would finally be normal after all the nightmares she suffered from. But fate loves to mess with her.

She had accidentally left her bag and homework at the school, and rather than get it tomorrow, she grabbed her wand and went to get it.

Instead she stumbles into a full on battle. A man in blue armor was clashing with a man in red that had twin swords. She wasn't fazed by the battle, but rather that she had to stumble on it. Instead of running like any other girl, she calmly grabbed her Cloak and pulled it on her. It wasn't her problem, she reasoned.

It seemed to work, as they paid no mind to her while she opened the door to the school.

She went to the room and grabbed her bag. She vaguely noticed that Shiro was unlucky enough to attract the attention of the combatants. It quickly became clear they had a 'No Witnesses' policy as the blue man chased Shiro into the school. She cursed Shiro's foolishness.

You don't run into an enclosed space when the chaser has a spear! You need open ground and things to stumble them!

More to the point, he was leading them right to her! She drew her new wand and got ready to cast the full body bind at the first chance she got.

She waited for them to pass the corridor before opening the door. She peered outside with a small mirror, easily missed save for a minor flash of light. No one out there. She got ready to run for the closest window. Her other hand was in the bag, ready to call her Firebolt out of the bag.

No way could those two catch her on a broom, no way.

She ran out the door, colliding into the same blue armored man she was trying her best to avoid. The two fell onto the ground, unaware that their lips met briefly before Fey's survival instincts kicked in full. She cast the spell before the blue spearman could blink, and he went ramrod straight.

She was out the window before the other girl she saw could stop her and on her broom.

Lancer could only think 'WTF was that about?' as he broke the rather weak spell on him. He was gone before Archer boy could get any lock on him.

Fey nearly crashed into her bedroom once the adrenaline wore off. Once again she thanked the fact she always left the window open for Hedwig. It meant she didn't have to grab her wand to open it.

She put away her broom...and was about to collapse on her bed when she saw it. An innocuous blue card laying on her bed.

The last time she saw a card like this, Hedwig had acted strangely for weeks. So had the Twins come to think of it. She knew the bare basics of what it was from a book she found.

Each card summoned a 'Knight' that would protect her, though their abilities had to be paid back in blood. Her blood to be exact. The first time she tried it, the Weasly Twins had dropped into her lap at Privet Drive almost literally. Both of them deck in gold and silver.

They seemed as embarrassed about it as she was. That was the first time Hedwig spoke to her. She explained about the Knight system and how it was her power that held back the darkness.

Last time a Rose Princess had been born, she sealed away the Devil for another thousand years. Since that seal was still in effect, Fey had to find what sort of darkness she had to get rid of.

She took solace in the fact that she would at least have loyal companions this time.

Plus Hedwig informed her that her status as Rose Princess meant that Voldemort wasn't her problem anymore. It was the only reason Fey hadn't cursed this new complication in her life.

Well that, and according to Hedwig, the last Princess had lead a normal life once it was all said and done.

She went into the kitchen for a snack...only for the blue armored man with a spear to show up and attack her!

Her wand was on the table, and she wasn't fast enough to grab it. He nicked her right arm, and blood began to pool down her wrist.

Unseen by both, a circle with intricate runes began to form.

She got a brief respite when Myrtle appeared and started him long enough for her to grab the first thing she could think of...the new card that had appeared.

She had only done this once, to test it out, but she knew how what would happen. Her lips touched the card briefly, and there was a flare of light. Actually, there were two.

One from the attacker and another from the floor.

When it dimmed, there were three people in the room instead of two.

The newcomer was a female with long silver hair and red eyes.

"My name is Avenger. Are you my Master?" she asked.

Fey raised her bleeding hand, which now had some odd markings on it. It looked like a stylized wing that split into three.

The blue armored male glared at her.

"Dammit, not twice in one night!"

He leveled his spear at her, and prepared to use it. Avenger glared at him.

Fey didn't know why, but she glared at him and said clearly "Stop that! Do you know how much of a mess you've made of my kitchen! If you want to fight properly at least have the decency to do it outside!"

He snorted at her...though his annoyance quickly turned to shock as thorned vines wrapped around him, completely immobilizing him.

Not even the spear did any good to cut them.

A flurry of wings was heard, and Hedwig appeared. She looked at the vines, the new girl, and she shook her head.

"Really Fey, why do you attract so much trouble?"

"Hedwig, what are those vines?" asked Fey. She didn't mind them so long as they kept Mr. Stabs-A-Lot quiet.

"Those? Those thorns are to keep the Knights in line...and occasionally prove the validity of a new Rose Princess. If they try to disobey you or betray you, the thorns appear to keep them in place for the others to deal with. In really bad cases they can fatally poison a Knight, though the antidote can be administered if the card is still in good shape."

"Wait, WHAT?! You mean to tell me this idiot is another Knight?! How the hell did that happen?!"

"I told you before, because of that fool Riddle all your original Knight contracts were destroyed. You two must have made close physical contact for a moment if a new contract was formed with him."

Fey face palmed.

"It must have been when we bumped into each other..."

"Now as for her, I have no idea. Though if you do recall I did say that there have been female Knights in the past, though it is rare."

Fey gave both of them a stern look.

"Alright you two, start talking."

The thorn vines vanished and so did his armor. He now looked like a regular human, with jeans and a t-shirt.

"What the hell? Where's my armor?!"

Hedwig looked at him.

"When not in a battle or summoned by cards, all weapons and armor automatically vanish to save energy. If you two are what I think you are, then we might have an answer to why a new Princess was born."

Avenger looked at the owl, before she sat down to explain. Fey had already repaired the damage with a wave of her wand.

The more she talked, the more Hedwig felt irritated.

"Why can't you stay out of trouble Fey? Though at least now I have an idea as to why you were born a Princess..."

"How so Hedwig?"

"According to the familiar grapevine, the Grail has been corrupted since the Third War. Normally this wouldn't be a major issue, but the thing that has infested it is Angra Mainyu, the root of all the World's Evil. This resulted in the Grail itself being so corrupt that any wish made on it will be so tainted that it isn't worth the cost of the war. My guess is that you were chosen to seal off that aspect of magic until the Grail can be either remade, or dismantled entirely."

"What does that have to do with us?" demanded the lone male in the room.

"Under normal circumstances, nothing. However now that you two accidentally forged a Contract, all ties to your current master are rendered Void. You will still have all your abilities, but your loyalty is now to Her, rather than to the one with your Command Seals. She, on the other hand, is Fey's servant, though she could form her own Contract if she wanted. As a side effect, you now have a physical body and will be able to remain even after the war is over, unless you are killed."

He looked rather happy about that news.

"Good riddance. The man who has my seals is a real bastard, and he killed my real summoner. This ought to really piss him off," he grinned.

"From what you've said, Lancer, Fey may be a better Master. Unless she has a problem with fighting," said Avenger.

"Fighting in general, no. Fighting for an idiotic reason or leaving others to clean up your mess, yes. I could care less if you killed the other Servants, but leave the innocent and the other Masters to me. If they really piss me off you can have at them."

Lancer looked very happy at that news.

"That reminds me. You'll need to register with the ass who had my Command seals, if only to keep the Church off your ass later."

"Even if I'm a witch who has no ties to Clock Tower?" asked Fey.

"Doesn't matter. You have to at least show up. Though if I were you, I would tell him you have Assassin and keep your wand on you. He was summoned around the same time as Saber was, so that fake Priest won't know about the 8th Servant until it's too late."

"Hedwig, you lead the way to the Church. I have no idea where it is. Lancer, you can raid the fridge or the bookshelf if you want and I'll get the spare room fixed up when I get back," said Fey.

Five years at Hogwarts had done wonders to her ability to handle practically anything. Finding out she now had two roommates didn't faze her in the least.