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But, I digress. I've never really be happy with this prologue, so I've rewritten it. I thinks it's way better, but tell me what you all think. I might also be rewriting some of the other chapters. Not a whole lot of major changes, but enough that you'll definitely want to reread the story, especially chapter two. That's as far as I've gotten, so far, but I decided to post the chapters I've rewritten today (1/8/15). Once I've finished going over all the chapters I've already posted and changed, added, and omitted things, I'll finish chapter 11 and updates will hopefully come much sooner than these did. I won't lie, I don't know how long all of that is going to take what with life and school and everything, but hopefully things will have completely smoothed out before February ends.

One more thing. I know I had the whole poll and Transformers Prime: High School won, but I haven't figured how to write it quite yet. Lately, I've been reading The Selection Trilogy by Kiera Cass, and I was hit with major inspiration. So, while I figure out TFP: HS, I'll be writing my version of The Selection, Transformers style. Optimus/Orion will be the Prince, and the princesses/princes will all be cannon characters I either like or dislike the most. As you've probably guessed, it's going to be one of those stories where Cybertron is ruled by a bunch of monarchies. It's going to be so GOOD, I can just feel it.



"Libby, it's getting way too dark. We need to get back to your house soon."

That was my best friend, Sydney. She and I have been walking my toy poodle, Sebastion, for the last couple of hours. As it was late November, it was pitch black by six o' clock, half past if the sky wasn't overcast.

I looked up to see she was right; it would have been too dark to see if it weren't for all the street lights. I then took out my phone to check the time.


I grimaced. "Yeah, ok. Let's start heading back."

We had crossed into the neighborhood across what could be called main street. My house was a twenty minute walk from here. Mom would be mad. She wasn't horribly strict, though. She'd let it go when I told her the time just got away from us. It was only ten minutes, after all. She just worries I'll get kidnapped, even though this was a ridiculously safe neighborhood.

Sydney plugged her ear bud back in. I loved her, but her taste in music was strange to me. She's obsessed with K-Pop, meaning Korean Pop. I don't understand how she could be so crazy about something she couldn't even understand, but I will admit, the songs tended to have pretty good beats to them. If she liked it, that's her business. I just wish she would at least give American pop a chance, but she just doesn't care. But, then again, why should she when I refuse to give K-Pop a real chance. I've only heard a couple songs in passing, and never the whole thing.

Of course, I'm not really one to talk when it comes to being obsessed about something. Sydney's got K-Pop, I've got Transformers. Quite frankly, I'm a bit worse than she is. Just a bit, though. Sydney at least watches the movies and the shows with me. Sometimes. When I force her to. I adore the fandom with all my heart, and very much wish I could accurately say spark. Yup, that's my fantasy. To be a Cybertronian. Preferably a seeker, since I've always wanted to fly.

I don't know anyone else - in real life, anyway - who loves Transformers even a third as much as I do. That's why I make Sydney watch the shows and movies with me. I'm hoping one day she'll realize how awesome they are. Wishful thinking, of course. It's like her hope for me to love K-Pop. Some things just aren't meant to be.

Doesn't mean I'm not going to make Sydney watch Transformers: Prime with me when we get home.

So lost in my thoughts as the light turned green for us and we crossed the street, I almost didn't see the headlights speeding right for us.


Sydney was jamming out to her K-Pop filled iPod, so she didn't see the car at all. Fortunately, she had Sebastion's leash at the moment, so I'd be saving both of them.

I pushed Sydney as hard as I could. There was a very brief flash of pain, and then everything went black.

Where am I?

That was my first thought when I opened my eyes, and it was as if I hadn't. It was so dark here. Wherever here was, anyway.

What the hell is going on?

I could feel my hand... sort of. Something was off, but I ignored it for now in favor of waving my hand in my face.

I couldn't even make out an outline.

Oh, god. Please, tell me I'm not blind. I can't deal with being blind. Or deaf. Wait!

I tried to listen for some kind of sound. All I could hear was that weird, though pretty sound you hear when you yawn or hold you breath underwater for a long time.

Oh, please, no. I can't handle being blind or deaf. I cannot be blind and deaf.

"Be calm, my child."

I froze. I still couldn't see, but I could - I guess sense would be the right word? Yeah, that feels right - I could sense a presence had just appeared near me. Or... I think it was actually around me. It wasn't familiar... and yet, it was. Kind of like I'd felt it before, but not in a very, very long time.

"That is correct, my child."

My child? Okay, I don't know who you are, but you better not be God, because he isn't real. I'm agnostic. God is nothing but bologna, and I don't think I can live in a world where all that Bible BS is true.

The disembodied space voice - who was not reggae - chuckled. "No, I am not the humans' God. I am a god, but not that one."

Well... good. So, who are you then?

"You know me."

I arched a brow. Well, it felt like I did. I can't actually do it.

Uh... Okay. Are you Primus? I said - thought... I don't know, let's go with thought, since I didn't seem to be moving my mouth - sarcastically.


My eyes widened into saucers. Wait, what?

"I am Primus, the creator of the creator of the Cybertronian race."

And I might faint.

Primus chuckled as his presence suddenly seemed to engulf mine. I tried to shy away in slight fear.

"I will never harm you, my child."

Hey, how come you keep calling me that? You're the god of cybertronians. I'm human.

"True, your body has often times been human the last several thousand years." Primus began to explain. "But your soul, your spark has always been the dearest one to me. For you see, you are the Allspark."

My jaw dropped. Then I picked it back up and proceeded to try to work this out on my own because if I just let him tell me I will faint, I just know it.

So, I'm the Allspark. And... And you created me, and I created the cybertronian race, and that's why you said you were the creator of the creator of the cybertronian race.

Primus nodded in confirmation.

Okay, then why am I on Earth? Why am I human?

"You and I are from one of the verses of what you would refer to as the Transformers: Prime continuity." Primus told me. His presence now seemed like a hug of sorts. Whatever it was, it was comforting and warm and I reveled in it. "When the Great War reached a tipping point, Optimus Prime and Alpha Trion sent you off world to keep you safe from Megatron. Unlike in the television program you watch, however, a meteor crashed into the vessel you were contained in-"

And it sent me off course from Theta Scorpii and I landed on Earth.

"Yes. You arrived several thousand years before the current dominant species of the planet, the Dinosaurs, went extinct."

I sighed guiltily. That was me, wasn't it. I killed the dinosaurs.

"Do not let it weigh down your conscience. It is simply how life goes." Primus consoled me. "Once you had deemed Earth habitable for an intelligent race, you rid the world of the beings who would surely have killed of your children before they truly had the chance to evolve. It is the circle of life."

Don't we create the circle of life?

"No. No being in the cosmos is truly omnipotent. Even we must bend to the will of nature. It is a force which cannot and will not be swayed."

I hummed at that. Earlier I had mentioned I am agnostic. I did not believe in any god, but I did believe in nature. In the end, it is the only thing we can ever be sure of, after all.

"Now it is time to return home."

Where is home?

"To our verse. They need you."

No they don't. I've seen the entire Prime series. It'll all work out fine on it's own, won't it?

"Not quite. You are the Allspark, after all, and you are not where our Prime has sent you."

Oh, no. No, no, no. I am not spending who knows how long in a box.

Primus chuckled. "I do not expect you to. Which is why you will become a sparkling on Earth."

Shock and elation hit me like a gust of wind in the middle of winter. Really?

"Yes." I felt like Primus would be smiling if I could see him. "I have seen your vision for what could happen with a little divine intervention. And so, I will allow it."

Just one more thing. Sydney's alright, isn't she? And my dog?

"Yes. You saved them. They will mourn your death alongside your family, but they will move on with time. Take solace in the fact that you gave up your life to save two others." Primus's voice softened to a whisper.

I felt everything just... fade away, it was perplexing and daunting, but I had a smile on my face nevertheless.

I was finally going to make a difference. I'd always wanted to do so in my own world, but in the end, life as a human is simply too short for me to make a true difference as well as enjoy all other facets I held dear in my heart. As the Allspark and a cybertronian, I would change things for the better, watch it all play out for generations -so if something went wrong later down the line, I would be there to help fix it - and live my own life as well.

This was going to be so much fun.