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Chapter 9

"Now," Ratchet began as he leaned out of Jetstorm's personal space. "As the three of you already know, Soulsong's rate of aging is accelerated. Under normal circumstances, the average cybertronian has a heat cycle approximately every 168 orns once they begin having them during the initial stages of adolescence. And for seekers, if we are being specific, each heat cycle lasts for about five orns." Ratchet began pacing around the med-bay, rubbing his chin as he mentally calculated. "But, since Soulsong's body ages one vorn in just over a single orn, her heat cycles will likely come and go at a far quicker pace. On a daily basis for a couple of hours, I believe."

He stopped pacing to look at the twins. "Do you think the two of you can handle that for several months?"

Jetstorm looked like he was going to start drooling at the thought of daily heat cycle fragging for the next several months. Jetfire was probably thinking the same thing, but as he was the more tactful of the duo, he kept his composure. "Oh, don't worry, Ratch. My brother and I will be just fine. Your daughter is in good servos." He shot a glare at Jetstorm. "Isn't that right, Storm?"

Jetstorm jerked out of his lustful stupor and looked at each of us. "What?" he said before remembering what was being asked. At least he had the decency to look sheepish. "Oh, yeah. Yeah, we'll take good care of little Song Bird, here."

Ratchet still looked skeptical, but I sent reassurance to him. Jetstorm may be a bit of a lecher, but he was a good mech, regardless. Besides, Jetfire would be there to keep him in line.

He finally nodded his consent. "Good. Now, as the two of you know, seekers tend to be aggressively ambitious while in heat. So, be prepared by taking into account her Allspark borne abilities, such as her transwarping and technokinesis, and any other abilities we have yet to even discover. I also strongly suggest performing the bonding ritual with her now so she doesn't hurt herself later on when breaking her seal."

Jetfire arched an optic ridge. "While I have no problem taking your advice, it's not as though we won't be able to be careful with her when the time comes. She may be the Allspark, but there is still two of us and one of her. Not to mention the difference in physical strength."

"Well," Ratchet trailed off, hesitant to voice what ever thought was going through his mind. "That may not be true. It is only a theory, but it is possible that the two of you will be pulled into your own heat cycles once she starts hers. This is due to the Allspark's fundamental ability to influence sparks, if I'm putting it in the most basic of terms, though in this state of being it would only be sparks bonded to hers."

Jetstorm chuckles. "Reminds me of Optimus and Aria."

My wings flinch at the name.

Ratchet sends me consoling feelings through the bond. "In truth, it is exactly like Optimus and Aria. For you see, she is Aria."

The twins jump from the table in shock. "B-But, she died vorns ago back on Cybertron." Jetfire stutters.

Ratchet sighs. "That was only partly true. Just as Soulsong is the Allspark, so was Spark Aria. During a tipping point in the war, Optimus and Alpha Trion created a vessel that extracted her spark, the Allspark, from her chassis. They sent it to a distant star system, but apparently, an asteroid hit the vessel, sending it off course."

"To this planet?" Jetfire asks.

"Yes." Ratchet replies.

"Primus..." both twins say in astonishment of my previous role in their lives.

Then, a confused look takes over Jetfire's visage. "Wait, but if she's the reincarnation of Optimus' mate, shouldn't he be the one to help her through her heat cycles?"

Ratchet shakes his head. "No. At this point, he is too massive for her small stature."

Jetstorm laughs. Jetfire cuffs him upside the helm. I roll my eyes at the smartaft. "Grow up, Jetstorm. You know that's not what Ratchet meant."

Jetstorm laughs again. "Doesn't mean it's not true." This earned him another smack.

"Ow! Would you stop, ya bloody bugger?" he hissed at his twin.

"Stop being a fragger, and I will." Jetfire hissed back.

This was amusing, but it was also starting to get annoying. So, I decided to end this my way.

I hopped off the berth and walked up to Jetstorm. "You're brother's right. How 'bout you put that mouth of yours to better use?" I purred, giving him my most sultry look as I caressed his cheek and rubbed the area of his chest plates right over his spark, which was beginning to heat up.

I sauntered away from him to stand by his brother, linking my arm with his. "In fact, why don't the two of you show me to your quarters now?"

Both mechs were stupefied as they nodded vigorously and began leading me away. I could feel Ratchet's bewilderment at how his sparkling had so suddenly become such a seductive temptress.

:::As the Allspark, I am well versed in anything having to do with life. That includes the process that creates it::: I explained.

Ratchet still seemed bewildered, but it was a little bit less so with my words. He also seemed a bit sad that his sparkling had grown up so quickly, in almost literally the blink of an eye. I sent reassurance that I'd always be his sparkling. This seemed to soothe him, albeit only a little. We then proceeded to close the bond, for obvious reasons.

Jetstorm latched onto my free arm as they both walked me to their quarters. I leaned my head against Jetfire's bicep, smiling up him. He smiled back. Both twins were just a few feet from being double my height as they were about a head shorter than Bulkhead, but I kind of liked it. Being the Allspark, everyone always looks up to me, so it's nice to look up to someone myself sometimes.

Smut begins now! Skip to the next set of page break lines if you're easily offended.

Once we had entered the room, Jetstorm immediately pulled me away from his brother to crush our lips together. True, this was my first kiss in several millennia, but I remember enough to know right away he was an expert in the art. My engine revved as I moaned, my servos caressing his face while his own rubbed my shoulders.

To think he hadn't even begun exploring my mouth with his glossa, yet.

Meanwhile, Jetfire growled in arousal at the surely erotic display. I felt him press himself against my back. He began rubbing my wings in wandering, sensuous circles. This made me moan louder, my knees shuddering as the grew weaker and weaker. I feared I might collapse.

As if somehow sensing my predicament, they walked me to the berth. I whimpered in disappointment when Jetfire backed away from me, though I dared not open my eyes to see what he was doing. Jetstorm chuckled, moving his hands from my shoulders to rub my wings in place of his brother. I purred, tilting my head back to deepen the kiss in a show of gratitude.

Jetstorm removed one hand from one wing to wrap one of my legs around his hips. I got the message and did the same with my other leg myself. He had to wrap his arms around my waist to ensure I wouldn't fall. He then climbed onto the berth, untangling my legs and sat us down... but it wasn't the berth I was sitting on. My curiosity getting the better of me, I reluctantly broke the kiss and look down.

Jetfire stared up at me with lustful optics and a devious smirk. I was sitting on his chest plates, his head between myself and Jetstorm, who was on his knees in front of me.

Before I could say anything, though I honestly don't think I had anything to say anyway, Jetfire began licking my already heated interface cover. My optics snapped shut as I moaned, but it was smothered in seconds as Jetstorm kissed me again, this time shoving his glossa into my open mouth. He explored every part of my mouth, pausing to repeatedly lick any sweet spots that would elicit moans or whimpers.

I'm not one to be selfish, so after several moments, I pushed my own glossa into his mouth, exploring his cavern before tangling our glossas, earning me a groan that made my spark shudder behind my chest plates, all the while the room seemed to progressively turn into a sauna. He tastes like rust sticks...

I have no idea when, but my interface panel must have retracted because I felt a glossa licking the walls of my valve, causing me to shriek into Jetstorm's mouth. The mech in front of me chuckled, no doubt knowing exactly what his brother was doing to me due to their twin bond. I growled inaudibly and decided to pay him back in kind by clawing scorching lines down his wings. This caused him to fidget, which caused me to smirk.

Jetfire decided to help his brother out - pfft, as if he hadn't been enjoying that - by sucking on my valve while humming. Primus, that drove me crazy. Jetstorm held me tight to keep me from squirming, the fragger. I felt the telltale signs of an approaching overload in my lower regions, like a coil being stretched tighter and tighter until it would eventually slip from my grasp and sproing throughout my being.

Oh, what fun that would be.

Overload was coming fast, yet at the same time I found myself having to chase it. I whimpered my distress, prompting Jetstorm to drag his seeker claws down my wings in trails that felt like an erotic version of a smelting pit's lava. That did it. It was as if the dam in my abdomen holding back a river raging with rapids of ecstasy had suddenly exploded. I screamed my release with a high pitched note, spilling my essence into Jetfire's mouth. He swallowed every drop expertly, never once choking. Jetstorm continued to claw my wings, dragging out my first overload in this body.

I panted as I came down from my high, both the twins stroking my wings. When Jetfire had got out from under me, I have no idea. As the overload died down to a pleasant, electric tingling, I sighed my contentment.

"You know, your hair glows the same color as energon spiked with bismuthinite when you're charged up." Jetfire purred.

It's important to note bismuthinite acts as an aphrodisiac to cybertronians when added to energon, which then glows a dark, vibrant magenta.

"You enjoy your first time?" Jetfire asked me, his head nuzzling my neck on the left side.

I hummed in contentment. "It's not really my first time, but yeah. I did."

They took my statement to mean something it had not.

"She's right," Jetstorm said with a sly, if not hungry grin. "Now, it's time for the main event. Don't worry, Song Bird, I'll be gentle."

"Who says you get to go first?" Jetfire teased, though I sensed an underlying tone that told me he was somewhat serious.

"My bigger spike, that's who." Jetstorm retorted.

"Your spike is the same size as mine!" Jetfire countered.

"Is not!"

"Is too!"

"Is not!"


"Both of you hush!" I yelled, quite amused. "I have a way to settle this."

"Oh, yeah?" They asked at the same time.

"Yup. Now, both of you go stand over there." I told them, pointing to a spot a few meters in front of the berth.

They shared a curious, though slightly hesitant look. "Trust me, you'll enjoy it." I assured them. And boy, would they.

Still with hesitant expressions, they both complied with my request as I got up to sit indian-style. "Now, stand with your arms and legs spread out to your sides."

They did as they were told. "Okay, stay like that and whatever you do, don't freak out."

The expressions on their faces morphed from hesitant to nervous, but the both nodded, anyway. Strands of my hair began to grow longer and longer, reaching toward the twins' limbs not unlike Soundwave's tentacles. Their jaws dropped, but they kept still. Several strands wrapped around each of their limbs and their midsections, lifting them into the air.

"What the frag?" Jetstorm shouted.

"I told you not to freak out." I reminded them, smiling at their shock. It was kind of cute, like a small child watching a magician perform a magic trick.

"H-How long have you been able to d-do this?" Jetfire stuttered in slight fright.

"First, calm down, I'm not going to drop you. Second, since just now."

"Just now?" they both squealed.

"Oh, relax." I rolled my optics. "I'm the Allspark. I have enough power to disintegrate you and fifteen more mechs Megatron's size before I'd need a short power-down to replenish myself. Therefore, I have more than enough energy to hold you up." I told them.

This didn't seem to make them feel better.

"Moving on." I dismissed the subject before they could say anything to my previous statement. "Here's how this will work. Strands of my hair will stimulate your valves and spikes-"

"How did you-" Jetfire began before I cut him off, knowing what he was going to say.

"I'm the Allspark." I repeated. "I know lots of things about all cybertronians, including whether they're carriers or sires."

The tone in my voice must have given away my waning patience because the twins shut up after that.

"Anyway, whoever overloads last gets to spike me first, and from that point on you'll take turns when we interface." I explained, then grinned a lecherous grin. "If you ever forget whose turn it is, we get to do this again."

With that said, I commanded their interface panels to open. They looked a little freaked, but not as much as I expected. Ratchet must have told the newbies about my powers while I was still on the Nemesis. Four strands of unused hair grew until they were mere centimeters away from the their exposed equipment. I decided to begin by teasing the twins with minor electrical pulses. They tried to squirm - which felt really good since my hair was much more sensitive to touch than human hair - but my tendrils held them too tightly for them to be able to move much at all. The most they could do was wiggle their groins, which did the opposite of alleviate the sensations, but rather moved their spikes into contact with the tendrils.

Right now, my hair was charged with my Allspark energy, which I had transformed into electricity, so their spikes touching my hair caused both of them to moan wantonly. It truly was like music with their identical voice patterns moaning in synchronization like that. I smirked, my valve already wet from this erotic display before me. Speaking of which, I decided to thrust my hair into their entrances without further delay, causing them both to shriek. I realized the single tendrils weren't nearly enough to fill them sufficiently, so I added three more to both their valves. Satisfied, I began to slowly, torturously thrust my tendrils in and out as I wrapped the ones near the twins' spikes around said members to pump them as well. All the while, each tendril was frequently emitting soft electrical pulses.

Needless to say, the twins were gasping, groaning, moaning, screaming, shrieking, sobbing, whimpering, and any other sounds they could make. Thank Primus these rooms were completely soundproof. I could tell neither would last very long, and that was just fine with me. I needed some loving, and we still had to get the actual bonding. They were so far gone I doubt they even remembered their own names. Add the feedback they were getting from each other via their bond, and I was surprised they had both lasted this long. I dared not touch their wings, for that would be to cruel, I think.

After a minute, I started pumping and thrusting faster and faster, the twins growing louder and louder, until finally Jetstorm wailed, transfluid coating my hair as it leaked from his valve and shooting from his spike into my open mouth as I had ensured both their spikes were aiming towards me. I felt Jetfire about to overload too, but I was busy with Jetstorm. So, I held back his overload - much to his anguish - until Jetstorm had finished. Then, I ended the victorious twin's torment and let him climax, the exact same way his brother had. They both tasted of sweet, sweet energon candy.

As they panted, trying to recover, I unwound my tendrils from their spikes and extracted the ones in their valve, which were covered in transfluid. I smirked again and allowed the tendrils not holding up the twins to recede back to my face to suck them dry of the sweet fluid. I shuttered my optics as I sucked the last strand, savoring the taste for a few moments before wiping my chin and opening my eyes, which widened in surprise and mild disappointment at the sight of the mechs still suspended in the air.
In power-down.

Guess I pushed them too far.

Sighing, I got up from the berth and placed them beside each other. Upon sensing their other half so nearby, they both snuggled into each other. I smiled at the adorable sight. I felt a small tugging at my spark, as it was all ready to bond with them, just as the small but still noticeable ache in my valve indicated I was ready for a real interface.

We'll just have to bond when they wake up, I suppose. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted, just the same. I'll survive for a few hours.

I couldn't leave them covered in their own transfluid like this. So, I took a polishing rag that was sitting on a shelf and proceeded to clean up their groins, knowing they wouldn't be waking up anytime soon. Once they were clean, I also wiped up the transfluid that had leaked onto the floor. Satisfied, I cleaned myself up before placing the rag back on the shelf and quietly left their quarters.

Smut over, now. T-rated readers may proceed without fear of being scarred for life. Feedback for my very first smut scene ever is greatly appreciated.

I made my way to the med-bay to see what Ratchet was up to as I reopened our bond. He seemed surprised while First Aid kept to himself and whatever he was doing.

"That was quick." he mused, an optic ridge arched. "Normally, seeker bonding rituals take much longer than that."

I giggled in slight embarrassment, wrapping my right arm around my back to hold my left. "I... kind of wore them out before we could get to the actual bonding. They're recharging, now."

He stared at me for a full five awkward seconds before scanning me. He read over the results before asking, "Do I want to know how you managed that when my scans say you've only overloaded once and your seal isn't even broken?"

I shuffled my pedes. "Uh, no. No, I don't think you do." A thought struck me, bringing a smile to my face. "Jazz might, but I don't think I'll tell him, either."

Ratchet sighed, pinching the area where his nose would be. "Fine, fine. There are several 'bots in the main hanger and I believe the children are still here, as well."

I smiled, thankful he wasn't going to pry. I walked up and kissed his cheek, though I had to stand on my tippy toes. "Thanks, Daddy." I said before walking over to the main hanger. I didn't look back, but I could feel his love and adoration through the bond, able to picture the small smile on his face as he rubbed the cheek I kissed.

When I arrived to the hanger, I saw the kids were playing Mario Cart, Bumblebee and Jazz watching from behind, and Optimus on one of the consoles with Prowl. Arcee and Bulkhead must have gone on patrol.

I was about to make my presence known when Optimus turned from the toward me. The Matrix must have sensed me, as I remember Optimus telling Ratchet how it reacted to me all those months ago. Well, only about two and a half, in reality.

Optimus said something to Prowl, who nodded in turn, before coming over to me. "Soulsong," he greeted with a small, yet surprisingly hesitant smile. I hid my perplexity and smiled up at him warmly. "Hello, Optimus."

"There is something I have wished to speak to you about for some time now, and now that you are older, I believe now is a good time to do so." he said as he gestured to the hall of quarters. "Would you mind if we spoke in my quarters?"

My smiled widened a little bit. I loved his formal way of saying everything, even when asking me to talk in private. "Sure, Optimus. Shall we, then?"

He nodded, offering his arm to me, which I gladly took. As we walked, I noticed he still seemed nervously tense. It made me wonder just what he wanted to talk about. Once the door to his quarters shut, he seemed to relax, though only a little.

He sat us on his berth, before leaning on his arms which had been placed on his lap. he looked down to me. "What do you remember of our time on Cybertron, if you remember anything to begin with?"

His question surprised me... and yet... it didn't. Not really. "When I first arrived here, nothing. But, Primus has shown me much throughout the past couple months. So, to answer your question, I remember a great deal." I placed my hand on his, the warm smile still on my face.

"So, you remember being Aria?" he asked.

I nodded. "Most of what Primus shows me was of our time together as Orion Pax and Spark Aria. I imagine there isn't much of that life I don't remember."

Optimus looked relieved and... sad? "Then... you remember the last time we saw each other before... before the Exodus."

My smile fell, the warmth in my spark I always felt when near Optimus replaced by an anger and bitterness long forgotten. Until now. I pulled my hand away from his.

"I do, though I've been trying to forget." I said in an icy tone, turning my helm away from him.

I sensed his spark plummet at my now cold demeanor. "Aria, you must understand-"

I clenched my servos into fists, still not looking at him. "My name is Soulsong, Optimus. Not 'Aria.'"

It was silent for a long moment before, "That may be, but I have seen enough to know the only difference between Spark Aria and Soulsong is your frame and the name that accompanies each."

I only huffed. He continued. "Soulsong, I am lead to believe you do not understand my reasoning for sending you off world."

I growled at that, standing up to face him, hands on my hips as I glared at him. "I understand just fine. You didn't think I could protect my self from Megatron. You thought he would use me for some sinister purpose, which you and Alpha Trion wouldn't even tell me."

"You did not try to protect yourself from him." he said.

"Because I didn't need to!" I shouted. "He would not have hurt me. He may have been consumed by his power lust, but he would never hurt me."

"You still believe that when he placed dark energon in your spark?" he countered.

I flinched, unable to keep looking him in the optics. "That... that wasn't him... I-It wasn't his fault, it was the dark energon in his own spark. It was Uni-"

"Unicron is gone, Soulsong." He stood, looking down on me. "Megatron - and no one else - attempted to taint your spark, to control you as he always has since-" Of course, he cannot bring himself to remind either of us of what happened all those millennia ago. What started our pain. So, he goes back to his point. "Why do you continue to defend him after all he has done to you? To our people? To Cybertron? And what he tries to do to this planet?"

I gave him my harshest glare. "The same reason you do the same." This time, he flinched. "Megatronus is still in there, Optimus. You know he is. We can save him if we try."

He shuttered his optics, shaking his head. "You cannot save someone who does not wish to be saved."

Something in my spark fractured at those words. I turned my back on him, clenching one hand with the other, holding them above my aching spark.

He spoke anyway. "That is why I sent you away. You refused to cease going to him. Every time you attempted to save him, you came back more broken sparked than the last time. I could not let him destroy your spark with his evil, and so I sent you out of his reach."

"And we see how well that worked out." I spat bitterly.

"Yes, and he continues to hurt you. Though the pain may not yet be physical, it is pain nonetheless."

I tried desperately to hold back the sobs, lubricant spilling from my optics as my shoulders shook. Optimus stepped closer to me, taking hold of my shoulders to turn me back to him, now kneeling on one knee so we were face to face.

"I'm weary of watching him do this to you, Aria. I won't let what went on back then happen again now. I love you too much to bear it."

His optics were filled with determination, empathy, tenderness, and love. I expected the other three, but empathy surprised me. It shouldn't have. After all, I wasn't the only one to lose a one of my loves that fateful day. It did me in. My knees would have given way if he had not been holding me up.

"Orion." I sobbed as I finally broke down. He stroked my stained cheeks, though the streaks were immediately replaced with fresh ones as the flood of pain in my spark refused to ebb, so instead he cupped my face and kissed me.

It was nothing like kissing Jetstorm.

That was lust.

This was love.

My arms wrapped around his neck as he continually wiped the never ending tears with his thumbs. We stayed like that for the longest time. And how could we not? We were the only thing to keep the other from drowning, after all. We always had been. We always would be.

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