Based on this prompt: "Hannibal is an Alpha and the leader of his mafia, and Will is his pregnant Omega. The two have a great relationship and they really love each other. Jack Crawford, FBI Agent and Alpha, knows this and uses this to his advantage by using Will to bring Hannibal and his mafia down, but of course Hannibal outsmarts him and he ends up on their dinner table instead."

The day was not going as smoothly as Hannibal would have liked. First off the new recruits were completely useless. There were only three of them and had started at the beginning of the week, yet Hannibal was already thinking of recipes that would go well with the newly acquired vintage wine from the latest heist. Hannibal needed competent betas who could handle a gun and get in and out of a job without being spotted or detected by the local police. The Chesapeake Mafia was known in the media for being ruthless and efficient.

However, with these fools they were making a mockery of Hannibal's organization along with any future plan to obtain a rare collection of paintings that had just arrived at the local museum. Weeks of planning were wasted as the fools were caught talking about the upcoming heist by one of Agent Jack Crawford's lapdogs. Now the usual lacking security at the museum was impenetrable, making any attempts to steal the paintings impossible. When Hannibal found out he about ripped the throat out of the nearest recruit, but he was in control of his actions. He would not lower his image by mindlessly killing the deserving betas. It had to be done artfully, and carefully if he wanted to use any of their organs for a dish.

As he was thinking, the door to his office opened revealing Hannibal's trusted body guard Barney. The man had been part of Hannibal's gang for years and was well trusted and respected in the community. If there was ever any trouble, or if someone wanted to get information to Hannibal without having to face him they went to Barney. The man waited for Hannibal's full attention before speaking.

"Some of the boys are worried that Jack is aware of our hideout now that he know at least two of the underlings," Barney began, straight to the point. "They think he might have had people follow them here."

Hannibal considered this before nodding. "That may be the case. I doubt the man who over heard our plans followed them here, but we can't take that chance." Hannibal stood from his desk and walked to the window. The sky was starting to get dark, but he knew that if he was to correct this mistake he would have to stay longer than he would have liked. Turning back to Barney, Hannibal ordered "tell the men to start packing up. I don't want any evidence that we were ever here. Take what you can to the other hangers and wait for my instructions. If we have to we will burn the building." It was a good thing this was not the main operations building, otherwise it would take days to move everything. Very lucky indeed.

Barney nodded and turned to leave. He stopped before he reached the door and asked, "what about the new recruits?"

There was a long pause before Hannibal smiled.

"I'll take care of it."

Barney nodded and left the office, leaving Hannibal to once again mull over the situation. He didn't get far in his musings as his cellphone went off in his front pocket. There were only three individuals who knew his cellphone and two of them were already in the building. A smile was already threatening to break onto his face as he quietly answered.


"Hey, Hannibal," the soft yet raspy voice of his mate answered causing Hannibal's features to finally break into a smile. The sound of his mate's voice instantly made him relax, his worries about Crawford and his doomed recruits pushed to the back of his mind for a moment. It was as if the omega knew he was needed.

"How are you Will? Are you feeling okay?" Hannibal listened as Will gave a quiet chuckle.

"I'm fine, though I've almost eaten everything in the fridge and still could eat more," Will laughed again, but Hannibal could tell this one was self-conscience. He could imagine his mate shuffling his feet into the carpet or tucking his legs underneath him on the couch, his hand slowly rubbing his growing stomach. Hannibal smiled again at the image, wanting nothing more than to go home and hold Will, showing him there was nothing to be worried about and that he was loved.

"There is nothing wrong with your appetite, Will. It is natural and you need all the strength you can get for you and the child." Hannibal listened as Will let out a sigh, but knew he had comforted his mate enough to settle his mind temporarily. However, he knew there was something he needed if he called when he knew Hannibal was working. And he was correct. In one breath Will uttered, "I felt a kick."

Hannibal sat up straighter in his chair. "Did you? When?"

"A couple minutes ago. I called immediately as soon as it happened. I thought you should know."

Pride swelled in Hannibal's chest as well as the disappointment of having missed the first movements of their child. He didn't dwell on it too much. He decided the first thing he was going to to when he gets home was to take Will to bed and caress his mate's body, listening and feeling for their child's kicks. It gave him incentive to get everything done tonight as quickly as possible.

"That's wonderful, Will," Hannibal cooed, knowing his mate was waiting for the alpha's approval. Even though Will was not like most omegas, he still had the inherited drive to please his alpha, and he was even more so now that he was pregnant. "I hope she's still moving when I get home."

"Hannibal," Will chided, "We don't know if the child's a girl or a boy."

"I know, but you know I'm hoping for a girl."

Will laughed again before making a sound of surprise. "Oh! She did it again." Hannibal wisely didn't point out that Will referred to their child as a "she" and smiled as he listened to his mate coo at his stomach. It was ridiculously out of character and Will would deny he ever talked to the unborn child, but Hannibal found it adorable when he first discovered him doing it and encouraged it enough for Will to do it without thinking about who was around.

They talked for a few minutes more before Hannibal had to force himself to say good-bye, telling Will he would see him in a couple hours.

"Alright, I'll see you soon," Will responded, and before Hannibal could say anything else Will quickly muttered "I love you" and hung up the phone. Hannibal's heart swelled and his smile threatened to split his face in half. His mood now thoroughly improved, Hannibal readied to get back into his usual alpha mode and see to the plans of moving everything out of the hanger. He decided, as he walked out of his office, that he would spare the bumbling recruits for another day. The need to see Will as soon as possible consumed his every being and made it hard to concentrate. He wondered if he would oppose of some "play" before bed tonight. With a smile still on his face he resumed his role as leader of the Chesapeake Mafia with thoughts of his lovely mate and their child circling around his head.