Hannibal paced in his office, his control was wearing thin. It had been three days. Three days since Will had been taken. Hannibal hadn't been able to sleep properly since his disappearance, snapping and snarling at his subordinates. The Betas did everything they could to find their boss's mate, but they couldn't find anything. Instead, many went out of their way to avoid the murderous Alpha. Even Bedelia avoided him as much as possible.

Hannibal slammed his fists against the wall, ignoring the pain in his reddened knuckles. The Beta, Patterson, was of no use. He squealed even before Hannibal could try to interrogate him, but none of the information helped. Hannibal had every place the Beta had suggested Crawford could have taken Will, but they all turned up empty. Hannibal couldn't find a trace of joy when he killed Patterson, his worry and anger over the situation at hand ruining it.

The Alpha fell into his chair and cradled his head in his hands. A yawn tried to force its way past his lips, but he pushed the feeling away. He couldn't sleep, couldn't eat. He wanted his Will and their child back safe and sound in his arms. He wouldn't rest until he had them back. One way or another.

Will moved into position as he heard Crawford come closer. He crouched behind the door, the lamp in hand. He listened as Crawford opened the peep hole, and after a pause, the lock turned. The door swung open and Will shifted so he wouldn't get hit.

"Graham?" Crawford cautiously entered the dark room and used the light of the hallway to set the food on the desk. Will waited until the Alpha moved to the bed before striking. With a leap Will bashed the lamp over Crawford's head. The man stumbled and Will tripped him so he fell completely. Not wasting any time, Will jumped onto his back and tied his hands with the lamp cord. It wouldn't hold, but it would give Will enough time to find a way out. The Omega snarled down at the fallen Alpha before taking off, using his nose to try and smell out an exit. His senses, while not as good as Hannibal's, enhanced during his pregnancy. He wasn't going to lose. He was going to find a way out.

Sprinting down the dim halls, Will's bare feet slapped noisily as he determined where he was. It looked like a hospital, but there was no one to be found. Will continued on through the corridors, finding rows upon rows of doors padded with locks. Suddenly, realization overcame him. This wasn't a hospital, this was an asylum. Old Dr. Chilton's asylum. Will stopped and held his head as his empathy went out of his control, showing him visions of what transpired behind closed doors and screams began to fill the air.

Will growled. "Enough!"

Everything became silent. Will huffed and caught his breath, a hand on his chest and one on his belly.

"Enough. Come and haunt me later. I need to get out."

When the visions remained silent and nothing popped in front of his mind, Will continued on.

"Sir," Barney entered the office with a folder in his hand. "I think we found something."

Hannibal was by his side and snatched the folder. "What is it?"

Barney flinched as the Alpha's unchecked pheromones ran wild, but he regained his composure.

"Some of the boys have seen activity over at the old asylum. A lone car driving has been going to and fro' at different intervals of the day."

Hannibal paused. The old asylum used to be Dr. Chilton's domain. Oh, how Hannibal enjoyed ripping the man apart.

Still, the asylum had been empty for almost two years now. It was a few miles out of town and surrounded by trees and fences. Young upstarts enjoyed hanging around the building proclaiming it was haunted from the inmates who died, but otherwise no one went over there. Hannibal had a feeling that was where his William was. There were plenty of empty rooms to lock someone away.

Not taking any chances, Hannibal grabbed his gun and gestured to Barney.

"Let's go."

Will couldn't hear Crawford and he didn't know if that was a good or bad sign. The asylum remained quiet with his footsteps and breathing breaking the silence. The damned building was huge, and Will couldn't find a room or hallway with windows.

Must be in the basement, he thought as he turned corners and ducked into corridors. He continued to sniff, following his nose to fresh air. It was mostly stale air consisting of dust and old long gone medicine, but he would catch whiffs of the outside on occasion. He could also smell Crawford, but it was an old scent. Perhaps he could follow it? It might lead him to the front doors.

In all his years of living and working in Baltimore he had never stepped foot into the asylum. He knew of it, but who didn't know of the barbaric place. He had heard rumors and stories of what happened behind closed doors, and with his ever increasing visions and insanity Will did his best to avoid the mad doctor's attention. Luckily, the place was shut down after Dr. Chilton went missing. Many believed it was the work of the Chesapeake Mafia and the Ripper, and Will was inclined to believe them. Will had asked Hannibal once, but the man just smiled and told him not to worry about it.

Shivering, Will picked up the pace once more and finally found a staircase, and the only option was up. As Will climbed, he looked over his shoulder.

Still no sign of Crawford. Will was starting to become uneasy, but he pushed it from his mind as he felt a soft kick.

Sorry Mischa, Will thought as he rubbed his stomach, not daring to talk out loud. Sorry I'm jostling you about, but I promise as soon as we are out I won't leave the house until after you are born.

Will doubted that promise, knowing Hannibal liked to drag him to fancy dinners where he could show him off. It was annoying, but Hannibal would beam at the sight of him dressed in a suit or smile if he saw Will was grudgingly having fun. The omega hoped Hannibal would leave him at home for a little while once this was all said and done. He couldn't wait to get home.

But what if you don't? A dark thought asked. What if Crawford wins?

Will bared his teeth at the thought and shoved it away. He will get home, Crawford will be punished for interfering in his life, and Will is going to remain in a semi peaceful life with little bumps here and there from Hannibal's work. He is willing to move if it ensures the safety f his family. He will see to that.

The next floor was just as the basement, but Will wasn't sure if this was the ground floor or a floor just below it. He had heard of asylums having multiple basements, but he wasn't sure if this was the case. Will sighed, and he froze.

Crawford's scent was stronger here and the mute sounds of footsteps alerted him the alpha was near. Not only was he near, but he was ahead of him. Will cursed his luck and realized there must have been another way up from the basement. He could no longer go forward. Trying to stay as silent as he could, Will turned around and retraced his steps. There was a fork in the hall a little ways back near the stair case. He would try that before coming to a decision. Crawford was still far away, but the Alpha must have caught his scent for Will could hear him coming faster.

Still trying to be quiet, Will picked up the pace and walked on the balls of his feet. He continued to look over his shoulder as he retreated, but he was still in the clear. He took the hall in the other direction and saw it was a medical ward of some sort. Will hoped he could find something to use as a weapon, but the open rooms he passed were all empty. Will gritted his teeth and continued to scan.

I'm not finding anything, he thought and sweat began to form on his brow. Will hastily wiped it away, but he knew he was running out of time. Thinking quickly, Will took off his shirt and mopped up as much sweat as he could. He then threw the shirt into a room and slammed the door shut. He ran for the end of the hall and rounded the corner. He could hear footfalls running in his direction, and he hoped Crawford would be attracted to the scent and noise behind the door than to bother with the leading trail going in a different direction.

Will sprinted as long as he could before stopping. He would have been embarrassed if anyone saw him: a half dressed Omega running with a nearing five month baby bump. How scandalous. He planned on getting Dr. Du Maurier to check him over after he returned. Even though she wasn't an OBGYN, he felt comfortable around the Alpha.

The omega gave his belly a quick pat before ducking into another hall. He couldn't hear Crawford.

Will continued on in the maze of corridors before seeing a lovely sight: a map. He scanned the map and found his current location. He was indeed a level below the ground floor. He smiled and would have danced were it not for the pain in his feet. Soon, he would be going home. Will knew he could evade Crawford in the forest. If there was one thing his father had taught him growing up it was how to survive in the wilderness. That, and it will be much easier to mask his scent in the foliage. Giving the map a good look, Will leaped back into action and eagerly headed toward the ground floor.

As soon as Will saw the light of day and caught the smell of fresh air he knew he was free. He raced to the doors, his eyes set on the greenery outside.

Suddenly, his vision tumbled and he was slammed against the wall. Will gasped in pain before baring his teeth and chomping down on the arm wrapped around him. He worked his arms free and jabbed Crawford in the stomach with his elbow. The Alpha grunted, but he didn't let go. Will growled, his anger rising and his maternity instincts flaring up. This Alpha could hurt his child. He wasn't going to have it.

The Omega used all his training as a cop to fight, even going as far as fighting dirty. He was going to escape and there was noting Crawford could do about it.

The Alpha roared in anger before slamming Will back against the wall, causing the Omega's head to crash against it as well. Will hissed in pain and he felt his arms being pulled behind him. He struggled and used his feet to slam down on Crawford's arch just as he felt the sting of handcuffs dig into one of his writs.

Crawford yelled in pain and stepped back. Will used his weight and toppled them over, finally slipping away. He stood up, and his vision blurred. He felt blood run down the side of his head and he quickly brushed it away before it could get into his eye. He righted himself and saw with despair Crawford stood between him and the doors. He made to get past him, but the Alpha was on his feet in an instant. The man had blood running down the side of his head from where Will hit him down in the basement and he was breathing heavily. Will bared his teeth, but Crawford didn't move.

"Get out of my way," Will growled.

"You are going back to your cell." Crawford answered, and Will hissed at him.

"This won't end well for you." Will grounded out, edging towards what used to be a receptionist's desk. Crawford followed the movement. "If you let me go you'll be able to leave town without getting yourself killed immediately. You'll probably get a few weeks, maybe less depending on my Alpha's mood."

"You will get back into your cell, and I might just put in a good word with the judge to lessen your sentence. I've see your medical file-"

"You were the one who broke into Alana's office!" Will realized. "You should be ashamed. Breaking and entering on top of kidnapping?"

"I've seen your medical files, Mr. Graham." Crawford continued. "History of hallucinations, visions, thoughts of suicide." Crawford rattled off as he came closer. Will kept the receptionist's desk between them. "I have enough information to lock you away for the rest of your life. You won't see your mate again, and," He gestured to Will's stomach which made Will want to cover himself. "That will also be taken away. With your background and mate, that child is diseased."

Will froze, the implementations clear. He began to see red, but it wasn't like one of his hallucinations. He bared his teeth again, and flexed his body. How dare he threaten his child. Will wasn't going to go down, not without a fight at least. Glancing down to make sure he had room to run, the Omega noticed the legs of the desk. They weren't bolted down.

Thinking fast, Will feigned to run to the left which caused Crawford to move. Using his momentum, Will grasped the desk and turned it over. The heavy desk fell, and before the Alpha could do anything knocked into his legs and toppled him over. He tried to get out, but Will was upon him in an instant. He pinned Crawford's arms down with his knees and used the handcuffs that were still attached to his left wrist to strangle him. The Alpha fought back, managing to snake his arm out from beneath Will to punch him in the face. Will ducked away in time before latching onto the hand and biting down hard enough to feel the bones crack. Crawford howled in pain, and Will punched him in the face. Blood was spurting out of the Special Agent's nose as Will wrestled his hands back under him and started chocking him again. Will didn't relent. He kept at it, listening to the gurgling and snarling noises coming from Crawford. He continued on even long after they stopped.

The red haze lifted, and Will stopped. He looked down at what he had done and jumped off. He panted and stared down at the Special Agent's body.

He didn't move.

Not daring to reach down and see if he was still alive, Will backed away and slumped down to the floor. He ached all over and all he wanted to do was sleep. He brought a hand up as his vision blurred, but he didn't close his eyes. He couldn't afford the risk.

Will didn't know how long he sat there. He kept a hand on his bleeding temple and tried to focus. The slight ringing in his ears were making it difficult to concentrate. Neither was the slamming of doors.


Will managed to lift his head high enough to catch sight of multiple black cars parked outside with lots of people dressed in black running around. He recognized those outfits even before a man burst through the doors and raced to his side.

"William!" Hannibal grabbed hold of him. He took one look at all the blood and his face shifted from concern to fury. Will shook his head and looked over to the side where Crawford's body was partially hidden behind the desk.

"Not mine," he said and looked back at his mate. Hannibal was looking at Crawford's body before looking back at the gash in the Omega's head. He gently removed Will's hands and examined it before pulling Will into his arms.

"Are you alright?" Hannibal asked. He placed his hand upon Will's belly, and Will merged their fingers together.

"What took you so long?" Will slurred and his head lolled to the side. His eyes slipped momentarily closed, but they re-opened as Hannibal wrapped him in his jacket. Will didn't realize how cold he was. He snuggled close to his Alpha as he was lifted him into his arms. "You're useless. I have to do everything myself." Will laughed, but Hannibal's face remained full of concern.

"Are you alright?" he asked again, but Will laid his head upon his mate's shoulder.

"I'm really tired, Hannibal, can we go home?" Will asked, taking in as much of the Alpha's scent as he could. "I should probably see a doctor too. My head feels funny. And I've been doing a lot of running around..."

"Of course we can," Hannibal reassured him as he placed kisses along his forehead. "Lets take you home."

They were almost outside when Will spoke up, "Did I kill him?"

Hannibal hushed his pregnant Omega with a kiss and gently laid him in the back seat of his car. "You don't need to worry about that right now, dear Will. Just rest."

Will didn't have the energy nor the ability to care as he closed his eyes. Hannibal stayed with him as he succumbed to sleep, making sure the coat was covering him. As he closed the door, one of the Betas ran up to him.

"Sir, the Special Agent is still alive. How do you wish to proceed?"

Hannibal gave the lackey a horrible smile, and the Beta whimpered.

"I want him alive, for now."

Hannibal watched as Crawford struggled in his bonds. The Special Agent was blindfolded and gagged, but that wouldn't last long. Hannibal planned on keeping the blindfold on; the man didn't deserve it. He stayed quiet, but he knew Crawford could smell him. He waited for the other Alpha to tire out and still before speaking.

"We finally meet, Special Agent Jack Crawford. I apologize for the lack of formalities, but you have been very rude for the past couple months."

The Agent's thrashing renewed as he spoke, grunting and trying to yell behind the gag. Hannibal allowed his control to slip as he punched the Alpha in the face. He quieted.

"I was willing to overlook the fiasco with the museum, but you continued to step in my territory." Hannibal circled Crawford, his mask slowly breaking to show his fury. "This I would have also overlooked. However, by including ex-Officer Graham you forced my hand."

Hannibal cut the gag and let it fall out of Crawford's mouth.

"You won't get away with this! You're a wanted man, Ripper. You'll get what's coming to you."

"I simply want to live my life peacefully with my family, Agent Crawford. Is that too much to ask? So a few livestock are taken here and there, but I keep my citizens safe."

"You control them with fear."

"But they are still safe as long as they follow my rules."

Hannibal looked over at his tools for tonight's fun, mulling over what he should use first. The bone saw was good.

"This won't be the end-"

Or perhaps the drill. Not eloquent or neat, but it worked well with his current temper.

"You can't stop the FBI, Ripper. They'll send more."

Hannibal decided on the clippers. Start on the fingers and toes before working his way inward.

"You and Graham will get what's coming for you."

Hannibal picked up the clippers and turned a cold eye on his prey.

"So nice of you to think of William. He's doing well now that he's back home. Gave him a check up and both he and the baby are fine." The Alpha didn't mention Will was in a state of hallucination and reality and that he had to be strapped to the bed while the best nurses and doctors working for the Mafia check him over. They had given him a low dose of a pregnancy safe narcotic and Will finally calmed long enough to finish the exam. After they had left, Hannibal held his mate tightly and almost thought to hell with Crawford when he tried to remove himself from the bed. Each time he tried to leave, Will would cry out and whine causing Hannibal's body to climb back in bed and comfort him. It was only when Will fell deeply asleep was he able to come and meet with his guest.

"You should be glad my mate and child are safe, Agent Crawford. Had they not, well," Hannibal chuckled as he lifted the clippers. "You wouldn't like it. Then again, you won't like this either."


"We will have to make this short, Agent Crawford. I hope you understand I have an Omega who needs me." Hannibal grabbed the back of the chair and forced it to recline and expose Crawford's bare feet. He took the left bound foot in one hand and lined the clippers up against the pinky toe. "So much to do and so little time."

He made the first snip and Crawford's screams echoed throughout the room.

Hannibal entered the house and took a deep breath, taking in the fresh smell of his Omega safe in their home. He took off his shoes and made his way to the liqueur cabinet in the study. He wasn't one to drink hard scotch, that was Will's favorite before the pregnancy, but it had a certain appeal now.

He had kept the Special Agent alive; he wasn't through with him yet. He got most of his pent up energy out, but his anger continued to boil. The man was smart, clever even, but Hannibal was smarter. Still, even though he had won Hannibal had to stay on alert. The medical file Crawford had stolen had his name documented and he wasn't sure who all he had told. He hoped Patterson was the only one, but he couldn't take chances. He was going to lay low for a bit and plan out his next move before he made any big plans. It was such a hindrance.

Soft footsteps pulled him from his thoughts, and he turned to find Will standing in the doorway.

"Darling, what are you doing up?" Hannibal asked.

Will didn't answer, and Hannibal noticed the far away look in his eyes.

"Oh, sweet heart, you're sleep walking."

He quickly went to the Omega's side, but he didn't touch him. It had been nearly a year since the last sleep walking episode, and Hannibal figured it was due to his stress and semi-drugged state that the caused symptoms to returned. He watched Will as the Omega blinked slowly, his eyes staring at nothing. Hannibal held a hand out.

"Will, would you like to hold my hand?" he asked. "I would like to go to bed, but I don't know if I can find it. Can you take me to our room?"

Will did nothing, but Hannibal wasn't discouraged. He continued to hold his hand up for Will to take, wiggling his fingers as he did so.

"I can't find our room, Will. Can you lead me there?" he asked again, and this time Will grabbed the offered hand.

"Sure." came the soft reply. "Sure."

Hannibal pulled Will along, escorting him back to their bedroom on the second floor. If the Omega's old sleeping habits returned, then he was going to have to start locking the bedroom door at night again. He didn't like the idea of Will climbing down the stairs in his sleep, especially now with his pregnancy.

Once they entered the room Hannibal guided his lover back into bed and tucked him in. He stroked his hair until his eyes slipped closed and remained closed. Hannibal let out a soft breath before loosening his tie. It had been a long three days. He could worry about Crawford later. After all, it wasn't like he could go anywhere.

Hannibal smiled before slipping his pajamas on and climbing in behind Will. He pulled him tightly to his chest and burrowed his face into his neck. Will sighed in his sleep and turned over.

"I love you."

Hannibal stilled and looked down, but Will's eyes were still shut. Hannibal leaned in a kissed him on the lips.

"I love you, too."

–One Week Later –

The guests mingled and talked with one another as they admired the décor in the dining room. Will went from person to person and greeted them and had small talk with each one. Most of the guests at the party were high ranking Chesapeake Mafia members and their families with the rest being Will's friends. Will caught Beverly's eye as she talked with Alex's widow and waved before tracking down Alana. The Beta was with Hannibal and by the looks of it were having a pleasant conversation. They were laughing about something when Hannibal saw him coming toward them and his smile brightened.

"Will, you never told me Hannibal used to be a psychologist." Alana said. Will shrugged a shoulder, discreetly giving Hannibal a look. The Alpha took a sip of his wine and looked at him expectantly.

"Yes, William, why didn't you?" Hannibal teased. "It's not a secret."

Will would have rolled his eyes and scoffed, but he knew that was rude so he opted to change the subject.

"Are we ready to eat?" He asked.

"Yes, I believe our meal is almost done. I'll go check on it."

Hannibal gave Will a quick kiss before disappearing into the kitchen. Alana smiled at Will and nudged him.

"I'm so glad we could do this, Will. I missed this."

"Yeah, this is nice." Will admitted. "This sense of... Normalcy."

Alana gave him a smile and leaned against him. They talked for a few more minutes before Hannibal reappeared announcing that dinner was ready, and the small group relocated in the spacious dining room. Will took his place near the head of the table where Hannibal's chair sat, and he watched the guests wonder and marvel at the concealed trays and fine cutlery before them.. Beverly was seated across from him and they quickly struck up a conversation about her new position in the police force as well as a new guy she had met. Oh yes, Will had missed this.

Once the meal started conversation fell into a quiet murmur, many too busy enjoying the meal to talk. Beverly had nearly finished her plate when she asked: "What exactly is this again?"

"Simply beef liver heated over a flame with onions and asparagus." Hannibal answered, sneaking a glance at Will. The man smiled around his fork.

"Really? This tastes better than anything I've ever had, not that I eat liver often."

"You're more of a take out kind of girl." Will bantered back, and Beverly gave him a friendly kick under the table causing him to laugh.

"Seriously though what's your secret?" the Beta inquired, and both Hannibal and Will looked at each other. They shared a smile before turning to Beverly.

"Cooking skill and practice, nothing else. However, it took me a long time to perfect it." Hannibal said modestly.

Beverly continued to awe over the meal and Alana and a few other guests chimed in. As they talked Hannibal took Will's hand from under the table. He traced his thumb over his knuckles, catching briefly on the new silver band on Will's ring finger.

He squeezed gently, and Will squeezed back.

I would like to thank everyone who stuck with this story and waited patiently for updates. This story story is finished, but there is a prequel in the works, so look out for that in the near future.