Author's Note:

Just a quick heads up. Due to the nature of what my story will soon be, I am going to add a warning label. It might also cause spoilers for the more genre savvy people. This is just a teaser, I'll post the other chapters after I'm done. I will probably take a while though.


This story contains violence, course/foul language, bad/unacceptable behavior in society, mentions of adult themes, and may contain content that is disturbing to some readers.

This story also contain spoilers for the original manga Beelzebub by Ryuhei Tamura.


This story is also purely a fan work. I do not own Beelzebub and relating contents. I do not make any profit from this. Any other mentions of work belonging to other people goes to the respective owners.

*Story start*

As there are so many choices in life, so are the ways a story can go, limited only by the imagination of man.


Just as there is so many ways a story can go, so does the way life of a person can flow.

Damn that bitch! And damn that stupid elementary brat!

Some will say that the reason why certain things in life happens is due to fate, destiny, or some other mumbo-jumbo stuff beyond our understanding.

Hey, have you heard? The brat has a best friend. Better yet, he's a weakling.

But for the sake of this story, we are going to call it plot.

Bah! Don't bother with the kid. That monster brat is always with him. The bitches are watching him too.

Because in this story, the plot was changed.

Then how are we going to get back at them?

In one world, a different choice was made.

Simple. We instead target the brat's friend's younger sister.

In this world, another choice, different from the other world was made.

Hey little girl, why don't you play with us? We have candy...

In one world, a young boy grew up like any other boy.


In this world, a young man was forced to grew up, far too fast, far too quickly.


In one world, a different choice was made.

Hiee! Run. RUN! He's coming! The monster is coming! RUN!

In one world, a young boy had a different fate, a different destiny.


In one world, a different story was written. A story of friends, love and everyday chaos.

Damnit! Someone stop him! He's out of control!

But not in this world.

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

In this world, a different story was written. A story of pain, blood and loss innocence.

Fuck this! How the hell did this happen!?

This is a story. His story.