Hello everyone! I am new to the world of FF and this is my first attempt at writing it! This is going to be a sort of Nyota/Spock prequel that will probably lead into the first 2009 movie. I love this couple (and everything star trek of course) and hopefully you'll like where this story goes. All characters do not belong to me and I hope I am getting all of my facts right! (This is a short intro chapter hope it's not god awful)


"Aren't you two glad that I managed to persuade Star Fleet into having this get together in Kenya? It was pure luck that we get to stay in a climate more suited to your tastes." my mother says this to my father and I in a most informal fashion. Her hand gives father a soft slap on the knee. When mother visits Terra she applies more of her human speech patterns than usual. I gaze out the window and assume that we have crossed over the prime meridian and are finally in the South Atlantic ocean. Currently my family and two other Vulcan attendees are in a federation shuttle craft headed from San Francisco to Kenya. The flight is long and there is very little to do besides idly converse. "The Kenya branch of Star Fleet was the only building large enough to house a conference of this size and matter." Father coldly retorted this back to her. "Oh Sarek! I know that you were at least a tad bit pleased that I was able to steer the events coordinator of this conference towards the Kenya branch. The only other option was the London branch and I am sure you do not wish to be there during the fall season."

"The climate of Kenya is preferable."

She laughed with delight and smiled widely at father. This was the closest to a thank you that she was going to receive from him. Banter like this continued between my parents for 1.4 hours until the conversation was quite suddenly directed at me. "Spockā€¦Spock dear? How have your studies been going? I am so sorry that I left your PADD at home. I could have sworn I brought it with me. Well at least you get to have a break for a few days." My father interjected immediately after she was finished speaking, "Spock is on a strict academic regimen. He is far more advanced than any other his age. A short intervention will not detour him on his path to the Vulcan Science Academy." My mother stared at me with a look of expectance. Since my father has accurately answered my mother's question I sit in silence to show that his reasoning is sound. After a few moments my mother's face loses its calm, "Sarek the boy is 19. I believe he can answer for himself."

"Mother what father has said is accurate. I did not wish to reiterate his statement since it was not logical to do so." She folds her arms and leans back in her chair. "Alright Spock. As long as what your father is saying is actually how you really feel." I nod in affirmative; however her question was lost upon me. Even I was not sure how I truly felt about the matter.


"Child your hair is a mess! What did the maid do? Come over here and let me fix it for you. We can't look messy at this event or your father will never do us any favors again!" My mother grabbed me by the shoulders and pushed me down the hall towards her bathroom. "Mom, I did my hair myself. I am 15 now. I think I am perfectly capable of doing it." "Oh honey I don't doubt that for a minute. But right now we have to do things exactly as your father wants them." I huffed and sat down in her soft velvet chair that was seated in front of a large mirror. Mother began to brush out all the curls I had put in my hair and began harshly pinning all of it up. After a few moments my once voluminous hair was now neatly pleated against my scalp in a very proper manner. "See now that's what your father would like! Now quickly go and get dressed, we only have twenty minutes until the conference begins."

I walked through the halls of my large home and made my way to my room. To my chagrin there already was a traditional Kenyan outfit laid out for me on my bed. I assumed that father had handpicked the garb. I closed my eyes and recited the first 20 numbers of pi to calm myself. Having your clothes picked out is a small price to pay for what you are about to attend. "You are so lucky." I whispered to myself under my breath as I changed outfits.

"Nyota are you ready? The driver is here! We have to go!" Mother screamed this from the bottom of the staircase. "I am on my way! Get in and I will meet you in the car" I yelled back. Flying down the stairs I clumsily put on my shoes and rocket myself into the car. Mother laughs in amusement at my excitement while father merely rolls his eyes.

"Are you really that excited to see a bunch of worthless aliens Nyota?" my father spat at me. I thanked my slow dressing skills that mother was seated next to father instead of myself. "I think it will be quite interesting to see all the different species gather in one place actually."

I wasn't looking but I knew that father had just raised a sarcastic eye brow to my reply. "Well the only reason that I am going is to try and crack a deal with those blue faced Andorians. I was going to deny my invitation to be a representative of Kenya at this United Federation of Planets bullshit, but your mother insisted that I go just to meet them."

I covered my mouth with my hand to stifle a laugh. Mother was really pretty clever. Since the Uhura family has been in the gemstone retail business for more than a century his interest in the Andorians was quite reasonable. Andorains were known for their stunning jewelry and if he could export his goods onto their planet there would be an undeniable profit. However while most of the planet would have already known this, there was no way that father would have thought of such a deal unless the idea was planted in him. Maybe if he wasn't such a bigot he could expand his business even further.

"Oh Nyota! Look at how splendid the Star Fleet convention center looks all lit up like that. Funny to think that it looks so plain during the daytime."

Father says nothing in response. I ignored his blatant rudeness and gazed out of his window. The enormous convention hall that was normally a pristine white was now bathed in a rainbow of lights. My eyes grew wide in anticipation. The convention center really did look nice now, but I've always thought that Star Fleet looked beautiful during the day as well. "It's lovely." I say to her and smile. She smiles back and grabs my hand to give it a good squeeze.

"Mr. Alhamsi, Lady M'umba we have arrived at the destination." the driver announces loudly as he pulls up to the curb of the convention hall.

I take a deep breath and take my first satisfying step on Star Fleet ground. "It's showtime."