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Online Mafia War and Vongola Days : Valentine Interlude

(also known as the day Prince Belphegor redefines the meaning of Valentine)

Ah, Valentine. The day of love and the tradition of giving and receiving the token of love from their beloved ones. The day where popular boys and girls are stalked by their fanclub and drowned in their token of affections. The day where chocolates (homemade and brought) are eaten in an abundant amount and the high rate of dentist visitation at the very next day.

And for the students of Shimon Academy, another holiday where they get to let loose from the rigid structure of organized education and party to their heart content.

As by chance, Bel was chosen to organize this year's valentine party. And after Spanner's after Christmas techno-rave last year, Bel was shitty,damned determined to have the best party in 2014.

Mammon gleefully look at the plans the party planners had given her. Judging from the set-up and the additional items both she and Bel add to the plans, the party was confirmed to be one of the best party she ever attend. And the best thing is she doesn't even spent a cent on the party! The greedy girl suddenly frowned when she noticed a set of names on Bel's guest list.

"Hey, I think Fran made some mistakes on the guest list, muu."

The other two half of the trio looked up from the floor plan of the party, frowning. "No, I didn't. I even made sure Giotto and his posse are banned from the party." The green-haired freshman check the list.

"You invited the Millefiore, muu! That's a mistake, right, muu?"

Bel grumbled as he put away the liquor list. "No, it's not. They're invited."

"But can't you bar the Millefiore from coming ? Asked Mammon, frowning deeply as she shift some papers around the table."It's your house. We can't have any more trouble with the police, muu!"

"Ushishishi, as much the prince want to do that, the Prince can't do that," Bel twirled his knife absently. "The Shimon Academy party pass-around is a tradition and like all great thing, it comes with super annoying rules, such as…" the blond trailed off. Fran who was sitting beside him explained to the purplenette.

"The hosts have the option to kill the lights…thou shalt have the right to invite your own guests…thou shalt not puke over the balcony…thou shalt not answer the phone if it's your parents—" Fran said, counting off his fingers.

"…And most importantly, every Legacy immediately has access into the party." Bel finished off. "Like it or not, Millefiore had triple automatic invites; from both Byakuran's and Irie's family have had the legacy for 3 generations, Kikyo's mum and grandmother were former student council presidents during their generation and last and not least, Yuni, who's directly descended from Shimon Academy founder. So, the Prince is compelled to invite them to the party or lest forfeit the party right to someone else."

Mammon winced. With bad blood between Vongola gang with the Millefiore and Adelheid recent break-up, the party would definitely be exciting.. To say the very at least.

"Fine, muu. But if anything happened that night, I'm blaming 100% to the two of you, muu!"





P.s Prince will not take any kind of responsibility if anything of any sort happen at the party.


That night

Tsuna checked his phone for the umpteenth time that night as he and his friends made their way on foot to Bel's mansion.

"Hey, do you guys think Hibari-san coming to the party tonight?" Kyoko suddenly asked. " Nagi said she was going to the party and I don't think Hibari-san would let her go alone."

"I guess so. Though he might drag Mukuro and Dino-san too, since this is a Shimon party and Adelheid would most likely be there." Tsuna mussed. "A more important question would be whether Giotto-nii would make an appearance there..." they all simultaneously shuddered in terror at the thought of Giotto being set loose at the unsuspecting crowd of teens.

"Oh, hey Fran." Yamamoto waved gaily at the bored-looking teen, who oddly dressed in a black suit with apple green shirt and black fedora, checking at the guest list as he wave them forward.

"Say, Fran," Tsuna began to ask, " you wouldn't happen to know whether my cousin and his posse being invited to the party, is he?"

"Giotto Taru, right? Nope. Bel-senpai made sure that their names are blacklisted from coming even near the mansion." Fran turned back to consult his list. "You guys signed your waivers, right?" Fran asked in boredom.

"Waivers?! What waivers?!" Tsuna suddenly asked, panicked.

"Bel Senpai, Tsuna-senpai haven't signed his waiver yet!" Fran hollered.

"Ushishishi, then tossed him out until he sign it."


Tsuna yelled as some of the hired bouncers grabbed him by the arms and toss him out of the door, which quickly followed by Gokudera, who was spitting curses at the bouncers, and Yamamoto, who was reading the set of waivers he was holding.


Everyone looked in confusion as they all were herded into the living room, the room was devoid of any furniture except of a small stage at the middle of the floor.

"Ushishishi, welcome ye peasants." everyone turned to see Bel, dressed in blood-red shirt and wearing a similar fedora on his head.

He was quickly joined by Mammon, who dressed in a simple, yet tasteful black dress with a a violet ribbon around her midriff, and Fran. "Today, with the power invested to the prince by the Shimon Academy secret party society, we're are here to celebrate this holiday we call Valentine day. The Valentine Extravaganza will be celebrating that is associate to to this date." the prince grinned as the crowd began to shift, as if they can guess that something very bad going to happen to them. "Please make your way to the next room, where the first part of this party will commerce."

"A word of warning." Mammon suddenly add, " Take absolute care and we, the party organizers, are not responsible what ever happen to you lot."

A loud, yet creepy soundtrack began to play at the background as they all were ushered to the next room. Pausing at the grand mahogany door, all the guest looked awkwardly at one another."Ushishishi, let I remind you peasants that who ever not in the room in the next five minutes, will be evicted from this awesome party."

Tsuna, couldn't stand the tension, braved himself and forced the door opened...just to have gunks of what to be red jell-o slammed him and some of the unfortunate souls standing behind him in the face. This was followed by an unceasing hailstorm of multi-color balls, people yelling loudly as they stormed into the room...

... Just to stop to take in the bizarre set-up. The powerful flower scent overcame their senses as the bewildered guests take in the bloody, dead bodies lying to the floor to the grotesque blood-red masks hanging from the ceilings.

"Is it just me, Juudaime," Gokudera whispered furtively as he and Yamamoto flanked both Tsuna and Kyoko from the sinister-looking shadows flitting just outside the dim lighting, "or they re-enacting the murder scene from the 1929 Saint Valentine Day Massacre?"

"Um, I think its a scene from the horror-slasher 2001 film, Valentine, bossu." The group jumped in fright when Nagi, Hibari and Mukuro appeared out of nowhere.

Tsuna twitched as more people began to crowd into his personal space (is that Byakuran, who just poked his back with his bony elbows?) "I thought this was supposed to be a romance-fill, horror free party, not a gathering aimed on putting each and one of us in hospital bed with a cardiac arrest. Halloween is the horror holiday for a reason, damnit!"

"Ushishishishi, don't have to be soo pissed off, young vongola." Bel and the VARIA gang came into the room and toward the twitchy crowd, bearing some sinister-looking nerf guns with them. "After all, this party is supposed to celebrate all awesome things that defines Valentine; which would be the Valentine Mafia Massacre." The fallen prince suddenly pointed his gun toward them. "Arm yourself and die peasants!"

Nevertheless, chaos ensued.

Dino grumbled as he wiped the gunk of strawberry-flavor honey from his face (apparently the baseless rumor of Bel imported all red-color food and drinks from all over Japan weren't all that baseless after all) as he followed the beaten, pissed off crowd to the next room.

All of them (sporting gunks of all sorts of food and slime; some had marks from overzealous nerf gunners, particularly a certain albino marshmallow lover) entered the (at first) empty hall. "Ku fufufu, when I first got the invitation, this was not what I had in mind." Mukuro said ruefully as his petite cousin helpfully tried to removed the pineapple rind from his head.

(Which was actually dumped by a certain skylark; who tried to hide his grin)

"Since you have survive the horror of Valentine day," Bel ignored the loud 'boo'-ing that came from the crowd, "its time for the good part of valentine's day, ushishishi." Bel, Mammon and Fran had changed from their mafia ensemble into some bright, colorful outfits that seemed to bounce and suck the light of the room.

"There's a good part to this?" Tsuna muttered, futilely tried to wipe some of the gunk from his hair.

All the light in the room suddenly died amidst the loud yells as people began to be pelted with marshmallows and candy confetti falling from the ceiling. The lights in the mansion returned—all of them simultaneously—in a loud explosion of colors. Guests, friends and enemy alike gaped as the once empty room turned into a fantastical candyland, numerous tables scattered all over the floor, over-filled with candies and sweet delicacies on them. Fountains and artificial ponds of all sorts of drinks of any imaginable kind. Multi-color strobe lights swirled in the now semi-dark room; a catchy techno pop tune began to play.

Bel savored the incredulous looks his guests were throwing at him and the now awesome room. "Normally the prince do not give a damn, but someone, (he turned to glare at Haru, who glower back) wants me to remind you peasants that some of the liquids are spiked with various alcohol, ushishishi."

"Now let the Prince and my posse," Mammon and Fran simultaneously poked the blond royal in the ribs, " welcome all of you to the best party ever: SHIMON ACADEMY VALENTINE EXTRAVAGANZA!"

The loud cheered belied the the excitement surging in the room.

"So, which ones doesn't have liquor in them desu?" Haru asked casually as she nibbled on some of the chocolate-covered, cherry-flavor jellybeans from the bowl beside her.

"Just the licorice." Fran munched on the candied apple he was holding. "Bel senpai specifically ordered that all the sweets in this party covered, injected or soaked in alcohol."

The brunette blanched as she poked the jellybeans. "Ha-hi! All of them?" she said faintly.

"All of them." Fran nodded.

"Er, thank god its the weekends tomorrow, right?" she said unsurely, making a mental note to remind herself to hitch the ride home with the least drunk person (since there's no way anyone leaving the party sober.)

Tsuna grumbled as Kyoko helped him picking the sticky marshmallows out of his hair, the two of them currently sitting on a swing set topped with swirlypops and chocolate mousse pocky sticks. Not far from them, Byakuran was drunk-dancing as Yuni and Gamma cheerfully tossed marshmallows at the albino.

Hibari was munching his way through a plate of salmon sushi as he glared at a group of drunken boys accidentally bumped against his petite girlfriend who was happily sampling some of the white chocolate eclairs Fran gave her. Mukuro meanwhile was sipping a jell-o mix drink as he eyed the dance floor, his head bopping at the catchy tune Xanxus and Squalo were mixing at the DJ booth.

Not far from them, trouble were brewing. Adelheid was nursing the umpteenth drink of the night, staring balefully at the trio. Enma, who secretly kept an eye on her the entire night was worried; he inwardly prayed that the self-proclaimed ice queen wouldn't cause any trouble (well, anymore trouble they were having right now; he's pretty sure the party had broke three, no four separate fire safety rules).

Hey, who was he trying to kid? Something always happen in situations like this.

"Ne, Adel." Enma grabbed the glass from her, "Let's not cause any trouble tonight, ok?"

The redhead turned to stop Shi'toppi and Rauji from cheerfully drowning a clearly drunk Kaoru into the chocolate fountain; not noticing Adelheid downing the last of the cocktails and stood up. Bolstered by the liquid courage, the girl stumbled her way through the dancing crowd, toward her victim of the night.

Mukuro, who was totting a jug full of raspberry mousse (Mammon had told the mischievous Italian that the mix used is strong enough to dyed someone's hair temporarily) was looking for his victim when he saw Adelheid sauntered toward his two friends. Hibari and Nagi, who was busy poking one of the rock candy display, did not noticed the bluenette frantic waves nor the ice queen's determined expression as she moved toward the oblivious couple.

Mukuro Rokudo quick and impeccable mind quickly worked and mapped out seventeen different plans and its different consequences to stop Adelheid heinous machination.

He suddenly grinned; holding the ceramic jug of mousse tighter to his chest. He knew exactly the right plan for this.

Hibari was surprised to find that he enjoyed the party. Watching Nagi fondly as she sampled a beautiful crystallized pudding, he grinned remembering the subtle revenges he had pulled over his fellow aquantainces and even managed to get a head shot at Xanxus. He was glad (not that he was going to admit it out loud) that he let Nagi persuade him into attending the party.

The boy blinked in surprise when he was grabbed from behind. The prefect turned to see a clearly inebriated Adelheid wrapping herself indolently (and yet tightly that he could breath, better yet escape) around him, her sharp, red nails scratched his chest. Horrified, he could only stood frozen in shock as the girl moved up to kiss him...

... just to have strawberry mousse (extra strawberry sauce) dumped over her.

Adelheid twitched at middle of the loud laughter as the mousse dripped down her face and onto her designer dress. The furious girl turned to Mukuro, who quickly back-pedaled, wearing a shit-eating grin on his face. Hibari (who, with all odds beside him, managed to escape unscathed) quietly moved away, dragging a still-giggling Nagi with him.

"Whoops. Didn't see you there. Looked you needed a cold shower." Mukuro pulled the drunken Byakuran as his shield as Adelheid threw her metal fan at him. The poor fool slid off unconscious as Mukuro was backed against the table full of spiked drinks)

The girl snarled as she threw the platter over Mukuro. The Italian miscreant quickly ducked and everyone watched in horror as the platter full of hot salsa nachos sailed over the crowd and toward an unsuspected Squalo.

Everyone winced in unison as the silver platter struck, dripping the salty, spicy mixture over his silver hair. Some of the weaker souls screamed as Squalo turned, looking as if he was a demon raised from hell.

"WHO THE FUCK HELL DID THIS VOIIIIII?!" As one, everyone pointed at Mukuro and Adelheid; the latter had took advantage of the awkward moment to grind Mukuro's face into a bowl of cherry-pineapple punch. The volatile silver haired musician stomped out of the booth and toward Adelheid, didn't even paused as he grabbed a plate of spicy octopus stir-fry. (No one knew how on earth the dish got into the menu).

Without a single word uttered, Squalo pulled Adelheid by her ponytail and smashed the dish into her face.

It took a no-brainer the incident had quickly escalated into a massive food brawl.

The party was sufficiently insane enough that by the time police got to the area (which took an hour or so to break-up the fights and remove most of the partygoers out of the premise),the once regal mansion was nearly totaled; gunks and rubbishes littered both inside and outside of the mansion, most of the furnitures were smashed and food and colored slimes dripping down from the ceiling.

Nevertheless, the party went down in Shimon Academy history as one of the best party ever thrown in that generation.

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Chapter 9:

In which Giotto starts the training camp from hell, someone stuffed chewing gum into Asari's flute and Hibari finds something even more terrifying that is sparkled...and stuff)