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Misguided Imprint

Chapter 1

Before I'd even made it off the porch steps, I was running.

I was running so fast, and the torrential rain was making things harder. The raindrops that streaked down my face melded with the tears 'til you couldn't tell which was which. My clothes were already soaked through after maybe ten seconds—that was how crazy the rain was. I could barely see a mere yard before me as I ran away from the goddamn house that had been my home for two years.

I ignored the shouts of a man that had sold me a lie for the entire time.

I'd always known that something wasn't quite right, that Jacob was much more invested in the relationship, and that I felt completely trapped. But, of course, when you had a manipulative, conniving bastard for a boyfriend—oh, sorry, imprint—there wasn't exactly a lot you can do.

Especially when your own fucking father also approved of the match; his daughter and his best friend's son … who wouldn't be happy, huh?

"Bella!" Jacob yelled from behind, the rain thankfully drowning his voice out to the degree where it sounded like a mere whisper. "Bells, baby, please, wait! Talk to me!"

"I can't, Jacob!" I shouted back. "I told you… I can't… I don't… I don't belong here! This isn't… I just don't belong here! Leave me be!"

With that, I pushed myself even faster, ignoring the pain in my calves as I ran away from everything I'd ever known.

Eventually, the yells of my name and "wait" and "talk to me" drowned out, and I gradually slowed with exhaustion. I panted, hands braced on my knees as I steadied my breathing.

But as I did that, the pain of the lie I'd been living for the past two years overcame me again, and I sagged against the tree, eventually giving way to exhaustion and falling asleep.


The sun in my eyes made me groan and wake. I opened my eyes, squinting at the glare of what seemed to be the midday sun; I sat up, groaning again as I realized where I was.

In the forest.

In a very muddy forest.

And then I heard something.

Just a rustling of trees or something, but it … it set me on edge. My heart leaped into my throat, pounding achingly hard in my chest as I started, flinching as I turned to stare into the bushes. I was worried it might be Sam or one of the boys; they were always around here.

I was surprised to, in fact, be met with two golden-colored eyes. I frowned and swallowed, slowly and ever so carefully maneuvering to a standing position. I was still frowning as I took a cautious step forward.

Something welled in my chest when I did that, and I gasped, my hand lifting slowly to press over my heart.

"What the—" I whispered to myself, swallowing thickly. "H-hello?"

And then the golden eyes were closer, the face they were set in—along with the rest of the body—coming out from behind the bushes.

I gasped.

It was a man, and he was the most beautiful man I'd ever seen.

There was just something about him… the look in his eyes… the paleness of his face…

I went to scream when the nature of this man and his… kind… hit me. My mouth fell open and yet, nothing but air came out.

I was merely… stunned. I was just standing here like a pathetic idiot, staring at this gorgeous creature with golden eyes and bronze hair in wonder.

I was fucking stupefied.

More than that I felt… safe? Loved?

I swallowed.

That feeling in my chest surged again and I gasped, rubbing my chest over my heart now. It was... it was like there was something tying me to this man, and I could not look away or run away. I didn't want to.

So confused.

The golden-eyed man became panicked and he walked toward me. But instead of flinching and jumping back, I did nothing. I was completely calm as I stared up at this man, waiting for him to do something.

And then he did. He reached me, stopped, arms outstretched, open in an invitation.

And I could not help but just step forward into his embrace.

It was cold, hard and perfect. Where our skin touched, electric shocks sparked, and we gasped, jumping back a little. But then the man purred quietly and I stared into his eyes again, calming down and leaning back into him again.

"Hush, little one," he whispered, his voice sounding like sweet velvet and honey. "Everything is all right. I won't harm you. You are safe now, everything is fine. I swear."

I swallowed. I believed him, but I was so darn confused.

"I…" I started, but I still couldn't speak.

He hushed me again, running his nose along the length of mine. He opened his mouth, and his breath washed over my face as he spoke again. "Hush, little love. You are safe, I promise. You are safe. Everything will be okay. Trust me." He leaned back then, looking down at me before he frowned. "Before we discuss any of this, I believe we need to get you showered and warm. You must be so cold… and I certainly would not be helping things," he muttered at the end.

And then he picked me up in his arms, and I settled into them before he turned around and sped off. I kept my eyes closed, my head leaning against his chest—no heartbeat, of course; such was the way of the anatomy of a vampire—feeling oddly content.

I was sure there was some sort of mystical connection here. Something … I just didn't know what. I only knew that it was different than what I felt with Jacob. It was comfortable, real, not forced, and … right.

It felt right.

I knew, without a doubt in my mind, that I was where I belonged. I was where I needed to be.

The wind was strong, but the "ride"— for lack of a better word—was smooth. The wind was my only indication that we were actually moving, and so, as it slowed, I just as slowly opened my eyes.

Right in front was a large three-story house. It was obvious we were at the back of it, as the entire wall was made off glass, and there seemed to be no doors. I peered closer and realized that some of the windows were open.

And then, we were jumping through one into a nice little room. The first thing I noticed was the opulence of all the furniture, the second the lack of a bed.

Well, I guess vampires don't sleep.

"Come on," the man whispered, and I immediately realized that I didn't know his name.

So I turned to him. "What's your name?" I asked. God, he was so beautiful. His features were defined, angled, but still somehow very nice. He was easily the best-looking man on earth. With his bronze disarray of hair, golden eyes that made me melt into a pile of goo, and general fit physique, he was utterly perfect.

Too good to be true.

He swallowed. "Edward. My name is Edward Cullen. And yours?"

"Bells," I said automatically before I frowned. Jacob called me that; I didn't even like it. I cleared my throat. "Uh, Bella… Isabella, but I prefer Bella. Bella Swan."

He smiled down at me, and took my hand in his before he lifted it to his mouth. My breath stuttered, my heart skipping a beat as he pressed his lips to the back of my hand before he intertwined our fingers and led me to a door in the same room, which opened to an en-suite.

I think my jaw shattered it hit the ground so fast and hard. The room was seriously nice, better than anything I'd ever had the pleasure of being in. The floor was white and chocolate brown marble, the shower, the bathtub-spa, the bathroom sink counter and the toilet, all complimenting it. It was clearly decorated by a woman; the chocolate brown and white towels that decorated both the floor and the wall clearly coordinated by someone with really good style.

I was hoping it was perhaps a sister ... if vampires have sisters.

"This is really…" I trailed off, unable to find quite the right words.

"Is it all right?" Edward asked quietly, nervously, just a few centimeters behind me. "I… I can always take you to one of the other bathrooms. My sister designed this one for me, and since I've always been alone and wasn't expecting any company that would require the functioning use of a bathroom, I was ill-equipped. I wasn't expecting you." The tone of his voice—awe and … and love?—told me there was more he wanted to say, but he couldn't quite; not yet.

"No!" I interjected. "It's very nice. Really. It's… it's lovely, Edward. I love it. I'm just not used to this level of … sophistication and class."

"Really?" Edward asked timidly. "Are you sure?"

I smiled and turned around. "Yes! Really, it's just a shock; I've never been treated to something like this. For the past two years, I lived in a hut on the rez."

He frowned. "What on earth were you doing there?" Panic was evident in his voice.

"Uh… well, you see," I struggled to find the right words. I blew out a breath. "Would I be able to tell you all of this after a shower? It's a rather long story."

"Oh, yes, of course," Edward said, nodding to himself. "I, uh… I shall just be right outside. Please do not hesitate if you need something, and don't worry; I have excellent hearing so you won't have to speak loudly to get my attention."

I smiled and laughed. "Oh, I know!"

Edward frowned again and I recovered myself. "That's part of what I'm going to explain later," I reassured him, and he nodded once more before he walked to the door.

Just before he walked through and closed the door, he turned. "Uh, there is a towel there for you to use, and soap in the shower. I'm afraid there's no shampoo or conditioner—"

"That's fine," I interrupted him with a large smile. "I can get some of that later." It was a moment before I realized what I'd just said. "I— I mean, that is, if you want me to stay."

He beamed. "Of course I would like for you to stay. I'd love you to." His smile dimmed a little. "And that, too, needs to be part of what we discuss after your shower," he added more seriously.

I swallowed, nodding. "Okay. Right. Yes. Shower now, talk later." I laughed nervously.

He was nodding, standing somewhat rigid. "Yes, well, I will just be, uh—" And then he spun on his heel and walked out the door, quickly but quietly closing the door behind him.

I stood there for a moment before I sort of jumped out of my stupor. I quickly got undressed, shivering when I was fully naked. I hadn't realized just how cold it was until now, and I had to admit that my teeth were darn near chattering. I rushed over to the shower and turned on the hot water, waiting impatiently as it warmed up—to my extreme pleasure it took mere seconds instead of minutes like it had on the rez—before I turned on the cold. Once the water was perfect, I jumped in.

Immediately sighing as the heat encased my body, warming me up very quickly, I cleared my head of all the nagging thoughts I was having. It was somewhat habitual to do this; the shower was literally the only time I was alone on the reservation. It was where I could just let myself fly away into a land where my relationship did not give me that sort of trapped feeling that it did.

Now, all those feelings were gone. Now, I was … well, I was free. I wasn't trapped in some weird, too intense relationship that was nearly completely one-sided and, quite honestly, uncomfortable and kind of scary. Now, there was a completely different reason for why I was doing this.

I was trying to keep Edward out of my thoughts so I could just have a nice, relaxing shower, and not embarrass myself by doing something stupid.

Jacob had often muttered after he'd come back from patrols or something about the hearing range of vampires and how annoying it was. For the first time ever, I was feeling his pain.

I snorted at the irony. That was perhaps the only thing that we had ever felt the same about.

I stayed in the shower until the water started getting cold. I shut it off then and stepped out, hissing a little when the cold air hit my body from all angles. I ran over to the wall, but unfortunately like the klutz I was, my foot slipped and I ended up on my ass, head hitting the floor.

And immediately after that, Edward flew through the door, frantic. "Bella? Bella, are you—" He stopped when his eyes landed on my naked form, and I yelped, my hands slapping against my skin as I tried to cover myself.

"Edward," I squeaked. "Uh… I am fine. I just… uh… I do that a lot."

"What?" he asked. "Give people heart attacks?"

I laughed but stopped abruptly when I realized that his dark eyes were glued to my form still, and that certain parts were jiggling from the force of my laughs; certain parts that were also not quite covered given their size compared to the size of my hand. I made the mistake of glancing down at his pants, and blushed at the noticeable bulge. Oh. I blushed and looked back up at his face, deeming that somewhat safe at least. "Uh, no, actually," I tried to say normally. "I meant the slipping part. I'm very clumsy."

"Ah," Edward replied, nodding. "Clumsy… how clumsy are we talking? Occasional slip if a banana peel is in the way or the floor is very wet?"

I shook my head. "More like the air is my enemy kind of clumsy."

"Oh, dear," he said. "However do you manage?"

My lips twitched. "Not quite sure."

"Yes, well," he said, starting to feel a little uncomfortable. "I suppose I should wait for you outside then." He turned to leave, but I called him to a halt.

"Wait, Edward, I…" My mind boggled as I tried to find an acceptable reason to get him to stop other than the sheer desire to have him so close. "I don't have any clothes to wear. I-I mean, my clothes are wet and dirty, and I didn't bring anything with me, so…"

"That's quite fine," Edward said quickly, nodding. "I am sure I will be able to find you something." And then he was gone. Like… poof, gone. I shrugged.

"Okay," I said, nodding as I sat there for a moment before I jumped up off the floor. Slowly, and with more caution this time, I walked the rest of the way to the towel rack and quickly grabbed the chocolate colored one, hastily drying my arms and legs, then my front before I wrapped it around me. I then got another towel, slightly larger, and laid it on the ground. After all, I wasn't exactly sure if vampires could slip or not, and I didn't want to take any chances.

Hesitantly, I reached out and grabbed the door handle. Slowly, I pushed it down and then pulled the door open, quickly sticking my head out to see if Edward was in the room. He wasn't, so I quickly opened the door the rest of the way then walked casually over to the bed. I sat down and waited.

Edward came through the door not two seconds later, carrying some grey sweatpants and a tank shirt. I smiled up at him as he held them out for me, quickly grabbing them before I turned back to go into the bathroom and change.

A few minutes later, I was fully clothed, but I didn't want to go back in there yet. I was still a little worried because I knew that we were supposed to have this big talk about what had just happened and I was worried about how he'd react to some of the things I had to say. Not the least of which being that despite whatever connection we seemed to have—a connection he also seemed to understand—I was the imprint of his natural enemy.

When it came down to it, I didn't really think it made a difference how I felt about Jacob. Jacob Black had imprinted on me, some love-at-first-sight bullshit, and now apparently we're stuck with each other. Then there was the sex; much more animalistic and rough than what I'd been under the impression it would have been, but then again… we were together for the sole purpose of making strong little cubs for the Quileute tribe so they could kill off all the vampires that came through or close to their territory.

That thought made a piercing pain burn in my chest, and I grunted, hunching over as my hand clawed at my heart. "Shit," I whispered hoarsely. And then I freaked out. The thought of the Quileute's killing vampires led to them killing Edward, especially when they found out what had happened. The pack was so fucking twisted that they would think that Edward had put some sort of spell on me and was holding me captive.

"Bella?" Edward asked, his voice bursting through my reverie and bringing me back to the present. I gasped, swallowed, and spun around to look at him. However, unfortunately, the combination of wet floors, bare feet, and general klutzy me meant that I was suddenly slamming into the ground face first.

Only I wasn't, because I was stopped, held back, when my face was just a few centimeters off the ground. I was still for a moment before I looked up over my shoulder and saw Edward standing right over me, and then when I looked down at my waist, I realized his stony, cold arm had wrapped around my it. It was miracle my head hadn't bashed against the marble anyway.

"Thanks," I breathed, and he sighed, pulling me back up and wrapping his arms around me.

"I'm beginning to think I shouldn't let you out of my sight… or my arms," he mumbled. "You were right. You really are quite the klutz."

I chuckled. "Even that is putting it mildly. I am perfectly able to trip over air while walking on a flat, stable surface."

He smirked down at me and nodded once. "Duly noted."

We looked at each other for a few moments before I sighed. Edward immediately frowned, and before he could ask the "what?" that was written all over his face, I spoke.

"I think we should have that talk now… wouldn't you agree?"

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