"Kangaroooooo" Jack flew down the hallway in Santa's famous workshop. Followed by a pink, but very angry Bunny. "get ova' 'ere ya bloody show pony!" Jack begun to laugh "Sorry kangaroo. What did you say?"

before Bunny could kill the young guardian, Tooth came flying in. "hi! Watcha doing?" Jack only giggled and pointed at Bunny. Bunny was covered in a pink liquid, and his ears were frozen together. He looked like he was going to kill Jack. Tooth giggled to but when she saw bunny begun to look even grumpier, she clenched her jaw shut.

When Jack was done laughing, North came in. "Friends! How you doing!" the big Russian laughed loudly when he saw Bunny. "Bunny, you are pink! It suites you very well." North looked at Jack. "Jack you are on time!" Jack made a dramatic face. "North, that hurts! I am always on time!"

Now it was bunny's turn to laugh out loud. "Frostbite ya are always late!" Jack put on a smirk, but he was, and he didn't know why, a little hurt. "I am not always late! I, just sometimes..." he was cut off by bunny. "Sometimes! Ya just irresponsible!"

Before Jack could say anything sandy came in. He made sand symbols above his head.

Sorry that I am late. I didn't saw the aurora's.

"Oh! Doesn't matter sandy! I was a little late myself too!" Tooth said, wings fluttering fast. Babytooth came flying over to Jack. Jack put out a hand and Babytooth sat on it, buzzing happily. "Hey Babytooth. Long time no see." He whispered to her. "Jack, don't give her a cold!" Tooth laughed.

"Let's go have meeting!" When Jack became a guardian, the Guardians did everything to make Jack feel at home. To have a family. North had the, uhm... special idea to have am meeting every month. Jack didn't like it that much. Don't get it wrong, he loved to see the other guardians, but every month? They talked and talked, about stuff like molars and eggs. It was boring. But he never said a thing about it. He didn't want to sound ungrateful. Plus, he didn't want to hurt North. North was like a father to him and he saw how much North was trying to be a good one. So he just listened to the boring stories and played guessing games with Sandy.

"Blablabla MOLARS! Blablabla..." Jack was bored. Like SUPER bored. Tooth had given the longest speech ever, and Jack felt like he was gonna fall asleep any moment. He looked at Bunny. He was painting an egg, he too seemed a bit bored. Jack closed his eyes. He hadn't had a lot of sleep the last few day. Okay, weeks. But he was a busy person! It wouldn't hurt anyone if he just closed his eyes for a sec. No, it wouldn't matter...

"-ack!" shut up, I'm sleeping. Jack thought.

"Ja-" Oh no! He was sleeping!

His eyes shot open. "uhm, sorry, I didn't have a lot of slee-"

he was cut off by bunny. "mate, ya can't just fall asleep!''

Jack knew that. "yeah , I'm sorry but..." now he was cut off by North. "Jack, you are guardian now, act like one."

North sounded calm, and there was no mean of harm, Jack knew that, but Jack felt a little betrayed. Sandy saw this and waved with is tiny arms. But no one noticed.

Jack stood up and the wind picked him up, he was now higher than the other guardians. "I was just tired okay, and (sorry Tooth) Tooth's speech didn't really help."

"What are ya tired of? It's not like waving with your staff and being carried by the wind is really exhausting?" Bunny said. Tooth had seen enough. "Bunny! Zip it!"

MiM was tired of seeing his Guardians fight this way. But he had a plan, if the stubborn Guardians didn't want to listen, they had to see.