So, my dearest readers. wearehunted requested the trickster side of Jack, so here ya go! Enjoy!

"Dear Guardians, Jack is 14 in this memory" They all heard MiM say.

"Jack c'mere, c'mere!" Pippa screamed. Jack practically rolled out bed, grunting when his feet hit the cold floor.

"JACK!" He heard the little girl scream again. He didn't change his clothing, he just kicked his shoes on. He walked down the wobbly stairs.

"Good morning Jackson," his father greeted him. Jack only put his hand up, not looking at his dad.


He pushed the door open. His tired eyes widened and a mischievous grin formed on his face.

It had snowed.

"Pip, where are you?" He asked. After a few seconds of silence he heard little girl scream back "I'M HERE!"

Jack ran, quiet as the wind, into the forest. He saw Pippa stand behind a tree, snowball in one of her gloved hands, smiling, waiting for Jack to walk down the path, so she could throw the snowball.

Unaware of the brown eyes watching her. He slowly took a step toward her, snowball ready.


Pippa suddenly felt a hard cold in her neck. She almost toppled over. Laughing she called Jack's name, while wiping the snow out of her neck. She got no response. "Jack" she called again, a little unsure.

She was answered with another two snowballs, to her shoulder and bum. Pippa laughed and almost fell over. "Jack you stupid-" she didn't get to finish the sentence. She was tackled by Jack. Jack pinned her against the ground laughing, " Say: Jack is the best!" "never!" she giggled.

Jack cocked an eyebrow. "Oh really? But what if... the tickle monster comes!"

Pippa's eyes widened "Oh no-"


A loud laughter erupted from the forest, so loud, even George could hear it. He smiled to himself, putting another log on the fire.

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