Chapter 1: Brilliant

"What?" Kyoko tilted her head to one side in response to the strange request.

"I'm sure you heard me just fine," Lory folded his arms and smiled. "You get to take a day off!"

"Get to," Kyoko started. "Or have to?"

"You don't want the day off," Lory pouted.

"No," Kyoko said plainly. "No I really don't"

"Then how 'bout I turn it into a LoveMe request?" He smirked. "Is that better?"

"Will my request be anything but takin ga day off?" This time Kyoko was the one to fold her arms in a devious way.

"Naturally," The atmosphere loosened as they had confident smiles, both convinced of having the upper hand. Lory interlocked his fingers to create a hammock like hand structureto rest the back of his head in. "You, Maria-chan, and Kotonami-kun are all to stay away from LME until you have done something vacation like at the very least"

Sebastian opened the door and ushered the two girls in question into the room.

Kyoko smiled at the opportunity to 'hang out' with Moko-san.

"Well in that case then it should be perfectly fine" She smiled.

"What are we doin' then nee-sama?" Maria-chan inquired.

"Come on!" She scooped Maria up in her left arm and grabbed Kanae's wrist with her right. "We're goin' on an adventure!"

"I am brilliant!" Lory chuckled to himself

-end chapter-

Sorry if this is really weird or whatever; it came to me in a dream.