I volunteered to write any kind of IC for a friend when he won it in a forum game on PPMB. His challenge: "to write a fic in which Kevin and Upchuck are romantically coupled." I knew I was asking for it...


"Testing," a sleazy voice echoed over the crowded stands. "Testing, one, two…sixty-nine. Grrrr!"
There were widespread protestations in the arena, but as usual the speaker was unperturbed.
"Remember when I called your winning touchdown in the game against Douglass?" Charles Ruttheimer mused, leaning back against the wall of the sound booth.
"Um…yeah, I think so," Lions quarterback Kevin Thompson shrugged. He was busy rummaging through papers on the team announcer's desk, knocking half of them to the floor in his quest for the correct document. "Dude, can I get a little help here?"
"I yelled so loudly," the oft-maligned 'Upchuck' continued as though Kevin hadn't spoken. "Everyone in the stands jumped out of their boots."
"Huh? That wasn't a bootleg play." Kevin scowled into the sea of paper.
"…Never mind."
"FOUND IIIIIT!" The small-brained athlete whooped. He held up a spare copy of the team playbook with triumph. "I owe you one, bro. The coach would've killed me if he knew I lost it."
"You mean if she knew. It's 'Amoral Morris' now, remember?"
Kevin tucked the binder under one arm, from where it would (hopefully) never emerge. "Oh yeah! I forgot." He turned to go.
Upchuck was suddenly in front of him. The door lock clicked ominously. "Not so fast, loverboy. You owe me one, remember?"
The QB paused, shifted from one foot to the other. "Um, look man, can't we wait till after the—MMMMFFF!"
"Mmmmm," was Upchuck's answer as he smothered Kevin's mouth in a saucy kiss. They fell onto the desk, conveniently sweeping off the rest of the papers with a muffled, "Feisty."
"What?! I don't do fists!" Kevin whimpered.
"That's not what I said. But don't give me any ideas, you sick animal. Rrrrowr!"
More kissing followed. But despite the pleasure unfolding in the booth, there was no joy in the crowd that had come to see tonight's football game. For, in the impromptu conquest of his new boyfriend…

Upchuck had left his microphone on.