Summary: Young naive model Isabella Swan meets a handsome green eyed stranger at a party.

"Who do you belong to?" He asks starring at me with a strange look upon his face.

"What do you mean?" I ask confused.

"You wear no ring but a women as beautiful as you has to have someone" He says starring at me as if I was an epic wonder to him.

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Chapter 1

Love at first sight exists only in books.

"God you're so beautiful" My manager James Hunter said in slight awe. I was wearing one of the dresses he had sent for me. It was dark blue baby doll dress that just came below my knees.

"Thanks" I say quietly picking up my clutch.

"This party is going to open so many doors for you darling" He says twirling me around with a happy laugh.

"I hope so" James huffed and smiled at me.

"Darling if I wasn't gay I would be humping you" He says making me laugh. James always knew how to make me feel better. My stomach twisted painfully as he started the car. The mere thought of people wanting to talk to me made me sick. All my life I had grown up constantly being told what a beautiful model I would be. So I guess I just went into it. Now here I was going to the first launch party.

"Do you think they will like me?" I ask James as stops the car in front of the hotel where the party was being held.

"Relax angel face they won't just like you they're going to love you" I slowly nodded as soon as we stepped out camera flashes blinded me momentarily as I forced a smile and waved at the reporters who were shouting out questions.

James held my hand after handing the key to his sports car to the valet.

As soon as we entered the large room I was momentarily flabbergasted by the sheer opulence of the decor.

Pictures of me covered the walls in seductive poses. I grimaced slightly feeling my face heat up.

"The star of the show" A voice sneered I turned around it was Tanya Denali she was a famous model.

"Hello I am Isabella" I introduce smiling politely. She smirks a little and leans in.

"Innocence gets you nowhere" She told me I blanked what did she mean? She tossed her strawberry glossy blond hair back and headed towards the bar.

James had disappeared into the crowd. Just great. There was way too many people here I kept being touched and nudged about how pretty the pictures were. I was beginning to feel light headed I noticed a balcony door pushing my way through the crowd I quickly headed out. The air outside felt heavenly against my overheated skin.

"Shouldn't you be inside" a voice said casually from behind me. I turned around and had to contain my gasp. He was magnificent, possibly the most handsome man I had ever seen.

"I just needed some air" my voice sounded even even though my heart was racing. He had the most beautiful face, a face of an angel. Paired with a pair of the most vivid green eyes I had seen in my life.

"Are you a model?" I blurt out and regret a second later as he starts to laugh. I look away feeling embarrassed.

"No" he says finally his laughter seizing.

"Who do you belong to?" He asks starring at me with a strange look upon his face.

"What do you mean?" I ask confused.

"You wear no ring but a women as beautiful as you has to have someone" He says starring at me as if I was an epic wonder to him.

"No I don't belong to anyone" I say it was a habit even when I was younger when I got nervous I blurted out what ever came to mind.

"Yet" He said it so very softly I was barely sure I heard him say it.

"Sweetheart there you are" James said grabbing my arm lightly. The strangers face changed he looked annoyed. I felt sad suddenly I probably would never see him ever again.

"Are you cold?" James asked putting his arm around me I shook my head as he started introducing me to different brands and magerzine heads. By the end of the night I was beyond exhausted the smile on my face felt strained slightly as we exited.

I never saw him again that night but his green eyes haunted me.

The next day I woke up late, I had dreamed of him. I didn't even know his name yet somehow I couldn't forget him.

James had organized lunch for me with some fashion designer Alice Cullen who was insisting I be her show stopper.

The drive over to Giatano was brutal as the traffic was a mile long James kept talking about how there was a wide spread articals on almost every magerzine claiming I was secretly dating actors and football players. He found it rather funny and kept teasing me lightly.

"Darling" A chirpy voice called out James headed towards the short but stylish Alice I assumed.

"Well aren't you just gorgeous" Alice said to me as she leaned in and hugged me after hugging James.

"Thank you" I say nervously.

"Don't be scared Isabella your going to be the highlight of my show" Alice said happily I tried to smile but I still felt sad I was never going to see those green eyes ever again.

"Shoot one second its my brother" She said answering her phone.

"Look if you keep pursuing the model type that's what you get" I could hear her say but stopped listening after a minute.

"Are you ok sweetheart?" James asked picking up my hand and rubbing it lightly.

"Yeah" I say its a lie but he believes it so I just fake another smile.

"My brother god he is having trouble with one his latest flavors" Alice said shaking her head in disgust.

"Let's talk business love" James said the rest of the meeting was a blur.

All I knew was in a week I would be wearing a Mary-Alice creation. The thought left me both scared and excited.

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