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Chapter three

James kept gushing about how Edward had a crush on me. Before our promised meeting, I couldn't stop myself from combing my hair until it shined and wearing my best dress.

"He has a girlfriend" I muse somewhat bitterly. Guys like Edward always had beautiful women after him.

"Wait you think Tanya is his girlfriend?" James laughed as he cut some off some truck and flipped them off.

"They're not a couple?" I asked confused, I played with the hem of my dress pretending to not be interested.

"She's a love em and leave em kinda girl" James said wrinkling his nose in disgust.

"So, what's the assignment?" I asked changing the topic. Not wanting to seem to interested in Edwards life.

"He said he would discuss the terms with us at lunch" James said casually.

"Sounds like some one has a crush on Edward" He sang brightly I blushed and tried to ignore the butterflies in my stomach as I heard his name.

"No I don't even know him" I say as we entered the restaurant.

"But you want to, don't blame you though he is quiet the dish" James said with a grin. A hand met the small of my back.

"Red is good colour on you Angel" He whispered in my ear.

I felt my legs turn to jelly as I looked up to meet his gaze. He was way too gorgeous for his own good.

"T-thanks" I said James noticed Edward and jabbed me lightly.

"I got us a table in the private section" Edward said after greeting James.

Edward kept his hand on the small of my back it was slightly exhilarating.

"So Edward, Isabella wanted to know if you have a girlfriend" James said as we sat down I kicked James as hard as I could under the table.

"Did she now?" Edward asked with a raised brow.

"He's the one that wants to really know" I say softly unable to look Edward in the eye after my lie.

"Well no guess I haven't ever had a real relationship must have been secretly waiting for you" I bit my lip he was flirting with me.

James chattered insistently, Edward and answered with only half ears and stared at each other.

"So what's the assignment?" James asked finally as the drinks came in. I sipped my red wine, my throat felt so dry.

"I want Angel to be the face of my airway" He said James nodded and typed something in his blackberry.

"We have dates after September" He said finally.

"One of the terms of the contract is she must not work for any other brands for the year I am willing to may a year in modeling fees" He said this got my attention I shook my head.

"What about the other contracts I have already signed on" I asked Edward would have to have some pretty deep pockets to pay to keep me in airway modeling.

"I will pay for their termination simply when I have something representing me I don't share" Suddenly I felt as though we weren't talking about just face brands.

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