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Third person.

One week later...

Bella grimaced at the head line on page three. According to the Tibit she was dating Edward Cullen and was pregnant with his child.

James laughed and found every article, especially the most embarrassing ones and sent it to her.

"God why do people think I am dating him?" Bella asked with annoyance.

"He asked me if you two could meet, before you say no I already agreed sweet's, just meet him" James said with a sigh, As bella made a face.

"James he's not..." James rolled his eyes.

"He's sexy, he's rich, Bella you need a rebound bigger and better than that dog, Jacob Black" James made it sound so easy. With Edward the attraction was undeniable but if she had to choose being with him would be too consuming.


"Today around four invited him over" James said as if it were some normal occurrence.

"Jesus James its One how am I supposed to dress for that now?" Bella whined pouting at James who smirked.

"Put on that little baby blue sun dress, with no make up" James said with a wink.

"And where do you think you're going?" Bella asked watching James make his way to the door.

"I have a date with Victor" James announced blushing.

"Good luck with that" Bella said rolling her eyes. As James exited the door, Bella began to panic, what was she going to do.

What was she going to say?

She hardly even thought of Jacob, the kiss between her and Edward had been consuming her mind dulling her senses.

She felt sick as the clock ticked, it was four. She poured herself a glass of wine and heard the doorbell chirp.

"Hey" she answered, while he looked tired his eyes were almost bloodshot and he seemed thinner. In his dark grey suit, and Italian leather shoes.

He grabbed her, his arm snaked around her waist in an iron clad hold, He pressed his lips onto her own kicking the door shut. Suddenly Bella found her self on the couch his hand slowly graising her thighs making her sex clench.

"I can smell you" he whispered into her ear, biting the her neck lightly.

Bella shivered as his one hand moved up and cupped her breast, he laid her onto the couch, slowly kissing the area between her breasts, then her naval which made her whimper, then he slowly raised her dress and stared at her cotton white panties.

He pressed a kiss, right there in the middle, her already soaked panties.

"You want my tongue in side you, you want me taste you?" He asked slowly pulling her panties off an kissing he thigh.

"You're so beautiful" He whispered and then without warning her kissed her there, Bella could feel her stomach turning in anticipation, as his tongue lapped her little button, he inserted his little finger into her, it hurt at first but then he began to move it in and out.

"You like this, so wet" he mumbled against her.

"OH MY GOD" Bella shouted as she came against him.

After a period he stopped he reached out and kissed her lips pressing his erection between her legs.

"I want you" he said while Bella unable of a coherent thought just stared up at him.

Bella wrapped her hands around his shoulders and buried her fingers into the hair on the nape of his neck.

"That was you first one" He grinned arrogantly, knowingly. Bella nodded unable to speak as yet.

The feeling of him against her centre was so wickedly delicious. Bella closed her eyes in shame. She had just basically let him have his wicked way with her.

"Please leave" She muttered softly utterly humiliated, Edward froze his smirk dying.

"You are such a fucking tease" He spat out waking up he moved towards the door at a lightening speed.

"Call me when you want to fuck" He said slamming the door behind him. Bella was barely able to stand her legs were jelly. She burned for him, she wanted him so much, but she knew deep down her self respect was never something she would loose for a man, no mater how beautiful he was.