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Warnings & Details: AU/NO SLASH. This is a Harry/Severus family/guardian/adoption story. There will be no slash at all. There may be mild language and there is some violence. There is mild Dumbledore bashing though not really. He's mostly just really manipulative. There is Ron/Seamus/Draco bashing, if that's what you can call it. Mostly they're just not the good people. There are mentions of child abuse/neglect. There is, what I call, canon characters role change. This just means that those who are good in the books are not necessarily good in this story. Also, characters that may have been major characters in the books may not even be mentioned in this story. There are absolutely NO HORCRUXES. The characters may be OOC though it's mostly just having different characteristics and the fact that this story takes a different perspective.

I have to point out that Harry is different. He is not going to be the way he is in the books. He is still curious and can be impulsive but in different ways. He does not jump into dangerous situations without thinking. If he does, it's out of curiosity, not to save the world. He does not have a hero complex in this story. He is not rash. He is stubborn but he is quiet, intelligent, and scared. He is not the Golden Boy and he does not live up to the 'hero of the wizarding world'. Keep this in mind when you are reading because Harry will be OOC but just because I am writing him the way I believe he could have been had he been in Slytherin.

Also, the events that happen in the book (Fluffy, Flying lessons, Norbert, etc.) may or may not happen in this story. Some of them will but will happen in different ways with different outcomes. Some will not happen at all. It is just the way I am writing it as I am, once again, going off what I believe Harry may have been like had he been in Slytherin.

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"Slytherin!" the Sorting Hat shouted and the Great Hall fell into an even deeper silence. Harry Potter slipped the hat off his head and shuffled to Slytherin table with his head down. He felt the eyes of all the other students and the professors boring into him. He sat at the very end of the table and folded his hands in his lap, keeping his eyes on his empty plate. It was dead silent for a long time before McGonagall cleared her throat awkwardly and called up the next first year. He barely heard the rest of the Sorting and felt himself continuously shrinking, wishing he could disappear.

"Hi, I'm Dean."

Harry jumped violently, nearly falling off the bench at the voice next to him. He hadn't noticed anyone sitting next to him. He looked at the dark skinned boy warily.

"Dean Thomas," the boy said again.

"Harry," he said quietly.

"It's wicked here, isn't it?" Dean said and Harry nodded. "I didn't know I was a wizard until I got my letter."

"When did you get it?" Harry asked.

"On my birthday. Apparently that's what happens with the first years, they get their letter on their eleventh birthday. After that the letters come in the summer," Dean said.

"And you didn't know you were magic?"

Dean shook his head. "My parents are Muggles. As far we know, there hasn't been anyone magical in the family but there had to be at some point otherwise I wouldn't be here."

"Me too. My relatives are Muggles and never told me. They don't like me much," Harry said.

"That's family. You may have to love each other because you're family but that doesn't mean you like each other," Dean said.

And that would be true if they did love me just because we're family, Harry thought both bitterly and sadly. It was then that Harry tuned into what Professor Dumbledore was saying.

"And the third floor corridor is forbidden. Anyone caught there will be severely punished as it is dangerous in that corridor," the headmaster said and Harry frowned. What could be so dangerous in a school?

"Wow, look at all this food," Dean said and Harry realized Dumbledore had stopped speaking and the tables were now laden with food.

All the food looked delicious but Harry also felt his stomach cramp painfully at the thought of eating so much and such rich food. It had been quite a while since he had had much to eat. He took some of the lighter foods and managed to spread it across his plate to make it look like he had a lot when he really didn't. He stayed quiet most of the time through dinner, only speaking when Dean talked to him. The dark boy was good at making conversation himself and seemed to not mind Harry's limited involvement. The rest of Slytherin house never said a word to Harry but did continue to shoot him looks all through the meal. He knew everyone else in the Hall was looking at him too.

He didn't understand. Why was it such a big deal that he was in Slytherin?

Soon dinner was over and dessert had disappeared, and it was now time for bed. Dumbledore dismissed the students, telling the Prefects to bring the first years to their dormitories. Gemma Farley called for the Slytherin first years to follow her down to the dungeons. Harry walked with Dean near the back of the group, looking around the castle in wonder as they went through the Entrance Hall and down several flights of stairs to the dungeons.

"Remember the password, kids," Gemma said. "Right now it is 'tourmaline'. It changes every three months. The change will be posted on the billboard in the common room as well as any other announcements so check it every day in case there is anything of great importance to you, Slytherin house, or the school in general."

The first years nodded their understanding and followed her into the Slytherin common room. Harry immediately felt at peace. The room was done in different shades of green, in silver, and black. The fireplace was lit though the fire was not very large, just enough to keep the room warm from the chill of the dungeons. A sofa, a loveseat, and three lounge chairs circled the fireplace with a coffee table in the center. There were a couple of tables with chairs in other areas of the room. There were Slytherin flags, banners, and symbols all around the room but it also wasn't overbearing. For Harry, the Slytherin common room was more of a home than anywhere else he had ever been.

"Now, you guys wait here. Professor Snape will be here soon to speak to you and tell you about your time at Hogwarts and in Slytherin house," Gemma told them. She stood off to the side just as the common room door opened and Professor Severus Snape swept into the room.

"Good evening," Snape said, folding his hands in front of him as he stood before the first years. "Welcome to Slytherin. It is difficult to be Slytherin but that is why you stick together. Professor McGonagall told you that your house is like your family but in Slytherin, your house is your family. The other houses will be against you so there is no reason to be against each other. Understand?"

"Yes, Professor," the first years chorused.

"Good. Now, you will find that I am much stricter with my house than the other Heads are with their houses. It is mandatory for all first years to go through a full physical exam with Madam Pomfrey. The day you are scheduled for your exam will be posted on the board. There is also a bedtime for all students in this house. On school nights, you are to be in bed with the lights out no later than nine-thirty. On weekends, it is ten-thirty.

"Two to three nights a week, I spend at least two hours here to help with homework, answer any questions, and help with anything you may need help with. I also have office hours which are posted on the board. I am always open to help you. You are to keep your dorms clean. There are, of course, house elves in the castle but they are not your slaves. Keep your dorms clean and orderly.

"Finally, do not fight outside these walls. We have enough problems with fighting with the other houses. Any fights are to be done within the common room and resolved as quickly as possible."

"Yes, Professor," they said again.

"Good. You will receive your class schedule at breakfast. Sleep well," Snape said and left the common room.

"All right," Gemma said, "first year dorms are through that door." She pointed to a plain wooden door next to a Slytherin banner. "There are two to a dorm. Your names are on the doors and your belongings are already here. I hope you can get along with your roommate because it cannot be changed. If you need help in the night, the Prefects and Head Boy and Girl are through that door over there." She pointed to a door near the fireplace.

When they nodded, she smiled and bid them good night. The first years rushed through the door to find their dorms. Harry walked slowly behind everyone else with Dean, searching for his room.

"Look, Harry," Dean said, pointing at the sixth door on the right. "We're roommates."

Harry smiled. At least he was with someone nice. "Let's go to sleep. I'm tired."

Dean nodded and they walked into their dorm. Like the common room, the door was green and silver. The two four poster beds were directly across from each other on either side of the room, and their curtains were green. The pillows were white and black while the blankets were green with silver threaded through them. The comforters looked extremely warm and comfortable. Harry couldn't wait to sink into the bed. There was also a small fireplace on the far wall with a small mantle, its flames flickering.

"This is a really nice room," Dean said and Harry nodded. "So what do you think about Professor Snape?"

"He can definitely be strict and harsh, but he seems to care a lot about Slytherin house," Harry said. "I think he's okay. We'll see what he's like in class. I wonder what he teaches."

"Potions," Dean said. "I did a little reading on the train just so I would know a few things. It's a whole other world to learn about."

"It's kind of scary," Harry said.

"Yeah," Dean agreed. "Suppose we should get ready and go to sleep."

"You go first. I'll change out here," Harry said.

Dean smiled. "Thanks. I won't be long." He took some things from his trunk and disappeared into the bathroom.

Harry waited until he heard Dean shuffling around before pulling off his robes and uniform. Scars were illuminated by the fire and fresh wounds crisscrossed his back as they slowly healed. He quickly pulled his ratty pajamas on so Dean wouldn't see. He sat on his bed and just looked around as he waited for Dean to finish.

He still couldn't believe that this was all real and happening. He was really a wizard and he was really at a school of magic. For ten months of the year, he could escape his relatives. He had possessions. He had a pet, an owl. He could make friends since there was no Dudley to chase them away. This could be a new life for him. It could make everything different.

He could be happy.

"All yours," Dean said, exiting the bathroom.

Harry flashed him a smile and scurried into the bathroom to wash his face and brush his teeth. He relieved himself last and left the bathroom. Dean was just lying down beneath his blankets and said a quiet good night. Harry returned the sentiment as he, too, climbed into bed. It was the softest thing he had ever felt but he supposed he didn't have much to compare it to as he had only ever slept on a cot, a hotel floor, and a stone floor. He sighed quietly and curled up, the blankets swallowing him.

Harry woke up early as was his habit picked up from life at the Dursleys'. It was seven in the morning and so he still had an hour and a half before breakfast. Dean was still asleep so Harry hopped out of bed, grabbed his clothes for the day, and went to take a shower. He hissed quietly when the hot water fell on his still open wounds. He relished the warm shower for as long as possible, having never felt warm water in the shower in his life.

He turned the water off after a long while and stepped out, wrapping one of the fluffy green towels around his body. He stood still and silent for a moment in order to hear if Dean was awake yet. When he heard nothing, he continued to get ready for his first real, full day in the wizarding world and school.

He exited the bathroom with his robes, tie, and pajamas over one arm. He folded his pajamas and placed them on the end of his bed, glancing up as Dean began stirring.

"You up already?" Dean mumbled sleepily.

"Early riser," Harry said simply, wrapping his tie around his neck and tying it.

Dean just shook his head and stumbled into the bathroom, making Harry chuckle quietly. They finished getting ready in relative silence. Harry shoved his books and other items in his bag and swung it over his shoulder.

"We should go to breakfast early and leave early so that we have time to find our class. That way if we get lost, we have time to find our way without being late," Harry suggested as Dean pulled on his shoes.

"Good idea," Dean said, grabbing his own bag. "Knowing me, I'd get us so lost we could never be found. I've never been good at navigation."

Harry laughed and they left their dorm. It was still early, hardly eight, so they were two of the only ones awake. There were a couple older students in the common room, including Gemma who said a quiet 'good morning' as they passed. They travelled the dungeon corridors and up the stairs leading back to the Entrance Hall. They talked quietly as they walked the still relatively empty school to the Great Hall. They sat at Slytherin table and immediately took some breakfast, continuing to talk.

"I never believed this could happen," Dean said. "I've always been different though."

"You have?"

Dean nodded. "Odd things always happened. When I was around two, I guess I didn't want to take a bath. Every time my dad got me near the water, it disappeared."

Harry grinned. "I turned my teacher's hair blue by accident."

Dean laughed. "That's brilliant. Have you read any of our textbooks?"

"No, I didn't get a chance. I wanted to. They look really interesting," Harry said.

"I haven't read them either. I flipped through them. I've mostly just been reading Hogwarts, A History. The history of Hogwarts is fascinating," Dean told him.

"What's it like?" Harry asked, interested.

"This entire school is a memory of those who founded it. Rowena Ravenclaw, Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, and Salazar Slytherin were best friends and decided they wanted to be able to teach children how to control their magic and how to expand it. They lived over a thousand years ago. It's amazing how much they managed in their time and how much things have changed," Dean said. "There are a lot of secrets in this castle."

"There are always secrets," Harry muttered and just gave a wry smile when Dean looked at him. "Are you done?" He asked a bit later after Snape had given them their schedules.

"Yeah, let's go," Dean said and they both got to their feet, snatching up their bags again. The Great Hall was nearly full, making it easier for them to slip out though they knew most of the Hall was watching them once again.

They looked at their schedules to get the location of their Transfiguration class. They walked up the Grand Staircase to the second floor and then down corridors. It took some time but they were eventually standing outside the classroom they were sure they were in. They waited, talking about how their first day might be. Soon they heard footsteps approaching and found other Slytherin first years coming near. Harry recognized the blond boy in front as the boy he had met in Diagon Alley.

"Looks like we know who the teachers' pets are this year," the boy sneered and Harry frowned.

"We're not teachers' pets!" Dean said.

"Yet you were ten minutes early," the blond boy said. "Eager?"

"We left early in case we got lost. We didn't want to be late," Dean said.

"Lost?" the boy scoffed. "Only idiots get lost."

"Not all of us grew up in this world," Dean snapped.

"That's right. You are the Mudblood in Slytherin this year. The first one ever, probably."

"Mudblood?" Harry questioned.

"So he does speak," the boy said and Harry flushed. "I'm Malfoy, by the way, though you should know that, Potter. And he's a Mudblood. You know, Muggle parents? Where have you been, Potter? Locked in a tower?"

Harry just glared even as he continued blushing.

"Not much of a wizard, are you, Potter? You don't seem to know very much," Malfoy said.

"I am a wizard!"

"Know any spells?"


"Hm, pity," Malfoy murmured. "I suggest you practice then or be very careful."

"Are you threatening us?" Dean said, glowering.

"Perhaps," Malfoy mused. "I'd practice, Potter. I doubt the Mudblood will ever be able to help you."

"Back off, Malfoy," Harry said.

"Good morning, students." Professor McGonagall's voice interrupted them. "Come on now. Inside."

Harry and Dean glared at Malfoy's smirk once more before walking into the classroom with the other first years.

Harry gasped and groaned when one of Malfoy's friends, Goyle, bumped roughly into him. He smacked into the wall and his bag fell, its contents spilling.

"Watch it, Potter," Malfoy snapped. "Learn your place though I guess that's difficult when you don't belong here."

Harry glared in anger and hurt, rubbing his arm where it had been bruised and cut on the stone wall. Malfoy snickered.

"Try not to be late. Professor Snape doesn't like people being late," he said and then sauntered away with Crabbe and Goyle.

"They're such jerks," Dean growled. "What do they have against us?"

"I don't know," Harry said quietly, examining the cut on his arm.

"Are you okay?" Dean asked.

"Yeah, it's just a small cut. Nothing serious," Harry said before kneeling to gather his belongings. Dean crouched and began helping, returning the small smile Harry sent him. "Do you think we'll be late?"

"No, we have time. Malfoy was just picking on us." Dean shook his head.

They stood back up when Harry's bag was packed and continued on their way to Potions. They were looking forward to Potions, thinking they might enjoy it. They walked into the dark room and found every table full except for one which they rushed to. The other students were quietly talking, creating a dull hum in the room. The talking ceased in a moment when the door flew open and Professor Snape stalked to the front of the room.

The man glared around the classroom at each student. "You are here to learn the subtle art of potion-making though I doubt many of you have the ability for this exact science. You must have patience, you must have precision, and you must have discipline. I do not tolerate incompetence or foolishness. Potions can be dangerous so you must proceed with focus and caution."

There was a pause as Snape gazed around the room again.

"Turn to page eighteen. You are to practice the different styles of preparation. No talking except to your neighbor. Put completed ingredients to the side so I may grade them. Your ingredients are in the cupboard. Begin."

The students rushed to get their ingredients but Harry and Dean remained for a few moments. They read over the different techniques and decided on just a few select ingredients to practice upon. They headed up to the cupboard now that most of the students had returned to their tables. They both grabbed a few dandelion roots, a few flobberworms, and a few simple robin egg shells. Returning to their desks, they began to slice, dice, chop, cube, mince, grind, powder, and skin their various ingredients. It didn't take long before both Harry and Dean were finished with all of their preparation techniques and were now cleaning up while they waited for Snape to examine their work.

"Time's up. Tools down," Snape said, getting to his feet and leaving his desk. He walked slowly through the desks, stopping at each student and examining their ingredients.

Harry watched the man and noticed how he seemed faintly irritated at how most students had grabbed a different ingredient for nearly every technique and only one of each ingredient. By the time he reached Harry and Dean, he had failed six Gryffindors and three Slytherins and criticized everyone's attempts.

He glared down at their two sets of ingredients, scrutinizing them. He felt their powdered eggs and brought the others close to his eyes. "Mr. Potter, work on making your cuts a bit straighter otherwise acceptable." He turned to Dean. "Mr. Thomas, your powder needs to be a bit finer and your dicing smaller. Also acceptable."

Harry and Dean smiled at their professor and then grinned at each other.

"Clean up. Next class will also be spent practicing techniques but then we begin brewing. Now get out."

Harry and Dean bottled their ingredients and then left the room as they were already cleaned up. They talked about their first Potions class excitedly as they headed up to the Great Hall.

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