Gelling It On


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Raven floated noiselessly over her bed, quietly meditating. There was a sudden knock on the door. Raven winced, slowly forcing one eye open. "Come in," she said, annoyed. The door opened silently and Starfire came in.
"Hello Raven!" exclaimed Starfire in her usual cheery voice. "I was wondering if y- what is that?" said Starfire, cutting off midsentence. She pointed past Raven, her eyes growing large with wonder and curiosity. Raven turned her head and gasped, realizing she had left her monitor on. "Why are there naked girls on the screen, Raven?" asked Starfire.
"Uhh..." SHIT Raven thought to herself. She was about to get up to turn off the screen when Starfire spoke again.
"It looks... interesting," muttered Starfire as she strode to the desk and leaned close to the screen. "Raven, why are these girls touching each other like that? Is this customary on Earth?" Raven sighed.
"No, not really. It's just... some girls, lesbians, like other girls. Let's turn this off now," murmmurmured, reaching to shut off the screen.
"Oh," said Starfire, softly. She hesitated, confused for a second, and then asked, "Raven, are you a... one of these... lesbian people?" Starfire looked up at Raven curiously, and Raven almost smiled.
"Well," she began, but Starfire cut her off.
"Raven, can you show me how this... lesbian thing... works?" Starfire looked nervous. She was looking down at her boots and bouncing up and down on the bed. As she bounched, her breasts jiggled up and down, up and down. Boing, boing. Now Raven smiled, a rare thing.
"Yes, I can show you..." she said mischeviously. Starfire had never seen Raven look like this. She looked... hungry.

Raven quickly pulled back her hood and unclasped her cape, flinging it to the floor. Then she undid her cloak and let it rest loosely on her shoulders.
"What are you doing?" asked Starfire. She had a scared look on her face, yet inside she felt a spark of curiosity and desire.
Raven slid up against Star's body and placed one hand between her thighs. "Shhh," whispered Raven, putting a finger to Starfire's lips. Then, she slowly leaned towards Starfire and lightly kissed her. Starfire seemed to draw back for a split second; then she slowly returned the kiss. Raven's tongue crept into Starfire's mouth, prying her lips apart and and touching with Starfire's tongue. Her arm was around Starfire's waist now, her other hand was snaking up Starfire's smooth, sexy back. It curled past her neck and up into her beautiful red hair. She held Starfire tightly as they kissed passionately on her bed. Then, Raven took Starfire's hand and led it up to her shoulder, pulling down her loosened cloak and revealing her bare breasts. Starfire's eyes widened even larger ttheythey were before, and Raven felt a ripple of lust go through her as she looked into Starfire's bright green eyes.

Raven gently pushed Starfire down, down onto the bed and laid on top of her, her hard breasts pushed up against Starfire's. Then, Raven finally stood up, removing her cloak slowly, sliding it down past her legs. She was almost fully nude, except her dark panties. Then, she took Starfire in her arms and slowly reached under her skirt, fingering her pussy and squeezing her tight ass. "MMMmmm," Starfire moaned. She wasn't sure what was happening, or why her vagina suddenly felt so wet... Raven gently snaked her hands up Starfire's back and they ended up right under her tits. Then, Raven slowly pulled up Starfire's tight shirt, revealing her large breasts. A look of greed, lust, and hunger was on her face. She could hardly hold in her feelings for Starfire, but she wanted to take it slow to savor all the pleasure. Damn, thought Raven, They seemed so big under that tight little shirt, but now when I took it off they seem even larger... Or maybe it was just because Raven was slowly sinking down to Starfire, pushing her on the bed and smothering her face into Starfire's cleavage. "OOoohhhh, Starfire," she moaned softly. "You don't know how long I waited for this moment, how long I wanted you, desired you."
"MMMmmm..." moaned Starfire as she lay under Raven, letting her lick her breasts. Then, they rolled over and Raven was under Starfire. She put her arms behind Starfire, holding her ass tightly. She bounced Starfire up and down, jiggling her butt cheeks and violently squeezing them. Starfire was panting like a dog, her mouth wide open. Her cunt was soaked by now, but she still didn't realize what was happening. All she knew was the deep desire that had suddenly come out of her, the lust for Raven. They began to kiss again, and as they kissed, their legs intertwined and Starfire could feel a ripple of pleasure go up her thy as Raven's cunusheushed against it. Their bare breasts were pushed together, and looking at Raven's chest, Starfire wanted to dive at it. As she leaned down, Raven caressed her cheek with her hand.
"No, Starfire, that was just the beginning. Now, we'll go even deeper..." Then, Raven slowly slid her finger down to Starfire's wet cunt. She slowly slid the tight little miniskirt off Starfire's body, down past her thys, down to her feet. Starfire kicked them off, giggling in delight. She wasn't sure what Raven was going to do, but she knew it was going to give her more pleasure than she had ever imagined. Raven gently slid a finger down into Starfire's panties, and when she drew it back out it was all wet. "Mmmm." Raven licked her finger, then smiled at Starfire and sucked up all the juices into her mouth. "Starfire, you know I can't stop here. I have to go deeper, deeper inside you..."
"Oh yes, please. Don't stop Raven..." whispered Starfire, as if in a dream. Her wildest dream ever... but this wasn't a dream. It was real, and she was enjoying every bit of it. Raven gently grabbed Starfire's butt and gripped her violet panties. Then, she slowly slid them off, leaving Starfire totally nude. "Starfire, you're... beautiful," she whispered into her ear as they lay down again. Then, she slid down so that her face was right in Starfire's cunt, and she began licking up all the sweet juices.
"Oohhh," Starfire moaned. Raven kept licking and sucking, on and on. Starfire moaned even louder. "More Raven! Lick me more! Faster!" screamed Starfire. Raven then went into a wild frenzy, unable to control her horniness. She laid wild kisses around Starfire's private area (which wasn't so private at the moment) and sucked on her pussy harder. Starfire moaned as she lay back on the bed, looking up at the ceiling.
"Starfire," said Raven, with a note of desire in her voice. "It's your turn to do me now." She grinned, and Starfire sat up, flashing a lustful smile. She giggled as she laid Raven down and spread her legs apart, then laid her head down on Raven's pussy.
"MMmmmm I can feel the wetness leaking through," said Starfire, rubbing her cheek against Raven's wet panties. Then, she sat up and quickly pulled off Raven's underwear, leaving her bare. She giggled again as she placed her tongue into Raven's cunt. "Spread your legs more Raven," she cried, licking up all the juices. She licked harder and harder, divieep eep into Raven's pussy.
"Ohh yes, yes!" screamed Raven as she spread her legs apart as wide as she could. Starfire grasped her thys and licked away. Then, eventually she slowed down and finally stopped, sitting up. Her motion caused the bed to shake, and their breasts jiggled with it. Looking upon Raven's chest, Starfire felt a sudden burst of uncontrolled horniness and leaped on top of her. She sat on Raven's tummy. propping herself up with her hands on the bed. Her beautiful hair hung down, brushing Raven's face. Raven smiled. Starfire's long strands of hair were tickling her face and breasts. Starfire leaned down and kissed Raven's breasts lightly. Her mouth rest on them for a long time. Then, she made her way to Raven's left nipple and pressed it between her teeth as gently as she could.
"Raven, does this hurt you?" she asked.
"NO," screamed Raven, "Please continue. I can't stand it... I want you Starfire, I want you so bad." Raven was wimpering like a puppy.
Starfire smiled and leaned down again, resting Raven's nipple in between her teeth.
"Raven, I-" Starfire was interrupted by a sudden wailing of a siren. *Beep, beep, beep*
"SHIT," screamed Raven in disgust.
"Titans, trouble!" They could hear Robin yelling outside their door, somewhere down the hallway. What if he came in here? Raven pulled her covers up around her and Starfire. Starfire had a scared look on her face, scared and nervous. What if they were found out?
They heard footsteps run by the bedroom door, and heard Robin shout again, frustrated, "Damnit, where are Star and Raven at?"
"Shit, shit," cried Raven in despair. "Hurry Starfire, help me!" She quickly leaped to the floor and kicked her discarded clothing under her bed. Starfire followed suit. Then, Raven roughly grabbed Starfire by the hand and pulled her along behind her, making her way to the window.
"Where are we going?" asked Starfire, confused. Then, she gasped as the wall in front of them turned into a pool of black energy, and Raven walked through, pulling Starfire behind her. They came out on the other side, which was outside the Titan Tower. The waves of the sea were crashing on the rocks below. "EEeekkk!" Starfire screamed. "We are outside, and... and... NAKED!" she yelled.
"Who cares, no one can see us down here," replied Raven as they flew down towards the sandy beach.
"But there is trouble, and we must help!" exclaimed Starfire.
"Fuck that, we aren't done yet..." muttered Raven, and laid herself on top of Starfire on the beach. The sun was setting, leaving bright crimson and orange streaks in the sky. Starfire sighed, a dreamy look in her eyes.
"Isn't the sunset beautiful?" she asked Raven. "It is so romantic... mmm..." she moaned softly. Raven reached down and massaged her breasts.
"Yes, it is... but nothing is as beautiful as you Starfire. I know I'm not usually like this. I always try to hold my emotions in, and I seem so angry and frustrated and sad... But Starfire, this is how I truly am. I can't hold it in anymore," she whispered as she leaned close to Starfire. "I waited so long..." Their lips met, and they submitted to their lust, letting their inner desire take over their hot bodies...