Chapter 16

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The reception was in full swing and Ben and Angela were doing the customary Bride and Groom duties associated with any wedding. Angela looked blissfully happy despite the fact that her brother-in-law had just tried to forceably give her an abortion.

Edward was standing behind me as we watched Angela and her father have their dance. She had her head rested on her dad's shoulder as they moved lightly across the dance floor. It was a bitter sweet moment for both parties as everyone knew Angela was a daddies girl.

Jasper was nowhere in sight although Alice was still here enjoying the festivities with Esme and Carlisle. Rosalie left as soon as the vows had finished good riddance but my hackles were up after what had transpired earlier so I was a little jumpy.

"Calm down sweetheart." Edward whispered in my ear. His smooth baritone washed over me and my girly bits tingled. The bastard chuckled softly knowing how he affected me. I wanted to chastise my cooch for being such a harlot but dang I was wound up and him in this tux was driving me insane.

"Just like you in this dress." He picked up on my thoughts. "I must thank Angela for her good taste later you look absolutely sinful." And he kissed my shoulder lightly making me shiver.

Screw this. I grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the bridesmaid suite. Once upstairs I turned on him and slid off my underwear as skimpy as it was. "We have about 20 minutes before we have to make our speeches. You up for the challenge."

He grinned that grin "What about this nookie ban I'm on is it lifted?"

"Not in the least this is for me. But maybe if you make me come hard enough I'll think about it." I retorted saucily. I loved how free I was with him, I had never been comfortable with any other man enough to be this brazen. I loved it.

He growled "Well in that case.." He turned me around and placed my hands on the desk and bent me over. I felt him raise my dress up to my waist and I heard him slid his zipper down. I was rubbing on my clit as kissed my neck and he placed is already hard cock at my entrance.

"Damn baby only you can make me this hard do you feel that it's all for you." He whispered into my neck. His left hand found my breast and the other guided his cock into my wet folds.

I moaned as this position made me tighter around his large cock. He started moving in and out at a furious pace trying to get us both were we needed to be. "Damn Bella."

He pushed me down further on the desk so that now my chest was touching the surface and grabbed my hips with both hands. He was going so deep I was seeing stars. Our grunts and moans filled the air along with our slapping skin. I felt the build up in my lower stomach and then he placed his thumb in my ass and I exploded. He didn't stop he kept pounding relentlessly in and out and after a few moments he came hard inside me.

As we caught our breath he lightly kissed my back before pulling out. I giggled at the mess we made of the desk and we went into the toilet and cleaned up a bit before sneaking back to the reception.

We ran into Laurent and his mother in the hallway. "L who is that girl and why won't she leave your side? She has watched you all evening and not in a good way. I'm not too sure I like her something is weird about her behavior." Worrying about their father we forgot that their mother was very involved her her children's lives and was a mama bear when need be.

"Mom would you please stop with the interrogation I will introduce her later no here ok." He sounded exasperated.

" No not ok. I want…"

"Mrs Webber Laurent what are you two doing out here aren't the speeches about to begin?" I interrupted. Laurent gave me a grateful look as his mother narrowed her eyes at him letting him know this conversation was not over.

We made our way back into the ballroom and joined the others.

Angela took one look at me and laughed out loud. I smiled innocently at her as she whispered in Ben's ear and he looked at us and shook his head with a smirk.

Edward shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly but couldn't help the smile that spread across his face. He looked so boyishly handsome and carefree in that moment that my heart caught in my throat. He leaned in and kissed me softly.

Just then I heard the clanking of glasses and I knew the speeches were about to begin. Her father gave a toast to the couple and then I was up.

I stood up and the enormity of the day hit me. My best friend was married, my eyes watered up as I looked at her glowing face.

"Angela and I have been friends since 7th grade. No that's wrong we have been sisters since 7th grade. I was going to get up here and tell a story containing some of the shenanigans the two of us have gotten into over the years and believe me there has been plenty. But I don't want to do that anymore. I want to tell her how utterly honored I am that she chose me to be her friend. I want to tell her how wonderful she is and how lucky I am that she is in my life." Angela's eyes watered as I spoke. "I am so happy you have Ben because he completes you in every way. Be good to one another and be happy. Ben you have an amazing wife always treat her like the treasure she is." I raised my glass "To the bride and groom." My voice cracked on the last part.

After Edward's speech we spent the rest of the evening dancing and drinking. I had a wonderful time but I couldn't shake this feeling that something was off. Ben and Angela left for their honeymoon with well wishes and cheers all the while my stomach was churning. Once they were off Edward and I decided to call it a night.

As we left I caught Laurent's eye as he escorted Irina and Alice towards his car. He looked troubled and nodded his head at me as he got into the driver's seat. I guess I wasn't the only one feeling as if something wasn't right.

After arriving back at the hotel Edward ran me a bath while I undressed. Coming behind me he unzipped my dress slowly "You need to relax." He said softly "whatever will be will be and we will handle it together." After massaging my neck gently which made me moan softly he removed the remainder of my clothing and carried me bridal style to the tub. Placing me in the steamy water he removed his own clothing and climbed in behind me.

"What's in this water?" I asked the smell was unfamiliar and the water felt different. It was hard to explain in words but I knew the feel was not the same density as water.

"It is a mixture we used back home that relaxes and heals the body. It's great for sickness, stress, and ailments. Ben was able to find like materials here and create it. The mixture back on Kreon was much stronger but this is really close." He spoke quietly as he did anytime is home was mentioned.

I laid my head back just enjoying the feel of him wrapped around me. He was soaping up my torso with his hand and the other was kneading my neck working out the kinks. The stress of the week had taken its toll.

Trying to keep this secret under wraps, dealing with the newcomers, finding my "mate" and a wedding. I was happy it was over. It was hard to believe that all this had happened over the course of a few days. I couldn't help but wonder what was next.

"This week has been a roller coaster hasn't it?" Edward spoke up.

"Will your family be okay?" I asked "I don't know them very well but they have to be important to you on some level. What happened today was major."

He was quiet for a moment before he answered "Rosalie is a bitch but at least we knew her intentions, she has made her feelings clear from the start but Jasper crossed a line today that I don't believe he can come back from. Mates are sacred in our society. It is very rare that anyone has two, there are a few cases in which one half of a couple dies and the other mates again, but like I said it is very rare. For him to try and harm Angela in such a way is unacceptable and add to that the fact that she is with child make the offense that much more heinous."

He sighed "If it had been you I would have fought to the death. I don't know how Ben reined his anger I could see it brimming his love for his brother helped in the situation but make no mistake Angela will always be his priority. If it comes down to it he would kill Jasper in a heartbeat to protect her."

"Wow." Was all I could say but then another thought crossed my mind. "Edward perhaps he loves Angela maybe she isn't his mate. I mean we are human perhaps it doesn't work the same way."

" That is a good point but I can see into Ben's head clearly he mated with her just as Esme and Carlisle are connected along with Alice and Jasper, and us." He finished the last part softly. I noticed he didn't mention Emmett and Rosalie and inquired about it.

"Rosalie and Emmett are not true mates." What! "They love one another deeply but the mate bond is not there. It is also the source of a lot of Rosalie's anger. She knows that likely her mate died on Kreon and she will never meet him. She made a conscious decision to create whatever happiness she could find but she is bitter and it is affecting her rationality." He finished.

"She also doesn't believe that it's possible for you guys to mate with humans." I spoke out loud

"Actually that's not true. She recognizes the mate bond she refuses to accept it because that would mean that she could possibly have a human mate as well and she has bound herself to Emmett. Our people do not dissolve marriage and Rosalie was raised by royalty she will never go against tradition even if our home is gone. So instead she chooses to make everyone around her as miserable as she is." He looked down at me.

"I have so much to learn about you and your ways." I said quietly. I realized how different our kind was but it didn't scare me, it just intrigued me more.

He leaned down and kissed me "I will teach all you want to know."

My life was changed and I wasn't alone anymore. My gut told me something was coming, something big but for now I was cherishing this little moment in time with my mate.