Chapter 20


As Edward drove towards our destination, questions swirled in my head. "Edward why didn't Zatania's power work on me and was it wise to leave Carlisle and Esme alone with them?"

"Our powers are not infallible. Mental abilities such as mine and Zatania's do not work on every individual. Physical powers are the only powers that are guaranteed to work every time. It is unclear why some individuals are immune. Carlisle and Esme are two people that her powers do not work on. They experienced the same sensation you did but never attributed it to Zatania as this was something she kept secret. They both just thought they were developing migraine like headaches." He explained sourly.

"So what are you guys going to do about them." I was curious.

"It's not much we can do we have to deal with them to teach them how not to expose themselves. If they are discovered so are we." He gripped the steering wheel in anger. "They will however be Esme and Carlisle's problem more so than the rest of us."

I grimaced knowing he was right. If they were detected they would squeal like some pigs. "That sucks ass." He nodded his head agreeing with me.

"Oh what about Katalia she tried to do something to me but it obviously didn't work." I stated thinking about how she grabbed me and waited for a reaction. I grinned when I remember her busted face, bitch.

Edward chuckled "Remind me never to piss you off your sorta vicious." I rolled me eyes and he continued speaking. "Katalia has a physical power she creates electric currents and can electrocute by touch."

"Wait I thought you said physical powers always worked?" He was confusing me.

"That is correct that is the only time I have ever seen a physical power not work." He made a left turn onto a dirt road.

"What does that mean? Is something wrong with me?" I always knew I was off.

Edward laughed "You do realize that you are in the car with three extra- terrestrial life forms one of which can read minds, another can see the future, and you're wondering if something is wrong with you?"

I smiled at his logic he was right and added "Let's not forget a best friend with a half human half Kreonian baby on the way." Ben chuckled form the backseat and I turned around. He and Angela had been quiet and I needed to know she was fine.

"I'm good Bella my head is clear now." Angela spoke up knowing exactly what I was thinking. "Baby is fine too matter of fact he's kinda hungry. When do we eat?"

Ben laughed out loud "Edward you better hurry up so we can feed Angela she's ferocious when she hasn't eaten." Angela huffed and slapped him on the back of his head.

I snuck a peak at Alice and just for a moment her eyes opened. I gasped at the look in her eyes she looked like she was dying, we needed to hurry. Tears threatened to fall from my eyes and I had to look away from her before I lost it. She was so fragile and helpless a far cry from the vibrant and bubbly girl I had met. I wanted to kick Zatania's ass all over again.

Is this how I would react to a separation from Edward. I felt him grip my hand a squeeze "Let's not find out." He spoke softly.

"We're almost there." Edward mumbled as he drove us up a rough and bumpy road. We pulled to a stop and Edward turned off the car. "We're going to have to walk from here because they may hear the car and the road isn't fit for driving in a car like this we would just get stuck. The small cabin isn't far a few hundred yards." He turned towards Ben and Angela. "Angela you stay in the car, watch Alice, and be prepared to have to make a getaway so turn the car around that we can just ride off if we have to make a run for it." He paused for a moment and then added "There is a gun in the glove compartment, if you have to use it do so."

I frowned at that and Angela's eyes widened but she nodded her head.

The three of us got out of the car and we headed up the path. After we got a few feet away I asked "Are you really expecting her to have to use that? Rosalie is a bitch and all but do you think she's violent?"

Edward sighed deeply "Bella it isn't just Rosalie we should be concerned about. Jasper is a military soldier he is a trained killing machine and he is under someone else's influence. He could hurt Angela, so to keep her out of harms way she is the getaway driver."

"That was at my request as well." Ben chimed in grimly. "All of his aggression is directed towards her and add in the fact that we have no idea if Emmett is with them or not could make this a very dangerous situation. He is as deadly as my brother. I'm really surprised Edward allowed you to come."

My head snapped towards him "Allowed me."

Edward snorted "Only because I knew we would waste precious time arguing besides I need her to be a lookout. Only you and I are going in Jasper is inside but I'm not picking up Rosalie nor Emmett we need to get him quickly before they return."

"I remember this place." Ben spoke absentmindedly as we approached a steep ledge that looked over a creek. "We found this abandoned cabin when we first got here. It was rather run down but we fixed it up and lived here until we were able to live in society." He explained to me. "It's in a perfect spot close to the city but really secluded because of the small valley it sits in. You literally have to be looking for this place or stumble up on it like we did."

"I don't see anything." I looked and all I saw was a small creek flowing into the woods.

"You'll see." Ben spoke as we begin the descent down the ledge. Edward held my hand as we made our down the rocky side as we got to the bottom I noticed a small opening we entered it and came to a clearing that was not visible from the top. A nice sized cabin was nestled into the wall of the clearing further hiding it from anyone who even stood at the ledge. It literally blended into the rocky wall.

"Bella I need you to hide behind this boulder and if someone passes you press this and we will know. He handed me a small pen like object that had a button on the end."

"I have a question guys if Jasper is still under that she demons spell how are you going to get him to leave with you willingly?" I asked.

The two exchanged a glance and Ben pulled out two needles filled with a liquid. Ben sighed "This is a quick acting sleeping agent, one of us just has to get close enough to him that we can inject him."

"Sounds simple enough." I said.

The two exchanged another glance "Not really." They spoke in unisom.

"Is he that good?" I asked.

"Better." Edward said and gave me a quick kiss. "Bella please stay behind that rock." He pleaded "Emmett is a much different foe than…" I placed my fingers across his lips.

"I will Edward I've seen him in action remember. Now hurry go get you asses kicked and bring back Jasper, Alice needs him." I shooed them off and got in my hiding space.

I prayed for Alice's sake that this went smoothly. I mean it was two of them how hard could it be for them to subdue Jasper. Just as the thought crossed my mind Edward came flying through the window.

"Oh shit."