Otp: Makorra

Rating: K+

Plot: Korra gets hurt during a pro-bending match

Korra slipped on her uniform and adjusted her helmet, snapping the clasp. She took a deep breath trying to calm her nerves but her stomach just wouldn't seem to settle. It's probably just pre bending jitters, she thought to herself. Korra shut her locker and turned to face her team mates. "All right team huddle." The firebender gestured to Bolin and Korra, they linked arms, bringing their heads together, "Ok this is the first match of the season and these guys are tough." Mako brought his attention to his brother, "Remember keep your defense up and Korra stay sharp this team is pretty crafty." She nodded "All right now watch each other's backs out there." And with that the team made their way to the platform.

Once they were all on, it shook slightly and slowly moved toward the probending ring. Korra's stomach did a series of flips as they got closer to the ring, she didn't know why she was so nervous she had done this many times with no problem. She felt something touch her arm, jumping slightly she turned to see Mako. "Hey, you ok?" He said low enough so that only she would hear.

"Yeah, fine." Korra said not wanting to elaborate.

Mako studied her for a moment; he knew something was up. Korra never acted like this before a match, she was usually jumping out of her skin from excitement but today she just seemed … off. She was probably just nervous, heck Mako was a little nervous, it will be a hard match but he had faith in his team. So he just left it alone.

The platform made contact with the ring and the announcer blared through the speakers, "Introducing …! The Fire Ferrets … !" and the crowd went wild. Korra couldn't help but smile as she waved to the crowd while Bolin was a little more extravagant with his greetings. He blew a few kisses and flexed his muscles making an up roar of screeches from the crowd. Once the crowd died down the announcer came through the speakers once more "And on the blue side … The fierce and mighty Unagis … !"

The opposing team sauntered out, their uniforms were black with yellow accents; Korra had heard of this team before all three were brothers they were swift and vicious fighters like the Unagi. Their faces were sharp and angular with bright green eyes. The brothers were almost identical. Their statures were tall and slender, and they moved across the ring in a serpent like fashion. Both teams took their positions in the first zone on either sides.

Korra stared down the Unagi firebender. She noticed the only difference between the brothers; the firebender had a long, jagged pale scar running down the length of his shark like face. His green eyes were like knives, cutting through Korra as he raked them over her, sizing her up.

The teams readied themselves to fight "So want to get something to eat after the match?" The firebender asked.

Korra rolled her eyes "In your dreams." She snapped the firebender put his hand over his heart with false hurt.

"Ouch," he snickered "Besides what's a pretty girl like you doing here anyway?" He said so only Korra could hear "It's not like you're any good, right?" He sneered, purposely getting under Korra's skin. And boy did I work. Korra felt heat swirling in her chest and she was ready to fire bend that stupid smirk right off his face. But before she had a chance to do anything the bell dinged and she went flying backward.

She heard the buzzer and looked down only to find herself in zone two. Looking up she saw the firebender with that stupid smirk still on his face. Cussing under her breath she quickly got back on her feet and unleashed a tidal wave of water at him but he easily dodged. He returned with a ray of fire blasts nearly knocking Korra into zone three. Frustrated she punched water with as much force as she could muster at him but every time he'd dodged it.

She couldn't keep focusing on this one guy so she ran over to help Bolin who desperately needed it while dodging fire blasts and earth spheres. She slid behind Bolin staying in her zone

"Bolin duck!" She shouted and just as he did she shot water hard and fast at the Unagi waterbender who was knocked back to zone three.

"Thanks Korra!" Bolin said but just as their little victory began it was ended quickly when an earth sphere knocked Bolin with such forced he was out and over the edge into the water below.

It was just Korra and Mako now. With Bolin out, the first round didn't last much longer, Mako and Korra bended with everything they had but the Unagis were just too quick and dodged almost every attack. And soon Korra was thrown out just in time for the bell to ding signaling the end of round one.

"I can't believe I let him get into my head!" Korra exclaimed kicking the nearest object.

"It's all right." Mako said rubbing his sore shoulder where the earthbender had hit him "I told you guys this team is relentless. We've got two rounds left, we can do this." Mako said trying to sound confident when he knew how this was going to end "Just stay focus and don't listen to any of them, once they get into your head, you're done for." Bolin and Korra nodded, Mako took one last drink of water before they all went back out into the ring.

The teams took their positions once more in zone one "Back again? Man you just don't know when to quit." The Unagi firebender said to Korra.

"Don't listen to him Korra," Mako warned.

"You're going to let your boyfriend boss you around?" the Unagi firebender teased, Korra felt her face get hot but didn't say anything "I'm going to put a nice burn right on that pretty little face of his just for you." He taunted.

Korra felt her anger bubbling "Don't. Touch. Him." She gritted through her teeth suddenly feeling protective over Mako.

Just then the bell dinged and Korra released a force of water at him with as much strength she could put into it. The firebender went flying back into zone three. She didn't waste any time on her victory and went right back to the match. Mako, Bolin, and Korra managed to knock out the Unagi firebender and pushed the earthbender into zone two but the Fire Ferrets took some critical hits as well. Bolin was pushed back into zone three while Mako and Korra were in zone two. It was three against two and it was looking that The Fire Ferrets might actually pull through and win the second round.

Korra was leaping and waterbending faster than she had ever before but she was exhausted as well as the rest of the team. Bolin and Korra were fighting the waterbender when all of a sudden they heard the buzzer. Korra whipped around to see Mako slid back into zone three.

And in just that split second Korra was hit in the side with an unimaginable force knocking her to the edge of the ring. Her head smacked the floor and everything went black.