Every bone and every muscle ached. Korra whimpered in pain as she tried to move but a gentle hand kept her in place. Her eyes felt heavy as she opened them focusing on the blurry figure of a middle aged man with a greying beard in front of her. His hand was placed on her shoulder as if to keep her there. Korra's gaze moved to the end of the bed where a woman stood who looked oddly familiar, her eyes were filled with tears as she gave a shaky smile; who is that …? Korra thought to herself.

Korra suddenly became aware of something that was in her nose and snaked around underneath it. She reached up to take it off when the man caught her hand "No, keep it on it's giving you oxygen." He said gently.

Korra knew that voice… . It was Tenzin! She remembered him in her dream she didn't think he was actually here, well where ever here was. So that means the women is Pema. Korra smiled slightly "Hi Tenzin …" she said weakly still not fully awake yet.

"Hi honey," Tenzin said in strained voice, brushing back a stray hair on her forehead. Korra dropped her hand and groggily looked over to her left to see a man with raven black hair who looked to be asleep with his on head on the edge of the bed.

Korra reached out and touched his tousled hair, twirling it gently around her fingers. The boy jumped at her touch and raised his head, his golden eyes grew wide and a smile spread across his face "Korra," the man choked out, tears rimmed his eyes "You're awake," He said taking her hand in his.

"Mako take it slow she just woke up," Tenzin said gently feeling his excitement.

Mako. It was Mako.

Korra reached out and touched his face that felt rough from not shaving. How could have she forgotten him? Or Tenzin and Pema? She didn't understand why she was here or what was going on and for once Korra was scared. She felt her throat close up and a tear slide down her cheek "Hey shhhh … Korra don't cry," He brushed away a stray tear with his thumb

"Mako, why am I here?" Korra asked fighting back a sob while more tears escaped.

"Shhhh …" Mako whispered caressing her face; he bit his lip to keep it from quivering. He couldn't believe she was awake, right here with him. It was everything to him to see those beautiful blue eyes and hear her voice.

Needing to hold her Mako leaned over the bed and scooped Korra into a tight hug, nestling his face into her neck breathing her in. Korra clutched Mako as if he was going to disappear, feeling his warmth, his smell, and his scruff against her neck. Then she felt something wet hit her shoulder was Mako crying?

"Mako . .?" Korra croaked, he pulled back wiping his eyes sitting back down "Why are you crying?" Korra sniffled,

Mako took a shaky breath before speaking "I just –" He cleared his throat composing himself "We didn't know if you were going to make it," He said looking at the girl he loved whom he almost lost merely hours before.

Korra furrowed her brow deeply confused, "What?" Korra asked feeling more awake now.

Mako looked at Tenzin then back at Korra before speaking "You don't remember what happened last night?"

Korra thought for a moment before it all came flooding back; the match – Korra getting hurt and then passing out at the arena.

"Oh my God, the match." Korra whispered remembering being hit and Mako – she looked over at the firebender and really looked at him. His amber eyes were bloodshot from lack of sleep along with dark circles under his eyes and disheveled hair. He looked like hell.

When Korra found her voice she said "All I remember is getting hurt during the match and then I started to feel sick and passed out." Korra looked between the three people "So … what happened after that?" Korra asked cautiously, afraid of the answer.

The three shared a worried look before Tenzin spoke "Well I was at a meeting when I got a call from Bolin saying you got hurt and passed out and they were on the way to the hospital with you." He took Pema's hand needing something to hold onto "When Pema and I got here we were told you went into shock. And when we meet up with the boys, Mako was …" Tenzin glanced at Mako who was intently staring at Korra's and his interlocked hands " …Hysterical, we couldn't get him away from you. We had to have Bolin take him out so the doctors could treat you."

The image of Mako being dragged away by Bolin flash acrossed Korra's mind, she felt her chest tighten. She looked over at Mako who was still focusing on their hands as he rubbed his thumb slowly across her knuckles. Korra turned her attention back to Tenzin "And that's when we almost lost you." Tenzin's voice broke at the end and Korra watched as the Airbender who was always so composed crumbled at the thought of her dying.

It broke her heart.

Tenzin wiped his eyes trying to regain himself while Pema had silent tears fall but quickly brushed them away. Korra felt a lump form in her throat; she never felt more loved,

"You guys …" Korra struggled to sit up but against her pain she pulled them into a hug "I'm fine ok? I'm right here. I could never leave you guys." Korra said in a strained voice.

"We know," Pema sniffled.

Giving them one last squeeze Korra settled back onto the pillow. Tenzin and Mako shared a look and Tenzin nodded slightly with a small smile "I think these two need a moment alone," Tenzin said to Pema but before they left Pema kissed Korra's forehead in a motherly way "I'm happy you're alright," and with that Mako and Korra were finally alone.

Mako took a deep breath and leaned back in his chair even though he looked exhausted he seemed … restless. Tapping his leg or fidgeting in his seat "Hey …" Korra said quietly taking his hand, Mako looked down at their intertwined hands and drew a shaky breath not looking at her.

"Korra I don't know what I would of done if I lost you." A tear escaped the corner of his eye that he quickly brushed away

"But you didn't," Korra said quietly desperate for him to see that she was ok.

Mako was sick of Korra being completely ok with this; frustrated he stood up abruptly knocking his chair over "Dammit Korra you weren't awake!" Mako exclaimed making Korra flinch.

"You don't know how scary it is to watch someone you love nearly die right there in front of you," He started to pace with anger bubbling in his chest "So don't sit there and tell me it's ok because it's not!"

"Mako –" Korra started.

"No!" Mako whipped around cutting her off.

"Spirits Korra do you not understand how close you were to death!?" His voice began to waver "I couldn't take it if I lost someone else." Mako said quieter looking away, his parents faces flashed acrossed his mind.

Silence enveloped the couple. The only thing that could be heard was the quiet beeping of a machine hooked to Korra. Minutes pasted before Korra's voice broke the silence "Mako,"

No answer.

Korra struggled into a sitting position making her head throb at the movement but she didn't care.

"Mako look at me," Korra said firmly. With a sigh Mako turned slightly. Korra reached forward, hooking her fingers into the loops of his pants and pulled him toward her. She wrapped her arms around his waist pulling him closer to rest her head on his stomach.

"I'm sorry," She whispered. The firebender's heart broke at the sound of her voice; with a sigh he unwrapped Korra from his waist and sat down on the bed.

Mako brushed back her hair and held her face in his hands "God I love you," Mako said quietly before brushing his lips ever so gently against Korra's. Korra's stomach did a series of flip and she deepens their kiss.

Their lips fit as if they were made for each other; perfection. Mako pulled back too soon for Korra's liking, "You need your rest," Mako whispered against her lips, kissing her once more before fully retreating. Korra groaned wanting more but she knew there was no use in trying. With a sigh she eased back against her pillows and snuggled under her blankets, Mako leaned over and kissed her forehead and started to get up when something stopped him.

Looking down he saw Korra's hand on his arm, "Will you lay with me?" Korra asked giving her best puppy dog look, Mako just laughed.

"What are you five?" He chuckled.

"Yes," She said wincing as she scooted over making room "Please?" Korra asked again. Mako looked at Korra for a moment before sighing and squeezing into the small bed. Snuggled close, Mako put a protective arm around Korra and gently stroked her hair with his other hand. Korra tucked her head into Mako's chest finally feeling safe and exhausted, her eyes felt heavy and begged to close.

"I'm sorry I yelled," Mako whispered holding Korra closer but all she managed was a 'mhm'. Snuggling deeper into Mako the couple lay there in each other's arms in a sweet silence.

The End!