Chapter Two

The dark forest she cat enters the conversation between the most notorious cats of all times. "Hello Mapleshade," purred Talonclaws. I look at the dark orange she cat with a smile. Hello Talonclaws I didn't know apprentices were allowed at these meetings. Hawkfrost, Darkstripe, Darkstar, and Brokenstar all laugh.

"Well Mapleshade I'm a warrior in the dark forest." "Would both of you she-cats please shut up," hissed Tigerstar. I ignore the large tom and proceed with the meeting. Our leader has been born. "I can't believe a kit is our leader," growled Brokenstar. Can I finish?! "Go on," mewed Talonclaws. Talonclaws walks over to me with her eyes on me the whole time. I slightly cringe and go on talking with her right beside me.

This kit can either save or destroy everything. All we need to do is get her on our side. "How?" asked Darkstar. I look at the dark gray tom and hiss. Leave that to me. I just need you six to do as told. Tigerstar mumbles something under his breathe but remains silent when I look at him.

Meeting dismissed. Quickly all the elite Dark Forest cats fade away into the dark abyss we call home, except Talonclaws. She follows me and rants about getting her revenge on those who wronged her.

Talonclaws shut up and leave me alone I don't want to be friend! Talonclaws looks at me with those devious light brown eyes. She walks around me twice, swishing her fluffy tail in the air. "Mapleshade the whole Dark Forest already knows." Knows what? "That I love you." "I love-" Please stop you are a she cat and I promised to never fall in love. I quickly run off leaving that crazy she cat by herself.

I will never love again. Not after what they did to me. It wasn't my fault the kits died! I'll make them all pay!


Starclan will be destroyed," mewed Thunder. All the Starclan cats burst into conversation. Enough," howled Shadow. We have called this meeting to ask forty-five cats if they wish to give their lives to five cats we have selected. These cats will restore Starclan but only if you help them. "By give up your life do you mean die?" asked a random Starclan cat. "No," mewed Wind. "More like how a leader is given nine lives."

"I will give my life to Snowpaw," mewed Silverstreak. I dip my head to her in respect. "I as well will give my life to Snowpaw," mewed Blackspot, Silverstreak's mate. More and more cats begin to come forward.

"This is a complete waste of time," hissed Blackstar. "We should just kill the kit and let her live in Starclan." "We have already voted that she will live," shouted Firestar. "I don't care she needs to die," yowled Yellowfang. "She'll turn out just like Brokenstar." "I have experience with this." "Every cat deserves a chance," mewed Hollyleaf. "Don't end up like me." "I was consumed by hatred and killed thinking it was right." "Let the kit live."

"I agree with Yellowfang and Blackstar," meowed Longtail. "We don't need another Tigerstar." ""Longtail?" Longtail looks at Firestar with sad eyes. "Sorry but the kit needs to die." "I concur with Longtail and the others," mewed Sol. I look at the tom not sure how made it into Starclan.

He walks over towards Longtail, Blackstar, and Yellowfang. "I will not let another Tigerstar walk the forest," hissed Tigerheart. Tigerheart along with Blossomfall and Swiftpaw walk over with the others. "I will never forgive Tigerstar." "No one should suffer like I did." "This kit must die," yowled Swiftpaw. Brightheart looks at Swiftpaw with tears in her eyes. Ravenpaw, Barley, Cloudstar, and Whitestorm walk over to their side. "I concur with all these brave cats," mewed Bluestar. "Bluestar?" She looks at Firestar and Oakheart but says nothing. Many cats from the "Dark War time walk towards their side tripling their numbers.

"Your territory shall lie on the other side of Starclan." mewed Sky. "When we meet in battle we will not be merciful." "No life should be taken away even if it leads to destruction." I look at the cats and sigh. Even in Starclan there is conflict. Maybe the kit should die.