So, new story!

This contains Futa, just so you know. Let me know what you all think!

What was I thinking? I should've known better than to trust Jake. But, I never expected him to get the others to attack me! I mean, I am a lot smaller than them when I phase. Yeah, few months after they left, it happened. It's been 10 years since they left. They became huge wolves, and what did I become? A silver fox. A small one. But, being one of two girls in the pack, meant Leah and I went through more changes than the guys. But, I'll talk about that later. Another difference between us, I didn't shred my clothes when I phased, but they did. They never figured out why, though. But, I don't really think Jake, the alpha, cared.

But, I really didn't think that talking to him would end up like this. I'd gone to talk to him, to tell him something I'd noticed when I was out in the woods. I lived in an apartment, not to far from my dads. He freaked out, told me that I was imagining things and told me to leave. Not before coming onto me. Again. He'd tried before. You see, he thought that, once I phased that I would imprint on him and we would be together. But, that never happened.

I told him to stop and he got ... Well, let's just say he got annoyed. He kept saying, 'Bella, just listen to me!' But I didn't listen. I thought he'd just sulk, like he usually did. But, no. He got fed up with it, and got some of the others, who I didn't exactly get along with to attack me.

So, here I am, lying on the ground in the forest. Hurt. Bad.

I didn't see how I was going to come out of this. It was pretty bad, the pain was making it difficult to focus.

Until, I heard her voice.

"Hope! What the Hell are you doing?"

That was Alice's voice. I was sure of it. But, who was Hope? I tried to focus on her voice, rather than the pain.

"Nothing. What's that smell?"

"The shifters are close, that's all. But ... That does seem a little different. Come on."

I heard them coming closer, but I couldn't move. What they had done had really messed me up. I couldn't even lift my head.

I heard them come closer, talking. When they seen me, I could see the shock on their faces.

"I thought you said the shifters were huge wolves, Alice?"

"They are. But, this one ... It's a shifter, just a smaller one. We need to bring it back to the house, so Carlisle help it shift back."

I opened my eyes when she said that, she was closer than she had been a second ago. I was in to much pain to open my eyes, when they started talking.

But, when I opened my eyes, she was right in front of me. She was kneeling in front of me.

That's when something strange happened.

I'd been told about imprinting, but I never fully understood it until I saw her that day.

It was like ... I can't describe it.

I'd spent so much time around her before they'd left. Even without Edward, we'd always spend time together. She'd drag me shopping, but I could never say no to her.

In that instant, I knew it was her I was meant to be with all along.

"I'm going to pick you up, OK?"

She looked at me, making sure I knew what was going on. I took all the energy I had, but I lifted my head and nudged her arm, so she knew that I was OK with it.

"Alice, what are you doing?"

Alice to a dark haired woman, who I assumed was Hope.

"This little guy is hurt, Hope, we have to bring him back to Carlisle to shift back."

I wasn't surprised that she thought I was a guy. Most were guys. It was very rare for them not to be.

"OK, OK."

Alice picked me up, very gently, trying not to hurt me even more.

"You'll be OK, don't worry."

I was to weak to do much more than poke her arm with my nose. Hope led the way back to the house, and held the door open for Alice. Everyone looked at Alice, when she walked in.

"Alice, what're you doing? And why does that fox smell like one of the shifters?"

Alice looked up, and I could tell from the voice that it was Rosalie, who had spoken.

"We found him, and he's pretty badly hurt. We couldn't just-"

"OK, OK. Bring him upstairs."

I was to weak to react to anything around me.

Alice lay me down and Carlisle started checking my injuries.

"It's not as bad as it looks, but he's in a lot of pain. He'll shift in a few hours. Right now, he needs somewhere quiet to sleep. I've given him something for the pain. He'll need someone to watch him though."

"I'll do it."

Alice appeared beside me, and Carlisle told her to carry me to the spare room.

Alice carried me to the spare room, laying me gently on the bed. She sat next to me, looking at me. She covered me with a light blanket. This made sense, the only shifters around shredded their clothes when they phased.

"You can rest. I'll keep an eye on you. You're safe here."

She was close, but the medication that I'd been given was beginning to work and I nuzzled her arm, making her laugh before falling asleep.

Sorry, it's short. But it'll pick up soon.