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When Kaoru gets sick, they think nothing of it. Thinking it's just the flu. But what happens when it's way more than the first thought?

Chapter One


It's something a host like Kaoru could easily adjust to.

Especially when you're used to extremely loud places, such as the host club or commoner-dominant areas within the city.

Then again, why would it not be peace at this hour? It was only one-thirty in the morning.

And the cool bathroom floor tile made the situation seem almost relaxing.


You're probably wondering why the hell would Kaoru Hitachiin be sitting on the bathroom floor at one-thirty in the freaking morning.

You see, normally Kaoru would be in bed, enjoying the soft, warm comfort of the blankets surrounding him while he gently kicked Hikaru in his sleep, as if to make sure his twin was still there. But tonight was different. Kaoru didn't feel well. His head was spinning, his stomach felt uneasy, and his limbs were heavy. Right now he was fighting a battle; one against throwing back up last night's dinner.

And currently, the young Hitachiin was losing.

The teen reacted as quickly as his aching body would allow; just barely making it to the toilet in time to release the contents in his stomach. Now on his knees, the auburn-haired boy hugged the white bowl next to him as he coughed and dry heaved at the command of this illness, letting it get the best of him. His shirt was slicked with sweat. Every inch of his usually flawless skin was extremely pale, save the small flush of red across his cheeks.

God, how he hated throwing up. It made him feel so gross; he could never get that nasty taste out of his mouth, and he always felt paranoid that the scent of vomit would still be lingering in his breath, and it was flat-out disgusting.

When his miniature nightmare finally came to an end, Kaoru's back found its way to the wall behind him, letting his head rest against the plain white wallpaper as an attempt to relax. He used the back of his hand to wipe any remaining bile from his mouth. His golden-brown orbs closed as he waited for the room to stop spinning.

He sat there for what seemed like hours, taking long and calming breaths.

Hikaru woke to something shifting on the bed. Opening one of his golden-brown eyes, he saw Kaoru leaving the room. The older twin sat up on the bed, crossing his legs and using his hands as a makeshift pillow against the wall.

Where did he think he was going? It was—Hikaru turned his head to glance at the clock on the nightstand beside his bed; Kaoru's bed being across the room, though he refused to sleep in it alone—one twenty in the morning. He just up and left the room.

After ten minutes—ten freaking minutes—of relaxing passed when a familiar ringtone broke the silence. "You've gotta be kidding me. It's only one in the morning," Hikaru grumbled, reluctantly picking up his phone. He was about to answer when he remembered Kaoru wasn't near him. It kind of felt awkward without his brother hanging on him.

Hikaru shook his head; Kaoru was most likely in the bathroom. Then again, Kaoru never went to the bathroom at night. Hikaru knew this because he was a light sleeper, unlike the younger twin, who was a heavy sleeper. The slightest bump woke Hikaru, but Kaoru could sleep like a baby.

Hesitantly, Hikaru answered the phone. "Hey, boss."

"Hikaru there is a club meeting today at seven, before school."

"Boss, you do know it's only one-thirty, right?"


"Why call?"

"Uh, dialogue?"

"Okay… whatever..." Hikaru sighed.


"Alright, boss." Hikaru hung up the phone, irritated. He could be asleep right now.

Oh well, he thought. The boss always does this.

After a few more minutes had passed, Hikaru was starting to get worried. Kaoru hadn't returned yet. So, being the good older brother he was, Hikaru decided to go check up on him. He got up off of the bed, not even bothering to turn on the light as he stepped out into the hall; he realized the bathroom light was on, and the door was open. So he is in the bathroom.

The auburn-haired teen made his way to the bathroom to see Kaoru furiously brushing his teeth while leaning one hand against the sink vanity.

"Kao?" The younger twin looked at, the older twin. It was like looking into a mirror, only one side paler than the other. "Are you okay?"

Kaoru shook his head, using the sink for support again. He spat into the sink before answering with, "I'm all right," and faking a smile.

But Hikaru didn't fall for it. He walked passed his brother and looked in the white vomit-filled bowl. What was in it certainly didn't look like something that's usually there when people use the bathroom. He pointed at the regurgitated food. "What's this?"

"...A toilet...?"

"I mean what's in the toilet."

"...Last night's dinner...?" Hikaru narrowed his eyes. "Relax, Hikaru; it's probably just something I ate."

Hikaru didn't listen to him. Instead, he placed one hand on Kaoru's forehead and the other on his own. "shit; you're burning up," He said, pulling his hand down and opening the medicine cabinet hidden behind the mirror. He took out a thermometer and gave it to Kaoru. Kaoru knew what to do with it. He made sure it was on before sticking it under his tongue.

After a few moments passed before it's beeping filled the silent room. It read: '102.5.'

"Kaoru you have a fever." One thing ran through Hikaru's mind as he looked through the medicine cabinet. They were out of medicine. "Damn, we're out... I'm gonna go downstairs and check the bathroom there."

Kaoru could see the panicked look on his twins' face. The last time Kaoru was sick, and Hikaru wasn't sick with him, things were pretty bad. He ended up in the hospital.

But it wasn't like that would happen again. He would just take some medicine and go back to bed. Everything would soon pass.

Nothing could go wrong, right?

"I'll go lay down." Kaoru stumbled his way out of the bathroom. The room began spinning again as he held onto the doorway to keep from falling over. Hikaru helped his younger twin to the bedroom, placing a trash can by the bed before mouthing 'just in case.'

Hikaru walked down the curved staircase using his phone as a light. He made it to the bottom and quickly walked to one of the many bathrooms and grabbed some Advil, filled a cup with water and proceed upstairs.

When he walked into the room, he found his brother was fast asleep, a small snore escaping his lips. He smiled at his sleeping twin, placing the cup of water and bottle of Advil on the bedside table next to him. Hikaru soon crawled over his sleeping twin and lay himself down to sleep.

"Night, Kao."

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