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There For You...

Chapter Six:

Hikaru sat below a large sycamore tree, playing with the greenish-yellow grass under his hand while watching clouds fly by. The sun released its golden rays as it began to set, making the sky look purple. The fish visible, swimming towards the top of the pond nearby. The sight would have been relaxing to him, if he weren't so, well, worried.

He hadn't realized how long he had been running until he reached the park—eight blocks away. Had he really ran that far?

His thoughts reflected back to ten years ago. Kaoru had just been released from the hospital. He had been in there for nearly two weeks. For two weeks, Hikaru went to sleep alone. For two weeks, he had nightmares. For two weeks, he didn't even know whether his twin would even survive. And for two weeks, he absolutely hated himself.

He remembered being tested for something. And he remembered them drawing his blood. He remembered his mother crying after being told that both of her little boys had this illness—this disease. But what never left Hikaru's mind were Kaoru's words coming home from the hospital.

"Hika... I'm sorry I let you down..."

"If anything Kao, I'm the one who let you down..." He blinked back tears. Everything that had happened that day. It was all his fault and he knew it. He let it all happen. He took Kaoru outside. He was the reason Kaoru was where Kaoru is now. He stood up, throwing the rock as hard as he could into the pond. Anger built up inside him, taking over his senses. Tears blurred his vision. He was so angry with everything. The cars. The trees. Even the peaceful chirping of the birds seemed to piss him off. All because he was angry. Angry at himself.

His fist collided full force with the nearest object.






Haruhi turned at the sound. She instantly knew it was Hikaru. Pulling out her cell phone, she quickly texted the others. 'Found him, head back.' She ran over to him. He was clucking his swollen, bloody hand.

"What did you do, Hikaru?" She demanded. He simply looked away, not wanted to make any eye contact. He flinched as she placed a hand on his forearm. Even so, she began pulling up his sleeve. She released a gasp. Hikaru's wrist was not only swollen, but his hand was more sideways than normal. Blood fell from his knuckles and it was badly bruised.

Hikaru chuckled. He always did have brittle bones.

"What the hell, Hikaru!?" Haruhi yelled at his laughter. "C'mon! Let's get back to the hospital."

Hikaru's face fell. There was no way in Hell he was going back.

"What's wrong?" Haruhi asked, pure concern in her voice.

"I'm not going back." Hikaru stared at the pond.

"Why not?" Haruhi blocked his view.

"I don't want to." Hikaru glared.











Kaoru smiled as he watched the other auburn-haired teen step into the room. He looked from his mother in tears, but a strong smile on her face, to his father smiling, then to Kaoru.

"Hika..." Kaoru smile softened.

"Kao..." Hikaru took a step forward, before running to the bed to hug his twin. "Kaoru!"

Both teens winced at contact. Hikaru held onto his braced wrist and Kaoru's attention turned to it. "What happened?"

He watched as Hikaru found something interesting about his feet. "I... uh... might have, punchedatree." He finished quickly, madly blushing.

"What?" Kaoru questioned.

"I. Punched. A. Tree." He enunciated each word.

"What? Why?" Kaoru questioned.

"I was mad." Hikaru glared at him.

"It's not you're fault Hikaru," Kaoru explained. "I'm the one that didn't stay home—"

Hikaru cut him off. "That's not it!" He practically yelled. "The tree just really pissed me off!"

Yep, he was mad at himself, Kaoru knew it.

"Hikaru!" their mother scolded him. "Don't use such language!"

"M'sorry..." Hikaru gaze shifted to out the window.

Author: Sorry this was short, I'm trying to make my chapters longer. And to make it up to you lovelies, here is a funny story.

So, I was just sitting here at the computer desk, typing away, when my sister began talking about Digimon. She was saying how she had read a story where the character Kouji was telling someone that he loved her. And she was like "I can't imagine Kouji saying that, I could Takuya doing that though." But instead of saying Takuya, she said Tamakamaki. It was like she was she was thinking Ouran and Digimon. We both ending up laughing.