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CHAPTER 1: Santana's Day From Hell

Santana was having the morning from hell, and everything that could go wrong did go wrong. She was so tired when she got home from Cheerio's practice last night, and she must have set the alarm wrong so she got up late. Then racing around the bedroom to get ready she stubbed her big toe on the corner of the bed and hopped around the room swearing and screaming in Spanish. The hair straightener slipped as she was trying to multitask and put on makeup at the same time, and burned the side of her neck and shoulder when she dropped it. But the absolute final straw was spilling juice down the front of her new silk blouse. On top of all that she had PMS! So that was it, she was done! The Latina was going back to bed and she didn't give a fuck what anyone thought, enough was enough.

She gave a quick thought to texting her three girlfriends to let them know she would be in later; Q was a stickler for shit like that, she would be pissed if she didn't get her text but Santana was still mad that Q made her run extra laps last night for being late to practice. I mean it was only five fucking minutes, and she was getting some sweet lady kisses from Rach. So screw it, let Q wonder where she was, honestly sometimes the girl was so anal and uptight about everything, she needed to learn to relax. Santana stopped and smirked a minute when she linked Q and anal in her mind, damn that would be so hot!

She wasn't so worried about B and Rach, they would be worried but they were such softies they were easy to get around. When she finally did get to school at lunchtime she would just explain everything, look pitiful, and it would be ok.

In hindsight, Santana would realize later, the no texting idea was probably the worse decision she had made in a long time.

Taking off her blouse in the laundry room, she set it to soak in the basin. She headed back upstairs to bed unaware she had left her phone lying on top of the dryer.


Rachel and Brittany were leaning up against the lockers talking quietly with their heads close together before the second period bell rang when they saw Quinn coming down the hall. Rachel always felt her heart skip a beat and it took her breath away when she realized these gorgeous girls were hers, and they loved her as much as she loved them. She beamed a smile at the beautiful blonde walking towards her.

"Good morning my beauties," Quinn said softly so only they could hear her, "B, those skinny jeans look incredible on you and Rach, I love the way you did your hair today. I like it so much when you let the curls just flow over your shoulders like that. I'm going to be sitting in AP Chem today concentrating on running my fingers through your hair instead of on my lab work!" She smiled affectionately, letting the warmth reach her hazel eyes. Something she only let happen with her three girls. Since the whole pregnancy debacle and being kicked out of her own house, Quinn Fabray still had trust issues but these three girls and the arrangement they shared was going a long way towards healing her wounds and making her feel safe again.

Brittany looked around quickly to make sure they were alone, "And I am going to be thinking about both of you running your hands all over my ass later on tonight."

Rachel and Quinn groaned audibly. "No fair Britt-Britt now that is all I am going to be thinking about as well!" Rachel pouted and stamped her foot. The two blondes laughed out loud at her dramatics, she could be so adorable sometimes.

"Oh guys, have you seen S this morning?" Quinn inquired of the two. Both girls shook their heads no and Rachel said, "Didn't she show up to practice this morning?"

Brittany replied, "Oh Rach, I forgot to tell you, we didn't have practice this morning, we got to skip since Coach's sister has some flu bug or something and she was going to go be with her this morning."

Rachel took Brittany's hand and squeezed it gently indicating it was no big deal.

"I just thought S was still pouting about me making her run extra laps last night and avoiding me," Quinn looked a little angry, "So she didn't text either of you to let you know she'd be late?"

Both girls dug their phones out of their purses to check but no texts had been received.

"She better have a damn good reason for ditching and not telling any of us," Quinn scowled darkly, "I will see you two at lunch, ok? Behave yourselves today!" She raised one eyebrow and walked away from them backwards before turning and heading to class. Swaying her ass just a little more than normal since she knew both girls would be watching.

Rachel and Brittany watched her walk away and then looked back at each other knowingly, "I will start texting her and you start calling her, ok Rae? Let me know if you get ahold of her," Brittany leaned forward quickly and laid her forehead on Rachel's and then immediately headed to class. If you would have blinked you would have missed the endearing sight.


Santana woke up groggy and with a bad headache. She looked at the clock and threw back the covers groaning loudly.

This time she didn't really work too hard at getting ready, she had to hurry to get to school by lunch. That was the rule among them, if you couldn't get to school by midday, then you had to miss Glee as well. Although Santana would never admit it to anyone, that was often the best part of her day, and she really looked forward to it.

She pulled into the parking lot just as lunch would be starting, and she saw Rachel and Brittany walking towards the diva's Prius. They saw her pulling in just as they got to Rachel's car and started walking over to the Latina.

"Oh shit," Santana groaned, "I am about to get double-teamed and not in a good way either," She put her aching head down on her steering wheel and waited for her girlfriends to get to her car. The raven haired brunette had noticed that both girls looked relieved and not angry so that was good at least.

She had been hoping to get a bite to eat or at least coffee before dealing with anyone. The PMS, irritation, and headache were making her snippy and she always had a hard time not blowing up when she felt this way.

"What the hell are you two doing out here in the parking lot, does Q know you are out here?"

Rachel answered first, "No, she doesn't, but you weren't answering your phone or your texts, we were all worried, so Britt-Britt and I were coming to make sure you were alright. I mean, anything could happen to you all alone in that great big expensive house. My imagination was just running wild this morning when we noticed you weren't here and that no one had heard from you…."

As soon as Rachel took a breath, Santana jumped in, "I'm fine, I just had the morning from hell, I have a headache, and I cannot find my goddamn phone."

Rachel continued, "I happen to know you have a landline and a house phone, there really is no excuse for not leaving one of us a phone message letting us know you were alright and were just running late."

Santana spun around and stalked towards Rachel, making the tiny brunette back up in fear, "Berry, I have a mother and you are not her! So get off my fucking back already," She immediately hated the look of hurt and fear in Rachel's soft brown eyes. That and the guilt she felt for hurting her newest girlfriend just pissed her off even more, "Oh for Christ's sake, I'm not gonna hit you or anything, calm the fuck down."

Rachel stood there stunned, her eyes filling with tears and her lip quivered. Santana's unpredictable moods and anger scared her, and took her right back to that place she was in when the cheerleaders were not her friends but her tormentors. It scared her and it brought up all the old insecurities she felt that she would never be good enough for her three girlfriends.

The diva would not let Santana see her cry so she spun on her heels and ran off back to the school.

Santana grabbed two fistfuls of her own hair as she huffed angrily, "Goddamnit, I hate when she does that shit!"

Brittany looked at Santana in disbelief, "You know that Rae can't stand being yelled at by one of us. It makes her feel all icky like when we used to slushy her and call her Manhands and stuff. That was really mean San, especially since she was so worried about you being ok," With that Brittany turned away from a stunned Santana and went in search of Rachel.

"Oh fuck me; I should have just stayed home in bed today!" The Latina muttered angrily to herself as she headed into the school.


Quinn was sitting alone in the choir room picking at a salad and wondering where the hell everyone was today. She was getting a little aggravated when she got a text from Brittany telling her that Santana had just arrived. The Latina had misplaced her phone and was ok, crabby but ok.

Quinn texted back and asked Britt where she and Rachel were and what was keeping them. Brittany sent a vague text about helping Rae out with something and they would be there a.s.a.p. It didn't take a genius to realize that Santana had done something to upset Rachel and Brittany was trying to calm her down before meeting Quinn.

The HBIC texted Britt and told her to send Rachel to the choir room NOW and go grab Santana and get her here as well.

After ten minutes had elapsed with no sign of her girlfriends, Quinn went in search of them all. You could hear the angry staccato of her shoes in the empty hallway as she stalked off in search of everyone. She rounded the corner swiftly and came face to face with an anxious Brittany dragging Santana towards the choir room.

"Where's Rachel?" Quinn asked in a firm tone.

"She said to tell you not to be mad but she wasn't feeling that great, and she would see us in Glee," Brittany explained apologetically. Quinn didn't miss the guilty look on Santana's face.

Turning quickly to the tan girl, Quinn growled out angrily, "What did you do to her?"

"Why the fuck do you assume I did something to her?"

Quinn closed her eyes, took a deep breath, counted to 10 in her head, then counted to 10 again and said slowly and clearly, "What. Did. You. Do. To. Rachel."

"Fine but in my defense Q, she totally overreacted ok? I had a headache; she cornered me before I had my coffee, so I might have yelled at her, and maybe called her Berry and told her to get off my back," Santana finished hastily avoiding Quinn's angrily flashing eyes. Her eyes always turned a brilliant shade of green when she was angry and Santana didn't want to look up and see green today.

"Care to try that a little slower?"

"Not really!" Santana quipped.

"Try anyway!" Quinn said through gritted teeth.

Santana sighed heavily and said, "I told her to get off my back, I already had a mother and I called her Berry, not Rach."

"Damnit Santana, you know that all your snarky bullshit just rolls off mine and B's back but Rachel is not used to it. She had too much of it from all of us before. It doesn't just upset her it devastates her."

Brittany nodded sagely, "Rolls off me and Q just like water off a duck's back. Remember that duck Q? The one that had the poof of hair on its head, and we named it Elvis?"

Quinn smiled gently at the tall blonde, "I do sweetie but not right now ok?"

Brittany spoke up quickly, "Why are you being so mean to Rae, San? She is so cute and sweet and fun-sized and I know you like her too! You scared her and you need to apologize."

Santana turned on Brittany, "Why do you keep taking Rachel's side over mine today? You were my girlfriend first B, before you were Q's or Berry's."

Brittany's eyes filled with tears and she said softly, "I'm not taking sides, I love all of you the same, and if Rae was being mean to you I would say the same thing to her. I hate when you get like this Sanny, it's not ok to be mean to all of us just cuz you feel like it!" The tall dancer just shook her head and looked disappointed.

Quinn furiously grabbed Santana's arm and yanked her down the hallway, "Brittany, let's go find Rachel, and make her feel better."


They found Rachel in a rarely used ladies room over by the Chem lab. She was reapplying her eye makeup, but it did little to hide the red puffy evidence that she had been crying.

Seeing her like that made Quinn and Brittany even angrier with the Latina. Quinn walked over to the diva and took her in her arms and hugged her. Brittany turned to Santana, "Apologize!"

"Like hell!" Santana said fiercely.

Before anyone could say or do anything, Brittany reached out and grabbed Santana, spun her around to face a sink and bent her over. She started applying hard swats to the seat of Santana's jeans. Everyone was too stunned to move or speak.

While the swats stung somewhat, Santana was more embarrassed than anything. She had been spanked before by Quinn, hell they all had but Brittany had never spanked anyone before.

Brittany kept spanking Santana lecturing as she did, "We have rules Santana, and you broke bunches of them today. The biggest one was you were mean to Rachel and to me and made us both cry. Now apologize."

Santana was feeling very put out, and her ass was starting to really sting, "What about my bad day, all you guys seem to care about is how many rules I broke! Do you even care about me at all?" She choked out crying tears of frustration and humiliation.

Brittany stopped spanking and turned Santana around to face her, "Don't be silly, Sanny, of course we care about you, Rach and I were so worried we were sneaking out to go to your house when you pulled in."

Quinn turned to glare at Rachel, one eyebrow almost to her hairline. Rachel grimaced and just shrugged and mouthed "sorry" to the blonde.

Brittany continued, "If you would have just called and told us you were having a bad day we would have all come over after Glee and made you feel better, but instead you came here and acted like a horrible rotten little spoiled brat and made everyone feel as bad as you did! Then you wouldn't say sorry so now you get spanked, and you know that's what happens when you break our rules!"

The tall blonde walked over to her backpack that was leaning against the wall, and fished around in it and pulled out her hairbrush, "Q would you lock the door please, San you need to take down your jeans and panties please."

Santana paled visibly, "Britt…"

"Don't make this any worse San, you earned this spanking now let's get it over with so we can go to class and then Glee, and have a better day."

"We're at school, Britt!" Santana hissed.

"This is gonna happen San and if Q or I have to take down your jeans and panties, you won't like what happens then," The dancer stood there with her hands on her hips and the hairbrush in her hand.

"Where is Brittany S. Pierce and what have you done with her?" Santana said smartly.

Brittany went to say something but Santana said, "Never mind Britt, I'm going."

She peeled her jeans down past the curve of her buttocks and slid the panties down with them. She flushed a deep scarlet and bent over the sink putting both elbows on the countertop. She had never been spanked in front of her girlfriends before. They all got punished when it was necessary, but it was always a private matter even though everyone knew what was happening.

Rachel walked over to stand next to Quinn, and slipped her small hand into Quinn's for comfort. None of the girls had ever seen Brittany this forceful before and no matter how much they felt Santana deserved this spanking, it was still hard to watch her get it. They knew she was proud and to be spanked in public would be hard for any of them, but doubly so for the fierce and fiery Latina. Rachel felt the tears come to her eyes and tried to swallow the lump in her throat. She loved Santana and knew she didn't mean the things she said earlier. She cleared her throat to speak but Quinn squeezed her hand and shook her head.

Brittany walked over to the sink and put her hand gently on Santana's lower back and pushed her head down further so her backside was in proper position. When that was done she started speaking softly but firmly, "Please list what rules you broke today."

Santana sighed and put her head down further knowing what was coming, "I knew I was going to be late for school, and I didn't call or text any of you."

Brittany brought her arm back and swung the hairbrush in a wide arc. The sound of wood meeting flesh echoed in the small room as did the sharp intake of breath the brunette took.

"I yelled at Rachel when she was only worried about me."

"What else San, that's not all that happened with Rachel," Brittany coaxed.

"I called her Berry, I scared her and I swore at her, I was awful to you, Rachel for no reason, I'm so sorry."

Brittany nodded and brought the hairbrush back again and again and again. She delivered three very hard spanks with the brush that left Santana gasping, and trying not to sob out loud.

It was taking everything Santana had not to reach back so she gripped the sink so tightly her knuckles blanched white. All she could do was squirm in place desperately wanting her punishment to be over.

"I tried to make you feel guilty for standing up for Rachel, and I didn't really believe what I said, so I guess I lied to you. I'm sorry I made you cry too B!"

Brittany swung the hairbrush and landed two fierce smacks directly on Santana's sit spot. Santana was crying loudly and shifting from one foot to the other. She knew better than to get out of position, but she unintentionally bent her knees and squatted down as tears flowed from her eyes, "Ow, ow, ow," she moaned loudly.

"Position," Brittany warned quietly, reaching over to help Santana stand back up. The tall blonde waited a minute to give her girlfriend a moment to collect herself, and then said gently, "Anything else Santana?"

"I was just a mean nasty bitch, and I was rude to Q too. I'm sorry Q," She sobbed.

Brittany delivered two final spanks, the hardest of the entire punishment and Santana broke down sobbing, and everyone knew she had reached her limit.

Santana was sobbing to all her girls, "Please forgive me, I just wanted to make everyone feel as bad as I did. I love all of you, please forgive me."

All the girls came together and hugged their hard headed feisty girl, and told her how much they loved her and that she was forgiven.

Rachel bent down and quietly helped Santana pull her panties and jeans back up. Santana hissed as the skin tight jeans made contact on her cherry red ass. Trying to sit in class for the rest of the day was going to be a joy as well.

She looked around the room and received teary smiles from everyone including the HBIC, and she knew she was completely loved and totally forgiven.

This had certainly turned out to be the day from hell alright but as long as she had her girls around her it would always be ok.


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