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Chapter 3 Fantasy Night at the Fabray Mansion

After Glee that Friday, Rachel went to her locker to leave some books and take some stuff home when she came across a note on lovely scented paper. She recognized her name on the front of the folded note written in Quinn's exquisite handwriting. Rachel first smelled the note, it was lilac scented. She opened it carefully like it was a precious object and read the invitation. It said:

Rachel; It's fantasy night tonight! Show up at my house at exactly 6PM, the door will be unlocked, let yourself in. There will be another note with instructions. I urge you to follow them to the letter, and don't be late if you know what's good for you little girl! XOXO Quinn XOXO

The little brunette got that pulling anxious feeling in her lower belly when she read the note, and an electric shot of desire when she read Quinn had called her little girl. It happened every time Quinn got bossy or stern, she couldn't help herself. She didn't understand it, and had no desire to be spanked but Strict!Quinn was such a turn on, and she was so hot when she got like that.

Rachel looked at her watch and saw it was only 4pm and she was already worked up. She knew she would have to go home and use the vibrator to relieve a little stress before 6pm.


After Glee, Brittany went to her locker because that's what she always did, she never really took anything home and found a really pretty note on nice paper that smelled sweet. She recognized her name written in Santana's messy, hurried, slanted handwriting on the front of the note.

B – fantasy night at Q's, 6:30 pm, let yourself in, find your note and do what it says, DO NOT BE LATE! Who loves ya bitch! Yeah, that would be me! S 3

The tall blonde actually squealed in delight, she absolutely loved fantasy night. She looked around quickly to make sure no one saw her. The last fantasy night when she got to dress up like a nun was so hot, she masturbated to that night's memory a lot!

She could not wait to find out what was planned for tonight. It was at Q's house and S sent the invitation so it meant that S & Q planned the fantasy for them and their fantasies were always super awesome!

Britt went home to shower and shave and get all ready for sexy times!


Rachel arrived first at the Fabray mansion and let herself in. In the foyer, she saw an outfit zipped in a dry cleaners bag with her name and a note pinned to the front of the bag. She opened the note and began to read. It was once again from Quinn and it told Rachel to get dressed in the outfit and gave instructions on how to fix her hair. It said when she was finished getting ready, she would find two chairs sitting outside the library door, she was to choose one and sit quietly and wait to be called into the library. Brittany would be arriving shortly and there was to be absolutely no conversation.

This was the diva's first fantasy night with her relatively new girlfriends, and she was very excited and strangely frightened. She had heard about these epic nights from Brittany and she found herself more and more aroused.

She took the note and the clothes and went into the first floor bathroom to change.


Britt arrived at 6:30 and let herself in and found a note pinned to another dry cleaner bag. She opened it and read it and had to physically put her hands over her mouth to keep from squealing out loud again. She was already hot and wet and hoped there was a new pair of panties in this bag.

Taking her note and bag of clothes she entered the same downstairs bathroom and quickly changed. She had no intention on missing one moment of fantasy night.


Rachel was sitting on the cold hard wooden chair outside a very silent library. She was uncomfortable and nervous, and was squirming around trying not to think too much. She just could not sit still.

The brunette heard a door open and looked expectantly towards it and saw Brittany enter in the exact same outfit Rachel was wearing. They were both dressed in that naughty Catholic school girl outfit that Rachel had worn to school the day she sang the Britney Spears song, Hit Me Baby One More Time. They both had on knee socks, saddle shoes, and had two pigtails.

Brittany met Rachel's eyes and she smiled a big infectious grin at the diva. She knew better than to talk to her girlfriend but she mouthed to her, "You look so hot!"

Rachel grinned back and blew her a kiss, and mouthed back, "You do too! Very hot!"

Brittany smirked, leaned over and gave Rachel a gentle peck on her lips and finally sat down. This part was always the torturous part, waiting. Her girlfriends had fantasy night down to a science. They knew exactly how long to make their girlfriends' wait that would not only be torture, but get them more and more aroused and worked up.

The dancer sighed heavily and squirmed in her chair waiting impatiently for the fun to begin.

Not being able to talk was driving Rachel crazy, she had so many questions and Brittany was the only person around to ask, but every time she turned to the blonde she furiously shook her head no, pointed to the closed library door and would not make eye contact with her brunette girlfriend.


Just when both girls felt they couldn't wait one more second the library door was pulled open abruptly scaring the hell out of Rachel and Brittany, and they both jumped a little in fright.

Santana stood at the door dressed in a tight black Nike jumpsuit; she wore a whistle around her neck, and had on her running shoes. Even in workout clothes, she looked amazing.

She acknowledged both girls, "Miss Berry, and of course Miss Pierce, you just cannot seem to stay out of trouble can you?"

Brittany squeaked out, "No Ma'am, I mean sorry, Ma'am."

Santana sighed in frustration and disappointment, "I don't know what we are going to do with you, and now it appears you've corrupted Miss Berry as well. Very well, come in Ms. Fabray will see you now. She's not in a good mood, heaven help you both."

Rachel and Brittany almost moaned out loud at that threat as they both squirmed again in their seats trying to rub a little harder on the wood.

Santana saw what they were doing and suppressing a grin, she raised her voice abruptly, "Now girls!" She was delighted to see both girls jump up immediately and head towards the open library door.

The room was dimly lit with only the green accountants light on the big oak desk providing light. Quinn sat behind it dressed in what appeared to be very professional looking gray business suit. She had on a white silk blouse and her hair was all done up in a messy bun. The finishing touch was the wire framed glasses she had on. She looked every bit a harried Catholic school mistress or principal.

The blonde was writing furiously in a notebook when the two girls entered the room, both of them had to suppress another groan as Quinn looked up from her work and glared at them pointing for them to sit in the chairs in front of her desk.

Santana took a seat next to the oak desk and waited.

Quinn leaned back in her chair and crossed her arms and continued to glare at both girls for a long moment.

Even though Rachel and Brittany knew this was a game they both felt guilty of something. It was hard having Quinn glare at them in silence with that one wicked eyebrow raised. She was every bit the HBIC, and she was terrifying.

On the other hand they both knew she was still their loving girlfriend, Quinn and the role of Strict!Quinn was driving them both crazy with desire. Rachel seriously wondered what would happen if she just jumped over the desk, threw Quinn to the floor, and fucked her right there. She was afraid to let her mind go there lest she give in to her urges and act without thinking.

Finally Quinn sighed as if this was very painful for her. She leaned forward and made a bridge out of her hands on her desk, and rested her chin on it. She glanced sadly at both girls, "Miss Berry, I am very sad to see you in my office today. I had such high hopes for you when you first started here at St. Agnes' School. Miss Pierce, why am I not surprised to see you in my office again? I don't think you want to improve."

Both girls cringed under her disappointment and criticism. Quinn sighed and leaned back again, "Coach Lopez would you kindly inform the girls of why they are here tonight?"

"Of course, Ms. Fabray! Miss Berry, you missed my gym class three times last week."

Rachel looked up in shock, she had missed gym class but that was because she had slipped on her elliptical and sprained her wrist, "But I had a note from home!" Rachel blurted out interrupting Santana.

Quinn immediately stood up and slammed her hand down on the desk, "WHO GAVE YOU PERMISSION TO SPEAK YOUNG LADY?"

Rachel squeaked, "Nobody, Ma'am"

"Then I suggest you keep your mouth shut until told to do otherwise," She said threateningly.

Santana went on, "They were both late to 4th period after lunch, at least three times last week."

Rachel sighed, that was because she was in the broom closet with Britt getting their mack on!

Quinn finished for her, "And that uniform is an abomination! Stand up girl!" Rachel quickly stood up. Quinn reached in the drawer of the desk and brought out a wooden ruler, "The rule is the skirt cannot be any shorter than two inches above the knee, why is that blouse unbuttoned?"

Quinn stood next to Rachel and smacked the hard wooden ruler into the palm of her hand over and over again, "I already know it's much too short but to be fair I will measure anyway."

She measured Rachel's skirt, her hand lingering on Rachel's thigh and sending shivers through the brunette. It was so hard to stand still with Q standing so close, smelling so good, touching her like she was. Quinn stood up and wacked Rachel hard with the ruler on the back of her thigh, "Stand still and quit fidgeting."

Rachel jumped at the stinging swat, and went to reach back when Quinn looked at her and said, "No rubbing."

"Four inches too short and two buttons on the shirt undone for both of you, Coach, please keep track of the number of infractions?" Santana nodded an affirmative, "You were both late to class three times last week as well."

"Then of course there is this disgusting note," Rachel and Britt were both shocked when Quinn pulled out a love note that Rachel had written to Brittany professing her deep and undying love for the dancer as only the romantic diva could. She had written a similar note to all her girlfriends that day after having been overcome with love for the girls.

Quinn read the note out loud, and if Rachel and Brittany didn't know better they would have believed that she was a full blown homophobe.

"Girls, this is of course cause for expulsion from St. Agnes' which would go on your permanent record, and I guarantee there is not a decent college in this country that would accept you after taking one look at your record."

She looked terribly upset to be breaking the news, "I really have no choice but to expel you, get your parents involved which will of course be very messy. I'm sorry, but I'm afraid my hands are tied."

Santana cleared her throat and coughed once. Quinn turned to her, "Is there something you'd like to say Coach Lopez?"

"I had a thought Ms. Fabray. What if we handled it in house? We could punish them ourselves, and no one would know any better. That way it wouldn't have to go on their permanent record."

"That's a very interesting suggestion, Coach Lopez. Well, it's your choice girls, Coach Lopez and I handle the discipline or you're expelled? Miss Berry?"

"I would prefer we handle it between ourselves, Ma'am," Rachel said demurely.

"Miss Pierce?"

"I would prefer we handle it between ourselves, Ma'am," Brittany parroted Rachel.

Santana called Brittany over to her side, "Assume the position Miss Pierce, as you've been here so many times before, and poor Miss Berry has not."

Brittany leaned over the oak desk and stretched her arms out in front of her basically laying her long lean body across the expanse of the desk causing her already short skirt to hike up to just under the curve of her buttocks.

Quinn reached over and handed the wooden ruler to Santana. She flipped up Brittany's skirt yanked down her thong, and started spanking her with the ruler. It was stingy but not exceedingly painful, but this was for fun not for real punishment.

Quinn had instructed Rachel to stand directly across from Brittany and watch, "I already know about Miss Pierce's perversions. Does this turn you on and make you hot little girl?" The blonde whispered in Rachel's ear causing her to shiver uncontrollably, "Let's see, shall we?"

She dipped her hand under Rachel's skirt, and ran a finger along her dripping wet slit. She started to rub gently as Rachel watched Brittany's spanking progressing. Rachel kept trying to push back against Quinn's hand for more contact, but every time she moved she got a painful swat to her thighs. Each swat caused a deep guttural moan.

Santana had dropped the ruler and started using her hand, and Brittany started to moan and cry in both pain and pleasure.

Rachel moaned only one word, "Please," she couldn't take it anymore, she needed contact.

"Please what, little girl?" Quinn said firmly, "This?" She put her hand on Rachel's back and bent her over her desk, and yanked down her thong as well. She started to hand spank slowly and methodically in an erotic way. Rachel had never felt anything like it in her life. She had been spanked by Quinn for punishment, only once since joining this relationship but that was nothing like this. She was on fire, her ass, her clit, her belly, her breasts, her face; she was totally on fire.

Rachel started to rub on the desk, making contact with the hard wood through her flimsy shirt. She was not wearing a bra and the contact the cold hard wood made with her pebbled breasts was delicious. She was moaning pitifully.

Quinn continued to spank sensually, but snuck her other hand around Rachel's front and started rubbing circles around her clit. She knew Rachel wouldn't last long. All the anticipation and the play and now the physical contact, she would go over the edge very soon.

Santana looked up and made eye contact with Quinn. Brittany was just as close to orgasm since she was receiving the same treatment as Rachel.

Quinn nodded to Santana, and they both stepped back and stopped their ministrations. The two girls lying over the desk groaned in frustration, they had been so close.

Santana walked over and started to undress Quinn, "Stand up both of you and get right in front of the desk. Do not let me see you touch yourselves or you will not be allowed to finish. If you orgasm before we do, you will be severely punished, do you understand?"

Both girls nodded and Rachel thought to herself, "How can I orgasm first if I can't touch myself?" Brittany of course knew better, and knew it was probably going to be a losing battle for her and resigned herself to the tawse.

Within seconds, Quinn and Santana were naked and the brunette picked up the blonde and laid her across the desk, and proceeded to fuck her on Russell Fabray's desk. Brittany moaned and tried to shut her eyes but just the sound of the two girls fucking was enough to get her off. She tried to think of something else, anything else; broccoli, deformed kittens, dead bunnies, oh god she could not cum, please, oh please.

Rachel was mesmerized by the sight of the two girls on the desk. She had literally never seen anything so hot in her entire life. They had all made love before, sometimes pairing up or sometimes as a group, but never like this. Rachel humped air, and realized how close she was to an orgasm just by watching her girlfriends get off in front of her. Now she understood why Brittany looked so nervous. Evidently it was easy to get off without touching yourself, who knew?

She suddenly realized how much trouble she was about to get into. She tried thinking of bad things happening to Barbra, that might make her cry, but at least she wouldn't have an orgasm before Quinn and San did.

Quinn came hard; the whole scenario had made her close all night anyway. She smirked at the Latina above her, and flipped their positions. She turned the beauty on her stomach, and started to take her from behind. Quinn really wanted to drag this out and torture her two girlfriends, but just one look at them she could see their eyes screwed shut and she really didn't want to punish them, she wanted to fuck them they were so adorable. She quickly brought Santana to an orgasm, and turned her attention to Rachel while Santana went to Brittany.

Quinn fucked Rachel on her mom's Persian carpet, and Santana took Brittany over the antique leather chair. It wasn't long before the library was filled with moans and groans and screams of pleasure.

All four girls collapsed on the floor out of breath, and completely satisfied.

After a few minutes Quinn said, "Who's up for taking this to my bedroom and going for round 2?"

"Yes Ma'am!" Rachel yelled. The other girls scrambled to their feet, and ran up the stairs giggling; you didn't need to ask them twice.

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