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Chapter 5 Brittany's Very Bad Idea

All four girlfriends were sitting in the local coffee hangout talking and relaxing before going to their separate homes for the evening.

Brittany was unusually quiet and seemed to be pouting, which was very unlike her. Quinn raised an eyebrow at Santana while directing her head Brittany's way, but the Latina just shrugged casually.

"Is there something wrong Britt-Britt?" Rachel laid a concerned hand on her girlfriend's back and rubbed it sweetly, "Are you not feeling well?"

The tall blonde shrugged, "I'm fine Rae, I just hate being broke all the time. I never have any money, not like you three do," She grumbled petulantly.

Santana barked out a harsh laugh, "I can't speak for Rach, but my parent's and Q's parents give us guilt money instead of love and attention. They pay us for the privilege of not having them overly involved in our lives."

Quinn looked sadly at Brittany, "It's true honey, my parents don't care about me at all, they just leave money that they think makes me happy and keeps me from asking for any real parental affection."

Rachel looked sadly at her two abandoned girlfriends and reached over and grabbed Quinn's and Santana's hands, "You will always have me to love you and take care of you and worry about you, ALWAYS!" Brittany nodded in agreement.

Quinn and Santana looked back at Rachel and smiled warmly at their fierce loving little diva.

"As for me," Rachel continued with an adorable mischievous grin, "My fathers' love me, they just spoil me rotten and are easily manipulated!"

"Amen to that!" Santana said loudly as the other girls all laughed.

"I know I have you guys, and I am so lucky to have the parent's that I have. I just would like to have my own money sometimes. I'd like to treat you guys to dinner or a movie instead of you always treating me," Brittany finished sadly.

Quinn reached over and took the other blonde's hand and looked into her eyes seriously, "Sweetie, everything I have, everything I am belongs to all of you. I love you all, you're my life. You have nothing to worry about and nothing to feel bad about, I swear!"

Brittany looked around the table and saw her girlfriends all nodding in agreement with what Quinn had said and she felt loved and happy, "I love you all too, really with all my heart. I want to get a part-time job though so I can have my own money, just a little bit. My parent's just don't have it and they already pay my car insurance so I think I'd like to find something for just a few hours a week for some spending money."

Santana looked at Quinn and then at Rachel and both girls looked as concerned as she felt, "Babe, you already have Cheerios, Glee Club, dance lessons, school, studying and sexy times with us; when are you going to fit in a job?"

Rachel agreed with Santana, "It's an awful lot Britt-Britt, adding a job could really cause you a lot of undue stress. Are you sure this is what you want to do?"

"I'm really sure you guys, please I want to try at least."

Quinn looked at Brittany seriously, "It's another responsibility B, if you do this you have to do it right and be responsible."

"I know Quinn," the blonde dancer said brusquely, "I've been babysitting off and on for years now. I know how to be responsible."

She finished more rudely than Quinn appreciated, so she arched an eyebrow at her girlfriend and shot her the old HBIC look that instilled fear in the hearts of grown men, "Excuse me, Brittany?" The shorter blonde inquired.

"I'm sorry Quinn, I didn't mean to be a bitch to you or snap at you. I'm just so frustrated about this. This is exactly what my dad said too! Why doesn't anybody trust me? I can handle more than you all think I can; I'm not a baby you know!" She pouted slightly, her behavior the opposite of her words.

Quinn looked around the room at her other girlfriends. Rachel nodded slightly and shrugged. Santana nodded as well, but Quinn stared at her tall blonde girlfriend for a long minute making Brittany squirm a little in her seat, "Alright B but here's the rules; you don't miss school or scheduled practices and you stay healthy and don't run yourself into the ground or we are all allowed to change our vote. Anyone else?"

Santana said, "This job shouldn't interfere with our relationship, I mean sure you will have a little less available free time, but you still need to spend time with us as well."

Rachel said, "The job cannot cut into Glee practice or your dancing lessons, or it will have to go."

Brittany squealed and squirmed excitedly in her seat and clapped her hands together, "Oh my gosh, I'm so excited, thanks you guys, don't worry it's all going to be perfect, I promise!"

Quinn interrupted Brittany's celebration, "One last thing B, this job is a commitment and a responsibility. You need to treat it as such. That means you have to setup a schedule for everything you are currently doing and try to work the job around your other responsibilities. We will help you set up a schedule but it's up to you to keep it," Brittany just huffed and rolled her eyes, "I'm very serious about this Brittany, and you better take it seriously as well or you're going to find yourself in very big trouble."

They all knew that when she had that look and that tone of voice Quinn meant business, and it was not a warning you wanted to ignore. All three of the other girls at the table had learned that lesson at least once the hard way, and paid the price for it.

"I promise Quinn," She stood up and hugged the shorter blonde tightly; she then made the same promise to her other girlfriends before hugging them as well.

The girls gathered up there things and hugged each other goodnight before each heading home.


Brittany tried and tried and just could not find a job that would work with her schedule. Finally Rachel stepped in and offered to help. Her father's oldest friend owned a little shop in the Lima Strip Mall that sold music. It had been there forever and Mr. Goldman still sold vinyl albums as well as CD's. He was an older man now and couldn't man the store by himself all the time like he used to, so Rachel talked him into hiring Brittany part-time.

The older gentleman was very understanding of Brittany's schedule, and agreed to let her work around it. Everything looked like it was going to work out great.

It wasn't long before some cracks started to appear in Brittany's perfect schedule. She missed a Cheerio practice because she forgot to write it down. Then she missed a Glee Club rehearsal as well.

Quinn talked her other two rather irritated girlfriends into giving Brittany a little time to get used to her schedule. It was still very new. Santana and Rachel calmed down and agreed to give Brittany another chance.

The tall blonde dancer was running herself ragged, and she kept forgetting her calendar and was writing appointments on little pieces of scrap paper that she would lose or leave in her jeans and her mom would wash them. She was really embarrassed to ask Quinn or Rachel for help, they were the best schedulers, but she had made such a big deal out of being responsible. She just kept trying to make it work on her own, but she was messing up big time.

The first time she missed work, she had just totally forgotten she was scheduled and just never showed up. When she realized her mistake she apologized so sincerely and profusely, Mr. Goldman forgave her immediately and forgot his irritation.

The second time was because she had forgotten Rachel's celebration dinner so she called Mr. Goldman and told him she was too sick to come in that evening. She gave the poor man no notice, and despite having other plans he had to stay and cover Brittany's shift.

She had also been late on a few occasions when Cheerios practice ran late. The last time she came in late Mr. Goldman had realized this was just not working out for either of them. He felt terrible since he liked the sweet and funny blonde girl immensely. He just had to let her go, and he tried to do it gently but felt terrible at the crestfallen look on the girl's face.


Brittany was sitting upstairs on her bed wondering how things had gotten so bad, so fast. She was so embarrassed by being fired, the blonde dancer couldn't tell her girlfriends. She was going to in a day or two but couldn't just yet. The next thing she knew two weeks had gone by and she still hadn't told anyone. Right now she could be sitting at Quinn's house watching movies and eating pizza with her girls, but she told them she had to work tonight. This was a disaster. She was sad and lonely and wanted her girls to cheer her up, but she couldn't without spilling the beans about getting fired. Brittany had run out of ideas and didn't know how to fix this.


Rachel was running a little late getting to Quinn's house; she had to stop home first so she shot off a text to Santana and Quinn and ran into her house to take a quick shower. She was surprised to see Harvey Goldman in her kitchen sitting at the table with her dad.

"Uncle Harvey, how wonderful to see you, I didn't know you were coming over tonight. I haven't seen you in forever, but I have other plans," Rachel said enthusiastically. Harvey Goldman had been Uncle Harvey all her life, and she loved and respected him immensely.

"It must be nice to have someone helping you out at the shop so you can spend some time visiting friends and family," She said warmly noticing the puzzled look on his face.

"I mean having Brittany around to cover some of the shifts so you can come see us!"

"Rachel, sweetheart, I had to let Brittany go over two weeks ago. It just wasn't working out for either of us darling. She is a wonderful girl, and very sweet just not terribly reliable."

"Let her go? You mean you had to fire her?" Rachel said in a shocked tone.

"Yes, I'm sorry darling but she just missed so many shifts, and was always late. It just got to be too stressful for both of us I'm afraid. Do me a favor though my darling girl, next time you have a friend who needs a job, don't send her to see me ok?" He chuckled good-naturedly but Rachel's face burned a deep red in shame and embarrassment.

"Of course, Uncle Harvey, I'm so sorry, she really is a wonderful person," Rachel apologized profusely and excused herself to go shower. She stomped up the stairs in a foul temper and vowed she was going to kill her tall blonde girlfriend.


By the time Rachel got to Quinn's she was way past furious. She explained to the blonde and to the Latina what had happened in her kitchen, "Didn't she say she was working tonight, and couldn't be here with us because of it?"

Quinn felt an ice cold rage at being lied to and manipulated. She knew this was going to happen, and she had warned Brittany what the consequences would be. The icing on the cake was being lied to, and that was just completely unacceptable.

"Santana would you be so kind as to take Rachel and go get Brittany; I'm sure she is sitting at her house pouting. Tell her to bring clothes, and tell her parents she is spending the weekend here."

Santana and Rachel exchanged knowing looks and went out to get their soon to be very sorry girlfriend from her self-imposed exile.


Quinn was sitting in the living room waiting for Brittany to arrive. She had her arms crossed and her legs crossed, and her foot was bouncing in irritation.

The tall blonde walked into the living room behind her other two girlfriends and took one look at Quinn, and knew she was in serious trouble, "Please I can explain…"

Rachel sat down next to Quinn looking equally angry, "Harvey Goldman is a cherished family friend. I vouched for you, Brittany and got you that job and you promised to be responsible. You can explain why he told me tonight you were unreliable?"

The diva stood up and started pacing, "You humiliated me Brittany, do you understand that?"

Santana who had basically been quiet the whole time now walked over and stood in front of Brittany, "The worst part was you've been lying to us for over two weeks. You never told us you were fired, and instead of being here tonight, you lied and said you had to work. How long would this have gone on if Rachel hadn't accidently run into her Uncle?"

Quinn said firmly, "Well? You said you could explain, what do you have to say for yourself?"

Brittany suddenly felt like crying, "Nothing, I messed everything up. I'm so sorry I lied I was really embarrassed to admit I got fired."

Quinn stood up and walked over to Brittany, "Not half as sorry as you're going to be Brittany Susan Pierce. Do you agree you deserve to be punished?"

Brittany looked up in sad resignation and didn't trust herself to speak so she just shook her head yes.

"Alright go upstairs and get ready, I'll be up shortly." Quinn said firmly.


Brittany was standing in the corner like she knew was expected of her. She was cursing herself over and over in her head. Why couldn't she just have come clean with everyone. She hated being spanked. It hurt, and it was so embarrassing but she knew she had really messed this up big time.

She heard Quinn enter the room, and her nerves made her belly quiver deep inside.

"Brittany come here please."

She turned around to see Quinn seated on her wooden desk chair she kept in her room for just such purposes.

The blonde stood in front of her girlfriend feeling nervous and ashamed. She squirmed in place when she saw the paddle in Quinn's hand. She hated that evil wooden implement; it stung like crazy and hurt for at least a whole day after.

"Why do you deserve this spanking, Brittany?"

"I was irresponsible at work, got fired and then lied to all of you about it and really embarrassed Rachel who helped me."

Quinn patted her lap and the other blonde draped herself over Quinn's knees.

She reached over and gently pulled down Brittany's sweatpants and started to hand spank over the lacy white underwear. The dancer was always a lightweight when it came to spankings and tonight was no exception. She was sniffling very quickly, since she already felt guilty.

The pale backside started to turn pink immediately, and Brittany squealed after a very sharp spank. She tried to throw one hand back to protect her bottom but Quinn was having none of that.

"Put your hand back in front of you, Brittany," She said firmly brushing Britt's hand to her side, and smacking her thigh sharply, "Now!"

Brittany quickly moved her hand back in front of her, and reached down and grabbed the chair leg.

Quinn reached up and pulled the lace panties down carefully until they were situated below Brittany's thighs.

She felt the cool air on her warm backside, and started to panic a little, "Please Quinn, not bare, not with the paddle, I'm really sorry, I really am….."


Rachel and Santana heard Brittany start begging and knew the warmup was over and the real spanking was about to begin.

The diva had been very angry, but now she had nothing but sympathy for her girlfriend. She had been in the exact same position over Quinn's knee not so very long ago, and she cringed thinking of how she had cried and begged as well.

Santana just hated to see Brittany cry, but she knew she deserved everything Quinn dished out tonight.

They both flinched when they heard the harsh sound of Quinn's bare hand smacking Brittany's bare backside in a furious rhythm as the blue eyed blonde started to cry out in earnest.


Quinn paced herself as she applied an even dose of smacks to both sides of her girlfriend's soon to be very sore ass. She didn't skip the sensitive sit spots or the back of her thighs.

Brittany was crying real tears of remorse, and apologizing between spanks. Quinn just rolled her eyes. She had always thought Rachel would be the most dramatic during a spanking, but Brittany beat her by a fair margin.

When the bare backside in front of her was a nice even shiny red, Quinn picked up the paddle, "I'm giving you 14 with the paddle. One for every day you lied to us about being fired."

Brittany openly sobbed, "Please Quinn, please not that many, it already hurts so bad that I…."

The paddle cracked down before the blonde could finish her sentence. The loud crack echoed around the bedroom, and Brittany inhaled sharply sucking the air through her teeth, "owwwwwwwww," she cried.

The second crack caused her to issue a loud moan. The third brought a loud squeal as Britt apologized over and over and promised never to lie again, "Please no more, Quinn. I'm so sorry, I won't ever lie again, I promise, ow…. Please…" she sobbed.

Quinn kept a steady pace, and tightened her grip on her squirming girlfriend. A sharp crack to the back of Brittany's thigh and a firm command followed, "Lie still, Brittany!"

She was crying very hard now, and couldn't get out any words as Quinn said kindly, "We are almost done sweetheart, now hold still for the final three."

Brittany wanted Quinn to be proud of her, and she really wanted to make amends. She tried very hard to hold still as the hazel eyed blonde lay down the hardest swats of the night.

The dancer collapsed over her girlfriend's lap crying hard, and begging for forgiveness. Quinn gathered her up in a warm embrace, and moved her carefully onto her lap. She brushed aside her girlfriend's wet bangs, and kissed away the tears from her face, "Shhh, it's all over baby, you did so good. I'm very proud of you. Shhhh it's ok you are forgiven."

Santana and Rachel having heard the spanking finish, made their way up to the bedroom to help comfort their penitent girlfriend.

Brittany threw herself at Rachel nearly knocking over the petite diva, "I'm so sorry Rachel I will do anything you want to make it right between us," She sobbed openly from the pain in her freshly spanked backside, and the pain in her heart from having hurt Rachel's feelings.

"I would very much appreciate if you went with me, and apologized to my Uncle Harvey," Rachel said firmly, but not unkindly, "Other than that, I think you have been punished enough sweetheart."

"Sanny, can I do something for you?" Brittany sniffled.

"Just don't ever lie to us again, we love you so much but it is so disrespectful to lie to us," The Latina said sadly.

"I promise I won't lie anymore to any of you, and I'm so sorry."

"Alright honey, time for bed now and tomorrow you can go with Rach and apologize to Mr. Goldman, alright?" Quinn said lovingly yet firmly.

She led her sweet blonde girlfriend over to her bed, and helped her under the covers and then leaned over and kissed her gently on the forehead, "I love you honey."

"I love you Quinn, thank you for forgiving me," Quinn nodded her eyes filling with tears.

Rachel went over and kissed Brittany gently, "I love you Britt-Britt."

"I love you Rae and I'm so sorry," Rachel leaned over and kissed her again and gently fixed her messy blonde hair.

Santana fussed with the blankets and then kissed her lips gently, "I love you baby."

"I love you too Sanny. I'm so sorry I lied."

Santana leaned over and looked into big blue tear filled eyes, "It's all over baby, and you are completely forgiven. No more feeling bad, and no more apologies, alright? You have a clean slate, baby. That's why we have this relationship."

Brittany gave a tearful smile and nodded happily. She looked around the room, and saw all three girlfriends nodding their heads in agreement. She could start all over again tomorrow free and clear. All her girls loved her and forgave her, so everything was right in her world once again.

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