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Chapter 6 : How the Unholy Trinity became Faberrittana

2022 Ten Years after High School

Santana and Quinn were all wrapped up in each other's arms and legs and breathing heavily, "Jesus San, I can't believe we didn't wake up the other two, the way you made me scream."

The Latina wiped blonde hair out of her wife's eyes and kissed her gently on the forehead as she smirked, "No shit babe, that thing you did with your tongue, damn, I didn't think I was ever going to come down!"

The blonde laid her head on the brunette's chest as they both looked over to see the other two still sleeping softly. Smiling gently, Quinn looked up at Santana, "Look at how sweet they look, just like little angels."

"Pfft, angels only when they're sleeping!" She grimaced thinking of Rachel's latest temper tantrum just the other night, "Rachel and her naïve trusting nature, and god that temper, she makes me look tame.…"

The beautiful blonde lightly smacked the brunette's flat abs, "Hey she paid for it; clean slate and all remember?"

"Yeah, I remember but honestly babe, have you ever met anyone who was as big a trouble magnet as that girl?"

Quinn chuckled lightly, "No, I honestly can't say I have," She looked up and saw the serious look on her girlfriends face and sat up, "You ok? You're not still angry or upset are you?"

Santana shook her head lightly, "No not really, just… I don't know," She shrugged her shoulders.

"Disappointed? Frustrated?" Quinn pressed.

The Latina ran her hands through her thick black hair, shaking it loose and smiling, "Probably, she's just a handful sometimes. It's exhausting."

"You do still love her, don't you San?" Quinn asked seriously.

Black eyes shot wide open, "Of course I do! Yes, without a doubt, more now than ever really. All of you! Please don't ever doubt that!" She finished softly as she noticed the look of relief on the beautiful face in front of her.

"Me too, all of you as well. I never believed this family could work, but it does and I love all of you more every single day. Remember when it was just the three of us? That day we saw Rae and just knew we had to have her?" Quinn said softly, lying back down to cuddle with the Latina.

Now it was Santana's turn to chuckle wryly, "A day that will live in infamy!"


PROMPT: The day Rachel Berry rode up on a motorcycle was the day Santana Lopez, Brittany S. Pierce, and Quinn Fabray all realized they were in love with her. (Purrpickle)


Flashback ~ 11 years earlier

It was a beautiful fall day in Ohio, warm and sunny with the crisp smell of leaves and apples and just a hint of a breeze. To the three attractive girls leaning up against the fence surrounding the football field, it was just another typical Friday. They would cheer for the football team comprised of complete losers, show off some outstanding national award winning cheer routines, and then all three would go home to someone's house together to get their cuddles on or wind up at Puck's house for a party, get drunk and then get their cuddles on. That's what they did every Friday. It had become a lame, unfulfilling routine.

Today had been like every other Friday with no hint that it was the day that would change all of their lives forever.

The three girlfriends were killing time until the crowds started arriving for the big game; Santana was doing her nails, Quinn was glowering at the losers hanging out in the bleachers, and Brittany was just killing time being Brittany.

"I have bruises all over my lower back from that stupid new bitch, Ashley something, what is she doing wearing fuck-me heels up on the pyramid?" Santana moaned as she rubbed her back still incredibly irritated she was back on the bottom.

Ashley Dupree only had on tennis shoes Sanny, besides if you hadn't called Coach Sylvester 'Barney the Dinosaur' you wouldn't be back on the bottom..."Brittany scolded her girlfriend using air quotes.

Both Quinn and Santana smirked before Brittany could finish talking, "C'mon Britt-Britt, having Becky wash her red tracksuits with the blue towels and having them come out the perfect purple Barney color was a stroke of genius, besides she wasn't supposed to hear me!" The Latina grumbled.

Quinn nodded her assent and said smugly, "You have to admit Brittany; she did look like Barney that day!" Her and Santana high fived while Brittany glared at them, "not helpful Q," The shorter blonde just shrugged in a bored manner and turned to look back out at the field. Santana went back to buffing her nails.

"Do we want to go to another lame ass drunk party at Puck's or find something else to do tonight?" Quinn said in a bored voice.

Never looking up from her nails, Santana grimaced, "Never thought I'd get bored getting wasted!"

Brittany spoke up quickly, "We could go to the drive-in, I think they start that zombie marathon tonight. Those are so scary we can cuddle without anyone caring."

The blonde and brunette turned to look at the dancer in interest when IT happened. A sleek sexy Harley made a quick and elegant turn into the parking lot, purring like a large jungle cat.

All three girls stopped talking immediately, stood at attention, and watched as a slim figure of a girl wearing riding leathers came into view on the back of the fancy bike. She clearly knew what she was doing as she glided perfectly into the parking spot, kicked down the stand in one smooth perfect motion. and shut down the soft purr of the motor with a quick click of the key.

Many years later when telling this story, the three girls would heartily swear what happened next took place in slow motion, which never failed to produce a fond eye-roll and a hearty, sultry, musical laugh from the petite brunette, as she gently slapped one her wives arms.

The girl got off the bike and with her back to the three cheerleaders she bent over to remove her helmet. Quinn turned her head sideways and admired the view, "she's got an incredible ass!"

Santana had turned her head as well and admired the view, "those legs go on forever, I mean they just don't stop."

Brittany as usual got right to the point, "I wonder if she'd let us fuck her on the back of the motorcycle?"

Quinn and Santana both snapped their heads back in position to look at their tall girlfriend just as the petite rider removed her helmet and shook her long, thick, luxuriant chestnut brown hair all around her shoulders like models do in commercials.

The three Cheerios emitted a small moan of pleasure in unison. Santana recovered first, "Who the fuck is that and why isn't she in our bed?" The two blondes shook their heads in agreement, still unable to speak.

The brunette with the incredible ass and endless legs turned around and three jaws dropped. She noticed the cheerleaders by the fence, and smiled widely and wiggled her fingers in a gentle wave. She quickly dropped her hand to her side, and frowned when her greeting was not returned.

Brittany recovered first, "Jesus, that's…."

Quinn questioned, "Manhands?"

Santana growled, "Fucking Berry!"

The tall blonde got very excited and clapped her hands together, "Let's go invite her to zombie night. We can watch the movie, and convince Rae to have cuddles and sexy times with us," She started skipping towards the door Rachel entered.

Quinn stood in the middle wavering between wanting to ravage Rachel or throw a slushy at the irritating little diva. She had securely locked away all inappropriate feelings towards Rachel Barbra Berry for years, and was more than a little irritated at the overwhelming feelings of arousal she had going on now.

"NO!" The Latina roared, startling both blondes into inaction, "And we will never discuss this again, EVER! ¿Me entiendes," Reaching up and securing her ponytail tightly, she stalked off towards the football field, not waiting for an answer.

Brittany walked dolefully back to Quinn, looking like a very sad panda, so the shorter blonde wrapped her arms around the dancer's waist and went up on her tip-toes to kiss her gently with warm full lips, "It will be OK, just give her a little time to get over the fact she wanted sexy times with Rachel Berry. I think she's just in shock B."

The blue eyed cheerleader stopped walking and looked into her girlfriend's green and gold eyes and glared at her, "Well you and San need to quit pretending you hate Rae. She's pretty, funny, and kind and I know when she sings it makes you and San squirm in your seats and act funny. I mean it too, pretty soon she's going to graduate and go to New York and we'll never have a chance to be with her ever again. That will not only make me sad but really mad too!" She stomped off leaving a very confused Quinn.

"Britt, wait up!" Quinn ran after her girlfriend, finally catching up to her by the gate, "You know I have feelings for Rachel?" She looked around as she whispered.

Brittany looked at Quinn in amazement, "DUH? Seriously, Q? Not really a big secret, but I know something you don't know! Rachel likes us all back," For the second time, she walked away leaving a now curious Quinn.

"What do you mean Rachel likes us back? She hates us and she's scared of us and she has every right to feel that way," Quinn said sadly.

"Honestly, you are so smart but you just don't get people at all," The blonde shook her head sadly at the obvious cluelessness of her girlfriend, "Why do you think she is always trying to be your friend, even when you are your most scariest, even scarier than zombies? How come whenever she watches Sanny sing, she squirms too and she licks her lips like she's eating that yummy vegan ice cream she let me try once? Why else would she let me hug her all the time, and always hugs me back, really hard?"

Quinn shrugged her shoulders and said slowly, "Maybe she has a death wish?"

Brittany crossed her arms and blew out a breath, "No, it's cause she's totally into us too, Q!"

"B, Rachel Berry is not gay! She's been with Jesse, Puck, and she's totally in love with Finn! She's never dated a girl!"

"You dated Finn more than once, you also dated Sam, and you had a baby with Puck. You were never with a girl before me and Sanny either, Q! Grilled Cheesus and they call me dumb!" This time when she walked away, Quinn didn't even bother to try and follow.


Santana and Quinn sat morosely side by side on the couch at Puck's party watching Brittany dance and have a good time.

"There is not enough alcohol on the planet to make me forget wanting to tear off those leather pants and fuck Rachel Berry on the back of that awesome motorcycle," The Latina moaned desperately.

"I know, I googled brain floss, they don't make it!" Quinn said drunkenly.

Santana looked over at her girlfriend and squinted at her, "You're drunk! You never get wasted anymore, since you know….! Oh Madre de Dios, you got the hots for Berry too?"

The other blonde just shook her head, "Yup and now that I acknowledged it, I just can't seem to stuff it back in the hidey hole in my brain I delegated it to, no matter how hard I try. You do too babe, don't even try to deny it!"

"Fuck my life! Having two blonde girlfriends is hard enough work, now we want to add a certifiably insane diva, hijo de puta! So what do we do now? I mean having the hots for someone does NOT mean I'm in love with them."

"Yeah, sure, like sex isn't dating," The blonde rolled her eyes, "I think I'm in love with her, like pretty sure, about 99%," The blonde said dejectedly.

The brunette snorted drunkenly, "Now you're starting to talk like her even."

"Well at least she didn't come tonight; it would be so much harder to hide the truth from her with her dancing in front of us," Quinn said wisely.

Just then the door opened and Finn, Rachel, Blaine, and Kurt walked into the living room, right past the couch. Rachel had hold of Finn's arm, and was laughing merrily at something Kurt had said. She smiled at the two girls in acknowledgement as she walked past them.

Santana turned and glared at a visibly nervous Quinn, "esto es todo por tu culpa, blondie!"

Flashing hazel eyes turned and glared back, "How the fuck is it my fault she showed up right when I said that? I don't have a magic genie you know!" She hissed at her angry girlfriend.

"Oh Dios mío, Fuck my life!" She sunk down into the couch and concentrated on her beer.


Shortly after Rachel's arrival, Quinn and Santana switched to drinking water. They couldn't afford losing their edge, and doing something very uncool in front of the tiny diva. Quinn was worried that Santana would cry in front of Rachel, and then beat Finn to a bloody pulp.

Brittany was thrilled, and she used every excuse to grab the tiny brunette and get her to dance with her. After a few dirty dance moves, Rachel looked over at the two on the couch nervously and Quinn excused herself and walked into the kitchen. She wasn't angry, she was very turned on.

"I don't think I should dance with you anymore Britt," Seeing the blonde's face fall she continued, "Not because I don't want to, but I just seem to be upsetting Quinn and Santana and I don't want to do anything that might seem untoward," Rachel shouted over the music.

The blonde leaned down and yelled in Rachel's ear, "They're not upset that you're dancing with me Rachel, they're upset about something else! Don't worry about it, seriously, it's cool!"

Rachel looked completely unconvinced seeing the scowl on Santana's beautiful face deepen. After another dance she left Brittany to go find her boyfriend.

After another hour or so, Brittany walked over and sat down next to the Latina, "Hey baby," She kissed her deeply, "Aren't you having any fun? We can leave if you want?"

"No I don't want to leave yet, something's up with Finnept and Rachel," She said gravely, "And I don't like it."

"What do you mean, what's going on?"

"That pendejo keeps shoving alcohol down her throat. Every time he walks up to her he's shoving a cup in her hands, and then he stands there until she guzzles it. It's weird, I don't think she wants to drink it but he keeps insisting," Both girls watched as the lumbering Finn walked over and forced another drink on Rachel, "See! He's trying to get her drunk so she'll sleep with him, I'd bet money on it!"

Brittany frowned deeply as she watched Rachel try to give the drink back, only to have Finn lift the bottom of the cup forcing Rachel to swallow, "She hates drinking, he's going to get her really sick. I don't get it; she's already slept with him, why would he need to get her drunk like that. I don't like this one bit, Sanny."

They both watched as Finn laughed at Rachel's grimace over the alcohol taste; Brittany getting more worried and Santana getting angrier.

"Do you know those guys in the corner watching Rachel?" The blonde asked Santana.

"I'm not positive, but I think they're from Carmel."

"Why would Puck let those mean people from Vocal Adrenaline come to his party, where is Puck anyway?" She said looking around the room.

Santana snorted, "Where do you think? Upstairs having his way with some cheerleader who feels fat today!"

"Where's Q?" Brittany asked softly.

"In the kitchen with Mike, Tina, Mercedes and Sam, I think," She gestured vaguely in the direction of the kitchen. The brunette watched as the blonde started to chew on her bottom lip worriedly, "Hey babe, what's up?"

"We need backup. I'll be back in a few minutes; I'm going to go talk to Mike and Quinn," She stood up and headed to the kitchen, "Don't take your eyes off Rachel. It's important."

Santana refused to tell B, but she couldn't take her eyes off the diva if she tried.


There was no one in the kitchen but Finn and a few drunken football and hockey players being idiots. Brittany walked over to the sink to wash her cup and saw Quinn and some others sitting by a portable fire pit in the back yard. She poured some Pepsi in a glass with some ice and walked out the back door.

She walked over and sat down on Quinn's lap, kissing her softly and offering her the cold glass of Pepsi. The shorter blonde kissed her back and accepted the drink gratefully, "What's up baby? Are you done dancing?"

The others all laughed in amusement, they all knew Britt was never through dancing. She wrinkled her nose adorably at them all in acknowledgement of their laughter and Quinn leaned over and kissed the very tip of her nose, "Don't mind them, they're all idiots."

Britt suddenly remembered why she was looking for Quinn, "Oh my gosh Quinn, speaking of idiots, Finn is being weird with Rae. I need all you guys to come and help me rescue Rachel."

Everyone started speaking at once, "Rachel?" "Why, what's going on?" "Is Rachel ok?"

Just then the group heard loud yelling, screaming, and banging coming from inside the house, punctuated by a great deal of swearing in Spanish.

The whole group jumped up in unison and ran into the house, led by the two blondes both wondering why they left Santana inside alone with Finn and Rachel.


Quinn got to the living room first and was astounded to see the tiny Rachel holding a very angry Santana by the waist. The Latina was struggling and swearing and trying to get her hands on some guys who looked vaguely familiar to the blonde but she couldn't quite place them.

The diva noticed the group enter and yelled, "Help me; I can't hold her any longer."

Mike, Quinn, and Blaine all jumped into action to handle Santana, while the rest of the group ran over to Rachel. Quinn stood between the group of jeering boys and her girlfriend and put both her hands on her face and forced her to look at her, "Sweetie, what happened? Talk to me, what is it?"

"Those idiots over there were insulting Rachel! Then one of them actually was stupid enough to grab her ass, and try to push her against the wall. She slapped his face, and he actually slapped her back before I could get there!"

At that pronouncement there was a low, angry, buzzing noise like a beehive come to life as every member of New Directions were ready for a fight, even Artie and Kurt, the kindest members of the group.

Sam turned angrily and looked around the room, "Where the fuck is Finn? Why isn't he protecting his girlfriend?"

"I'm not his girlfriend anymore, and he left with that red-headed Cheerio," Rachel said softly.

All heads turned from the Vocal Adrenaline douchebags to look at Rachel curiously. She was clearly fighting back tears, and unable to continue talking. A angry, red handprint marred her beautiful face.

Brittany broke through the group, "Come on Rae, you're coming home with us tonight. This party blows," She gathered the tiny diva in her arms protectively and led her from the room.

"Not until I kick some fucking Vocal Adrenaline ass in a New Direction!" The Latina yelled angrily, even Quinn was furiously nodding her agreement next to her.

Mike smirked at the angry cheerleaders, "Why don't you let us handle them?" He gestured around the room to the other guys gathered around who all looked horrified that some idiot had slapped such a tiny girl.

Quinn grabbed Santana by arm and started to pull her towards the door, "Fine, but next time we see those assholes, they better be bruised and bloody!"

Sam gave both his exes a big, wide, happy grin, "Oh no need to worry about that! Even the hockey thugs won't like that these idiots hit a girl!"


Rachel sat in the backseat of Santana's car wrapped in the loving embrace of Brittany. She was sniffling and trying not to cry, "Santana, please stop the car, I think I'm going to be sick now."

The Latina quickly pulled over into a little neighborhood park as Rachel stumbled out of the car and started retching. Quinn grabbed some napkins out of the glove compartment and Santana pulled her pony tail out of her own hair, and handed the band to Brittany.

The tall blonde gathered Rachel's hair up in a ponytail, as Quinn held the diva and gently rubbed her back murmuring words of support and compassion.

Santana went into the trunk and got out a red McKinley hoodie, a blanket, and a bottle of water and stood aside waiting for Rachel to be finished. She cracked open the bottled water and rummaged through her purse for some pain killers.

When the diva was finished, Quinn helped her stand up and Brittany led her over to a picnic table. Santana silently helped her put the hoodie on and wrapped her in the blanket, smiling at the look of astonishment on the diva's face.

Brittany grabbed the water and pain meds and handed it to Rachel, "rinse and spit Rae, then take the aspirin, it will help. I've had to do this a lot for Sanny."

Quinn snorted out a laugh, and then bit her lip at the look of irritation on the dark face of her Latina lover.

"I'm sorry, I'm not used to drinking and I really should not have allowed Finn to convince me to drink so much tonight. I guess I was just being stupid trying to keep him happy."

Quinn said softly rubbing her back, "What happened, Rachel?"

The brunette looked up with tear-filled soft brown eyes and her chin trembled, "Thank you all for being so nice to me, but you don't have to. I know you don't really like me, you just tolerate me like everyone else in Glee Club. I would greatly appreciate it, if you would just take me home now."

Santana leaned over the picnic table and said seriously, "I don't try to rip the heads off of assholes who hurt people I DON'T care about, ¿comprende, not to mention every single member of the Glee Club is back at Puck's taking care of those fucking jerks for you!"

Brittany and Quinn both grinned at her, and Rachel stared as Santana just rolled her eyes, "Whatever! Now tell us what happened, last I saw Finnept, he was feeding you alcohol like you were dying of thirst and booze was all that was available.

Now it was Rachel's turn to roll her eyes, "I didn't catch on at first but it didn't take me long to figure out he was trying very hard to get me completely intoxicated, even knowing full well that I don't care for it. I don't like the effect it has on me, and I have a very early dance class in the morning. Then I started to seriously doubt his claims that he had no ulterior motives, so when I went to the bathroom and heard one of those Neanderthal's he calls friends snickering about a bet, I put two and two together and realized something was rotten in the state of Denmark!"

All three girls nodded and Brittany muttered darkly, "that's what I always get when I put two and two together as well."

Quinn just raised an eyebrow at her girlfriend and Rachel reached over and patted Brittany's arm, "I know, especially when it involves Finn, nefarious doings indeed," The blonde just nodded darkly in agreement.

Santana watched the gentle interaction between Rachel and Brittany and saw how loving and kind the diva was to the tall blonde, and she felt her heart swell with love. She had always believed it was just lust she felt for the diva, but tonight she was starting to think differently. She approved of anyone who appreciated Brittany for all her many talents, and loved her just as she was. Anyone that couldn't see her baby was a genius, didn't deserve to even know her.

Quinn spoke up, "I don't understand? He made a bet to get you into bed, but you guys have already slept together. You said your first time was going to be with him, we all talked about it in the choir room. Why would he need to get you drunk to sleep with him, even Finn isn't that dumb."

Santana just snorted at that comment.

"Because I didn't go through with it, I just let all of you believe I did," She said softly, distracting herself from looking at the cheerleaders by picking the label off the bottled water.

Brittany who couldn't understand why anyone wouldn't want to have sex just said, "Why?"

Rachel said softly avoiding everyone's eyes, "I didn't love him Brittany, and I couldn't let my first time be with someone I didn't love." She looked down embarrassed, "I'm sorry Quinn, I don't mean anything personal by that, I'm not judging you, it's just that I love some... well let's just say my love lies elsewhere, and it felt very wrong being with Finn. I felt like I was cheating or stealing."

"It's ok Rachel, I understand, I know you weren't judging me. Thank you for saying so though."

Brittany broke into a great big grin at Rachel's announcement and her inability to say she was in love with just one person, and winked at Quinn who just rolled her eyes at her eager blonde girlfriend.

"I should call Mike and have them kick his ass as well!" Santana said angrily, "That is such a douche move to get your girlfriend drunk to trick her into sleeping with you after she's already said no."

"Douche move indeed, which is why I ended our relationship and told him exactly what I thought of him and his stupid bets!" Rachel looked into the coal black eyes of one of the scariest people she had ever met and smiled sweetly at her, "I must say, I was quite surprised by your chivalry at the party, defending me against being molested by those egg tossing baby chicken murderers, thank you."

Brittany looked up quickly angered at the thought of baby chicken murders, "That was them?"

Rachel nodded sadly, "Yes they were part of the group that egged me."

The tall blonde was furious, "Sanny lets go back and help kick their asses!"

Santana laughed, "Easy tiger, I think Mike and Sam got it covered for us. Well like you always say Rachel, New Directions is a family right? I defend my family. I take that shit seriously!"

The tiny brunette looked at the fiery Latina happily, "Thank you, Santana. I am extremely gratified to hear you say that, but I still very much appreciate your efforts tonight."

The Latina nodded at Rachel, "It was no problem, when that pendejo slapped you, no way was I not going all Lima Heights on his ass!"

"He really slapped you Rachel? Do you need ice or anything?" The hazel eyed blonde gently took Rachel's chin in her hand, and leaned forward to inspect her face. The bright red hand print had faded to a light pink.

"I'm fine Quinn; at least they missed my nose, that's not an easy thing to do either," She laughed self-deprecatingly.

"Don't do that Rachel, don't make fun of yourself like that. You're beautiful and talented and funny and kind. You're perfect just the way you are," Quinn said earnestly.

An instant jolt of anger ripped through Rachel, "Really? With my manhands and my treasure trail, and all the Jewish jokes and nose jokes from you three, well I guess I should say two; Britt hasn't been mean in a long time now. "

She stood up quickly, shrugged off the blanket and stomped away from the table.

The three cheerleaders sat there looking deeply ashamed of themselves.

"Fuck, that could have gone better!" Santana said loudly, "Rachel, where are you going? Get in the car, we'll drive you home!" She got up and started after the diva, "Do not make me run, I will be very pissed off if I get this outfit sweaty."

"You were fine with getting it bloody no more than a half an hour ago Santana, so I don't buy that excuse at all. Now leave me alone, I'm walking home as it's only a few blocks away. I jog to this park all the time. It is not in the least bit strenuous on me to actually walk to my home," Rachel said snippily over her shoulder at the other brunette who was getting close to losing her temper.

Quinn walked up next to the Latina, "San, she's never going to get back in the car, you know how she gets when she storms out like that. She's the most stubborn person I ever met, even more than you."

Brittany jogged after Rachel and quickly caught up to her, held her hand and walked silently next to the little brunette.

Quinn laughed out loud at the look of exasperation on Santana's face, "C'mon we'll drive slowly behind them and make sure they get to Rachel's safely. Then we can grab B and go to my house. No one is home all weekend long. I know all this kindness flowing from you is making you crazy, so you can do whatever you want to me tonight."

The Latina looked at her blonde, "handcuffs, nipple clamps, and strap-on?"

"If you insist!" She wiggled her blonde eyebrows at the darker girl.

"Oh I insist all right, I am all worked up tonight, blondie! Your ass is mine."

Santana got in the car and slammed the door. She rolled down the window and started driving slowly after the pair walking on the side of the road in front of her huffing every few minutes.

Quinn looked over at her girlfriend in amusement, "What?"

"When she finally decides to start dating us, she better get over herself pretty damn quick or she's going to be spending an awful lot of time over my knee and sleeping on her stomach!" The brunette said icily.

The blonde just laughed, "A good spanking and a few rules might actually do our little diva some good."

"I'm already getting a damn headache!"

End of the flashback

Quinn laughed, "She never did get over herself! I totally forgot about that Harley. I still can't believe her fathers' bought that thing for her! I mean sure she knew what she was doing but giving something that dangerous to Rachel, I don't know what they were thinking. They are both still completely wrapped around her little finger!"

"Well at least we got to fuck her on it before she sold it! Britt would have been so disappointed if we hadn't," She smirked lustfully.

"I remember, not as easy as it looks, four people screwing around on a motorcycle. My back still hurts just thinking about it!"

Santana smirked, "You know what I remember?"

"hmmm?" Quinn hummed softly.

"All the fricking hoops we had to jump through to prove our love to her stubborn ass. All the presents, and flowers, and wooing, and apology notes before she would believe it wasn't just some trick to humiliate her again. I mean I'm Santana Fucking Lopez, I don't woo anybody, let alone for four fucking months just to get a first date!" She growled.

Quinn rolled her eyes in the dark, "Can't really blame her, we were pretty awful to her for a very long time you know! Sometimes I still can't believe she forgave us and came to love us like she does! Besides she is totally worth it," She yawned in complete exhaustion, "I have to get up early. Goodnight sweetheart, I love you."

"I love you too babe, but I don't think I'm going to be able to sleep now though."

The blonde said tiredly, "Why not?"

"I totally miss that fucking motorcycle!"