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Chapter 7 Rachel's Audition

Rachel, Quinn and Santana were all at Quinn's house planning Brittany's surprise birthday party. The sweet blonde was turning 18 years old, and her girlfriends wanted to make it special and amazing. She was the special glue that held all four girls together, and they all knew it. Her incredible love, her acceptance of everyone, her kindness and sincerity; she made the other three girls want to be better people. None of them ever wanted to disappoint the tall blonde dancer, all she had to do was look sad and it broke everyone's heart.

Brittany's mother was allowing the girl's to have the party at the Pierce house, and then her and her husband were going to go out and let the teens have the house to themselves for the evening.

Quinn was handling the food, Santana was handling the guest list, and Rachel was researching decorations. The Pierce's had offered their house and the diversion. They would take Brittany out for a family dinner to celebrate and bring her home later after the guests had arrived in order to surprise her. It was going to be perfect and her three girlfriends were very excited. It was even better that her actual birthday fell on a Saturday this year, so the dinner ruse with her family was going to work perfectly.

Rachel was browsing the internet coming up with ideas for themes for the party when an email alert popped up. She opened it and read it, getting more excited by the moment.

Dear Ms. Berry,

I have to tell you I am a big fan and cannot wait to actually see you on Broadway with your name up in lights. I caught your amazing performance in the Show Choir Regionals in which New Directions took first place and have seen the You-Tube video of your even more amazing Nationals performance last year. May I be so bold as to say that I feel you were robbed of a Nationals title?

I am always looking for fresh, new talent as I am a producer and sometimes director of off-off Broadway plays. I will be in the Toledo area on business and would like to discuss a big opportunity with you. I am casting for a small limited run musical for this upcoming summer. I would like to talk to you about meeting with you to discuss what I feel could be a life altering opportunity for you.

Imagine how an off-off Broadway part would look on your resume? I have heard from a few sources that you are planning on auditioning for NYADA. I happen to be friends with one or two of the judges and would love to sing your praises to them as well.

So Ms. Berry, attached is my phone number, I look forward to receiving your call so we can discuss the particulars of a one on one meeting and perhaps short audition.


Thomas A. Nelson 917-555-3865

Rachel read the email three times getting more excited each time she read it. A real off-off Broadway part, it would be amazing it would be the first step in her brilliant career. She was so excited she could barely breathe.

"Earth to Rachel, come in Rachel!" the diva was pulled out of her day dreaming by Santana teasing her, "Wow Rach, where did you go? Quinn's been talking to you for 5 minutes?" The Latina stood up and started walking over towards Rachel and the open laptop, "Are you looking at porn? You can tell me, I won't judge!"

Rachel blushed a bright red, "Most certainly not Santana, I find pornography to be disgusting and degrading, especially to women. If you look at the statistics on drug addiction versus society as a whole and drug addiction of pornography actresses you will find a stunning correlation!"

"At ease short stack, it was a joke! I know you don't watch porn. Something was pretty damn interesting though, what was it?"

Rachel looked at both her girlfriends and flashed them both her show smile, "Well I did get a very interesting and I must say exciting email."

Quinn smiled at how happy the diva looked so she stood up and walked over to join Santana by the computer desk, "What was it sweetie, tell us!"

The petite brunette started to read the email unaware of the serious look that had replaced the smiles on both her girlfriends faces. She finished happily and looked up at the two, "Isn't that the most incredible news?"

The blonde tried to tread carefully aware of her girlfriend's ego regarding her future stardom, "Sweetie, do you know this man? It sounds great but you really need to be careful."

Santana never one to beat around the bush, "I'm sorry Rachel but it sounds creepy and there is no way in hell you are driving to Toledo to meet some strange dude! He could have gotten your name from anywhere. He could be fresh out of prison."

Quinn grimaced and closed her eyes, that was exactly the wrong thing to say to Rachel Barbra Berry, no one ever told the girl no in her entire life and she never responded well to it. Just as she suspected would happen, Rachel jumped up out of her chair in aggravation, "I will have you know Santana Lopez that I am an adult and we are discussing my career not yours. I will be meeting a million people in my long and amazing career and you cannot get jealous every single time or this relationship has no future!"

The blonde tried to get between the brunettes and stop the argument from escalating but it was too late. Rachel was fit to be tied and Santana was furious at the way she had just been spoken to. Quinn wished Brittany were here, she knew how to calm down the emotional brunettes better than anyone.

"Jealous, who the fuck says I'm jealous? Jesus Rachel, I'm talking about you going off alone to Toledo with stars in your eyes wearing those fucking rose colored glasses of yours to meet a strange man you know nothing about. Don't forget, I know you, when you hear the words Broadway; you go all deaf, dumb and blind and get all crazy. Can't you see what you are proposing is dangerous. You have no idea who this person is. It's insane and over my dead body is one of my girlfriends going to something this crazy and dangerous."

The two brunettes stood toe to toe both as furious as Quinn had ever seen them. The blonde knew this was not going to end well, "I have a compromise, how about we see what we can find out about this guy first, then if it seems legit, we get Puck or Mike to drive you to meet him? If it seems fishy after some research, you don't call him. What do you think guys?"

Santana opened her mouth to speak but Rachel beat her to it, "I think I'm sorry I ever shared my good news with you." She slammed the lid shut on her laptop, "I'm going upstairs to finish researching Brittany's party theme in private!" She stomped out of the room, up that stairs and slammed Quinn's bedroom door.

"I swear to God Q, I am going to….."

"You're going to give her time to think things through and realize we are right! Honestly San, how long have you known Rachel Berry? She was really excited and she trusted us enough to share it with us and we just stomped all over her dreams, at least that's how she sees it! You know you can't flat out forbid her to do anything. She's a spoiled little girl, it will just ensure that she will run right out and do it!" Quinn said trying to help Santana see Rachel's point.

"No what it's going to ensure is a trip over my knee, if she keeps acting like a spoiled selfish little girl. I was trying to protect her. The world is full of very sick people and only you and I seem to know it. Brittany thinks the world is all cotton candy, rainbows and unicorns and Rachel seems to thing fame and fortune is her destiny so she's bullet proof! I won't stand by and watch the women I love get hurt, ever, by anyone!"

The blonde pulled the fiery Latina into her arms, "I know baby and that is one of the biggest things I love about you but sometimes we just need to handle those two a little more delicately. Promise you'll try? We will check this guy out and if he's legit we send Puck with her. He would never let anything happen to Rachel. Agreed?"

Santana felt her anger start to extinguish in the loving arms of her blonde girlfriend, "Yes, agreed and I will apologize to Madam Berry for forbidding her highness to do anything!"

Quinn laughed merrily, "See you're learning! Now, stuffed mushrooms or marinated mushrooms for the party?" She took her girlfriend by the hand and led her into the kitchen chattering about food and appetizers for the party.

Upstairs Rachel was already on the phone setting a date and time to meet with Mr. Thomas A. Nelson. This was her career, she loved Santana and Quinn but she wouldn't allow anyone to interfere with her path to stardom. Once she was performing on the actual stage of Broadway this summer they would see that she had made the right decision. She was sick of being treated like a child by both Quinn and Santana.


Santana and Quinn had researched Mr. Nelson and found a few things to indicate he was indeed a director of one or two very short term off-off Broadway plays; none had ever had much success. He also seemed to be a failed playwright as well. Santana agreed that as long as Puck went with Rachel she was fine with the diva meeting this guy, and Rachel pretended to be happy about that.

Rachel had figured she could set up a time to meet Mr. Nelson on the morning of Brittany's party. Tell the other girls she had some last minute shopping to do, get to Toledo, meet Mr. Nelson and get back in time to help setup the party. No one had to know anything.

She could have her cake and eat it to, she thought amused with herself and her own little joke. Honestly she didn't see the harm in taking Puck with her but she knew he would never let her meet the man in private, he was too afraid of Quinn and Santana to let her out of his sight and she was not going to let an overprotective Puck, Quinn or Santana get in the way of her first real role on Broadway.


Two weeks went by without another word from Rachel about the meeting and Santana and Quinn being so wrapped up in Brittany's party let it slip from their minds. That Saturday dawned bright and Rachel texted all her girls good morning like she did every morning and told them she loved them. The diva sent one to Britt wishing her a happy birthday and hinting at a sexy present. She then texted Quinn and Santana to tell them she had last minute shopping to do and she would see them in plenty of time to setup the Pierce house for the party.

Receiving reply texts from all three girls, Rachel finished dressing in a nice skirt and blouse and fixing her hair in what she hoped was a mature and professional style she got in her car and headed for Toledo.

It took a little longer to find the address and the brunette was a little unsure if this was the right place. The neighborhood was terrible; surely this couldn't be the right place. She drove around and around but the GPS kept leading her back to this awful neighborhood and crumbling building.

She parked the car in front of the building and pulled down the visor and flicked on the interior light so she could touch up her makeup. She rummaged around and found her portfolio and her head shots and putting on her show face she smiled at herself in the mirror, gave herself a pep talk and got out of the car.

Rachel walked into the building and was surprised to see it kind of like a cheap motel. It had a rundown crummy lobby with a small and very old TV playing off in the corner. The picture was terrible and it seemed to be turned on just for noise value. There appeared to be a drunk passed out in one of the ratty chairs. Swallowing her nerves and shutting out Santana's voice in her head yelling about dangerous strangers, she walked to the elevator and pressed the button for up.


Rachel arrived at the 4th floor and held the door as she cautiously stuck her head out of the elevator and looked around. She was uneasy but not willing to admit she was wrong and should never have come in the first place. She was nothing if not tenacious. If there was even the slightest chance of a Broadway role, she was going to see this through to the end. Seeing a room at the end of the hallway with a frosted glass door and the number 412 on the door, she quickly exited the elevator and made her way down to the door.

Knocking briskly, she kept looking over her shoulder hoping she wouldn't get mugged. The door was pulled open and a rather sweaty looking man with bright red cheeks answered the door. He was as tall as Brittany and he had yellow hair and big brown cow eyes. He looked safe enough as he jovially stuck his hand out, "Ms. Berry, a pleasure, a real pleasure to meet such a gifted young person. You sing like an angel. Come in, come in; don't mind the mess, I am not in Toledo very often."

Rachel shook his hand which turned out to be rather damp and clammy and resisted the urge to wipe her hand on her skirt.

"Thomas A. Nelson, playwright, director and producer of several Broadway flops at your service!" He was friendly and easy going and Rachel did not feel threatened so she walked fully into the room brushing some newspapers off the couch making room for them to sit. He sat down heavily and patted the seat next to him, "Please make yourself comfortable, let's get to know each other a little bit before we talk about the role. I don't know about you but auditions and meetings are very nerve wracking, I like to be more relaxed and informal, don't you?"

They spoke back and forth for a bit about Broadway and Rachel's dreams, Mr. Nelson was very encouraging of her applying to NYADA and Rachel was feeling much more relaxed about everything.

"Wow, it sure is warm in here isn't it Rachel, may I call you Rachel?" She shook her head in agreement suddenly noticing it was terribly warm in this small office.

"I'm going to get something to drink, can I get you something? I have wine coolers, wine, beer, some champagne? How about I crack open a bottle of champagne and we get down to talking about this role I think will be perfect for you?"

Rachel thought about it for a moment, she didn't drink alcohol very often, she didn't care for the taste or how it made people act and she never drank when she wasn't with her girlfriends but on the other hand she didn't want him to think she was a baby either. A Broadway actress had to be elegant and classy and that included learning how to drink like a grown woman, "I don't really care for the taste of alcohol but I suppose a wine cooler might be refreshing." She said hoping it sounded as sophisticated out loud as it sounded in her head.

He smiled and patted her knee in approval, just like a friendly uncle and went to grab the drinks. Rachel was looking at the time on her cell phone, she still had to drive back home and pick up the decorations and get to Brittany's house as soon as her parent's left for the family dinner. So far she was fine as far as time went. She had a nagging little surge of guilt about keeping this secret from her girlfriends and not bringing Puck along but when she was a star she knew they would understand.

She looked around the dismal room and thought she really should offer Mr. Nelson some decorating tips but didn't want to overstep her bounds before she got the part. She was holding her portfolio and her headshots on her lap and her knees were bouncing up and down with nerves as she waited for Mr. Nelson to return.

The blonde man came back in the room carrying a tray with glasses filled with ice and the beverages. Rachel took the glass gingerly, she was a little nervous about the cleanliness of this place but really didn't want to insult the man, "Well as we say in the business, bottoms up and break a leg and all that jazz!" He laughed merrily and clinked his glass against Rachel's and looked hurt when she barely took a sip, "Is something wrong Ms. Berry? Is it not to your liking? I can get you something else?"

"No, thank you Mr. Nelson it's fine!" She said with as much fake cheer as she could manage and took a large swallow out of the glass. It tasted awful and she gasped a little and he smacked her on the back as he laughed loudly in camaraderie with the young diva, "Good for you! To be a star Ms. Berry, and believe me, I know talent and you will be a star, learning how to hold one's liquor is an essential skill to possess! There will be meetings and parties and openings and events and alcohol is always present! You are off to a great start!" He nudged her glass with his and she smiled and grimaced as she took another swallow of the awful stuff.

He nodded approvingly, "I knew I made the right choice! It was down to you and that other brunette, Valerie Morton with Vocal Adrenaline and I campaigned for you. I just knew you were the right pick."

Rachel beamed a genuine smile for the first time as she started to feel a little more relaxed and confident and uninhibited, "May I show you my portfolio now Mr. Nelson?" That was funny, her voice sounded a little different to her ears and she giggled slightly, nervously. She thought to herself, "Pull yourself together Rachel, you don't get nervous and you don't giggle." Shaking her head she pulled out her favorite head shot and handed it to him with a copy of her resume.

He perused her resume and asked a few questions and seemed to be very interested in it. Rachel was feeling a little funny, all of a sudden she started to feel a little warm, too warm and her head felt weird, like she was drunk but she knew she wasn't, "Mr. Nelson, may I please have a glass of water? It is rather warm in here." He handed her back her wine cooler but she suddenly felt a little nauseous, "No thank you I really would prefer water."

"Of course, my dear, I'll be right back with your water." He was back in a minute with a cold bottle of water. He cracked it open for her and handed it over and she found herself very thirsty. Mr. Nelson was watching her closely, "Are you sure you're alright Rachel?" He took the portfolio and headshots from her and set them on the coffee table. The man started to rub up and down Rachel's back with his left hand while he put his right on her bare thigh gently rubbing that, "Are you ill? Perhaps you better lay down for a minute; I can go grab you a cold compress." He moved his hand from her thigh to her stomach and was gently trying to maneuver her into a prone position.

Rachel knew something wasn't right, she felt drunk but she only had two big sips, her head felt off like it was off balance, she felt hot and she never felt hot, her eyes kept wanting to close and she felt the urge to just fall asleep. She suddenly realized with cold icy fear, she needed to get out of here before she passed out cold.

Rachel wasn't sure what was going on but she knew something was, she felt a lump rise in her throat and her chest tighten as she realized she wanted to be with her girlfriends right now. She wanted Quinn to let her lay her head on her lap and run her long elegant fingers through her hair in a soothing motion. Rachel wanted Santana to tell her everything was fine and feed her little sips of water to help her sick stomach. Brittany would get her cold compresses and apply them gently to her forehead and laugh and tell her she knew better than to drink any alcohol it always made her feel sick as she rubbed soft circles on her belly. A sudden sob rose in her throat and almost rushed out of her mouth at the thought of how much she wanted her girls right now.

Thinking of her girls, she decided to put her superior acting skills to use, she laid down on the couch and closed her eyes leaving them open just a slit so she could keep an eye on Mr. Nelson, "May I please have those cold compresses and perhaps a bag of some kind, I am not feeling well all of a sudden."

He smiled at her paternally and patted her gently and said softly, "Try to sleep dear, I will be right back."

Rachel waited until she heard water running in the other room and she got up unsteadily, her legs felt like lead weights and for one horrible moment she was sure she was going to vomit all over the floor. Trying not to panic, she grabbed her purse and sweater and made for the door as quickly as she could. It felt like forever to get the door open and her heart was pounding in her chest so loudly she was sure he could hear it in the other room. Turning the handle she yanked it and almost sobbed when it opened and she made it to the hallway. She tried to run to the elevator as she was sure she couldn't handle stairs at the moment, let alone 4 flights of them.

The diva eyes were so heavy and she was having trouble seeing properly but she found the down button and was hoping against hope that the elevator got to her before Mr. Nelson discovered her missing. Turning as she saw the blonde man in the doorway, she heard the blessed ding of the elevator door as it announced its arrival and opened for her.

Throwing herself into the elevator with a loud sob, she pounded the Lobby button and almost collapsed in relief when the door shut before Mr. Nelson go there to drag her out.

She staggered out of the derelict building and spotted her car. Sobbing with relief, she started searching for her keys while keeping an eye out over her shoulder for Mr. Nelson. Rachel was getting desperate; she couldn't find her keys anywhere. She knew she couldn't drive either but at least she would feel safer in a locked vehicle until she could call someone to come get her.

Rachel thought once she got outside in the fresh bracing air she would feel better but she wasn't, she was starting to feel worse and thought she might just pass out on the sidewalk like a homeless person. She leaned against the car and looked in and in despair saw her keys lying on the front passenger seat next to her open makeup bag. Rachel was openly sobbing now and pounded on the car window after finding all the doors locked. She turned around to try to find a safe place to hide until she could call the police but she ran straight into two woman walking down the street and fell backwards hitting her head on the sidewalk.

The diva tried to sit up, groaning as she rubbed the back of her head, "mmm srrry." She slurred almost reeling from whatever was going on with her.

"What the fuck, watch where you're walking bitch!" The woman stepped over the brunette and kept walking, "Tanya are you coming or what? Let the little white bread drunken rich bitch spend a little time on the sidewalk, see how the other half lives for a change."

Tanya had knelt down and looked at Rachel closely, "I don't think she's drunk Mandy, she looks high or something. She looks funny for sure."

The other woman walked back suddenly interested. She knelt down next to Rachel as well and said quietly, "You holding baby, we got money?"

The diva was having a hard time focusing her eyes and forming words, "not high, don't drink, actrishss, man upstairs and I had andition, mean aud, try out for part on Brawway." Her eyes kept closing involuntarily.

"Oh fuck this, I need to score something Tanya before I get sick are you coming or not?"

Tanya never took her eyes off Rachel, "No, I ain't comin and I ain't leavin this baby in this condition out on the street neither, it ain't safe for her here."

"Pffft, it ain't safe for us neither, you never gave a damn about that before, don't expect me to share my stash with ya bitch, cause I ain't"

The diva's head lolled to the side as she looked up at Tanya, "Thankshh, I mean….."

Tanya stood back up and picked Rachel up with her, "I know what you meant baby, c'mon we need to walk a little."

She put her arm around Rachel and started walking the tiny girl towards the diner to get some coffee in the girl, at least she'd be safe there.


Quinn came out of her kitchen wiping her hands on her apron, "San can you call Rachel and ask her to pick me up two more loaves of that good French bread? I didn't buy enough for the bruschetta?"

Santana looked up from the video game she was playing and paused it, "Sure babe, are you sure I can't help out with something, I feel stupid sitting here playing games while you are doing all the work."

Quinn leaned over the back of the couch and planted a tender kiss on her girlfriend's lips, "I am sure sweetie, I will have plenty for you to do as soon as Rachel gets with here with the decorations and Brittany's little sister texts us that they have left for dinner. You will have the important job of transforming the Pierce basement into whatever magical wonderland our talented little diva has picked out."

Santana snorted and dialed Rachel's number. Frowning at the phone when it went straight to voicemail, "Rach give me call when you get this, Q needs two more loaves of that French bread and I want to know what time you're getting here, I'm bored! Call me, love you!"

She looked at the blonde and shrugged, "Voicemail!"

Quinn frowned and checked her watch, "Well, we still have plenty of time. Let me know when she calls back in case I need anything else ok sweetie?"

"Sure babe!" Santana went back to her video game.


Tanya got the petite brunette into the booth at the diner and ordered them both coffee but by this time Rachel was barely conscious and the street girl was starting to get nervous. She saw the local beat cop come in for lunch like he always did so she leaned the small girl against the wall and went to talk to him.

The officer looked up when Tanya approached him and smiled, he was starting to know all these street people, "Hey Tanya what's up?"

"Hey Officer Grant, see that little white girl over there in the booth? I think she been roped man. She was outside that shithole The Chalet all fucked up, scuze the French."

The officer looked over at Rachel and didn't seem too interested, it wasn't a strange event to see someone drunk or high in the afternoon especially outside The Chalet, "Roped?"

The girl rolled her eyes, "Yeah roped, roofied, slipped a forget-me pill…"

He sat up looking at Rachel with interest, "You think she was drugged against her will?"

Tanya just sighed at how stupid some people truly could be, "Dumbass wouldn't survive one night alone on these streets, cop or no cop," She thought to herself.

"She said something about a dude, and her being an actress and auditioning or something. I thought she was drunk or high and she said she don't do no drugs or drink no alcohol. Plus she was scared and crying. I think some bad shit was going down at The Chalet this afternoon."

The officer stood up and put his hat on and told the waitress to put his food in a to-go container and he walked over to Rachel with Tanya.


Quinn and Santana were getting upset. All the calls to Rachel went straight to voicemail, "She should have been here by now San, I 'm really starting to get worried."

The Latina was getting worried as well but didn't want to let Quinn know that and start to panic, "She's fine Q, you know our little diva, she's all caught up in decoration buying."

Quinn got up off the couch in a huff, "Yes Santana I do know our little diva, she wouldn't be late to Britt's party for anything, I would also bet she had all the decorations planned and purchased the day after the party was announced, and she would never be late, never, it's not in her DNA, something is wrong. I'm calling Puck and Finn. You call Kurt and Mercedes."

The worried blonde was walking to retrieve her phone when she heard it start to ring, running to grab it before it got to voicemail she said gruffly, "Damnit Rachel, where the hell are you? Oh I'm sorry Brigitte, no everything is fine, we sent Rachel off to the decorations store by herself. Yeah, I know, bad idea! You guys are leaving for dinner now? Ok, text when you are on your way back, try and keep her longer without making her suspicious. Ok, I will… thanks Brig!"

She turned to the Latina with tears in her gold specked eyes, "Something is really wrong San, I just know it! She would never stand Britt up she loves her too much!"

Santana stood up and walked over to hold the worried blonde in her arms, not even pretending that everything was alright, "Let's just start making phone calls babe, we'll find her and it will be something stupid alright?"

"I hope so San, I'll be right back and then I'm calling Puck first." Her phone started to ring and she looked down and saw Rachel's beautiful face on her phone, "Oh thank god, San, it's Rach!"

The Latina ran over to Quinn's side as the blonde answered the phone, "Rach! Yes, this is Quinn Fabray, who is this and where did you get this phone?" Santana watched nervously as her girlfriend's eyes filled with tears and she said softly, "What is the address there? You're sure she is going to be alright? You're not just saying that so I get there safely and then you tell me she's dead or something?" She felt Santana grip her arm tightly. She motioned to Santana to bring her a pen and something to write on.

She jotted down the address and the Latina saw it said Toledo Metro General Hospital and her heart nearly stopped and her stomach bottomed out and her mouth got instantly dry, "Oh god, Rachel!"

The blonde finished her conversation and turned to the brunette with a sob throwing herself into her girlfriend's arms. Santana hugged her back tightly trying to calm her down, "Shh ssh babe what happened, talk to me babe."

Quinn pulled back slightly and looked up into the scared coal black eyes, "It was a nurse in the ER, she said a police officer brought Rachel in, she bumped her head or something. She wouldn't tell me more over the phone, just that I was listed as her emergency contact."

She sniffled, "I don't want to ruin Brittany's surprise party, what do we do?"

Santana looked at Quinn, "If it was your birthday and Rachel was lying in a hospital bed in God knows what condition, would you want us not to tell you and let you stay home and have a party or go to the hospital to be by Rachel's side?"

"I need to change. and then let's go get Brittany!"


Quinn was driving towards Toledo as quickly as she could without breaking too many laws and she kept glancing over to Santana in the passenger seat and in the rear view mirror at Brittany in the back seat.

The blonde in the back seat was sniffling a little and both her girlfriends in the front seat felt terribly guilty, "I'm sorry Britt for ruining your dinner with your family; I just know if it was me I would have wanted to come to the hospital to be with Rachel."

"Don't apologize Quinn," the dancer said sincerely, "If I would have found out Rae was hurt and you left me at Breadstix I would have been so mad at you guys!"

The two blondes' eyes met in the mirror and they sent a silent message of love and comfort to each other. Quinn reached over the console and held Santana's hand giving it a slight comforting squeeze. The Latina turned and gave the blonde next to her a tight smile.

Brittany looked out the window, "I just don't get what she would be doing in Toledo, there are all kinds of party stores around us!"

Santana breathed out in anger, "I've been thinking about that. She went to Toledo to meet that half-ass Broadway phony for the try-out!"

Quinn looked quickly at Santana, "She wouldn't have! Rachel promised all of us that she would go with Puck!"

"Yeah well I'm pretty sure she fucking lied to us!" She stared out the window watching the buildings and fields fly by on the way from Lima to Toledo, still too worried about her lover to be angry: yet!

Brittany leaned forward, "But we all told her going alone to this thing was dangerous, she wouldn't do that would she, I mean put herself in danger like that? She knows you both absolutely forbid her to go alone! Rachel would have taken Puck wouldn't she? She knows how much we all love her, I can't believe she would do something dumb and dangerous like that!"

Quinn sighed and her eyes locked with Santana's and they both shook their heads. Sadly both girls thought the Rachel they knew would definitely do something dumb and dangerous if she thought she could not only get a role on Broadway but also get away with it.

Both girls' looks hardened as they thought of Rachel putting herself in danger like that.

Quinn looked back at the speedometer and the road willing the car to go faster, still worried to distraction about Rachel Barbra Berry.


The three girls got to Toledo General ER and Quinn went up to the desk to talk to the receptionist. It was now 8 pm and they had made the hour and a half drive in around 45 minutes. The blonde explained to older woman who she was and they were there for Rachel Berry.

The woman excused herself, told Quinn to have a seat and said she'd be right back. Quinn went back to sit with Santana and Brittany and was just about to explain they had to wait when a police officer walked out of the ER and headed over to them.

Santana was the first to see him and her face turned ashen as all the color drained out of her face at the sight of the officer. Quinn and Brittany glanced from her to the officer and felt their stomachs drop to the floor. All three were afraid of what they were going to find out.

"Quinn Fabray?" The blonde stood up immediately, "Hi, I'm Officer Charles Grant of the Toledo PD, I understand you're the emergency contact for Rachel Berry?"

"Yes sir, she's my girlfriend." She decided to keep it simple with the young officer, "What happened, is Rachel alright, was she hurt, the nurse said she bumped her head."

He looked over at Santana and Brittany, "Would you like to go somewhere in private to speak Ms. Fabray?"

Quinn heard Santana utter a quiet growl, "No sir that won't be necessary, these two are part of Rachel's extended family."

"All right, I will tell you what I have been able to piece together so far…"

At this Santana interjected, "Why have you had to piece it together? Why didn't Rachel tell you what happened?"

Officer Grant could see the genuine care and concern on each girl's face so he responded patiently, "I'll get to that I promise, Ms. Berry is going to be just fine. Please let's sit and I will answer all your questions."

Officer Grant explained all about what he could figure out; Rachel had gone for an audition at the motel, she was able to get out of the building but she had locked her keys in the car. The effects of the drug hit her and luckily for her a street girl took her to the diner where he was informed. He got Rachel here and went back to the motel but there was no record of the man on the business card Rachel had in her purse. The desk clerk had been uncooperative, big surprise, but the man in question had paid for the room for 3 hours in cash and therefore didn't need to present an ID. Rachel had been pretty incoherent for a while but luckily she had ingested very little alcohol and so not much of the drug. She had actually been very lucky all the way around.

He told them he would find Rachel's doctor for them, gave them his card and walked into the back of the ER again.

Santana was hunched over with her elbows on her knees and her head buried in her hands and Quinn was sitting in her chair with her arms crossed and tears in her eyes and Brittany summed it up for everyone when she excused herself to go throw up.

The doctor came out to talk to them shortly after. He asked about her parents and were told they were on a cruise for the month and unreachable but that she was staying with Quinn her girlfriend who was 18 years old and Quinn's parents. Not essentially the truth but close enough. The doctor nodded and filled them in on the physical information and asked if they had any questions.

Santana hadn't moved from her position with her head in her hands, "Was she raped?" she asked with her voice cracking pitifully.

"No, there was no evidence of rape, your friend ingested a small amount of the drug in a wine cooler, her blood alcohol level was below the legal limit for driving, so she drank very little. Being a small girl she didn't need to ingest a lot to be altered but not enough to get completely knocked out, as I'm sure her attacker had planned on."

The two blondes heard a muffled sob from Santana so they each sat down on one side of her to put their arms around her and comfort her.

"What about hitting her head?" Quinn looked up and asked.

"It was a minor bump; she doesn't have a concussion and no other head injuries."

Brittany piped up, "When can we take Rae home?"

The doctor looked at the three young women who obviously cared a great deal about their friend, "I see no reason she can't go home tonight. What he gave her is a sedative about 10 times stronger than valium and even more powerful mixed with alcohol. Like I said she didn't have a lot. She is going to be out of it and groggy for the rest of the night and she is going to feel like hell tomorrow. Think of it like a super hangover. She should not be left alone tonight ok, the effects of the drug even in small doses can last up to 12 hours; those are dizziness, drowsiness, being off balance, nausea, and slurred speech. Let her sleep as much as she needs to for the next few days. Lots of liquids, oh and one last thing, she may not remember anything that happened to her."

All three girls looked up at once, "What do you mean?" Quinn asked.

"One of the biggest side effects and the reason these drugs are chose by these types of criminals is because amnesia and blackouts are very common. The victim is often not able to remember anything once the drug starts so take effect. So if she tells you she can't remember, she most likely isn't lying or blocking it out or stuffing her feelings, she most likely really can't remember and probably never will."

He got up and shook Quinn's hand, "I'll go get her paperwork ready to discharge her, Ms. Fabray you'll have to sign her release papers. Oh, one last thing, even though she may not remember your friend was still the victim of a crime, it may be traumatic for her and it might be a good idea to discuss counseling or a session at the rape crisis center."


The girls got Rachel situated in the back seat of Quinn's car with her head in Brittany's soft lap and a blanket covering her. The nurse had given them a thermal cup filled with crushed ice and water and a blue emesis basin to hold onto in case the ride home made her car sick.

Santana had remained silent since finding out Rachel was not violated and both blondes knew that look on her face and it pretty much said "Do Not Disturb!" So her girlfriends left Santana alone to process her feelings. They had decided that Santana would drive Rachel's car home, so they followed Officer Grant over to the motel where the car was parked and he used his pump wedge to open the car where they found the keys sitting on the passenger seat of the car.

Pulling onto the freeway behind Santana, Quinn couldn't stop the tears from silently falling the entire ride home, she was grateful that nothing terrible happened, all she kept thinking was what if? She tried her best to hide her tears from Brittany and just remain happy and grateful.

Brittany never took her eyes off of Rachel the entire drive home feeling like she had been given the best birthday present of all, she had her Rae back safe and sound. She hummed to her gently and ran her long fingers through her hair and planted kiss after grateful kiss on her brow.

They took their time getting home not wanting to take a chance on making Rachel car sick but she slept like a rock. She never moved or made a sound the entire except an occasional cute little snore that made Brittany smile gently.

Neither blonde had gotten to the anger stage yet, they were just so happy to have Rachel back in one piece.


Both cars pulled into the Berry driveway just after midnight and parked. Santana took the keys and handed them to Quinn, "Can you open the door babe? Britt and I will get Rachel upstairs to the bedroom."

The Latina bent in and half lifted Rachel off of Brittany so the tall blonde could get out of the back seat to help carry Rachel who was basically dead weight by now.

They got her upstairs and the two blondes gently got her undressed and into pajamas as Santana still silent as stone leaned against Rachel's dresser with her arms crossed watching the girls take care of the petite diva.

Santana couldn't remember ever being so upset, she was angry and sad and happy and furious. She was homicidal towards that would-be rapist. Rachel looked like such a little girl in her pajamas and curled up sleeping with her hands tucked up by her face, and Santana just wanted to put her over her knee and spank her and then wrap her up and hold her and protect her and keep her safe forever.

She had been attracted to Rachel long before she joined their threesome and she had been the most reluctant to let Rachel Berry become a permanent member of the group but she had grown to love the little girl with the big voice as much as she loved the blondes.

The Latina wasn't sure when that feeling of love blossomed into the knowledge that the girl possessed part of her heart and soul and she couldn't live without her but today had proven that very point to Santana when she had been faced with the loss of Rachel Berry and felt her world nearly split in two.


Quinn was laying on one side of Rachel with Brittany on her other when she woke up. The room was completely dark and her back was cold. Her Latina who had previously been spooning Quinn from behind was no longer there. Very gently as not to disturb the other two, the blonde carefully made her way out of the bed putting a pillow in her place in case Rachel reached for her in the night. She made her way downstairs hoping to find Santana still in the house.

She froze on the bottom step when she heard the desperate choked sobs coming from the beautiful brunette hunched over the couch holding a pillow to her face obviously trying to muffle her grief.

Quinn felt slightly embarrassed like she had just seen something private so she turned around to make her way upstairs and stopped when she head another harsh sob. Her heart was breaking for her stoic protective girlfriend, so she practically ran to her side and pulled her into an embrace.

The Latina fought for a second before clutching hold of Quinn so tightly the blonde thought a rib might break. She gently rocked the Latina as she held her head to her breast, "Let it out baby, she's alright; she is going to be fine."

Santana sobbed until she had no tears left as Quinn held her and rocked her and allowed her full access to her grief and pain. She had stopped crying as was lying still in the blonde's arms and Quinn thought perhaps she had fallen asleep but she heard a raspy voice whisper, "What are we going to do Quinn? I am totally at a loss; I haven't a single clue how to deal with this." She pulled away and wiping her face with both hands and then pulled her tee shirt up and wiped her face, "Jesus, who knew a person could produce so much snot!"

Quinn snorted at the unexpected remark and both girls looked at each other and laughed. The blonde reached over and grabbed the box of Kleenex off the end table and handed it to her girlfriend, "I have no idea San, I mean she lied, she went off to this interview knowing we both told her absolutely no, she snuck off without Puck, she put herself in danger, she entered an unfamiliar hotel room with a strange man, she drank alcohol with this guy, I mean I know she doesn't drink as a rule but it was just plain stupid and dangerous and all because she gets blinded by her desire to be a star. In any other situation I would beat her ass and not feel the slightest bit guilty." Quinn finished with feeling.

"But you do feel guilty about this situation?" Santana asked carefully.

Quinn sighed and shook her head, "Yes, she was almost raped San, she was drugged against her will and I know this has to be traumatic for her. It's like the doctor said, she was a victim of a crime. I think she needs to be punished but I'll be damned if I know what to do about any of this."

"I know, I am just so fucking happy she is alive and unharmed….God, I am so, my head is, my heart, everything just hurts so much!" She started to tear up again, "I should paddle her just for making me cry like this, I haven't cried like this since I was like 10 years old and my Abuelo died." She attempted a strangled laugh.

"Come on sweetheart we don't have to figure everything out tonight. Our little diva is fine and she is upstairs asleep. She will live to annoy you another day!"

The Latina snorted and let herself be pulled up off the couch by her beautiful blonde girlfriend, "I have a bone to pick with you as well Fabray!"

Quinn stopped suddenly and turned to her girlfriend, "What did I do?"

"You tell the cops you're Rachel's girlfriend and me and B are part of her extended family?"

The blonde looked into her girlfriend's gorgeous near black eyes and smirked, "Oh honey, you're right, I should have told Deputy Barney Fife from another narrow minded small Ohio town that we are all part of a big 4 way lesbian relationship. Whatever was I thinking? Oh I'm begging you can you please accept my apology?" She said as bitchy and sarcastic as only the HBIC was capable of.

"Oh you'll be begging me alright blondie…" She grabbed the blonde and threw her on the couch and landed on top of her smothering her surprised squeals in loving kisses.


The next day everyone woke up at a decent hour except Rachel. It was noon and she was still asleep. Brittany thought they should wake her up to give her some water and aspirin and take her to the bathroom and Quinn agreed with her.

Santana headed out to grab some groceries and stuff from the drug store for Rachel and her other girlfriends.

Rachel groaned and resisted all attempts to wake her up but Brittany on a mission is a hard force to be reckoned with.

She got Rachel up and it was like walking a zombie to the bathroom. She had her drink some water and swallow some aspirins and got the poor girl back to the bedroom. Quinn grabbed a clean tee shirt and some boy shorts since Rachel was sweating and the two got her cleaned up and changed as Rachel sat motionless on the edge of the bed; her eyes unfocused and her thick hair in a matted mess all around her face.

It was unnerving to see Rachel Berry so still and it was freaking her two girlfriends out. Quinn tried to engage the diva in conversation but she was still out of it so they gently tucked her back in bed, kissed her forehead gently and closed the door to go downstairs and wait for Santana to get back.

Quinn and Brittany were sitting at the kitchen table when Santana got back. She sat down next to Brittany gratefully accepting a cup of coffee and kissing her gently on the lips, "Good morning beautiful!"

"Actually it's afternoon Sanny!" the Latina rolled her eyes.

"So Quinn talked to you about Rachel and what we need to do to handle this?" She looked into the clear blue eyes of her girlfriend.

"You guys are thinking about this all wrong!" She said with conviction.

Quinn and Santana both turned and looked at the tall dancer in surprise, "How so honey?" Quinn asked.

"Rachel knows this stuff is wrong but she does it anyway because this drive she has to be this big Broadway star takes over her brain and pushes everything else right out her ears! So what happens when she is really up for a big role, she cheats on us with some slimy producer to get a part? How is she going to know not to do it again? You guys always feel guilty because you always look out for Rae and me and you take care of us and protect us, and this time you couldn't. I'm really mad at Rae and I'm sad she did something so dumb! If we don't punish her than how is she going to know she can't just think about herself. She has to think about US and us is you, me, Sanny and Rae, not just Rae!"

"What do you suggest B?" Santana said wondering how Brittany always could get right to the important heart of things.

"She is going to be sitting at this table writing lines for me until her little tiny hand falls off, as soon as she wakes up I mean! Super hangover and bad headache or not! Of course Zombie Rae won't be able to write so I hope it's our Rae that comes downstairs because Zombie Rae kinda freaks me out."

Santana looked at Quinn and mouthed, "Zombie Rae?" Quinn just shook her head and rolled her eyes and mouthed, "Later!"

Quinn looked thoughtfully, "I think she should be grounded for at least a month. She loses her car privileges and can't go anywhere without one of us. We pick her up for school, we take her home after Glee and she is stuck in the house without a television or computer or movies. Her parents' are gone on that European cruise so one of us will be with her most of the time anyway to enforce it."

Santana said, "I say a condition of all of this is to talk to that rape counseling center person as well. What do you guys think?"

The hazel eyed blonde looked thoughtful and said, "I think if it's not too traumatic for Rachel she should volunteer on the rape crisis hotline for 3 months. Let her see how lucky she got. Only if the counselor and Rachel agree though, I won't force her to do something that could hurt her emotionally in any way, agreed?"

She looked around at all the girls shaking their heads in agreement.


It was 6 pm when Rachel finally emerged from her bedroom looking like something the cat drug in. Her girlfriends were sitting downstairs eating dinner in the living room watching the television. She wandered over to the couch and fell on top of Santana and Quinn. Brittany laughed from the loveseat, "Look whose awake, it's Sleeping Beauty!"

Rachel mumbled, "Quit yelling and I don't feel beautiful I feel yucky and like someone beat me with a baseball bat!"

Quinn said gently, "do you want some ginger ale, how's your stomach?"

"Awful and my head too, do we have any coke?" She mumbled with her head on Santana's lap and her eyes still closed.

Brittany stood up, "I'll get you some coke Rae and some more aspirin."

The Latina looked down and felt her anger soften, the poor girl looked absolutely terrible, "Rachel, can you sit up for a minute?"


Quinn said a little firmer, "Try Rachel, we need to talk to you for a minute."

"Don't wanna talk!" The diva mumbled into San's stomach.

The blonde reached over and swatted her backside causing the tiny singer to squeak and jump, "Up! Now!"

Rachel reluctantly sat up, "What!"

The HBIC returned, "Lose the attitude, do you have any idea how scared we all were, are you aware that we couldn't find you all day yesterday and that we got a call from an emergency room in Toledo that you were brought in unconscious, that we drug Brittany out of her family's birthday dinner not knowing what condition we were going to find you in? We find a police officer telling us you went alone into a motel with a strange man, you drank with him and he drugged you Rachel, do you understand what that means?"

Rachel lowered her head as tears gathered on her eyelashes and threatened to spill down her face, "That's why I feel so bad today, the drugs? Because I only really took two sips of wine to look sophisticated and not like a kid."

Brittany returned with Rachel's coke, "Here you go Rae."

Quinn and Santana nodded yes to Rachel's question, "Hey gave you a date rape drug to knock you out, you didn't get too much of it in your body thankfully, but yes, it's why you feel like shit today!" Quinn finished sternly pushing aside her feelings of heartache for the pitiful looking diva.

Rachel looked up at Brittany with big soft milk chocolate eyes, "Oh Britt Britt I ruined your 18th birthday, the surprise party and your dinner, I'm so sorry!" The tears started to build in her eyes and her chin quivered.

"You're safe and you're alive and that's the best present I could ever have asked for but we are all mad at you Rae! We still love you so much but really really mad at you!"

Santana asked gently, "What do you remember about yesterday?"

The dive scrunched up her brow and thought carefully, she could only remember taking a sip or two of the nasty wine cooler and it getting really hot in the office and that was it. She didn't remember anything else until she woke up a half hour ago.

The Latina asked again even more gently, "What about emotionally, how do you feel?"

Rachel started to get a clearer picture of exactly what had happened and her eyes flew open, "Oh God, did he…. Quinn, San….. he didn't did he, Britt please did he?" She started to sob.

Santana grabbed her girlfriend and pulled her tightly into her chest as the other two blondes gathered around the two rubbing Rachel's back and stroking her hair, "No baby, he didn't lay one finger on you! Nothing happened, you're safe and he didn't get away with anything."

Quinn also reassured the diva, "You were so brave Rachel, you escaped before he could hurt you, I know you probably never will remember it but the three of us always will know how strong and incredibly brave you are!"

Brittany stroked her hair, "We love you Rae, so so much."

The three held and rocked their tiny girlfriend until she fell back to sleep. Santana stood up and picked her up in her arms bridal style and carried her back to bed.

The three huddled around Rachel in bed each entangled with each other and holding on to her each lost in their own worst case scenarios.

Sunday dawned early and Rachel felt better physically and was feeling very stupid that she had not listened to her own instincts that told her it was a bad idea to go alone and enter that terrible office by herself.

Brittany surprised the diva by very firmly insisting the first part of her punishment was writing lines which the diva absolutely couldn't stand. It was just not in her to be able to sit still for any amount of time. The tall blonde pointed to the kitchen table, handed her a college lined notebook and told her to start writing.

Rachel looked up at her questioningly, "Start writing what?"

Brittany stood there with her hands on her hips, "You need to write out what happened from start to finish from when you first got the email to the last thing you remember. Write all you thoughts, feelings and I mean everything. How you got the idea to go alone, why you didn't want to take Puck, what you were thinking, how you planned it, all of it."

Quinn and Santana just stood in the kitchen watching and listening unaware each was thinking how hot Brittany was when she got all strict and stern.

The tall blonde saw the look of doubt on the diva's face and said a little more gently, "This is important that you be really honest and open with this. I want you to see your pattern. How you can get all dishonest and manipulative when you think we don't understand how important your career is to you. When you finish with that and I fully expect that to take you a few days, you need to write all of us an apology letter, my mom and dad and Glee Club as well. You need to tell them it was your selfish behavior that got you into trouble and caused us to miss dinner and the party. You don't have to tell them any details though ok?"

Rachel swallowed and just nodded, "Anything else?"

Quinn stepped up and told her the details of her grounding and looked at her so fiercely that it squelched any desire to argue her case. She knew her girlfriends were right, she had behaved terribly and she could see the effects on their faces and on how scared and tired and unhappy they all looked.

Rachel stood up and walked over to Santana, "Is my spanking now or before bed?" The Latina looked a little shocked and cleared her throat.

"No spanking this time Rachel." She said with finality.

"What do you mean, I lied and you forbid me to go and so did Quinn?"

Santana looked at her sadly, "I said no spanking for this Rachel and that's final! I don't want to hear anymore about it." She walked into the other room and grabbed her keys, "I have to go home for a little while and make an appearance. I'll be back in the morning to pick you up for school." She kissed all three girls and whispered to Quinn, "You're staying tonight?"

Quinn kissed and hugged her Latina back, "Yeah, Britt has to go home as well so I'm going to stay for a few days at least. I want to keep an eye on her and see how she's doing. Why didn't you mention counseling?"

"It's a lot for right now, we can bring it up later this week." She leaned over and kissed the blonde on her lips and hugged her goodbye, "Take care of our girl!"

Quinn watched the brunette get in her car and drive away and wondered who was going to take care of Santana.


It had taken the better part of the week but Rachel had almost filled the notebook with her failed plan and Brittany was right, she saw just how immature and petty she could become when she felt someone stood in her way. She started to see how her lust for fame clouded all her good sense and judgement. She had always believed herself to be an honest person but she saw that she hid her feeling from her girlfriends if she didn't want to have to answer to anyone and that was not what their relationship was about. She wrote her apology letters with a renewed spirit of love and honestly.

The blonde hadn't demanded it but Rachel set up an appointment with each girl privately to read them her apology letter. She was so honest and raw and heartfelt each girl cried and accepted her apology whole heartedly. Everyone that is except Santana. She had sat still on the couch with her arms crossed in a defensive position and listened as Rachel read her letter and cried. The Latina had accepted the apology with thanks and kissed the diva chastely and left to go home to sleep for the night.

That night in bed with Quinn and Brittany, Rachel was inconsolable, "She hates me, I've broken us and it's all my fault."

Quinn looked over the sobbing diva's head at Brittany and both girls knew that something was going on with Santana, she was pulling away from Rachel and that it turn meant she was pulling away from them all.


It was the last week of her grounding and Rachel had already seen the counselor and discussed volunteering on the hotline and both felt that she would be fine. The diva didn't really feel so scared or upset anymore. She did feel terribly guilty and it was eating away at her. Rachel and Santana had worked so hard to get close and she had destroyed it with one stupid selfish choice.

She sat in class the last Friday of her grounding and decided that she broke their relationship so she was going to fix it.


Brittany had to spend the weekend with her family visiting her grandparents in Columbus so it was Quinn and Santana staying the weekend with Rachel. The Latina had tried to get out of it but Quinn got upset and angry and so Santana gave in and agreed to spend the weekend.

Rachel sat in her room alone while her girlfriends watched a movie before bed, they had eaten dinner together and she was sent to her room as she was grounded from television and movies. She brushed her teeth and got ready for bed and put her pajamas on. The diva was at a loss to fix this, she knew her guilt was eating at her and she knew Santana would never admit it but she was still angry and upset at Rachel.

Sitting at her vanity and brushing her hair, she looked at herself and sighed. Then it came to her, it was so simple.

She sat on the bed and pulled together her courage and walked downstairs to talk to Quinn and Santana.

The Latina noticed Rachel first, "What are you doing out of bed Rachel?" She said sternly.

"I need to talk to both of you." She said demurely.

Santana turned back to the movie, "It can wait until tomorrow, I'm watching a movie and you're grounded!" She said dismissing Rachel. Quinn just watched in interest, not sure what was going on.

"It has to be now Santana because there may not be a tomorrow. I can feel you leaving me." She said with emotion trying not to cry.

The Latina spun around in surprise, "I'm not leaving anyone!"

"You're already almost gone Santana, you don't look at me anymore, you barely speak to me, we haven't made love since all this happened, you hardly ever sleep over and it's because you're still very hurt and angry with me and you haven't forgiven me. It's going to break us all up don't you see that?" She said really crying now.

"Oh for Christ's sake Rachel you're being overly dramatic once again, I'm not going anywhere, tell her Q!" She spat out agitatedly.

"I can't San I think she's right. You've pulled away from all of us but especially Rachel." Quinn said sadly.

"Alright fine, I'm pissed off still alright, but that doesn't mean we're breaking up or that I'm going anywhere I still love all of you including Rachel, I'll get over it. I just need to work it out."

"No San, you've had a month to work it out, it's not working." Rachel walked over and sat down next to Santana, "You need to punish me. I need you to punish me. I'm being eaten up by guilt and I can't stop thinking about how horrible I acted. Don't you see I need this as much as you do?"

"No, I told you I can't!"

"Why Santana please tell me why?"

"You were almost raped, Rachel, you were a victim I won't re-victimize you!" Santana said angrily.

"But I'm not a victim, nothing bad happened to me except I had an awful headache. Don't you see! I didn't really get punished for what I did and I can't let it go until I am. I had a headache! There were never any real consequences! Brittany has already punished me and we've moved on but now I need you and Quinn to punish me so I can be forgiven and the three of us can move on. Quinn will you?"

Quinn looked thoughtful for a long minute, "Yes Rachel, I will."

Rachel turned to Santana and put her hand on her thigh, "Please I love you so much and I'm so sorry. Will you do this to help me and to save us?"

Santana had tears rolling down her face, "Alright Rach, I'll try but I don't know if I can. I just see you dead or battered everytime I close my eyes."

Rachel reached into her pajama pants pocket and pulled out the hairbrush she was using upstairs and handed it to a shocked Quinn.

"Can we do it now before bed please?"

"Rachel sit on the couch I'll be back in a minute!" Santana walked over to Quinn and led her to the kitchen. She stood in front of Quinn looking at the floor, "I let her down Q, I knew in the back of my head when she stopped arguing about that stupid audition she was up to no good. If she had been raped it would have been my fault not hers. I'm the one that deserves to be punished. I didn't protect her Q, I can hardly look at her I'm afraid she'll see what a failure I am. I'm afraid that you all will see what a failure I am! I dropped the ball Quinn and we could have lost Rach because of it!"

Quinn breathed a sigh of relief, she had a feeling that's what was going on, "Oh baby, nobody expects you to be wonder woman but you! This is what's been going on? This is why you have been avoiding us? Rachel made her own choices her own decisions and her own mistakes and she needs to be punished San or she won't ever forgive herself. This is how you protect the girl you love honey, right now tonight."

Santana sighed heavily and walked back to the living room and said to Rachel , "alright, tell me why you're being spanked Rachel."

Rachel reached into her pocket and pulled out the apology letter she had written to Santana and Quinn and reread them again to both girls. They sat there and listened intently to the diva spill her worst character defects and her deep love for her girlfriends and her deep fears about never amounting to anything and how that drives her to do stupid things. When she was finished she reached over and handed the notes to a crying Quinn.

Santana wiped her tears and pulled Rachel over her lap. She pulled down her pajama pants passed her knees and started to pepper her backside with hard spanks. She was only using her hand but she was spanking hard and fast, she wasn't angry but she finally understood that all of them needed this.

Rachel was feeling punished right off the bat and was trying to remain stoic but was jerking and squeaking as Santana's hard hand was raining fire on her backside from the first swat. She felt her breathing get erratic as she kept trying to hold in her sobs but after a particular hard spank she cried out and started to beg Santana for forgiveness. Santana looked down and saw the girl's normally pale backside was an even bright red and she helped her up to stand in front of her.

Santana cried as she lectured Rachel. She let all her fears and her love pour out of her. She shared her nightmares of losing the diva and how hard it was to not know where she was all day. Rachel stood in front of her trying not to rub her stinging hot backside and pay attention to the lecture she knew she deserved. The Latina helped her take off her pajama bottoms and led her to the corner and said she needed to think about what she had said and Quinn would call her to finish her punishment.

She went to the couch and let Quinn hold her and comfort her. The Latina was shocked but she felt so much better. It was a complete relief to have spanked her diva.

After about 15 minutes, Quinn called Rachel over and helped her across her lap, "I have no idea how many spanks to give you Rachel, but I have decided on 18 since that was Brittany's 18th birthday and it was also the day you could have selfishly destroyed yourself in the process. Don't you understand sweetheart, when you hurt we all hurt, when you suffer we all suffer. If you would have died or worse and believe me there are worse things than death in this world you would have destroyed us all?"

Rachel was sobbing already, "I know, now I really do know and I'm so sorry!"

"This is going to be hard and fast and you don't need to count them sweetheart." Quinn pulled her arm back and brought the brush down with a resounding crack. The echo of wood on bare backside echoed throughout the living room. Rachel gasped and cried and actually tried to wiggle off Quinn's lap but the blonde was strong and firm and snuggled the diva closer and held her tighter as she continued to deliver spank after spank of hard wood against Rachel's poor punished ass. The diva squirmed and cried and begged but Quinn was firm in her resolve. She draped her leg over Rachel's flying legs and delivered two hard spanks to the back of her thighs as she demanded the diva stop kicking!

When number 18 was delivered Rachel was crying so hard she could hardly breathe. Quinn brought her up to the couch to snuggle and be comforted by both her girlfriends.

She was sobbing and grasping Santana's shirt in her hands, "Please forgive me San, please don't leave us, please."

Santana looked at Quinn and smiled gratefully, "I'm not going anywhere short stack and you are completely forgiven but if you ever do anything so stupid again I swear to god I will beat your ass into next week."

Rachel looked up and smiled through her tears as she saw the sincerity in those dark brown eyes, her Latina was back, she was forgiven and she could finally forgive herself.

Quinn leaned over and kissed her fiery girlfriend and leaned down and kissed her repentant little diva. She couldn't wait to get Brittany back so they could finally get back to normal.

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