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Beth didn't happen in this universe and this chapter comes up with a different reason why she changed so drastically over the summer before senior year.

Chapter 8 Quinn's Attitude

Brittany and Rachel were sitting in the Lima Bean drinking coffee, waiting for Santana and Quinn to show up. They were both deep in their own thoughts, and hadn't spoken since initially sitting down. Brittany was in her Cheerio's outfit having just come from practice and was playing a game on her phone. Rachel was looking over some sheet music; she wanted to pick out some songs for the next Glee practice. They both looked up when the overhead bell rang and smiled when Santana breezed through the door. Her high ponytail was swaying as was her short red skirt, and she looked incredible as always.

She grabbed a coffee and sat down with her girlfriends smiling fondly at both of them. Santana hated not being able to kiss them both in public, but it was Lima Ohio after all. They would be graduating soon, moving to New York City and be able to do as they pleased soon enough.

"Where's Q?" Brittany asked looking around.

"I thought she was with you guys," Santana responded quickly.

Rachel sighed sadly, "I haven't seen her since lunchtime," Brittany nodded her agreement.

Santana growled as she pulled out her cellphone and fired off a text, "I don't know about you two but I am fucking sick and tired of her goddamned attitude," she held a hand up to stop Rachel from defending their girlfriend, "Look I get it; the divorce, asshole Russell disowning her for being gay, Judy moving out of the state with her latest boy-toy. I know Quinn's depressed, of course she is, she's been abandoned but she still has us! We love her, and we always have. I mean for fuck's sake we were all moving to New York together in June and never looking back, so I don't really get why she's falling apart like this now."

Brittany reached over and put her hand on her girlfriends, she knew Santana was as worried as they were by the changes in Quinn over the summer. They didn't mind the pink hair, the piercings, and the tattoo that much, but quitting the Cheerio's and Glee was an entirely different matter. All three were concerned by her hanging out with the Skanks under the bleachers and smoking cigarettes. All three had been burned by her new bitchy attitude; she had always been the HBIC with outsiders but never with them. It hurt all of them more than they were willing to show.

"We just have to stay patient and give her room to breathe. You know as well as I do that she deals with pain and feelings by being angry and distant," Rachel said reasonably, "If we remain the one constant in her life, she will recover from all this sadness she is feeling and rebound. She just needs to be constantly reminded of how much we love her, that we are there for her, and that we are the only family in her life that matters."

"I agree with Rachel," Brittany spoke up, "It's Friday so we have the football game tonight. Q will be there like always, so let's just go to her place afterwards and spend the weekend with her. I mean we have an empty house now; we don't have to sneak around. I say we take advantage of it, and spend as much time there as we can."

Santana grumbled under her breath, patience was not really her thing. Her parents were just as shitty as Quinn's, and you didn't see her flipping out, "Fine, we'll try it your way but she needs to get her shit together before I kick her skinny white ass!" Her cell phone went off, so she looked down at her message and frowned, "She's busy; she'll see us later at the game! Hijo de puta! One of you needs to talk to her, cuz ima kill her soon! She thinks she's seen me go Lima Heights? She ain't seen me go all Lima Heights!"

Brittany and Rachel exchanged anxious glances and tried to soothe their angry girlfriend.


Quinn put her cellphone back in her pocket feeling aggravated and guilty at the same time. She loved her girlfriends, she really did but even she knew she was pushing them away and didn't understand why. They had never been anything but loving and loyal to her, and she was being a complete asshole to all three of them. She had spent her entire life trying to be perfect; the perfect daughter, the perfect sister, the perfect student, the perfect cheerleader, the perfect singer and dancer, the perfect girlfriend. The pressure was unbearable, and when the blows came, she broke. Not that she understood that or could even explain it, but that's what happened over the summer before senior year.

She should have never confided in Frannie that she was gay. Thank god she didn't tell her sister about having three girlfriends instead of one. Her perfect little daddy's girl sister ran straight to her father and ratted her out. Quinn really wanted Frannie to accept her, and love her for who she was. It had been a huge disappointment and had hurt like hell. She had always admired her older sister, and wanted Frannie to love her back. She was a fool to trust her, and it came back and bit her in the ass as Santana would say.

Quinn still felt sick when she remembered her father confronting her. He was shaking with rage, red-faced and furious and she was sure he was going to hit her. Instead he told her she was filth and perverted and no longer his daughter. He never wanted to see her again. She wiped the tears away with the back of her hand, and lit a cigarette. Smoking helped her relax, it was that or drinking and she didn't feel comfortable drinking with alcoholic parents. She never wanted to be like them, ever.

She was actually happy about her parent's divorce. She actually was stupid enough to believe that with Russell out of the picture, she would finally get close to her mom. They would actually have a relationship like other mothers and daughters. It hurt when her mother continued to ignore her, but it nearly destroyed her when Judy found a boyfriend half her age and moved to Boston with him, leaving her alone in the big empty house.

"What's the difference, Quinn? You are leaving for college in a year. I deserve a chance to be happy for once. You are such a selfish person, just like your father," her mother's words struck her like hammer blows. She had left without a forwarding address, but at least she left the house for Quinn. The house payments and utilities had been paid for a year until Quinn graduated, then she would sell the house. That's at least what Judy had put in the note she left for her daughter. She didn't even sign it with love or anything, just Mom.

Quinn had been devastated by her family's actions, and felt numb and empty inside. She couldn't seem to find the energy to care about anything anymore. It was affecting her relationship with San, Britt, and Rachel as well but she couldn't even care enough to try to fix that. She knew her girlfriends were all stars; they were all so multi-talented and she was nothing. She was a pretty face, and that's all she ever would be. That's the first thing she tried to change, she didn't want to be judged by her looks anymore. Quinn fixed her outsides to match her insides, and she didn't give a fuck what anyone thought about it anymore. She was nothing, and would be alone soon anyway.


Friday evening after the football game had gone well; everyone settled onto the big white couch in the Fabray family room and watched a movie on the large plasma TV. Rachel had made a huge bowl of buttered popcorn, and Brittany had dumped a large bag of M&M's into the bowl. Santana had gotten everyone water or pop while Quinn picked out a movie. They didn't do much talking, and the atmosphere was a bit tense between everyone but Quinn had picked a newly released comedy and they all relaxed as the movie proved to be genuinely funny.

Any thought of romance flew out the window immediately as soon as the movie ended. Quinn stood up and stretched, "I'm beat. Just throw the dishes in the sink; I'll clean the kitchen in the morning. I'm going to take a shower. I'll see you guys upstairs. Goodnight!"

Rachel and Brittany sat on the couch feeling completely deflated. They had been in a good mood, and thought some intimate time together might help fix things, but Quinn had nipped that idea in the bud. Santana looked at her two sweet girlfriends and became instantly angry once again, "Hey, at least she didn't tell us to show ourselves out. I was sure that's what was coming next," she stood up and grabbed the empty popcorn bowl and the glasses.

The diva watched Santana disappear into the kitchen, and she started to cry softly. Brittany scooted over quickly and gathered the smaller woman into her arms lovingly, "Hey Rae please don't cry, baby. It's just a phase Q is going through. Everything is going to be alright, you'll see."

"It's not all right Britt-Britt, we've lost her. I can feel it. She's totally pulling away from us, and I don't know what to do or how to fix it. I can't even think of the right song to sing to make it better because all the love songs hurt too much to listen too right now. It wouldn't matter if I found the perfect song anyway since she quit Glee, I have no immediate venue with which to present the perfect song to Quinn," she broke down sobbing, and the blonde just held her close and rocked her like you would a small sad child. Before long, Brittany started to sniffle along with her.

Quinn had been upstairs feeling guilty about her abrupt departure from the family room when she realized she had left her bag downstairs that contained her contact lens case, solution, and her glasses. Swearing softly she knew she had to go back downstairs and grab her stuff. She couldn't sleep in her contacts; it was too damned uncomfortable in the morning. Heading down the stairs, she stopped when she heard Rachel talking about her. She sat down on the steps as grief overcame her listening to Rach and Britt cry. When Santana came back into the room, she scrambled to her feet and quickly headed upstairs to the bathroom to be alone.


Quinn exited the bathroom after her shower, wrapped in a towel and headed to her bedroom. She passed Rachel in the hallway. The brunette diva reached her hand out and took Quinn's to stop her from walking past her, "Hey," she said softly.

The blonde looked at Rachel's sad shyness and her hard hazel-eyes softened considerably, "Hey Rach."

"I'm sorry about your mom, dad, and Franny; it's really awful the way they treated you," Rachel whispered softly, "I know you're very upset, and being despondent is a natural consequence of being hurt and abandoned, but please bear in mind that you have three girlfriends who honor, respect, and love you dearly and will never leave you, no matter what," she leaned up on her tip-toes and kissed Quinn's pink cheek lovingly, "no matter how long it takes for you to rebalance your pain and your emotions, we will still be here waiting with open arms. That's just a fact, Quinn Fabray, so please do whatever it takes to grieve but don't for one minute think that we are going to accept you walking away from us forever. I personally won't stand for it," she walked away quickly.

Brittany came out of the bedroom carrying a towel, and walked past a flabbergasted Quinn, "Hey sweetie, are you all done in the bathroom? I was going to take a shower now."

"Yeah, B. I'm all done in the bathroom."

"You want to take one with me?" Brittany wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

"I just got out the shower, B."

"So come get dirty with me, and then we can get clean all over again," Brittany laughed casually.

Santana had come out of the bedroom, "Give it up, B. She's not interested in being with us anymore," she roughly shoved past the blondes in the hallway and walked into the bathroom, "Damn it, Fabray!" she screamed loudly, "I almost killed myself on this wet ass floor. Are you trying to grow rice in here or what, it's a fucking swamp."

Quinn walked over to the bathroom door, "What? It's a little water on the floor, Lopez."

The Latina scowled, "One of our rules, it that we clean up after ourselves. We have talked about it over and over again, but you are a fucking slob and you always have been."

The shorter blonde scoffed, "It's a little water, get over it. You're just being a bitch."

"So our rules, you remember them right, you helped come up with them, well I guess our rules don't pertain to you anymore. If they did you would get your ass handed to you for this shit and you know it. Rachel and Britt are always cleaning up your fucking messes."

Brittany was already lying towels down on the floor to soak up the flooded bathroom floor, "San it's alright. Q's right, it's just a little extra water. I got it covered."

Santana glared at Quinn, absolutely furious and totally hurt by her emotional distance.

Quinn, equally unable to deal with all of her feelings, from what her family had done to her, the loving things Rachel had said to her, the loving way Brittany treated her, the shit Santana was dishing out, and the guilt she already was feeling growled at Santana, "Fuck you Santana, fuck your rules, fuck all this shit. I'll be in the spare room if you need me, B."

Rachel came to see what all the shouting was about. She looked at Santana and saw her fierce black eyes flashing dangerously, "What happened?"

Brittany stood up and put her arm around Santana, "It's nothing Rae, Quinn left a mess in the bathroom again and Santana called her on it. Q got a little pissed off. It's ok, go back to bed baby."

"Oh ok, is that why she went into the spare room?"

Santana sighed, "Yeah, I called her out on leaving another fucking mess. I told her if she was following the rules she should get her ass beat for the messes she leaves, but evidently she doesn't give a shit about the rules of our relationship anymore. B's right, it pissed her off."

Rachel raised an eyebrow in disbelief, and Santana smirked, "Alright, my tone probably didn't help the situation much."

Rachel looked at Brittany who rolled her exquisite blue eyes in humorous aggravation, "Well it certainly didn't help. You shouldn't aggravate her on purpose San, we are trying to be loving and patient, remember?"

"Yeah, I remember," Santana grumped guiltily.

"Well, I'm sleeping with Quinn tonight. I don't want her to feel ganged up on or alone, and I don't want any argument out of you either, Santana," Brittany said firmly.

"That's fine, B. Me and Rach will get our cuddles on tonight," she acquiesced to keep the peace, "I talk to Quinn tomorrow."

That earned her a big smile from the sweet blonde and the petite diva, and that made her burning anger dim a bit and her sore heart feel just a bit happier.

If Quinn was surprised when Brittany joined her in bed, she never showed it. She just waited silently until the tall dancer fell asleep until cuddling into her. Brittany, being a natural born cuddler, turned and melted into Quinn's side for the night. After she was sure her tall girlfriend was really out, Quinn cried herself to sleep.


Saturday dawned early with Brittany and Santana heading to Cheerio's practice, Quinn to the library, and Rachel to dance and voice lessons. They made plans to meet back for dinner later in the evening. Quinn had a project she was working on, but mostly was hiding in the library. She avoided the Skanks although they had made plans to meet under the bleachers. She also skipped dinner. If she went home late tonight, it increased her odds of not fighting with Santana. She knew her girlfriends would head home for a mandatory day with family on Sunday, well except for her and Santana. She would be home alone, but Santana would go with Brittany. Quinn knew she was welcome to spend the day with the Pierce's but she kept avoiding Sundays with them. It made her feel more pathetic then she already was.

Quinn was deep in her own thoughts when she left the bathroom a worse mess than she had the night before. There was about an inch of water on the floor from her bath; she liked to fill it as high as she could with steaming water as hot as she could stand and turn on the soothing jets. It was something she learned to love since her initial days as a Cheerio and her muscles ached so bad she couldn't sleep. It always left the floor soaking wet, but they had always had a housekeeper when her mother lived with her father, and Quinn wasn't used to picking up after herself. Now that no one stayed at the house but her, and occasionally her girlfriends she avoided staying home much so it stayed clean mostly by lack of use. Brittany and Rachel kept it clean when they stayed over.

She was in front of the mirror trying unsuccessfully to put in her contacts when Santana breezed into the room and slipped on the wet floor. It happened so fast she didn't even have time to react. She heard the loud thud rather than saw her girlfriend fall. Gasping loudly, she turned to see Santana on the floor looking dead. It scared her immensely, and she started screaming for Brittany and Rachel.

Kneeling down next to Santana, she saw her eyes blinking rapidly, "San? San, can you hear me?"

The Latina pushed her away angrily, "Leave me alone."

Quinn felt terribly guilty that Santana fell, but she got angry at being pushed away too. Everyone was always pushing her the fuck out of their lives, everyone she loved. It erupted into fury. She jumped to her feet just as Rachel and Brittany ran in the room. She stared down at Santana, "Fine! I'll leave you alone! Fuck you anyway, I hope you broke your damned hard head!" She ran out of the bathroom, dressed but still wearing her glasses.

Rachel was on the floor cradling Santana's head. She looked up and yelled at the fleeing Quinn, "Quinn, wait! Don't go she might be hurt badly." Quinn kept running and didn't stop until she got out of the house. She was crying as she ran, and she couldn't stop seeing a hurt Santana on her bathroom floor.


Brittany looked over at the still figure in the hospital bed. She saw Santana was still asleep. She leaned over and whispered to a completely still Rachel, "You stay here with Santana; I'm going to find Quinn. I'll be back before she wakes up, ok?"

Angry chocolate eyes met her own crystal blue eyes directly, "I think you should stay with San, and I'll go deal with Quinn Fabray. It was her recklessness that caused this to happen, and she's been breaking all our rules. It's time for her to decide. She is either our girlfriend or she's not. If she is then she has to answer for this, her attitude, and the way she's been behaving. I've had enough."


Quinn slunk into the dark house. She was expecting all three girlfriends to be waiting for her so they could break up with she arrived home and found the house dark, she assumed they had decided to just go home and not even deal with her anymore. It broke her heart, but it was what she expected anyway.

She nearly screamed with fright when a light clicked on as she walked past the living room. It was Rachel sitting all alone in the big, white armchair in the sterile looking living room of the Fabray house. Her face showed no emotion, and her arms and legs were crossed. She looked unapproachable, and Rachel never looked that way; at least not towards her girlfriends.

"Rach?" She stopped walking towards the stairs and stood uncomfortably in front of her tiniest girlfriend.

After a few minutes of uncomfortable silence, Rachel spoke first, "Aren't you going to ask about Santana?"

"Santana?" Quinn asked genuinely confused, "What about Santana?"

"The hospital is keeping her overnight; she has a bad concussion and she needed 25 stitches in her head. She hit the side of the tub hard. They thought she had a skull fracture. With her parents out of town, they only treated her because my Daddy was working and he signed for her," she said flatly.

"I.. I had no idea she was hurt," Quinn stuttered.

"Of course you didn't, you ran out on us leaving her injured on the floor and didn't look back. How could you know?" Rachel said without emotion.

Quinn looked down at the floor feeling as guilty as fuck. 'Here it comes,' she thought to herself, 'the moment they leave me for good.' "I'm sorry," she said out loud to Rachel, "I honest to God didn't know she was hurt that badly. I wouldn't have left if I had."

"I'm glad to hear that, Quinn. I was concerned that you had gone too far from us and didn't care about any of us anymore."

"No, Rachel I swear to God that's not it. I just…"

"You need to make a decision, Quinn," Rachel cut her off; "You have been ½ in and ½ out of this relationship since everything happened with your family. We have all been as supportive as we know how, but you have handled this by hiding and running from us, all of us. Leaving Santana hurt on that bathroom floor after she slipped on the mess you made is our final straw."

"I know, it's alright, I understand why you all are leaving me. It was my own fault. I caused this," Quinn said sadly.

Rachel showed her first sign of real emotion, "We aren't leaving you, Quinn. Not one of us had made a step towards the door except for you. I came here tonight to ask you; are you part of our family or not?"

Quinn looked up and met Rachel's eyes, "You mean you're not breaking up with me?"

"Of course not, Quinn we all love you. The only one who has been walking away this whole time is you. If you decide you are with us then we have to address all of the rules you've been breaking recently," Rachel said more firmly then Quinn had ever heard from Rachel Berry before.

"I don't want to break up with any of you, I swear I don't. I just haven't known what to do with all my anger and feelings. I'm so sorry, Rach. I never wanted anything bad to happen to Santana. I feel terrible about what happened, and I feel worse that I ran out with her lying on the floor and left you guys to deal with this by yourselves. I'm so sorry, I really am so sorry," she put her head down and let the tears fall.

Rachel felt her heart break, and her stomach lurch. Her love for Quinn and her tender heart made her want to grab the blonde and hold her close, reassure her that she was loved and cared for and they wouldn't ever leave her. There was a time for that, but it wasn't now. Now was a time to pay for all the rules she had broken. The comfort would come later, "Do you agree that you've broken the rules we set up in our relationship?"

Quinn sighed sadly and nodded yes.

"Do you feel that you should be punished?"

"If anyone else had broken all the rules, they would have been punished long before now. I deserve to be punished," Quinn said softly.

Rachel took a deep breath, "Ok then, please go upstairs to your room, and get ready."

Quinn looked up at her in surprise, "You're going to spank me?"

"What are you saying? That I'm incapable of administering discipline in our relationship? Just because I've chosen to remain separate from that part of our arrangement so far, doesn't mean I am not capable of being a disciplinarian. It just means that I haven't needed to as yet. Unfortunately, we have reached a crossroads and I find myself in the undesirable position of being the enforcer."

Quinn tried not to smile at Rachel's choice of words. The girl still spoke in paragraphs even in the most serious situations. She didn't want to irritate or anger Rachel or demean her, and she did deserve the punishment, "I was just surprised since you don't usually handle this part of our relationship. I'll go to my room and get ready."

Quinn walked upstairs to her room. She changed into a pair of sweatpants and a tee shirt and went and stood in the corner of her bedroom. She hadn't often found herself in this position, being mostly a good girl and a rule follower. She had been fucking up a lot lately and she knew it. She'd assumed it would be Santana that cracked down on her, but it was a shock that it was Rachel. Thinking about Santana made her start to choke up. She thought of Santana with all those stitches lying in a hospital bed, and she felt so bad her heart nearly broke in two. She needed to find a way to make this right again. She heard Rachel walking up the stairs, and thought that at least facing her punishment was a start.

Rachel opened the door and walked in to the bedroom. She swallowed her insecurities and nervousness; this was a new experience for her. God knows, she had been on the receiving end of spankings from all three of her girlfriends. Most of her spankings had come from Quinn and only a couple from Santana, it had taken a while for her to feel completely comfortable with Santana after all the anger and bullying the Latina had done. Once she had gotten over all that, she and Santana had been fine; they were past all their issues. Brittany had only spanked her once, but the girl had left her unable to sit comfortably for three solid days. It was clear she knew how a spanking was delivered; she just didn't comfortably feel capable of administering one.

She cleared her throat, "Quinn," she cleared it again in order to lower the pitch so she sounded older and more serious, "Quinn, can you come here please?"

The blonde left the corner and walked soberly to Rachel's side. Rachel walked over and sat down on the bed, and scooted back so her back was against the headboard, "I need you to come over my lap please."

Quinn obeyed immediately. It felt very strange going over Rachel Berry's lap but she did as she was commanded. She crawled up on the bed, and lay over Rachel's lap. Rachel closed her eyes and tried to remember what came first. Her hands were shaking, but she knew she had to do this or they faced losing Quinn. She knew the blonde well enough to know she wouldn't be able to deal with her grief and guilt over Santana on top of everything else going on in her life.

Oh yeah, now she remembered, "So why are you being punished Quinn?"

"Oh Rach, I've broken so many rules since last summer. I feel so bad about all of them; I know I should have checked with all of you about my hair, quitting Cheerio's and Glee. I'd have been mad if you any of you would have done any of that stuff. What I really feel terrible about is pushing you guys away, and being such a huge bitch about it. I've been so afraid of losing all of you since my mom left. What happened tonight with Santana was unforgiveable. I should be punished for tonight most of all."

Rachel sighed, "You are being punished for leaving the bathroom a mess constantly despite being warned about it as late as last night. You turned around and did it again today, and this time Santana got hurt badly. I'm also incredibly disappointed that you left her lying on the floor hurt, but I do believe you when you say you didn't know she was hurt. On the other hand you didn't really stick around to find out now did you?"

Quinn sighed, "No I didn't. I still feel guilty about all the stuff that came before but I should be punished for being a slob and letting San get hurt because of my neglect."

"Good, I'm glad you understand that," Rachel grimaced, "are you ready?"

Quinn looked back over her shoulder at Rachel. She saw a small frightened girl and felt even worse, "Yeah, I'm ready. I deserve this Rachel please don't feel bad."

Rachel brought her hand back, and brought it down on the gray sweatpants clad backside. She was surprised how hard her hand connected. It was enough to sting her hand, so she knew Quinn felt it. She set a continuous pace, and counted off a minute in her head. She took hold of the sweatpants and peeled them down over Quinn's ass, and then did the same with her panties. She watched as Quinn's backside tightened in anticipation.

"You need to relax, Quinn. I don't want to hurt you," the irony of her words was lost on Rachel but not on Quinn. She took a deep breath and relaxed. She crossed her arms, and set her head down heavily. Rachel brought her arm back and rained fire on her pink backside. She was trying to hold back all her feelings and not cry, but eventually the pain in ass started to match the pain in her heart.

Rachel increased her speed and her intensity, she could sense that Quinn was on the verge of breaking down and for some reason she saw that as important. She knew Quinn needed to get her feelings out, all of them; the pain, the shame, the guilt, the fear. Rachel watched as Quinn's ass turned a bright pink and felt warm to the touch. She watched as Quinn jerked and even kicked a few times but she never made a sound. She knew what she had to do, "Quinn can you stand up please?"

Quinn was surprised but did as she was instructed. She kicked off the sweats and panties that were hanging off her legs.

"I want you to come with me please," Rachel said as she walked into the bathroom. Quinn followed reluctantly. It was the same mess she had left it in this morning, but there was a smear of blood on the edge of the bathtub, and blood streaks down the side. A hand towel soaked in blood was thrown carelessly in the sink.

Quinn gasped loudly and put her hand over her mouth, "Oh my God!"

Rachel turned to Quinn, "Can you hand me the bath brush please?"

The blonde took the white plastic bath brush from its position, and handed it to Rachel. The diva held it in her hand, and said flatly, "I need you to bend over the sink Quinn," she watched as Quinn nodded and put her hands on the sink and bent over it. She put her hands on the pale hips and moved her into position. Her tan hand lingered lovingly on her lower back, but she pulled it away before her empathy took over and she didn't finish what she started.

Quinn lowered her head shamefully, and Rachel lined up the hard plastic brush and brought her arm back. She swung it hard, and with a loud crack and splat it landed on the pink pale ass. It took a few seconds for the pain to blossom but when it did, Quinn cried out.

Rachel flinched but pulled the brush back again and let it fly. It landed with a loud crack, and Quinn cried out again. Her ass was turning a bright red, but she was still not crying. Rachel was losing heart, if Quinn didn't break down soon she was going to but she really didn't want to be the first to cry here. She pulled it back and delivered three very hard swats of the bath brush, she paused and delivered three more. Quinn squealed and screamed, and finally on the eighth swat she started to cry.

"I'm sorry, ow please Rachel, I'm so sorry," she cried and put both hands back to cover her ass.

"Move your hands, Quinn or I'll start over," Rachel said more sternly than she felt, "Now, Quinn!" she yelled and Quinn quickly moved her hands.

Rachel swung the brush again, "I'm sorry," Quinn sobbed, "Oh god, ow please I'm so sorry."

Again the brush connected with her ass, "Ah, ah, ah," the blonde stamped her feet, and cried harder.

Rachel swung one more time, this was the hardest swat she had delivered and Quinn sobbed as hard as she could. She put her head down as she cried.

The brunette quickly dropped the brush on the floor and pulled Quinn into her arms. The blonde sobbed and sobbed as she apologized over and over again. She was clinging to Rachel like a life raft and the diva couldn't hold her up any longer and they both sunk to the bathroom floor crying in each others arms.


Santana was waking up slowly, and the only thing she was aware of was her head hurt like a son of a bitch. She tried to focus her eyes but the light made her head hurt worse. She saw a dark shape sitting in the chair next to her bed and as her eyes cleared she saw it was Quinn and she was shocked out of anger and irritation.

"Hey, San how are you feeling?" Quinn said softly. She leaned forward to take the Latina's hand and groaned when her sore ass hit the edge of the chair.

Santana narrowed her eyes and then laughed, "Oh my god you got your ass spanked didn't you?"

Quinn hissed, "Jesus Christ, Santana why don't you say it a little louder I don't think they heard you at the nurses' station."

Santana rolled her eyes and kept laughing, "Britt got you good huh Quinnie? I knew she had it in her."

Quinn looked embarrassed and turned bright red, "Actually it was Rachel."

The Latina stopped laughing abruptly, "Rachel? Rachel Berry? Our Rachel? Delivered a spanking to Quinn Fabray?"

"Shut up dumb ass," the blonde whispered lovingly, "you don't have to be mad about me not cleaning up after myself, I have been sufficiently punished," she looked at Santana for a long time, "and I'm sorry; for everything."

Santana felt herself getting all choked up and emotional, "I'm sorry too, babe. I've been acting like a real dick."

Quinn smiled, and stood up, "Can I lay down with you, sweetheart?" She got in bed next to Santana and curled up against her. She put her blonde head on Santana's chest, "I love you so much, San and I'm so so sorry. I never meant to push you all away; I love you all so much."

"I know, babe, I know," Santana ran her fingers through the short, spiky, pink hair, "Where is everyone?" she whispered.

"B and Rach went out to the diner to bring us a decent breakfast and some real honest to goodness Starbucks coffee. They will be back soon."

They stayed like that all cuddled together until they both fell back asleep and that was the way Brittany and Rachel found them when they got back with the food.

Both girls woke up to the smell of coffee and food. Santana moaned.

"Is that moan from pain or from the smell of real coffee," Quinn laughed and the other three smiled as it was her first genuine smile in months.

Santana kissed the blonde's head, "So you are really back, Q? No more moping or pushing us away?"

"No I'm done with all that."

Brittany put her hands on her hips, "You are going to quit smoking and hanging out under the bleachers with those Skanky girls?"

"I promise, no more cigarettes or Skanks," she smiled shyly.

Rachel walked forward and stood next to the bed, "Cheerios and Glee Club?"

Quinn looked down sadly, "I don't want to be a Cheerio anymore you guys, I'm sorry but I just can't take the pressure anymore. I've missed Glee Club, and I'm sorry I ever abandoned the club. If they'll have me, I would love to come back."

The three looked at each other as they silently communicated. Then Santana spoke up, "You don't have to be a Cheerio anymore, and New Directions will take you back or I'll have something to say about it."

Brittany laughed, "I'm glad that's all settled. San baby how's your head feeling?"

"Like I got kicked by a mule, and run over by a truck," she complained, "and those bitches in the ER best not have cut my hair or fucked it up."

"You're beautiful babe, even if you were bald," Quinn reassured her girlfriend.

Rachel and Brittany handed out the food in Styrofoam containers, and they talked softly and laughed lightly. Quinn got out of the bed to let Santana eat, and Rachel put a pillow on the seat of her chair and winked at her. Santana noticed and laughed, "Oh no look at Rachel getting all cocky and shit; one spanking and she's all bossy now!"

Brittany joined her in the teasing, "Looks like we've created a monster."

Rachel bit her bottom lip cutely and went and sat on Quinn's lap smiling when she groaned in pain. She ran both hands through the punk cut hair, "I did what I had to do to get our Quinn back, besides she broke the rules, she pays the price."

Santana and Brittany whooped it up while Quinn felt a white hot lightning bolt of desire hit her straight in her core. She leaned forward to kiss Rachel, but the diva grabbed her hair and tugged her away from her lips, "Uh Uh someone is being punished, no sexy times while you are being punished. Isn't that right, Brittany?"

"That's correct Rachel. No lady loving if you are being punished. Now, everyone eat."

Rachel stood up and sauntered to her own chair, "Yes, you both need to eat before I decide to punish you both!"

Quinn groaned with desire, and Santana growled, "Dios mío, who would believe a dominant hobbit could be so fucking sexy?"

Brittany set down her coffee cup and raised her hand, "I knew that dom!Rae would be totes a turn on!"

Rachel and Quinn laughed as Santana groaned, "Of course you did, baby, you're a fucking genius."

"What about my hair? Should I dye it back blonde?"

Rachel tilted her head and eyed Quinn, "Maybe in a few weeks but I have some bad girl fantasy's I want to try out first."

Brittany clapped her hands excitedly and Santana dropped her head back on her pillow, "Madre de Dios, you three are killing me here!"

Quinn came over and kissed her on her full lips gently, "I got plenty of ideas on how to make things up to you as well. Now eat like a good girl before I sic the new strict headmistress, Ms. Berry on your ass."

They all laughed, but a few new fantasies were borne in that hospital room.


I hope you liked it. I had a few requests for Quinn to be in trouble and some for Rachel to be the spanker instead of the spankee so there you have it.

Thanks for your patience, let me know if you liked it.