a/n: One year since "The Reichenbach Fall" and John Watson is leaving Baker Street.

Anderson is bemused at the anniversary.

Sherlock and friends do not belong to me.

Thanks to thedragonaunt for help and encouragement.

Moving On 8

A year had passed

So quickly

Since that fatal

Roof top fall.

He could not understand

Why colleagues

Noticed it at all.

Lestrade had put aside

His growing paperwork

To speak;

And even Sally

Paused to mourn

That puzzle-solving freak.

That interfering

Psychopathic thorn

Had pricked his side;

His own relief

At losing that

Had never been denied.


He, all too well, remembered

The embarrassment

And shame

Of words which had

Diminished him;

A freak's

Malicious game.

His brief affair,

His competence,

Demands to face the wall;

No back up

From his boss,

In fact,

No sympathy at all.


It wasn't that he'd wished

That irritating man

Was dead;


If he had simply

Stayed away from him


His death

Had reinforced

His prime position;

Most unfair,

That somehow

Fate and circumstance

Meant Sherlock

Was still there.


He sighed,

And realised

That thorn

Had not completely gone.

It wasn't quite so easy

To forget him

And move on.