"Answer the question?"Grey eyes glared into light blue ones.

"N-no!" Cried the blue eyed teen.

"Well why not?"The grey eyed teen took a step back and put his hands on his hips and glared at the green haired teen that was pinned up against the wall.

"Because it's a private matter, Mokuba." The taller teen stated in a-matter-of-fact tone of voice.

"Come on are you a virgin or not. It's a simple yes or no question." Mokuba smirked as he watched the older teen squirm at the question. "Come one Noa."

"I know it's a yes or no question Mokuba! I am not an idiot! But it is a very personal matter!" Noa was trying he really was, but it's hard to fit into the world of the living when you spent the past 16 plus years in a digital prision. Sure he loved this world,he loved the feeling of wind blowing through his hair and knowing that it was real and not some computer simulated sensation traveling through his nervous system via some bundle of wires at the bottom of his skull. He loved the fact that he could walk and keep walking till he was tired not till he hit graphic limits of his virtual prison.

Yeah he loved all that but there was something he'd give up all his new found freedom for, love or a lover but more precisely the grey eyed teen that stood before him. But no one wanted a green haired eighteen year old virgin, who was suppose to be dead. Noa had accepted the fact that he was alone and that he'd probably always be was fine with that he accepted it long ago. But he wanted to be loved. He wanted strong arms wrapped around his waist, he wanted to be shoved roughly up against a wall and kissed till his lips were bruised and he wanted to be left craving more.

"Noa...Noa are you still in there?" A slim tanned hand was being waved in his field of vision.

"Yeah" He sighed. "I'm still here Mokuba." Mokuba smiled at the teen lean up against the wall. Sure he was the only living blood relative of that monster Gozaburo but Noa was nothing like that monster. Pure,sweet,innocent Noa, was the opposite of his father even if nobody else saw that he was. Noa the unwitting object of his watched the older green haired teen intently. His light blue eyes were always filled with pain and torment. Noa's eyes were a far cry from the piercing sapphire eyes of his older brother, Seto. But like Seto whose eyes only melted for one person his long time boyfriend Joey. Noa's eyes only ever lost all pain when he,Mokuba,was there.

"Noa?" Mokuba whispered taking a tiny step forward.

"Yeah?" Blue eyes looked up from the spot on the floor ,they had been wistfully gazing at, to see that he was almost nose to nose with the ravened haired teen.

"Iloveyou!" Mokuba blurted out. Noa froze had he heard right? He loved him? How could anyone as perfect as Mokuba love anyone as hideously damaged as himself? Noa's shocked gaze fell on the grey eyed teen in front of him. The grey eyes looked hurt. Why?

"Never mind it was stupid of me to bring it Noa."Mokuba turned his eyes stung he could feel the tears coming. Don't cry, a Kaiba does not cry, no matter how much it hurts. Noa lunged forward and grabbed Mokuba's hand and intertwined their fingers, he spun Mokuba around so they were facing each other.

" I love you too,Mokuba. And to answer your question...yes I am a virgin."Noa's gaze fell to the floor as a slight blush covered his cheeks. Noa raised his head when he was shoved up against a...wall? "Mok-" He was cut off by Mokuba's soft pink lips crashing into his with more forces than necessary. Noa inhaled sharply and wrapped his long seder arms around the other's neck. Mokuba pressed the Noa even harder against the wall, he placed both his hands on either side of Noa's head. Mokuba smirked and ran his tongue along the bottom lip of the pinned teen causing the other to gasp. Mokuba took this opportunity to slip his tongue into Noa's hot other groaned as he felt Mokuba's tongue enter his two tongues battled for dominance, Mokuba end up winning and was allowed to map out every inch of Noa's mouth. Mokuba was the first to break away, he ran passionate kisses down the other's jaw line and neck. Noa moaned as he felt teeth on his sensitive skin.

"That can be fixed you know." Mokuba panted into the other's skin.

"God I was hoping to hear you say that." Noa smiled and pulled Mokuba into another kiss as the two stumble towards the raven haired teen's bedroom.

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