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Chapter 1

Severus Snape was many things. A potion master. A professor. A spy for the light. He was all of this and more. However, at this moment he was two things that overrode all of this. He was queasy and he was scared. No beyond scared. He was Horrified. His only thoughts as he rushed into the Orders Headquarters were that the Order, that Dumbledore had to know what he had just seen.

Albus Dumbledore looked out over the assembled members of the Order of the Phoenix. He had reformed the group A little over a year ago after Michael Potter had witnessed and been forced to take part in Voldemort's resurrection. However, up until three weeks ago when Voldemort had been seen by Minster Fudge personally while attempting to steal obtain the prophesy from the Department of mysteries the Order was limited to only those who he knew would not brag about being a member. Just as he was about to start the meeting Serverus Snape burst through the door pale as a ghost.

"Serverus, What's wrong?" asked Dumbledore

"Albus, I just came from a meeting with the Dark Lord. I need a Pensive."Serverus stated shakily.

"Serverus, what happened?" Dumbledore asks as he fetched a pensive from the near by shelf.

"The dark lord attacked a castle in France. The Castle was the home of a Lord who had caused problems for the Dark Lord in his attempt to get the vampire covenants of Europe on his side. Albus the dark lord himself led the raid." Servus stated.

"How bad was the attack Serverus? How many innocents died?" asked Lilly Potter.

"It was a slughter but not for the innocentsbut the death eaters." stated Snape.

"What!?" screeched multiple order members.

"The dark lord attacked the Lords Manor with 12 giants, 150 dementors, 15 trolls and several dozen werewolves from the only pack to join him, feniers pack as well as 75 death Eathers. After the battle only 7 death eaters and the dark lord survived. The rest were killed." He raises his hand to counter any interuption before continuing, "Yes, killed even the dementors. See for yourselves. I was there." He Stated as he extracted out the memory.

"Who could have done that? It is impossible." Stated James Potter with His friends Sirus ans Remus Nodding along.

"Yes, Serverus, what was the lords Name?" asked Dumbledore

"The Lords name was Harold Peverell." stated Serverus.

Immediately Dumbledore's eyes widened at the name as he recognized it from his youthful search for the deathly hollows but it was Fluer Delacure's gasp that drew the attention of th order as she paled visibly.

Dumbledore saw her reaction and asked the young Veela who had recently joined the order, " Do you know this man Miss Delacure?"

"By reputation only Mister Dumbledore." repled the shaken Veela while nodding.

"Who is he?" asked Molly Weasely

"He is a man who is not to be triffled with. He comands respect of Goblins, werewolves, vampires and even Veela." She responds as she trembles and continues, "He is a scholar, a researcher a politician and a warrior. He is a forces of nature. The government of France allows him to do as he pleases asthey fear him. He is not evil mind you but very protective of those he calls friends and lord forbid if you hurt or insult the future lady Peverell his bethrothed for you will suffer." she replies white at the thought.

"How powerful could he be if we havenot heard of him." Michael Potter states arrogantly.

"I bet some of you have under his other name. In fact I can bet at least one has." Fleur states as she looks at Remus.

"What other name?" asks Remus as he realizes he means him.

"The Benefactor." Fleur states causing several around the table including both Potter parents, Remus, Sirius, Dumbledore and suppisingly Bill Weasely's eyes to widden.

Before the conversation can continue Serverus interupts and states, " This is nice and all but will you watch the memory of what occurred tonight in case I get called back again." As he gestures toward the waiting pensive.

"Yes, let us see the events before we have any more conversations on them." states Dumbledors while other nod.

Wordlessly they reach forward as one and touch the pensive.