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"His room is on the fourth floor, first hallway on the right, all the way on the end."

Ventus dipped his head in thanks and made his way over to the stairs.

He was visiting his twin brother Roxas in the hospital that was about an hour away by train. Roxas had fallen off his skateboard and hit the ground hard on his chest two days ago. When they took him to the doctor, they discovered that he cracked a rib in addition to the bruises, so he was admitted into the hospital to heal as he would have difficulty healing on his own at home. He was to stay in the hospital for week, so he would be released in five days.

Ven headed up the stairs to the fourth floor. He turned right at the first hallway and walked all the way to the end. Then he opened the doorknob quietly on the right.

The room had walls a pale blue in color. There was a curtain drawn around the hospital bed against the wall, next to the window.

Ven smiled. Roxas probably doesn't notice I'm here. I guess I'll just surprise him.

Ventus tiptoed over to the bed.

When he was just beside the bed he suddenly drew back the curtains, gave a big smile with him closing his eyes, and announced loudly, "Roxas! Your awesome brother has come to visit you! You should feel honored!"

Ventus opened his eyes to look at his younger brother, but received a shock.

He was looking at a boy with spiked black hair and beautiful golden eyes.

The boy stared at Ven in a moment of surprise. Then he did a small smirk before giving an innocent smile, holding his arms out for a hug, and saying, "Brother, I missed you!"

Out of reflex Ven hit the top of the black-haired boy's head.


Chapter One Complete

The plot strongly-based off the manga "Natsu no Kakera" (Fragments of Summer) by Amano Shinobu, so the strong similarities between this fanfic and that manga is due to this fact.

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