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The next day, Ven came back to the hospital. He went up like he normally did. This time, Vanitas's door was closed. He placed one hand on the doorknob and breathed in one deep breath. He let it out and opened the door.

Vanitas was looking at something in his hand. When Ven came, he looked up.

"Ven." He smiled.

Ven gave a smile and came forward, "Hey Vanitas."

"You didn't come yesterday."

"Something came up."

Vanitas looked at Ven and studied his face for a few moments, then he shook his head and adjusted his pillow with one hand.

"It's fine. If something happened, it couldn't be helped," Vanitas looked down, closing his eyes with a calm smile, then he looked up, "right?"

His eyes began to sting and Ven froze. To him, it was like Vanitas was saying that his condition was fine. That he thought the fact that he was coughing was fine and couldn't be helped, like it was normal and alright.

He forced himself to put on a reassuring smile and nodded. Then he sat down beside Vanitas.

"Oh, I brought my math homework," Ven said, pulling the bag off his shoulder and taking out the packet that was the summer math packet.

He handed it to Vanitas. The black-haired boy took it and flipped through the packet, his eyes skimming across the problems on each page.

"How come you didn't do anything yet?" Vanitas looked up from the packet and at Ventus.

"Well..." Ven averted his eyes, slightly embarrassed.

"What was final grade for math last year?" Vanitas further questioned.




"Let me guess, you're hopeless at math." Vanitas let out a sigh.

"You didn't have to say it!" Ven pouted crossing his arms.

"Haha," Vanitas laughed. "Anyway, I guess I'll help you cause these are pretty easy,"

"Do you go to school?"

"Nope, but I'm registered though. I haven't been able to go due to my illness," Vanitas replied, taking a pencil from Ven's bag. "Anyway, look here."

Vanitas pointed to the first problem. Ven leaned over to look at the problem as Vanitas began explaining how to solve the problem, writing the work in the margins. He listened to every word as he truthfully had no idea how to do practically any of the problems that were in the packet.

"Okay now you try the next problem," Vanitas passed the packet over.

"Okay..." Ven whined and began writing. After about five minutes he asked uncertain, "Is this right?"

Vanitas looked at it, "What! You spent five freaking minutes on that and it's not even correct!"

"Geez you didn't have to say it like that," Ven sighed.

"I'm kind of proud..." Vanitas started.


"...that I'm actually smarter than someone who actually goes to school," he finished, giving Ven a little smirk.

"HEY!" Ventus yelled, obviously annoyed due to the teasing.

Then a nurse poked her head in. "Please be a bit more quiet so you don't disturb the other patients,"

"Sorry," Ven said at a much quieter voice.

The nurse smiled, "Thank you," and closed the door after leaving.

Ven turned around and gave Vanitas a glare that had some hint of amusement.

"Don't give me that look. Do you want my help or not?" Vanitas's golden eyes also contained a little bit of amusement over the fact that were lightly chastised by a nurse.

"Yes, I do," Ven sighed.

"Okay, then listen properly. I'll use the first problem again. The rest of the problems on this page are solved in the same way."

Ven listened again, memorizing the steps as Vanitas said them and wrote the work out.

"Got it?" Vanitas asked.

Ventus furrowed his eyebrows, thinking the steps over before nodding.

"Here. Do the second problem over, and properly."

This time, because Ventus was able to finally comprehend, the boy finished the problem in about a minute. He handed the packet back to Vanitas nervously.

Vanitas scrutinized the work before laying eyes on the answer that Ventus circled. He sighed and looked at Ven with a dull look in his eyes. "I'm sorry but..."

Oh no, it's wrong again, Ven couldn't help but think hearing those words and the look on Vanitas's face. He looked at his hands.

"...it's correct," Vanitas finished.

"Eh?" Ven's head shot up in surprise.

Letting out a light chuckle, Vanitas ruffled the golden-brown locks on Ventus's hair. "What? Did my actions trick you?"

Ven blushed a little due the affectionate action of Vanitas that made him feel like he was treated like a child. "No it didn't," he pouted.

"Sure" Vanitas said sarcastically as he removed his hand from Ventus's head, "Do you think you can do the rest of the problems on this page? When you finish, I'll teach you how to do the ones on the next page."

"Okay!" Ven smiled and began to work.

His eyebrows furrowed together in concentration, though why he needed that much was left for Vanitas to wonder. Vanitas let his gaze rest on Ven, watching him as his facial expressions change. He chuckled as he saw Ven's eyes light up, like he had the right answer and then go to a expression of confusion when facing a new problem.

Vanitas reached his hand over and ruffled Ven's hair again. Ven, surprised since he was put out of his concentration, looked up and cocked his head a little to the side.

He looks like a puppy, Vanitas smiled, "Don't think too hard, let it come to you,"

Ven, a little confused nodded.

They spent the rest of the day like that, Vanitas helping Ven with math and Ven learning from Vanitas and doing the problems.

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